BOAT LIFE: Getting Hauled Out, in the middle of NO WHERE.. Ep. 234

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Sailing La Vagabonde

8 muaj më parë

**In true Tarantino style, we have gone back in time to the several weeks before we crossed the Atlantic. It's a continuation from episode 233:
La Vagabonde gets a haul out in the middle of no where for some boat repairs. Towns like this, remind me a lot of a few of the country towns around where I grew up in Western Australia. A bit odd.. 😹 but I love to play chameleon and blend in to any new environment we find ourselves in. Join us on the cement as we replace the seals on the sail drives and I invite a friend Bri to stay the night. We have a girls night and tare up the town (go to one bar..) whilst Lenny stays home with papa! Wooooo.
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00:00 Luís Trindade - Beautiful way to die -
01:49 Why does Moons go in the Sky - Heeblay -
03:54 Footloose - Tom Owens - porchguitar/
06:12 Axel Thesleff - Piya Mora -
10:46 Every Other Conversation - Dante Matas - dantematasmusic
13:17 Climbing Trees - Tracks (Acoustic) -
15:00 Koresma - Far Away Coast -
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Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde 8 muaj më parë
Thanks for watching our continuation from episode 233 ( We hope you enjoy our remaining time on the east coast of USA. Thanks also to the amazing artists who support our show. If you enjoy the music we feature and would like to hear more from them, make sure you check out our playlist that is regularly updated with all the latest featured music:
vk2ig 8 muaj më parë
@Eric Hoffman Wherever they're going, we can expect them to sail (except for side trips like going home to have Lenny), as that's what they've traditionally done.
Eric Hoffman
Eric Hoffman 8 muaj më parë
vk2ig it will be interesting to see how they do it non the less
vk2ig 8 muaj më parë
@Eric Hoffman Do you mean back in time, or back to the US? Back in time is easy: just keep running the pre-crossing videos in chronological order until the crossing, then start the post-crossing videos in chronological order. Back to the US: do they need to go back so soon? There's a lot of Europe to explore during the northern summer.
Eric Hoffman
Eric Hoffman 8 muaj më parë
vk2ig i agree but how do they get back (they probably already are) without throwing the continuity out the window even more
vk2ig 8 muaj më parë
@Eric Hoffman There were a lot of people carrying on like pork chops, claiming that the Atlantic crossing didn't really happen, it was all shot on a lake and in a studio somewhere, etc - the conspiracy fruitcakes were out in force. So the Atlantic crossing series put paid to some of that. Personally, I don't have a problem with a non-linear chronology (to use Riley's term) - it's good content regardless of what order they show it in.
Richard Bell
Richard Bell 10 ditë më parë
FYI, Fairhaven/New Bedford is actually part of Massachusetts, not Rhode Island. Next time you are around give me a shout. There is a great deal to see and do, some really great eats, and great sailing in Buzzards Bay and Mass Bay.
FlesHBoX Muaj më parë
Dad reflexes are no joke! Not mine, but I was once carrying a friends 2 year old walking into their house. There was water on the floor that I didn't see, and I slipped. On the way down I manage to do a 180, avoiding the table and counters, so I landed on my back. It's so weird how those instincts kick in without any time to even comprehend what is happening, much less make a conscious decision on how to keep the little ones safe.
Randall Parr
Randall Parr Muaj më parë
I grew up in Massachusetts. Probably a little cool for u Aussies.
Renee Frances
Renee Frances 2 muaj më parë
Do you guys have a playlist on Spotify? I love the music you choose❤
Carl Asbury
Carl Asbury 2 muaj më parë
My momma said that Aloe is good for everything. From South Florida and 80 years old and that was a lot of our medication back then as a baby and child. So many ways to use it that you don't even see now. I jumped off of a dock when I was 6 years old and cut the arch of my foot to the bones all of the way across. They washed it right away in the salt water, put Aloe and Sulphur Thysole Powder on it and wrapped it in gauze. Within 2 1/2 weeks there was not even a scar. Great stuff.
Jackie Bryant
Jackie Bryant 3 muaj më parë
Is that brie from below deck???
Chloe Washington
Chloe Washington 5 muaj më parë
Wasn’t she on below deck?
Bubben August stolpe
Bubben August stolpe 5 muaj më parë
Didymus Mac
Didymus Mac 5 muaj më parë
Is it just me or is EVERY girlfriend Elayna has super hot? EVERY!
M Robin
M Robin 6 muaj më parë
congrats riley - god bless and stay strong
Didymus Mac
Didymus Mac 6 muaj më parë
"Orgasmic"? lol Oh, the irony...
lina w
lina w 6 muaj më parë
I was watching a reaction video of a skincare specialist to someone's skincare routine (in fact Bella Thorne's routine) and I immediately thought of this video when this specialist (his name on youtube is Hyram!) was saying that a lot of people think exposing their skin to the aloe vera plant is good and healthy, when in fact direct exposure from the actual aloe vera plant to the skin places you at a higher risk for getting cancer (due to some sort of high concentration in aloe vera of one specific ingredient which is known for causing cancer). I'm by no means saying that I am some sort of expert, because I'm not (I just started getting into skincare and stuff and I'm learning more and more each day), and I don't want to come of as a know-it-all but I just wanted to share this with you! You may not want to use a piece of aloe vera from the actual plant for skin treatment in the future :)
Greg Jackson
Greg Jackson 6 muaj më parë
Guys what have you done to me. I used to be day skipper qualified many many moons ago and now having watched a lot of episodes I am looking to book a flotilla sailing holiday in the Med to rediscover the love of sailing! Hope your all well xx
aardvarkansaw 6 muaj më parë
In your introduction you say the word "Riley" way too softly and it sort throws the word away. Congratulations on your Greta crossing the Atlantic in November. Best of luck.
Maddie Smith
Maddie Smith 6 muaj më parë
omg isnt that bre off of below deck omg i love her ahhhh
jessica amir
jessica amir 7 muaj më parë
At around 8.5...Lenny peers over the dining table on his tippy toes, while his mum and dad are talking boat/shop. He is such a heart melt, and an incredible addition to the salty crew. We love Lenny so so so so much. He makes me laugh. He is super cheeky. You guys are blessed xx
2014NTF6 7 muaj më parë
Cracks me up when she calls him "puta"
Danny Lee
Danny Lee 7 muaj më parë
Keep em coming. This is one of my favorite channels 2nd only to Buckethead!!! Don't know who that is? It's some kicking butt music!!
Danny Lee
Danny Lee 7 muaj më parë
Now that's a crane
Brian Musial
Brian Musial 7 muaj më parë
I'm glad that Riley was good with his son cus it seems like he does do much with Lenny generally. I don''t think a dad should need the mother of his child to thank him for taking cafe of his kid... maybe he should have thought about it before he decided to have a kid in the first place instead of being so passive aggressive toward the mother of his child. It seems like he wishes he could just do whatever he wants all the time when he should just man up and take care of his son.
William Domb
William Domb 7 muaj më parë
Lenny's smile at 10:10 is priceless!
徐美玲 7 muaj më parë
Love your shows really best relaxing time after work , your episode went broken from Spain back what are you really up to
Izzy 7 muaj më parë
You don't "babysit" your own child. It's your child. You are parenting.
Ryan Garbett
Ryan Garbett 7 muaj më parë
Welcome to Massachusetts
Kan Konaki
Kan Konaki 7 muaj më parë
- buy food and beverages, etc - sailing to beautiful islands - self isolation for two months to avoid CCPVirus
Dylan Salzmann
Dylan Salzmann 8 muaj më parë
say hi to Capt peacock on spirit!
Jess Packer
Jess Packer 8 muaj më parë
Riley’s face when Elayna went to rub the aloe on his arm 😂
Francie Gibbs
Francie Gibbs 8 muaj më parë
this is obviously before the pandemic. what are they doing now?? please stay safe!!!
charles BASSO
charles BASSO 8 muaj më parë
These obvioulsy well-off couple -although they do not mean any harm- are somewhat of a finger up to all of these areas being hit by COVID19, They are obvioulsy not at stake. Indecent
William Grimberg
William Grimberg 8 muaj më parë
Need to update you intro . Lennys is older now.
Warren Richards
Warren Richards 8 muaj më parë
How to make your partner feel guilty about going out with a friend and you can do everything better
Walter Brennon
Walter Brennon 8 muaj më parë
Love the videos ! hey Riley , when you look after your own kid its not " Baby sitting " is called Parenting keep up the Good work M8 !
Max 8 muaj më parë
Such a nice feeling in this video....thanks Guys......
James Baker
James Baker 8 muaj më parë
@ 10 mins. You have a "ring around your shaft"?????? Call Gretta....SHE'S A FREAKING SCIENTIST AIN'T SHE??????????
Rocket 8 muaj më parë
Holy crap! A little while ago I walked by a boat in that same spot and I remember thinking, "they really stole their name." I think it was actually them now. WHAT that's crazy I would have never thought.
andrew roppoli
andrew roppoli 8 muaj më parë
was bri on below deck
Bruce King
Bruce King 8 muaj më parë
Why didn't you paint the hull whine you had the bottom cleaned?
aquablushgirl 8 muaj më parë
So what happened once you dropped Greta in Portugal? How did the boat get back to the U.S? Did I miss a video?
Doc Holladay
Doc Holladay 8 muaj më parë
Riley busting out the fantastic dad moves early in his fatherhood carrier. What a legend
Robert Keenan
Robert Keenan 8 muaj më parë
Instead of replacing the shaft, you can use a seal that is 1mm smaller and let it keep scoring the shaft. It creates a groove and ends up sealing the shaft better. I've done this several times. Keep extra seals on the boat, you can do this yourself, not that complicated.
268hannah 8 muaj më parë
Hey I recognize your friend from Below Deck !!!!!!!!
sakuna manussa
sakuna manussa 8 muaj më parë
Such a beautiful family, such a great life to live !!! Hold on to your dreams forever. The Creator is GREAT!!
My Paradise on Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines
My Paradise on Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines 8 muaj më parë
When the seals score the shafts a quick fix is to move the seal slightly out or in to a good part of the shaft (if possible)
Alyssa Soomre
Alyssa Soomre 8 muaj më parë
Where are my Canadians at 🇨🇦
Kevin Sipherd
Kevin Sipherd 8 muaj më parë
What dose la vagabonde mean?
paul archer
paul archer 8 muaj më parë
Budha baby - healthy weight
paul archer
paul archer 8 muaj më parë
Lenny was a Buddha baby
Kate O'Malley
Kate O'Malley 8 muaj më parë
Oh no, Fairhaven is not a good representation of Massachusetts. I promise there is much more to us...
Ash Holdsworth
Ash Holdsworth 8 muaj më parë
I’m in love with all of you! Seriously it’s so inspiring to see lovey people just doing exactly what makes their hearts sing. I’m so grateful to have found you and I look forward to every video Xxx
Kate Dailey
Kate Dailey 8 muaj më parë
I live In Rhode Island and I think I am actually heart broken I missed you guys 😩😭😭😭💔
Steve Stott
Steve Stott 8 muaj më parë
Another awesome video from you three , the truly awesome sailing La,vagabonde family . Great job being such a great dad Riley . You three are awesome . From Steve stott in sutherlin Oregon u.s.a.
Rob T
Rob T 8 muaj më parë
The fishing line around the prop shaft, was it from your own gear or did you big it up?
dextersxxxxlab 8 muaj më parë
The kill cord is there for a reason......
Saffron's World
Saffron's World 8 muaj më parë
Where's Greta?
Event Hʘriךּon
Event Hʘriךּon 8 muaj më parë
he got the mustache he got the puns the got the catch The dad trifecta. Hes a rea dad nowwwwwww
californiakayaker N6GRG
californiakayaker N6GRG 8 muaj më parë
YES ! Finally musicians are realizing that ALnets is a great way to get your music out there ! About time !
TogethermenT Films
TogethermenT Films 8 muaj më parë
please... return to the tropics.
Boat Talk
Boat Talk 8 muaj më parë
Middle of nowhere would be in the tuamotus not Rhode Island. Another misleading tagline from Vagabond
sandy Hodge
sandy Hodge 8 muaj më parë
Elayna I miss you music. Would love to hear you sing again on these videos. I know you have a little one to look after
Toryn Christensen
Toryn Christensen 8 muaj më parë
Thats Dad Reflexes 3:09
Adventure Encounters
Adventure Encounters 8 muaj më parë
tirescraper 2020
tirescraper 2020 8 muaj më parë
I'm in love with your friend that visited how beautiful
D C 8 muaj më parë
Hopefully you kept the "scored shaft". Any decent machine/tool and die shop can easily repair the shaft to better than new. Have the affected area "Hard Chromed" and then grind the shaft to the desired diameter. The hard chrome will actually last longer than the original shaft.
R&S 8 muaj më parë
Is that bri from below deck?
Clay Pass
Clay Pass 8 muaj më parë
Just curious, how do you go about selecting ports along the US east coast and do you have recommendations for the route from the Bahamas? What was your strategy and do you have footage of your passage around Cape Hatteras? Did you wait for favorable winds and hug the coast or plan a far offshore route? Another question, do you have a favorite rig for trolling behind your sailboat when you just need a fish for dinner? Thanks for your informative videos.
Lyfan Deth
Lyfan Deth 8 muaj më parë
Riley, few folks outside of the elevator or printing press businesses (both use large expensive rollers) have heard of plasma spraying. Basically, an acetylene torch feed with metal dust is used to add new metal over the score marks, which are then lathe turned to produce a "good as new" shaft. Cheaper than a new shaft, for large ones. And faster, done same day.
The Map Pinners
The Map Pinners 8 muaj më parë
Hope you guys have enjoyed your time on the East Coast! We still haven't been to Rhode Island yet, but we'll definitely have to make it down there. Thanks for another awesome video!
Kevin Carey
Kevin Carey 8 muaj më parë are THE MAN!!!! LOL Fair winds and following seas La Vagabonde!!
Karl Caton
Karl Caton 8 muaj më parë
I could never risk the life of my kid travelling across the Atlantic, its just too dangerous, no matter how much of a good sailor you are ....
Together Alone
Together Alone 8 muaj më parë
Guys I need your help .. can you help me promote my ALnets channel to help people to save themselves from the Corona virus. We have been in voluntary lockdown since February 24th.
Together Alone
Together Alone 8 muaj më parë
I absolutely love this channel. just had a little one myself . I get to sail vicariously through you guys. love it
jack ploof
jack ploof 8 muaj më parë
Hello my friends its time to think of family do you remember that one ILand you went to were you were the only ones there fishing was good and some food to be had well you need to go there to protect you family from this virus that is speading fast time to park your boat and stay safe . Stay away from philippines its spreading fast they are getting ready to lock down citys .
Andrew Ferguson
Andrew Ferguson 8 muaj më parë
Great Job!!! Thank You.... :-)
Simon G
Simon G 8 muaj më parë
12@06 It's been pointed out to me many times, as a dad, it's not babysitting when it's your child! :)
keli stratton
keli stratton 8 muaj më parë
Wait were t you cold coming back across
lunaticcycle1300 8 muaj më parë
7:25. 🦶
Wendy S. King
Wendy S. King 8 muaj më parë
Hey Elena! Don't know if you saw my comment last week, but worried, so trying again. The Knives!!! Put them inside a drawer that stays shut, or at least turn them with the handles up and the blades down. If a side wave hits unexpectedly and knocks you against that wall, your face will be where the blades are!! And if your shoulder knocks one off and it falls on the floor where Lenny is crawling might slide across to him before you could stop it. Love you. Shit happens!
Gwendolyn Phillips de Ashborough
Gwendolyn Phillips de Ashborough 8 muaj më parë
Sending prayers of Protection to your lovely Family during this Pandemic, I hope God protects you and your beautiful baby !
Charlie Perry
Charlie Perry 8 muaj më parë
was bri on below deck?
Pattyann 8 muaj më parë
When was this filmed?
goldassayer93555 8 muaj më parë
Well done Riley, King of the world, Captain, boyfriend, husband, father and Father of the year. I am still enjoying your adventures.
Captain Mark Gray
Captain Mark Gray 8 muaj më parë
Search ALnets with: Put Any Baby to Sleep In Seconds - MIBstudios It really works too :-)
Yvette Conn
Yvette Conn 8 muaj më parë
Y’all is this before they crossed the Atlantic?
Yvette Conn
Yvette Conn 8 muaj më parë
Never mind
jannu1728 8 muaj më parë
If the other shaft wasn't leaking it's quite unnecessary to do anything to it. The wear grooves can be pretty deep and you are still completely fine. Seal ofset is also good method if possible. And the next thing is ring over the shaft.
Guy Courtney
Guy Courtney 8 muaj më parë
What is the singer/songwriters name? Couldn't quite understand him and would like his help? Thanks!
Dante Matas
Dante Matas 8 muaj më parë
My name is Dante Matas. What would like help with?
michael murray
michael murray 8 muaj më parë
I love stranger things!
andrewronaldsavage84 8 muaj më parë
I love at 7:25 there’s Lenny toes 😂 so cute
Ben Franklin
Ben Franklin 8 muaj më parë
I love you guys ! 😍💖💞💓
Sophie Hardcastle
Sophie Hardcastle 8 muaj më parë
Great vlog Love from France
kloparen 8 muaj më parë
Lenny, you okay? I didn't hear you growl...
Lilka Eleniak
Lilka Eleniak 8 muaj më parë
I like watching your videos. You are soooooo inspirational. I was just wandering, what will you do when Lenny is old enough to go to school?
Brandy Araujo
Brandy Araujo 8 muaj më parë
You are in my HOMETOWN!!! Are you guys still here?
Helen Edwards
Helen Edwards 8 muaj më parë
Is that Brie from Below Deck?????
Jeff P
Jeff P 8 muaj më parë
I work on a fleet of fishing boats on the other side of the river. Your absolutely right. Bring a padlock next time.😆
Ric Mora
Ric Mora 8 muaj më parë
Guys, Massachusetts and Rhode Island are two different places, just and Queensland and Victoria are down under. lol
cmdr lee
cmdr lee 8 muaj më parë
I know the feeling of seeing your home out of the water New Port VA ship yard slightly larger boat but still a feeling of vulnerability. Thanks for sharing your travels
Melanis Acosta
Melanis Acosta 8 muaj më parë
I love you guys ❤️!
Kt G
Kt G 8 muaj më parë
Baby sitting vs parenting 😂
Richard Simpson
Richard Simpson 8 muaj më parë
Hope to see you in the Med this spring, you're doing great, hope to see more of Nikki. I sail out of Italy (Capraia, Elba, Giglio, and Corsica) hope to see you on the water.
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