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Sailing La Vagabonde

11 muaj më parë

Amongst exploring lighthouses, @Marie Kondo inspired us to minimize our boat even more! It's spring cleaning week onboard La Vagabonde.
Song Credits:
00:00 Airline Food - Sunscreen Dream -
03:01 The Big Idea - Iliana Is Sleeping -
06:02 King Ibis - Reminiscing -
09:00 We're All Waiting - Lowland Hum - lowlandhum
12:29 Hollie Col - I'm Not Calling -
13:58 King Ibis - Apple Tree -
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Flipping nic
Flipping nic Muaj më parë
I like the idea of that laundry detergent. Did you end up liking it? And do you still use it? Thanks guys! Love your channel 💗💙💙
reginasimms46 2 muaj më parë
All the products you use. I want!! Where do you get the shampoo bars? You should have your own line of products. You’re so healthy you’re such an inspiration
reginasimms46 2 muaj më parë
Your feet look like ur from the same family.
Brian Parker
Brian Parker 3 muaj më parë
Love you guys. I hope y'all enjoyed America.
Gaius Casanova
Gaius Casanova 3 muaj më parë
Elaina, watching her husband's toes, I understood why her son talks in "grenlim". Good winds!
abel genjucar
abel genjucar 4 muaj më parë
Watching from the rocky mountains of northern Philippines
Linus Lauterbach
Linus Lauterbach 4 muaj më parë
What a great time we live in, where someone can enjoy life exploring the world from the water and have normal Joes like me, who sit at a desk all day, zone out at the breakfast table for 15min and relax... so glad I found your channel! Thank you!!!
Liam Scott
Liam Scott 4 muaj më parë
That dog was huge.. defo not a pure breed akita. They're not that big. Nice dog tho.
Mikeztarp 5 muaj më parë
Breaking news: Bigfoot found in Montauk!
Alessia Marietti
Alessia Marietti 7 muaj më parë
For reusable Laundry detergent you should look at ECO EGG they last a few years and you dont need to do anything with it and super small and compact xx
joao luis Ferreira
joao luis Ferreira 7 muaj më parë
Elayna you have pretty feet ! It is something I have noticed a long time ago. I like pretty female feet, and you do have pretty feet. 😁
Mad Mike0082
Mad Mike0082 7 muaj më parë
Wow did Lenny grow over the last few episodes.
Cissy Caple
Cissy Caple 7 muaj më parë
At 9:44, I had to throw on the brakes! Wow, timeless images, incredible. Sometimes you guys are a bit scary! (In a very good way!) Lenny is so happy. So so very happy. Wow. Well done you two!
MrNotSoPerfect 7 muaj më parë
Beautiful woman beautiful baby and beautiful boat
MrNotSoPerfect 7 muaj më parë
So jelly ,at your lifestyle
Jeremy Parroco
Jeremy Parroco 7 muaj më parë
Great video! Lenny is getting to be really big!
Donna Roque
Donna Roque 8 muaj më parë
Lenny boy is so happy! Love your family.. God bless! 🥰
Reed Kay
Reed Kay 8 muaj më parë
Fred Flintstone toes. . .
Missey Harvey
Missey Harvey 8 muaj më parë
What brand are the shampoo & conditioner bars in this video and do you like them?
BT Barrett
BT Barrett 9 muaj më parë
Been following you guys for a while now! Thanks for all the great content! Love the mama and papa bear that you are. And this particular video comes at a perfect time of my life, as I purge, sell and set myself free to travel! Thanks Young'ns!!! Grateful.
Adriana Kobler
Adriana Kobler 9 muaj më parë
Yay I’m from there
Rose T
Rose T 9 muaj më parë
I feel like you guys and Sarah's Day are destined to be friends. Lenny and Fox would get along soooooo well omg
Sydur Rahman
Sydur Rahman 9 muaj më parë
Is This Your kids, very nice,
Taha Mayotte
Taha Mayotte 9 muaj më parë
in loveeeeeeeeee with yr life guys!! what a lovely family
Thomas Murphy
Thomas Murphy 9 muaj më parë
Love your videos! I grew up in the middle of Long Island and have many fond memories of Montauk. So glad you got to experience such an interesting place!
Rambu Ae
Rambu Ae 9 muaj më parë
God bless you ❤❤❤
PiercedBitxh Aila
PiercedBitxh Aila 9 muaj më parë
We bred Akitas as a child. They’re basically the Japanese version of a German Shepard. They’re SUPER protective of their bonded human. I had two- peddles and patches- and both would have attacked anyone that dared hurt me. I have 6 cats right now but if I ever get a dog- it’ll be an Akita.
PiercedBitxh Aila
PiercedBitxh Aila 9 muaj më parë
I can’t wait for the day they change the fish icon to an icon of Lenny’s baby face :3
Cissy Caple
Cissy Caple 7 muaj më parë
should be a darling baby bear!
Emily Dousselaere
Emily Dousselaere 10 muaj më parë
This may be a stupid question but where do you put your garbage when your out on long trips?
Fahdouille 10 muaj më parë
Hope your adventure is endless, love to follow your story! Best couple goals ever, so motivating. Keep up the great content!
Liliana Augustinos
Liliana Augustinos 10 muaj më parë
Please do a boat tour sorry if you all readied did one
Georgia Flemming
Georgia Flemming 10 muaj më parë
Lennys so cute when he’s sleeping
Shadman abdulkalam Kalam
Shadman abdulkalam Kalam 10 muaj më parë
Lovely cute family 😊❤️👍🌹💕🥰😘
Shyah Heremia
Shyah Heremia 10 muaj më parë
you know whats crazy my baby sisters name is layna
Shyah Heremia
Shyah Heremia 10 muaj më parë
Lenny is the CUTESET baby EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brooke Parks
Brooke Parks 10 muaj më parë
Shawna 10 muaj më parë
How do you keep up with Lenny’s doctor appointments and what not while you’re at sea so much? Love your channel so much, he has the BEST personality 😍 I’ve been watching you for ages!!! So proud of your channel’s growth ☺️
justfly2525 10 muaj më parë
Is Dawn dish soap eco friendly? I know what the ads say but is it something that you would use on the boat? Just curious because I figured out by necessity a few years ago that it makes for a good body wash..... and face wash, and shampoo! I use the fancy scented ones. It's great for all kinds of cleaning tasks so it's just about the only cleaning/hygiene product that I buy these days. Call me strange but it works really well!
maddison 10 muaj më parë
How many bedrooms does the boat have! ? 2 ?
Alice Richardson
Alice Richardson 10 muaj më parë
1:5 is the cutest
John Gross
John Gross 10 muaj më parë
Ya'all are amazing. Beautiful family.
Alice Létondot
Alice Létondot 10 muaj më parë
So much joy and positive energy are coming out of your videos !
Cordelia Appleyard
Cordelia Appleyard 10 muaj më parë
Lenny should wear a hat! I always think about how burnt he is going to get which is sooo bad for babies! even if he gets tanned he can still get skin cancer later on! such a cutie tho omg
Lina Jörnmark
Lina Jörnmark 10 muaj më parë
The foot thing was sooo funny
YatERos Junell
YatERos Junell 10 muaj më parë
Lenny socute😊😊❤️❤️ from Philippines
Chicken Parma
Chicken Parma 10 muaj më parë
0:58 - has Lenny been watching Wayne's World? EXTREME CLOSEUP
lhieta temilloso
lhieta temilloso 10 muaj më parë
i miss watching ur videos 😘😘😘 Godbless ur family take care 😊😊😊
Kate Pyle
Kate Pyle 10 muaj më parë
Lenny is the most adorable, smiley baby i’ve ever seen! so precious! i love your videos! safe travels!
Laylah Samy
Laylah Samy 10 muaj më parë
i got so excited seeing the boat adapting for growing bubs needs. lol you nee marie condo style boxes for the cupboard sorting tho. #ocd. love you guys. stay safe!
Bella Vita
Bella Vita 10 muaj më parë
You have to come back and go to Nantucket on the East Coast here it’s beautiful in the summer
Eleni Papadakos
Eleni Papadakos 10 muaj më parë
Any else count Riley toes haha for some reason when I saw them I was convinced he has 6 toes of he’s left foot 😂
Beth A.
Beth A. 10 muaj më parë
Them raspberries look Amazing! 💖👍 yummmy
Tamara0142 10 muaj më parë
Chris Crow
Chris Crow 10 muaj më parë
Lenny is so cute .such a happy baby. Love your videos.
Alexander TheGreat
Alexander TheGreat 10 muaj më parë
Imagining have that as your childhood
Patricia Bouwman
Patricia Bouwman 10 muaj më parë
0:57 omg too cute
TRAVEL SRI LANKA 10 muaj më parë Sri Lanka - The Wonder of Asia
Snegovik222 10 muaj më parë
Я тут почитал . и большинство людей в коментариях пугает в основном отцутствие ифраструктуры , больницы , дантиста и ... Лично я женат на восхитительной девушке которая родила мне ВОЛШЕБНОГО сына и меня останавливает отцутствие лодки . простой , с вёслами хотябы . удачи вам ребята . ( ваш катамаран нужно передать по наследству ) нос по ветру . вы лучшие!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
declan 10 muaj më parë
I’m so happy you guys had a good time in Montauk and the Hamptons. I grew up there in summers. It’s truly the best place on earth. Except the cityits and the Hamptons flock are taking over Montauk. Please come back next summer. Have a great new year!
jared floyd
jared floyd 10 muaj më parë
I'mma try and get me that sail guide
selene dewint
selene dewint 10 muaj më parë
@elayna do you have a daily workout routine? Love watching your videos!
keli stratton
keli stratton 10 muaj më parë
I saw that almost caught the toes! Yum episode!
Tyler Harrison
Tyler Harrison 10 muaj më parë
Lenny eats like a cave man. Couldn't be any cuter
Mrs.Bubba Bubba
Mrs.Bubba Bubba 10 muaj më parë
This video seemed random and scattered.
Anthony Parker
Anthony Parker 10 muaj më parë
I hope those fish that the fisherman throw back are still alive and that they are not throwing dead fish back as thats a waste of time and unfair
Anthony Parker
Anthony Parker 10 muaj më parë
would love to see a tour video of your boat so that we can see where things go on this type of vessel
CoolChannel Name
CoolChannel Name 10 muaj më parë
I thought you were just average people, i don't know why I accepted that at face value.
Doc Holladay
Doc Holladay 10 muaj më parë
Alyna has the most beautiful voice
Michael Lusk
Michael Lusk 10 muaj më parë
The three of you are so, enjoy!
Seth Brooks
Seth Brooks 10 muaj më parë
LOVE Sailing La Vagabonde!!! My viewing favorite as an Australian also a long way from home (Portland, Oregon) . Enjoyed edit in previous episode with editor being doused by water, Quite funny and clever. Not sure if I'm crazy about the insertion of the low res graphics for EFFECT every week though as they seem to cut across the refreshing, breath easy vibe that is the essence of your vids. Just a thought. Not a big deal either way though... You guys rock!!!
Rory Kijas
Rory Kijas 10 muaj më parë
your videos always cheer me up when im having a rough go
Tom Griffin
Tom Griffin 10 muaj më parë
Im going to be mean, but not for the sake of being mean. Contrary to ignorance, people never ever turn into or become angels. angels are angels, people are people. When a person dies, they do not turn into an angel. I hope this helps y'all no matter how vehemently you steer clear from that popular channel of consciousness . It exists whether ya like or not my friends. Dont judge me, and continue working hard and being excellent human beings. I appreciate you
n499dy 10 muaj më parë
Do you guys use sun block ever? Do you worry about skin cancer? Just curious...
Paul B
Paul B 10 muaj më parë
Sorry you two....Lenny steals the show! What a cute baby. Such a great personality. You two are doing a great job with him. He is certainly a VERY happy baby!! Keep up the good work!
Matt Brunetto
Matt Brunetto 10 muaj më parë
You guys should consider staying up on Long Island. Ya’ll seem really happy there. Plus, I live there too 😂
Kelly S
Kelly S 11 muaj më parë
Oh hurry up and come to Tassie... I gotta see that chub face
Kara Maria
Kara Maria 11 muaj më parë
I have two akitas, they are truly the best! Mine are also pretty lazy as well haha!
g g
g g 11 muaj më parë
former sailing channel is now a baby biz, I am surprised it seems to work for the 1.2 Mio followeris
Luigi 1955
Luigi 1955 11 muaj më parë
To the point about the gentrification of Montauk, this has happened all over New York State, it is most dramatic in the 5 boroughs of NYC, where housing prices are out of control. Years ago, we had the Gold Coast estates (northern Nassau County) and middle income developments post war all over Nassau County (like Levittown) where you could buy a house for $7000 during the early 50s. It peaked approx. in 1970, but development continues, across parts of Suffolk County that were formerly very rural. In the past the major industries were fishing, shipbuilding, farming and aircraft manufacturing (Grumman Aerospace in Bethpage and Calverton, Fairchild Republic in East Farmingdale). This has shifted over to tech industries (Computer Associates and others) and healthcare. I hope Montauk stays the way it is. Everything does not have to be gentrified, because this limits opportunities to young people...
Andrea 11 muaj më parë
I just purchased the shampoo bars and am looking forward to trying them. I have allergies to preservatives found in most health and beauty products (even a lot of natural products) and was searching for new shampoo. Perfect timing!
Loo Loo
Loo Loo 11 muaj më parë
I used to watch you guys until you got Political, good luck with your life, I'm done watching.
ximenesrui 11 muaj më parë
M.B. Calderhead
M.B. Calderhead 11 muaj më parë
Tell me again how I can buy your book on sailing
warp21drive 11 muaj më parë
Lovely video . Sadly my brothers law recently saw one of your videos( don't know which) when I told him how much work is involved he would not believe it. Oh just a cell phone film he said ( I said about an hour of editing per minute) ...... We agreed to disagree, but this video is a beautiful example of a video that looks so natural but took hours of work to have this feel. Not sure how to politely show how much work is involved . Cheers Warren
Amber Smith
Amber Smith 11 muaj më parë
For a split second I thought Lenny looked like baby grinch. I LOVE baby grinch
TWISF1987 11 muaj më parë
Happy New Year!! Watching this one for the third time for some reason... Cuz of Lenny..... I think..... lol.... Nice Lamborghini Urus in the back there!! Also car fan.....
Colin Grant
Colin Grant 11 muaj më parë
More Lenny. Lenny's smiles are pure awesome.
Pam 11 muaj më parë
I just love you guys! Thanks for sharing a bit of your lives. Hey Elayna, where did you find your hat? I have been admiring it in your videos for sometime and can't seem to find one of its cut anywhere!
Dr. Jae
Dr. Jae 11 muaj më parë
Elayna if you wrote a book about all of the places you guys have visited, including costs, safest places (and not so safe places), encounters with pirates and so on....I would buy it yesterday! For those of us (beginners) looking to spread our wings on the ocean, it would be extremely helpful 😉. Hard or paperback copies please. Thank you guys for sharing your fabulous life with us!
Marnie McMahon
Marnie McMahon 11 muaj më parë
Quick question --- Does Lenny know how to swim yet? I don't recall seeing it. I remember watching some lessons. (Just a curiosity -- I was a baby swimmer myself.)
Toasty_ Bread
Toasty_ Bread 11 muaj më parë
New sub
Philip Morehouse
Philip Morehouse 11 muaj më parë
Love your show; so real, intelligent and sharing, gotta find your website. Your like having another brother and sister.
Travelling Sunglasses
Travelling Sunglasses 11 muaj më parë
Lenny is so funny and you’re all adorable! Even our little baby-in-preparation agreed from inside my belly 😊😊
Angela Leitch
Angela Leitch 11 muaj më parë
Lenmy is showing the fine motor control of a surgeon already 😎
Maricruz Villanueva
Maricruz Villanueva 11 muaj më parë
8:18 the smooth transition made it look like it was Lenny.... ahh
Ashley Partington
Ashley Partington 11 muaj më parë
I love lights too! Beautiful video
Terry & Yitong
Terry & Yitong 11 muaj më parë
Need more sailing adventures...less home movies, please.
George Simmons
George Simmons 11 muaj më parë
Can't be sailing all the time unfortunately, it would be great if they could, but impossible.
Stacy Gates
Stacy Gates 11 muaj më parë
Nothing is chemical free! It has to be made of some combination of the 118 different elements
Angela Siegfried
Angela Siegfried 11 muaj më parë
maybe some just have chemicals then others?
Elisa H Bent
Elisa H Bent 11 muaj më parë
Stacy Gates Non toxic laundry and cleaning supplies check them out!
Sabre Tom
Sabre Tom 11 muaj më parë
Exploiting a child’s smile. HOW DARE YOU!
Maddie Darby
Maddie Darby 11 muaj më parë
Where do you get wifi to post?
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