BOAT LIFE: Scared, Stressed, Anxious.. Ep.216

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Sailing La Vagabonde

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Elayna opens up to you about something she's been dealing with during her time living on the ocean.
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03:30 Cold Hearted - Ead Wood -
06:17 THE WAIKIKIS - Blue Hawaii -
09:44 Riley Pearce - Brave - rileypearcemusic
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Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde Vit më parë
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Irelsa O
Irelsa O 4 muaj më parë
Just started watching your videos and I am in awe of how tough and beautiful you are Elayna without being pretentious. Your genuine love for people shows. You do things that the normal woman wouldn't go out and do. You are a real wonder woman.. and at such a young age you've both done something most of us wouldn't dare plus you're seeing the world which most will never do. Fear grows with age and added responsibilities, we all go through it. You have so many strengths and talents, you're amazing, don't be hard on yourself. Take a break from the video productions and the boat. By the way I enjoy your singing also, you should make a CD. Wishing you, Riley and Lenny safe sailing!
ACE of DEFENCE 7 muaj më parë
well where is your actual home Now?
Claudia Brett
Claudia Brett 9 muaj më parë
Elayna your awesome and super brave and you can get through this. xoxo
lela lela
lela lela 10 muaj më parë
Things will get better and never forget that there always is a way out 💖💖💖
Rusty Comer
Rusty Comer Vit më parë
Just as the heat from a fire can temper steel and make it stronger - the challenges we’ve faced in the past can temper and strengthen our resolve to overcome the challenges we’ll face in the future.
cnyap1 8 ditë më parë
People do get hurt catching them but what else to do when on a boat....take down jib and land on front trampoline? I have mavic air 2 but haven’t tried catching it. Perhaps wear gloves.
k4vud 15 ditë më parë
Get a ham radio license and use high power radio on board anytime. See
John Grant
John Grant 16 ditë më parë
I just started watching. Don’t know the full history but from what I’ve watched, I admire all 3 of you. It is never easy. Life is hard. That said, you are truly “living” your life. You are beautiful and strong. You seem a great mother and a kind person. Your smile is contagious. In this unstable world, know you bring hope for better times ahead. Be well. Be safe.
Tarryn-Lee Winson
Tarryn-Lee Winson 17 ditë më parë
This is so valuable and refreshing! Life can be challenging in simple moments because they weren’t in the challenging moments. I’m seriously considering this lifestyle and having truly valuable real content means the world to me. Thank you!!
Gerrit De Troetsel
Gerrit De Troetsel 19 ditë më parë
Go Elyana, sea harded Aussie women! :)
Joris Hitt
Joris Hitt 22 ditë më parë
Bravery comes in all a human w many more years than you, trust me when I say you are brave on many levels. Give yourself room for weakness and accept it as a part of who you are, in that moment. Life is about moments, cherish them, nurture them and they will settle your soul in time. Peace.
Nagin Rathod
Nagin Rathod 22 ditë më parë
Well you are just spoilt and if you can't hag it retreat or pull yourself together and deal with your life
allglazenl 28 ditë më parë
Take the rings of your fingers for safety
Greg Knipe
Greg Knipe Muaj më parë
the real deal. good job you two. over achieving is no easy task! you 3 pull it off. thanks for this production.
paul mcnamara
paul mcnamara Muaj më parë
you both are so inspirational awesome couple
Anne Roberts
Anne Roberts Muaj më parë
aw sweetpea. It doesn't matter where you are, life is a bugger. Things happen on land and sea. Things happen. And sometimes we benefit from talking to someone "professionally" about these things, and sometimes we don't need to. Nobody has it all together. Not a single one of us. We're all just trying to do the best we can. I heard some good lyrics yesterday "Don't blame, don't ask why. That's the art of getting by" They felt like some good lyrics to live life by. Love and light. xxx
ross bodle
ross bodle Muaj më parë
not the original glynda boat girl i know..
Shannon Triplett
Shannon Triplett Muaj më parë
"When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. You are connected to your child and to all those who touch your lives. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child." - Sophia Loren This video was so relatable. I was very fearful when our boys were little. Young motherhood is hard. The good news is that as my kids have gotten older and less vulnerable, it does get much easier. All the best to you Elayna.
Flipping nic
Flipping nic Muaj më parë
This is your most beautiful video as of yet that I've watched. You are still brave Elayna. You are a newer, better version. Life continues to get harder as you get older, challenges bigger because you have more to lose. You'll find your spark again, if you haven't already. I know this is an older video. Love you guys 💗💙💙
Linda Stevens
Linda Stevens 2 muaj më parë
And u are very brave when u have a kid it sometime changes the way u think cause u are a mom. You to are great people
Linda Stevens
Linda Stevens 2 muaj më parë
I'm so happy for u 3. What a amazing family and great job out there.
Kyle Kiff
Kyle Kiff 2 muaj më parë
Lenny did a PIAB
Az 2 muaj më parë
Scared, Stressed, Anxious.............. What a joke when everything is supplied for you - even your boat. Try living a real life.
Jennifer Lopesi
Jennifer Lopesi 2 muaj më parë
Thank you so much for sharing this video and expressing your truth. It takes a lot of courage to open up and allow us to see another side of you and what you are truly experiencing. I'm so glad you did share this because it really does help viewers see the reality. I have always admired both of your strength and have always wondered how you deal with the challenges or if any of it phased you... As I would be very anxious doing what you guys do on a daily basis and you guys always seem so calm and collected. I went through similar feelings going from my early twenties to late twenties. I noticed I didn't have the same care-free attitude, or 'happy-go-lucky, think about the consequences after' kinda mindset as I got older. I suppose that happens with experience and you do become more wary. You guys are challenging yourselves every day, pushing outside of your comfort zones all of the time and that is amazing! And is what inspires us all! Bravery is acknowledging you're scared shitless and pushing on anyway ;) Much love and many thanks to you both
Robert Handloff
Robert Handloff 2 muaj më parë
Finally! It wasn't all giggles and smiles. "I don't have it all together," you said. But in fact you have not being all together truly all together. You've mastered not being all together, which in effect says, you have it all together. You guys are inspiring not so much because you sail all over the place but because there you are, the three of you, living and flourishing in a confined space and generally going it happily. That's inspiring. Sail on!
rck ism
rck ism 2 muaj më parë
these kind of videos are needed. i know so many people think you're living the dream and in a lot of ways you are but i know you pay a hell of a price for that dream and privilege.
iMatti00 2 muaj më parë
~ 👓👀🩸 👓👀🩸~ *I’m surprised that they wouldn’t put on eye protection when going to catch a drone. There’s nothing the drone could do to severely impact somebody’s life except for blinding an eye.*
Shelley Watson
Shelley Watson 2 muaj më parë
Steve Diaz
Steve Diaz 2 muaj më parë
Hey guys keep the faith and strength. As we all know life is full of unexpected situations. As we go through all of those situations that we come across we learn to deal with them. Enjoy all of your precious memories they will be with you forever never look back. As a mother you have to be strong you are the head of the family. You provide love, caring and motherhood to Lenny. Just remember that no matter what arguments you may have let them go with the wind and then talk about them and implement ways in improving. Take Care Happy Sailings👍🌎⚓⛵⛱️😎😀
missmonasuzette 2 muaj më parë
I'm an old lady. The baby should be first priority. His needs, his socialization with the people in the world,... his education. Teach him to survive in the world as you were before you made the decision to spend years on a boat, because otherwise he won't know how to do that. The first years are the most impressionable.
stevenjfanucchi 2 muaj më parë
I give you a huge amount of credit. If it matters . Also you are beautiful. 🙂
Max Grimm
Max Grimm 2 muaj më parë
This really hit deep. I am glad you´re talking about this stuff. AS someone who is thinking about buying a boat and living this kinda life it is really nice to get an realistic view on how things really are! Thanks to you guys. Keep it up and get youself some breaks :-)
Marcy Marbut
Marcy Marbut 2 muaj më parë
Did I hear her say her son broke his neck twice???
nicole ayienga
nicole ayienga 2 muaj më parë
Being a Mommy can redirect your bravery from yourself to protecting your child. Indeed ,take a breakl
Joelene Walker
Joelene Walker 2 muaj më parë
You guys are amazing
d p
d p 2 muaj më parë
Awe give that woman a kiss. What a great wife and mother. You're doing great.
Lone Sailor 14
Lone Sailor 14 2 muaj më parë
Omg I loved this sooo much! I live on a yacht too and have totally felt like you in this video. It's great and adventurous and amazing but my god is it tiring! You never know how long you'll get to relax before something else needs attention. So you never fully relax and eventually forget how to. But then I think of leaving it all to live in a house and it makes me cringe.
Murat Koc
Murat Koc 2 muaj më parë
Iron Clay
Iron Clay 2 muaj më parë
Elayna the over stayer is a Baby, the scientific evidence as to how that happenz is still up for grabs, But!! You now need to ditch the Catamaran and get a Trimaran. The quad isn't going to cut you, he's not being hard when he asks you to catch the quad, it's a 'stretching thing' and now you've done it you'll do it when you need to, to save a live. Can I suggest/offer you 2 to have a look at New Zealand to visit, Elayna, it's ok to fell overwhelmed but if it happenz more than 40 times a day it's past normal. Let me assure you both, you are normal and the overstayer is something you two are going to have to cope with. Good Luck from NZ
Iron Clay
Iron Clay 2 muaj më parë
@Carrie Perkins I believe it's what a baby was called, so where as there was only 2 of them, now theres three they need a trimaran.
Carrie Perkins
Carrie Perkins 2 muaj më parë
What’s an over stayer?
Gabriel Alladio
Gabriel Alladio 3 muaj më parë
You may be suffering from post partum depression.When your baby gets to around five years old this may limit your freedom since he will need to be around other children.
Pedro Strom
Pedro Strom 3 muaj më parë
it is for sure a very stressful way of living everyday and after a few years it is very understandable how people get overwhelmed ... still you need to know if anything happens to the boat , the "house life" is always there, so u need to learn to relax a bit knowing that the alternative life is the normal life.. u guys rock
john schumacher
john schumacher 3 muaj më parë
It’s good to let it out thanks for showing how life is. Good and bad And not just candy coatingThings. You guys are brave and very smart. Being able to. Survive. Out there. Stay safe looking forward to the ongoing. Adventure. Good work.
Elogium 3 muaj më parë
Bravo for sharing your feelings, but I have to say that you are doing wonderful, but make sure that you guy's have your time as well. You both seem great with each other. Always talk about what's going on with each other, don't push them down or to the back of your mind. Talking really helps.
mathew hyland
mathew hyland 3 muaj më parë
you guys are really brave and giving it a crack , well done and be free .
Mason Masters
Mason Masters 3 muaj më parë
I stopped watching you guys years ago because there was none of this. It wasn’t real enough for I randomly landed back on this one. I think you should keep this style up. Not for the drama but for the reality of how hard life on the water is.
drtyfrank 3 muaj më parë
Best video yet. And they’re all pretty good or no one would watch them. Thanks, guys.
Jay Preddy
Jay Preddy 3 muaj më parë
Time to baby proof the boat! Rum goes up one shelf higher! Lol
Victoria Dunlop
Victoria Dunlop 3 muaj më parë
I'm so proud of u guys! But u need a break! Everyone needs one.! Dont compare ur self to riley because u r the mum! Whole different ballgame!
robert miller
robert miller 3 muaj më parë
@13:00 ----> we just want to give you a hug.
Omer Karim
Omer Karim 3 muaj më parë
he just gets shit done haha ma man is hardcore
Rae Thompson
Rae Thompson 3 muaj më parë
You guys are braver than you think .much love to you all 💘
leonardo cerrito
leonardo cerrito 3 muaj më parë
Help! Help to save my boat-house I am not the "reach" man who is loosing his toy. I am an old (72) man who 20 years ago sold his house and bought this boat where I live since then. Now this boat is dying because the Covid-19: i had to go away for a short time and i cant go back: the border are closed. With my litle pension (800$) i could not afford to buy an insurance. The boat is dying and without help i will loose it, i will loose my house, my life. Help me please: a little help from a bunch of person could save my boat-house, my life. Please check here PLEASE! Leonardo
Joel Briseno
Joel Briseno 3 muaj më parë
How do you get rid of the dirty Diapers of the your baby? 🙈🙈🙈
Robert Williams
Robert Williams 3 muaj më parë
Much love & respect for being honest & showing your true selves! Our prayers are with y'all on your journey🙏🌎🙌
UMLOOAD 3 muaj më parë
Unfortunately it´s not possible to give multiple likes, but you would deserve it Elayna. Still tough times. Stay true.
Ionut Rapanu
Ionut Rapanu 3 muaj më parë
change boat and learn other families to have a life like yours ... i will convince mine ...
Ionut Rapanu
Ionut Rapanu 3 muaj më parë
you are guys ... keep going all the best
utkarsh singh
utkarsh singh 3 muaj më parë
Hii.. Your family is just are doing something extraordinary...Utkarsh..from India, one day I want to be like you..
Leeann Cretser
Leeann Cretser 3 muaj më parë
Your fears are completely normal after you have a baby. It makes you much more aware of the dangers out there. Your primary purpose now is to keep Lenny safe. That’s ok. That’s your job. That unpredictability is fun when you’re young and carefree, but you’re a mum now and that changes everything. It’s different for mums than dads. I don’t think dads worry as much.
terry hill
terry hill 3 muaj më parë
yea, chill for a minute ,it feels good to hear some off your deeper thoughts and feelings,i almost feel normal now,saying that there is drama and things happening anywhere you go,and live,i get to live in your world though your videos ,so i thank you for that
mumma on an island
mumma on an island 3 muaj më parë
Probably my favourite video so far ❤
Drenis Shakaj
Drenis Shakaj 3 muaj më parë
You guy ar Top nice family, greetings from Albania.👏👏👏🔝
Stuart Deal
Stuart Deal 3 muaj më parë
Everything is harder and easier than you think. Nothing is easy but, things are easy if you know how. Please don't be shocked if you don't know how to do something you have not done before.
unjohn 3 muaj më parë
Such good folks! Thanks for making our lives better thru sharing.
Stephen Duquette
Stephen Duquette 3 muaj më parë
Elayna , don't question your successes . Concentrate on the moment , it will give you your best bravest moments with confidence. The past is gone , your time is now to shine . You know you can do it . Now believe it .... again .
Tracey Vella
Tracey Vella 4 muaj më parë
Motherhood changes you for sure. You become fearful. There is so much you have to think about and learn and worry about and consider. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world and it doesnt matter what good you doin their lives. They are still going to live their own journey. Be good or bad. I was never scared of the ocean until i had kids.
Malinda Hasten
Malinda Hasten 4 muaj më parë
Elayna you are so strong and brave! I am a mom type figure to you kids and adore watching you all. I love your family! The older we get as women the more soft we become and the more worries enter our minds and hearts. Riley stands beside you. Cannot say that for many. So you guys know, my 1st granddaughter was born and my daughter ask me for names. Her name is Elena Grace. My daughter spelled it differently but yeah.... I adore watch your family.
Lee Neves
Lee Neves 4 muaj më parë
you are braver than you think ,make a video journal just for you watch the video weeks later
Suittruck 4 muaj më parë
That’s a very open and sincere “confession” you made Elayna, beautiful and brave. So yeah, you are brave. You guys are so nice together, very inspirational and nice to watch. And Lenny, wow! So cute, give the man his own program ;) Keep going you guys!
Jack Pippenstock
Jack Pippenstock 4 muaj më parë
Thank you Elayna, for mustering the courage to allow us a glimpse into the vulnerable side of your personality while living at sea. Your openness humanized this episode to a degree I rarely witness in Vloggers. I'm an old man who relates perfectly to your progressive understanding of risk management. I have found that the intrepidness I brandished as a youth, that sense of wonder and invincibility I so enjoyed, was mostly a factor of youth and inexperience of Life's sometimes less forgiving nature. I recognize the changes you have shared of your life experiences thus far, having lived them myself. It's easier to be cavalier when one has less to lose. You have risked, you have worked hard, you have enjoyed your brilliant life while becoming ever more conscious of its fragility. That understanding is scary and requires serious adjustment of all our preconceptions. Taking into account the important changes every responsible person must at ushering a beautiful, little life into the world, it becomes perfectly understandable to feel like you do. The personal growth you are have been experiencing is challenging; and its successful achievement its own reward. Be patient with yourself, for life lessons ever unfold of their own accord. Be kind to yourself and your lovely family. Rest if you must (take some breaks from sailing, maybe visit family) when you need them. Remember that life is a race the pace of which you set. I am very glad to hear you acknowledge that Riley is your ROCK. He seems like a kind, understanding, joyful companion. I certainly wish he remains forever so. Smooth seas and fair winds oh, intrepid, joyous sailors. And thank you to you, Riley, and Lenny for allowing us, your followers, these wondrous glimpses into your lives.
Jeff Heidel5
Jeff Heidel5 4 muaj më parë
The honesty is refreshing you get tired of the contrived scripted things that people have to say. This is why I watch
Chris Ogle
Chris Ogle 4 muaj më parë
Love the honestly and realness of this video. While it's very unfortunate to feel this way. It's good to see both the incredible moments and the harsh ones.
Samantha Levy
Samantha Levy 4 muaj më parë
Learning to kitesurf for me was similar. Not so much life and death, but definitely a feeling of not being in control especially in the face of natural, unpredictable elements. When my boyfriend taught me kite control I would often get to a point of exhaustion. I couldn't do it. I was scared. I didn't have control. At the point when i thought i would never be able to harness the power of the kite to get on a board, i finally felt comfortable. I realized that I knew what I was doing and even during unexpected moments the wind would let off/pick up. I think women just need to remember what we're capable of. It sometimes takes a meltdown to realize it :)
sept music
sept music 4 muaj më parë
It's not losing your spark it's learning and accomplishingly new things and when your a parent u thing much more of your children's safety and yours. This was one of the best videos I've seen. It is real. I'm from Canada bless your family
Rob Duchesne
Rob Duchesne 4 muaj më parë
when you add a little boy in the mix ,you need to get a house on land,.you are great and best,.
Anne Roberts
Anne Roberts 4 muaj më parë
Oh sweetpea. Everyone's journey is hard and noone has their shit together. (That is so easy to say and really hard to believe when watching other people be they on ALnets or in real life!) Thank you for sharing. When I can afford to be a patreon I will be. Until that time, thank you so much for being some light in the dark that is living today. 🙏❣️
danny olson
danny olson 4 muaj më parë
This video is so important.Thank You .
Bob Conaway
Bob Conaway 4 muaj më parë
...and 11 months later, you're still doing it all. Good for you! I'm sure you're stronger than you think. OK to doubt, just don't let it consume you. Thanks for everything you do!
William Carey
William Carey 4 muaj më parë
I know that this is way later than the video is posted but you guys do a great job! Look how far little dude has come! Being a seafarer my self I know the struggle and the risk it’s hard, really hard, most people don’t understand, however I also know how rewarding it is and you would regret living a “Normal” life. Keep on fighting everyday guys and keep up the GREAT videos. Hopefully I will get to meet you guys soon.
david perrott
david perrott 4 muaj më parë
Yep, deadlines, agreements (to commitments) new family all change the outlook and it becomes a job.
Roshandra S
Roshandra S 4 muaj më parë
Lovely sharing You seem to be an INDIGO a sensitive soul which appears to becoming even more sensitive Hubby is great He us a Rock and DOES GET STUFF DONE Love your sharings A beautiful life Stay kind to yourselves
Mark Allen
Mark Allen 4 muaj më parë
It is better to be an Alpha woman than a simpering snowflake.... You've got a family to take care of...
Liam Scott
Liam Scott 4 muaj më parë
Just land the drone on the solar panels next time. It won't damage anything
John Smith
John Smith 4 muaj më parë
Brave is being frightened but not giving into your fears. You both seem pretty brave to me.
Mary Lela
Mary Lela 4 muaj më parë
r you the ones who were afraid of the 22 knors?
missVmilne 4 muaj më parë
I've now watched dozens of your videos. In this you finally portray the harsh reality, it's not all plain sailing. Honesty is always the best brief for editing. Don't hold back the truth of this lifestyle. Do not compromise your safety and sanity for content ! It is really hard. It's no easier on land - I can assure you : - ) Love from London x
Steve Morse
Steve Morse 4 muaj më parë
Why not find a quiet place and stay several weeks on your boat but without traveling or stress?
Linda Mon
Linda Mon 5 muaj më parë
You are alot braver& resilient than anyone have ever seen. Friggin impressive& ultimate respect! Having a baby @ sea? Who does that? U r a QUEEN!
Ataume 5 muaj më parë
I'm not sure if you'll see this, I hope so, but I realise the video was put up a while ago and you can't keep track of all the comments. I used to watch your channel a lot, it calmed me down, then I stopped watching when I felt like things were a bit.. "too much of a good thing"? Instagrammy? Anyway, I started watching again this weekend and I have to say that I really like your videos where you open up more, where you explain that it's not all snorkelling and sunshine. I'm currently dealing with probably a burnout (don't REALLY want to admit it quite yet) at 27 and the whole.. fear having been built up, feeling scared and anxious.. it just really resonated with me. I haven't really started on my road to recovery yet, but what I have realised is that it's about rest. You NEED to rest in order to start feeling better again, to process things, and so on. So I guess that's my advice to you, to somehow be able to rest. And I don't know how or where you can add that in, but I really hope you find something you can prioritise away. Here, have a virtual hug. :)
Michy Nature
Michy Nature 5 muaj më parë
Thank you for this. Really, thank you. 🙏🏼❤️ and don’t worry, you’re alright. There can be no courage without fear . ☺️
Tanzima haq
Tanzima haq 5 muaj më parë
"He pulled the lid off and i think that's incredible"- Riley Finding positive sides on kid's doing, Supporting them through and through,Trying to understand them as much as you can,I guess that's more incredible and praiseworthy. You both are really great parents❤
Andrey Konin
Andrey Konin 5 muaj më parë
You! both are awesome !!
Grown For You
Grown For You 5 muaj më parë
Just wanted to let yall know that we love you and your family! We watch every morning with our 16 month old and she is absolutely enthralled with all things la vagabonde. We mostly stick to the ones with lenny cause there are so many! :) We appreciate watching the journey and how open you are to all sharing all the experience and not just focused on coloring it up to make it picture perfect. We would never know what this kind of life would look like without you all. I imagine these kinds of feelings, and coming through them to the other side only makes you stronger in the end. You are inspiring. much love
Serenity Sanctuary
Serenity Sanctuary 5 muaj më parë
You might think you are not brave but by doing what you do is amazing you are brave and you are stronger braver than 90 % of the population of this earth. Every time you feel down . Remind yourself of all the things you are grateful for . The amazing things you have seen . How many people you have inspired and probably changed their lives And the awesome experiences you guys had. YOU ARE LEGENDS Love all 3 of you
MrMaverickD 5 muaj më parë
Great video, appreciate the honesty ... love you guys ... be strong for each other grow and step back periodically to appreciate what you have .. ps I just bought my first sail boat ( very tiny ) but it’s a start. Just know you spread a lot of joy .. be proud when in doubt just breathe :)
BillyBob 5 muaj më parë
I will protect you Eleyna. You can live with me on land.
ChadYvette Heiman
ChadYvette Heiman 5 muaj më parë
My wife and I love you guys. You’re human, and it’s obvious how much you guys have on your plates, but you are crushing it. You’re living a dream most of us landlubbers will never experience, but all your efforts bring us along with you. Thank you!
Nam Nguyễn
Nam Nguyễn 5 muaj më parë
Gary Hughes
Gary Hughes 5 muaj më parë
There are a lot of well meaning people in the comments section guys and they are all concerned about you Alayna. Just thought that I would throw my two cents worth in as well. My belief is that you are much stronger than what you give yourself credit for. That comes through in your videos. We all go through these phases in our lives to one degree or another and half the solution to the problem is knowing that there is one in the first place and being able to identify it. Thankyou for sharing with us, your an amazing young woman.
Nawas Nawas
Nawas Nawas 5 muaj më parë
Excellent video ,include so cute baby Thanks
Ben Jones
Ben Jones 5 muaj më parë
Think I agree with Josh G, you guys deserve a break you give so much for us, we will still be here when your back, no videos take a family break!!!! Were always here
critical resoning
critical resoning 5 muaj më parë
Elayna ,and Rally we will say a nightly prayer for you guys. you are not living just your life but adding to ours as well thank you and god bless you!
Nicole Summers
Nicole Summers 6 muaj më parë
It’s ok guys, I understand. The fact your so real, is a blessing. People love your videos and adventures. But put yourselves first and foremost. No matter what you have memories of your journey. Maybe take a break. Anyone who believes life’s all good is dreaming. It’s full of ups & downs. I know it’s not helping you, but know your not alone. Would you be happy ain’t a 9-5 job? Or the freedom you possess. Thank you for being so honest.
Christopher Carroll
Christopher Carroll 6 muaj më parë
You’re a human, being human is ok. A tip if I Torah, together, in Hebrew. You will grow beyond imagination. Shalom aleihhem-peace be upon you.!
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Wild We Roam
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BOAT LIFE: Elaynas Friend comes to Stay! Ep. 220
Sailing La Vagabonde
Shikime 2 mln
Sailing La Vagabonde
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HUNGRY SAILORS. Running out of FOOD at Sea! Ep. 224
Sailing La Vagabonde
Shikime 1,6 mln
We Need Some Time Apart
Sailing La Vagabonde
Shikime 1,1 mln
BOAT LIFE: Heading back out to Sea
Sailing La Vagabonde
Shikime 255 mijë
Machine Gun Kelly - Downfalls High (Teaser Trailer)
Machine Gun Kelly
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Tom MacDonald - "SELLOUT"
Tom MacDonald
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Shikime 2,1 mln
Among Us In Minecraft...
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