A Trip to Crater Island. + boat repairs & fiberglassing of course

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Sailing La Vagabonde

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#269 It's certainly feeling like we're never gonna leave Ponta Delgada. This time though it's because of the mounting pile of tasks, dodgy ovens and fibreglass repairs. La Vaga is looking more like a construction barge than home right now. As much as we want a functioning kitchen, we're really itching to get out on the water again. Especially because a submerged crater is just sitting there, come on let's goooooooo.
And we have a late change to the squad: Bri is leaving us, fair winds! But Andre returns, back on the boat for our Azores adventures. Welcome back, and let's hit the water.
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Bob Bade
Bob Bade Ditë më parë
Yall are the greatest. I watch yall for hours. I agree, we need full vid of Lenny running around. Bri was very cute, enjoyed her much. But you're right, Andre is so good. He is always smiling, I can just tell he is a treasure.
Mike Hennigar
Mike Hennigar 2 ditë më parë
I've been watching your channel since you started you guys are awesome I love the content and watching Lenny grow up all four of my kids are all grown up except for my daughter she's a junior this year I really miss my kids being Lenny's age be safe out there
Lukas Ernst
Lukas Ernst 2 ditë më parë
would have been easier if you didnt rip it off completely. just sand of the paint fill the gaps with resin and laminate a few layers on top
Travels with Yoly
Travels with Yoly 6 ditë më parë
Glad to see Lenny's been upgraded from "Stowaway" status :-)
M. Castellan
M. Castellan 10 ditë më parë
12:23 Oh Yeh its impressive how busy you are doing actually nothing but holiday for 6 Years.
junior demus
junior demus 10 ditë më parë
Try a fisherman's store next time.
Richard Bertram
Richard Bertram 11 ditë më parë
Great video. Thanks for sharing. Can you tell me what the black glue is called that you used on the shelf?
Mike C
Mike C 27 ditë më parë
10 commercials for one video seems like a lot
Jenny Mossa
Jenny Mossa 29 ditë më parë
My son hates raspberries. He is probably an alien.
Ersun Aydın
Ersun Aydın Muaj më parë
Anne Girl
Anne Girl Muaj më parë
Haha the music choice! The lyrics “slowly burns your lungs” playing while you’re dealing with fibreglass.
Diane Duus
Diane Duus Muaj më parë
Maybe paint "not a step" on that fixed piece.
Travis Matern
Travis Matern Muaj më parë
so happy to see some diving video again
Debbie Eagan
Debbie Eagan Muaj më parë
First visit and loving it.
Robert Shaw
Robert Shaw Muaj më parë
Great video, it's cool to try new things, just as a heads up by the look of it, you were not using epoxy when fibreglassing you were using polyester resin(as you added a small amount of catalyst/hardener, epoxy is usually a high ratio like 5:1 or 2:1). Both are fine, polyester is cheaper and fine for a fibreglass boat, but epoxy will work in more situations/with more materials. The black goo was probably epoxy, its way stronger!
rod ward
rod ward Muaj më parë
Guys do u really need the ads.....its a pain to have to skip them all the time.....
Mahesh Lopez
Mahesh Lopez Muaj më parë
Amazing video, amazing music. Where can i download similar tracks?
valery woodward
valery woodward Muaj më parë
I absolutely love you guys! My husband and I have been following you for years now and we love what you are doing! I am hating all these commercials though! There is more commercial time than video time! 😫
Giuseppe Porri
Giuseppe Porri Muaj më parë
Big Nick Fulmor
Big Nick Fulmor Muaj më parë
My son's name is also Andreas. Love the boat baby life.
Michèl Šolaja
Michèl Šolaja Muaj më parë
Want to chat? Ok, I work with several Portuguese guys. One is from the big island. He said he has been to evey part of the island including that little volcano island, I'll ask him about the ticket 🎟 issue... 😄✌👍
Max Conrads
Max Conrads Muaj më parë
good to see andre is baack! love it!
mark begley
mark begley Muaj më parë
Elayna. Thanks for being you. You bring so much joy into my life
mark begley
mark begley Muaj më parë
Dree- You have the most warmest eyes...also your personality shines true. Your physical is also so unreal. However our eyes and your personality so mush stands out. You are very special lady. Be Happy and take care. Thanks for sharing a part of your life...
Spinkey Muaj më parë
invest in a multitool yall and get plenty of blades as they go fast!!!! it creates waayyyy less dust than an angle grinder
Daniel Russell
Daniel Russell Muaj më parë
Total respect! Thanks for helping me relax. "Blessings and more beside!"
editelh Muaj më parë
At exactly 12:00 did she say “what a drag” when Riley asked her to hold Lenny?
Bob Leo
Bob Leo Muaj më parë
I think she said I want to drive
FunkyyB Muaj më parë
Haven't watched since ole Lenny was born. I'm so glad I stumbled upon it again. Jesus Loves you and God bless your beautiful family!
charming nerd
charming nerd Muaj më parë
I just want to give a shout out to the editor / colorist; bravo!
Randy Drew
Randy Drew Muaj më parë
Enjoy the video, the ocean was clear and beautiful. To bad you didn't get to swim the creator.
Bonnie Moench
Bonnie Moench Muaj më parë
Another gorgeous day!
Rosina Davidson
Rosina Davidson Muaj më parë
God loves you so much please turn to him to be saved and enter the wonderful kingdom of heaven and thank Jesus Christ for saving you 😌
Dean Whitehead
Dean Whitehead Muaj më parë
I also don't like chocolate Elayna. My family can't get enough of it. Every now and then I think I fancy some - and then I will try - but the usual outcome is 'nah!!'
the eabster
the eabster Muaj më parë
Andre is cool and all but not near as easy on the eyes as Ms Bri!!! Bring this bri back soon! Lol
Amy Saunders
Amy Saunders Muaj më parë
That water is amazing! You guys are the best! I love how your life is the 'norm' to Lenny, he's seen and experienced so much already 😊 PS Andre is the sweetest 😁 x
Vicki Schmidt
Vicki Schmidt Muaj më parë
I was racking my brain why bri was so familiar ....... Below DECK . Love your channel and your family is just beautiful . Happy Sailing
Mr and Mrs Living Life
Mr and Mrs Living Life Muaj më parë
Riley looks like Mathew McConaughey 😆
Azores Tube
Azores Tube Muaj më parë
Man that is right in front of where i live, this is São Miguel island, in the area of Vila Franca do Campo, you have have shipwreck rigth in front n the island you should have gonne there to free diving There are some sunk cannons from a naval battle we had against the spanish and the french in the 17th centrury There is a limit of people inside the island, due to it beeing a natural reserve with some rare species of birds. Next time you come i will get you some tikets.I will take it to you in my kayke. :)
طارق كامل
طارق كامل Muaj më parë
funnyglow Muaj më parë
The scenery is so beautiful and stunning.Very enjoyable! Reminds me of my trips where I take the good music like the Guns N Roses, Imagine Draongs or the Delta Parole and then enjoy the powerful feeling of the sea. ¡vamos!
PlastaSin Muaj më parë
The ending...wow!
Lydia Buhler
Lydia Buhler Muaj më parë
What’s elaynas tiktok? Lol
Denise S
Denise S Muaj më parë
Absolutely love these videos! Been watching for years now! Just noticed on this and the last video that the intro is a tad choppy, not sure if it's just my computer or the videos..?
Josh is Fishing
Josh is Fishing Muaj më parë
Umm.., you got a naked Lenny on the loose in the background at 8:48. I died when I saw it. Lol.
Robert Orzech
Robert Orzech Muaj më parë
I think you should have had everything you needed for that job on board at all times. You shouldn't need to go on a scavenger hunt for every little job that pops up ! Cheers
2030 AD
2030 AD Muaj më parë
Donut operators brother?
jsscamarie Muaj më parë
Yikes! yea when we went the rangers chased off a bunch of guys trying to paddle in on their surfboards lol. Have to take the “ferry” which is basically just a big pirogue!!
Jetasin Muaj më parë
Andre, such a capable young man and adding so much value to the episodes in many ways, how did you guys get to initially cross paths, is this in one of the earlier episodes I may have missed ? Keep up the epic adventure team 👍
Big J
Big J Muaj më parë
Love the boat repairs! Awesome video
DELTRON_88 Muaj më parë
I'm not a fan of chocolate either lol especially chocolate cake.
Sam Muaj më parë
For nature lovers. A speech about our future: alnets.info/work/qMilfLnOzK6fzZw/video.html
Jacco Por
Jacco Por Muaj më parë
Now the episode gets interrupted by commercials, I really don't like that. RAN does not do it, and they are a much smaller channel as you guys are. #Sellout
Veronica Tijerino
Veronica Tijerino Muaj më parë
love you guys! please keep doing what you're doing! and enjoy every bit of it even on the hard times =)
Dana Nance
Dana Nance Muaj më parë
Patrick Muaj më parë
Right at the end I flashed back to the cross Atlantic crossing with Riley on his back with his neck fucked up and I was suddenly scared and panicked. It's happened before but not for a long time. I'm glad they're all doing well and send my best. It's strange since I don't really know them, but I feel such love for their family.
Jessica Norder
Jessica Norder Muaj më parë
I love when cutting the aluminum in the stove with the angle grinder Andre had all the protective equipment on.... except shoes haha
Urban Deployment
Urban Deployment Muaj më parë
I say we hunt down and find the person who was using it as a step
Sven N.
Sven N. Muaj më parë
Nice video! What's with the vignetting starting at around 13:00? It's too much...
Citizens Rights
Citizens Rights Muaj më parë
🇺🇸 👏 🇨🇦 Trump 2020 🇺🇸 👏 🇨🇦 Pro Democracy 💪 Pro History God Bless Our Police, Fire Fighters, Emergency Response, Doctors, Nurses & Personal Support Workers. 👏
João Santos
João Santos Muaj më parë
How old is Lenny at this video?
AL Pinto
AL Pinto Muaj më parë
Just looked up about getting tickets to see the island, they seem to be 8 euros and it's about controlling/protecting the flora and fauna of the island. ( not sure where, but the marina should help) . Lovely to see you scuba diving . :)
Chris C
Chris C Muaj më parë
National Parks in Australia are similar
MarcoLA923 Muaj më parë
The Azores are called the heaven of spearfishing Riley. Why we dont see any spearo videos? Whould love to see. Greetings
A Fit Happy Life
A Fit Happy Life Muaj më parë
The Otter
The Otter Muaj më parë
When Lenny grows up and looks back on these videos, it’s gonna be a blast!
Marvin Heisten
Marvin Heisten Muaj më parë
beautiful place thanks for sharing
Hailey Kepler
Hailey Kepler Muaj më parë
How accessible would you reckon the Azores are to a non-sailor? Lovely footage!
All that is Good
All that is Good Muaj më parë
Bom dia! I throughly enjoy watching all of your videos and have been following you guys for a while! Not gonna lie when I found out you guys were going to the Azore I was so jealous I almost didn't even want to watch the videos! But the videos were awesome and just as I expected I want to go back! I have been to the Azores a few times and can not wait to go back. I am from Massachusetts the hustle and bustle of life is really real here and I describe Azores as the "land of lost time". I am so happy you guys are enjoying the beauty of the the islands and the fooood (ice cream) So if you are still on Sao Miguel and you see this message I have a little recommendation for food in the Capelas there is a little Cafe called Café immigrant I believe.. Their steak and fish plates are delicious and priced for the locals! Enjoy guys and stay safe!
Jim Fisk
Jim Fisk Muaj më parë
Enjoy your voyager's and it's fun watching Lenny slowly grow up. God bless you all!
John Carter
John Carter Muaj më parë
As we expose the darkness/shadow to rainbow light, we transmute everything from duality to oneness through LOVE, this helps us understand everything that is happening in our NOW reality…. alnets.info/work/ntxyqpea3qp2xn4/video.html
max buron
max buron Muaj më parë
Please come to the Philippines
David Taylor
David Taylor Muaj më parë
I know you may not have any control over it, but I am so sick of how commercials have become so much a part of youtube videos. I mean one of the things I loved about your videos in the beginning was how they would take me away and allow me to escape for 15 minutes in to your beautiful world and your creative way you share it. My wife used to comment how I would be sitting there with headphones on watching my ipad while she was watching tv with this great big smile on my face. She became curious and this is how she became interested in what you guys were doing! Ha Ha ! Loved the work on the boat bit as I enjoy learning about anything to do with boat maintenance. The beauty of the location was great but was constantly interrupted by commercials so it really lost something in that. Just my two cents as a patreon.
J S Muaj më parë
I really enjoy your laughter and adventure with little boy Lenny.
Mark Bordelon
Mark Bordelon Muaj më parë
Hope you make it to Santa Maria! Beautiful little island...I have family there!
Kusta Kuties
Kusta Kuties Muaj më parë
I enjoyed Brie but so excited Andre is back.
Diane Willams
Diane Willams Muaj më parë
Too much Riley waffling on with mechanics in this episode😅💤💤 wah... Need more Lenny an Fun! Welcome back Andre!Xxx
Mary Ross
Mary Ross Muaj më parë
Absolutely awsome. The sea looked so good. It's a pity u have to pay to see the island. What a disappointment. But super vlog and good to see andre back. Miss brie xxx take care
Mark Sprinkle
Mark Sprinkle Muaj më parë
What was your cinematography background before you began this voyage 6 years ago? How many hours to produce a single posting? Does having your life on film make you more conscious of the importance of happiness? My brother and I though 3000 miles apart love the travels you bring to us as we both share the joy of being on the water. I am 68 and he is 72..we both boat mostly inland but he in San Francisco and I the ICW of the east coast...thank you for your sharing...both of us have grandbabies about a year old..him by his sons and me by my girlfriend's sons....life is good. Thanks again
André Soares
André Soares Muaj më parë
Hey because of recent killer wale attacks in front of Spain and Portugal the coast of Spain doesn't allow to sail. Can a patron warn them. Just in general and for the attacks
gemma valentine
gemma valentine Muaj më parë
I saw these guys at an ice cream shop in Lagos Portugal about 3 days ago and at the time I thought, wow these guys seem familiar, like old friends from a past life. They were so full of life and happiness I really wanted to connect with them and they had there 2 beautiful wild children with them, now back in the UK watching this and realised it's them and I have been watching there ALnets vids for over a year now. Wish i had connected with them at the time! Me and my partner have a dream of buying a yacht and sailing the world! I know one day we will meet. Safe journey to you guys, hopefully see you soon! 💕
Bryant Hayward
Bryant Hayward Muaj më parë
LOL! I don't like onions or chocolate either. I mean, I'll eat dark chocolate, but would rather eat most anything else...
Ben Edgar
Ben Edgar Muaj më parë
Anthea Cole
Anthea Cole Muaj më parë
Troy Stanton
Troy Stanton Muaj më parë
You need a cordless oscillating tool wheel grinders are for cutting steel and they make a mess, it will be your favorite tool on your boat.
Rusty Johnson
Rusty Johnson Muaj më parë
You need a multi tool ( vibrating cutter) it will do the same thing as a angle grinder, but no mess!
Donna Kawana
Donna Kawana Muaj më parë
My son said if you come to Maryland can go for a ride....lol! I explained that your sail boat is your home...He said" Oh,well than I still want to meet Reily an Lenny...!"
Mad Mike0082
Mad Mike0082 Muaj më parë
What caused the crater ?
Caity Bosma
Caity Bosma Muaj më parë
Amazing episode as pr usual! What wetsuit do you use, Elayna? Looking to buy one soon but not sure which brands are the best :)
Susan Strickland
Susan Strickland Muaj më parë
You asked for jokes. Thank you for sharing your adventure. Here's a corny joke: Why do hummingbirds hum?...... Because they don't know the words. Cheers.
Linda Fitzgerald
Linda Fitzgerald Muaj më parë
Pretty place, thanks for sharing! Lenny's so cute!
Eben Meyers
Eben Meyers Muaj më parë
Do you have a Spotify playlist? Sorry for the random question, but I love the music you play in your videos. It would be a good vibe for when I’m making site 😊
linuxmind Muaj më parë
Wow that was just beautiful! So relaxing :)
Stephen Muaj më parë
I've been following all these sailing videos for about a year now. And as much as Id like to feel relevant in your story telling, I just dont.. seasonally or otherwise, Please give us all some amount of chronological context that will mean something to the rest of the world. The disconnect makes it real easy to just give up on your story. I'm passing this along to all the ALnets SVs cause I'm finding this to be a common problem. And gag me.. but I gotta admit, the TRUMP krap is becoming pretty juicy competition on ALnets. So, just saying, but keep it in the rhythm of life. If... thats what you were shooting for to begin with.
Robert E Lee
Robert E Lee Muaj më parë
Should have put some gussets under the auto pilot bracket.
Mobile Players
Mobile Players Muaj më parë
Lucky Cheetos got a beauty wifey
Lucy at Life Without School
Lucy at Life Without School Muaj më parë
So fun to connect in with your youtube channel after a long time away (it wasn't on purpose! I think quarantine just made me forget that cool things are happening in the world :P) Super cool to see Lenny growing up living his best life :)
T.I.V Muaj më parë
Somebody get that lady some help with her haircut..... Her bangs are whacked looking!!! And, what's up with being cheap bastards to the locals? Buy a dam ticket! #Badvideo
Kevin Lewis
Kevin Lewis Muaj më parë
That shot at the end through the mesh of the tramp was perfection! ... ...and Robert is your fathers brother, the end.
Russell Johnson
Russell Johnson Muaj më parë
boat repairs away from homeport...kind of like Editing. there's 15 more times work in set up than there is in finished product!
Charlie Donovan
Charlie Donovan Muaj më parë
I really enjoy your videos. Thank you for the adventures.
Michael Waller
Michael Waller Muaj më parë
Riley, you must watch My Octopus Teacher on Netflix. Incredible
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