The Chesapeake by Sail Boat | Eating Local Cuisine w/ a few Injuries and Boat Dramas! Ep. 237

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Sailing La Vagabonde

8 muaj më parë

Sail the Chesapeake Bay with us! We have a few boat dramas and injuries along the way, which is always expected. Haha. Ps if you haven't tried the Chesapeake Blue Crab, you're going to have to change that 🦀 🤤
Thanks to our amazing featured music artists for supporting the show!
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00:00 Ead wood - Skin -
05:06 2009 - James Walker -
09:54 Aeseaes - Bloodlust -
13:40 Backseat Drivers - King Ibis -
18:06 J. Alan Schneider - Lyra -
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Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde 8 muaj më parë
Thinking of everyone around the world. Hope this video takes your mind of things. I know it can be hard but try to limit the amount of news you watch. Take care! Love Elayna, Riles & Lenny xo
Willow Houben
Willow Houben 7 muaj më parë
Thank you so much for sharing your lives. We all live vicariously through you when you're sailing with the wind and it looks so glorious.
Travis Classen
Travis Classen 8 muaj më parë
Cheila Pires the episodes aren’t in chronological order. They went back in time so I hope they return to Portugal soon
Ashley Partington
Ashley Partington 8 muaj më parë
Hope you are safe too! Thank you for a wonderful series of videos.
Jon White
Jon White 8 muaj më parë
@Lawrence Gleason it looks like in your last paragraph you're starting to see the point. The decline in the infection and death rate in China had nothing to do with media coverage. The Chinese government went and physically locked residents inside their houses. I'm struggling to see the point you're trying to make, you say the US has the most media coverage on the issue and that its vital to controlling the spread but the US is now the epicenter of the Virus, with a higher infection rate than Italy or China. Shock-horror, the media coverage hasn't helped. I'm not suggesting the media coverage is to blame for the uncontrolled spread in the US but I can say for damn sure that it's barely done a single thing to slow it down. Nobody in this whole comment thread (most of whom have the same opinion as me) has advocated for being uninformed or ignorant, we all have simply been saying to LIMIT your intake, mostly I believe, for mental health reasons. Google the effects of news on mental health, you'll find it is unanimously in favor of staying informed but severely limiting the frequency and duration of how much news we intake. Also, while you're at it spouting rubbish please make a direct copy and paste of where I said 'Ignore all media', because to me it just sounds like you're a bitter old man trying to defend his life's work in the media by making false quotes of things I never said, which ironically is pretty representative of mainstream media.
Lawrence Gleason
Lawrence Gleason 8 muaj më parë
@Jon White Jon, I came across an interesting stat. Between January 1 and 10 the death rate of COVID-19 cases in China was 17 per cent. That emphasizes even more greatly than I had previously noted the need for public information, which brought down that rate considerably by month's end. That's far above the 3.4 mean. By January 29 Chinese medical staff working on the issue provided their epidemiology findings in the New England Journal of Medicine. Those stats point that it this would be far worse without coverage stands. Interestingly death rate stats from Italy have ranged as high as just over 10 per cent. Coverage in the United States has been particularly important to counter misinformation, which in that country had come from the highest level. God knows how anyone would dispute that, but you have, and most vigorously. I also have to note, Jon, I had responded to the above recommendation on limiting media consumption. Where your straw man point came from to "ignore all media," I have no idea. Meanwhile, in the last 24 hours there have been 15,000 more cases of COVID-19 in the United States, which now has more than 100,000 confirmed cases, with more than 1,500 deaths. Recent articles have included how long the COVID-19 viruses live in various surfaces, what type of masks are effective and why, how to make your own hand sanitizer which may become necessary for some due to difficulty in purchasing same. Also interesting is a recent video of how various cruisers in different parts of the world are coping aboard their yachts. If that's not enough it looks like there is one case of caronavirus in Coober Pedy. Now that's depressing. I may have to limit my media consumption after learning that.
The Roof Man L
The Roof Man L 8 ditë më parë
Oh wow this is my backyard and where I run my 27,3 foot Fishing boat we may have passed each other. I go Off the East coast and in the Chesapeake Bay often from Maryland to Carolina mostly. Don't want to be too much of a brown noser but you guys are an inspiration and beautiful family, My wife and I love your channel, you guys should have stopped at Tanger island It's an almost isolated community that has its own dialect and traces its roots directly back to England. The place is one of a kind, and a piece of history. There's only three family names on the whole island The dockmaster in the mayor are the same person. You had to have came right by it. I hope you guys enjoyed Virginia.
Naomi Takimoto
Naomi Takimoto 15 ditë më parë
If this was from 7 months ago, meaning it must have been in around April 2020. That’s when we had lock down...yet these places were open and many people were eating in the restaurant and not even wearing face masks ...??? No wonder the US has the worst case of infected number of people and over 100,000 deaths by COVID-19!... the worst in the world...! Please, you’d better off and stay on the boat and minimize the time spent on land and contact with people on land! Stay healthy and happy 👍 Lenny is such an adorable baby always smiling and happy 😊 because he’s got the best parents (may not be perfect, but) in the world ✊
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde 15 ditë më parë
You’re a year off.
Lindsay Liddell
Lindsay Liddell Muaj më parë
Vegemite . . legends .
Jeff Taylor
Jeff Taylor Muaj më parë
You guys are in my area...Deltaville stingray point
dr01d80 Muaj më parë
Jemaine Clement vibes.
REGI K BABY 2 muaj më parë
I am seeing you as after hair cut as 19 year old. Next to that again with long hairs.
caitlyn stone
caitlyn stone 2 muaj më parë
Seeing you in toques while also wearing flip flops with water at the bottom of the dingy makes me feel so cold, some really pretty shots in this vid though
Sonya James-Reeves
Sonya James-Reeves 2 muaj më parë
I love St Michael’s! Spent a winter 🥶 on the schooner Bill of Rights along with the Victory Chimes( was named The Domino Effect “ at the time )docked up at the museum. 1986 ish? I’m enjoying catching up on some of these videos.
Javier Paramo
Javier Paramo 3 muaj më parë
Lenny”s growls are simple the best!
Dave Cooper
Dave Cooper 3 muaj më parë
So cool to see you in our neck of the woods. I just discovered your channel yesterday and have been devouring episodes ever since.
Teresa Tucker
Teresa Tucker 3 muaj më parë
Another great video guys! But have to disagree with “self-settling”!! Latest research shows they stop crying because they give up on being heard, and are just as stressed when they stop crying as they feel abandoned!! xx
J John Brown
J John Brown 3 muaj më parë
In the Army we would use nets to catch drones. Drones your size;, a big fishing net on a long pole. I guess the Navy has no drones. LOL
Chris Ogle
Chris Ogle 4 muaj më parë
Where is Oakey?!?!?!?!
Robert Davena
Robert Davena 4 muaj më parë
It’s funny how zatara is sponsored by everyone and la vagabonde isn’t
Paz RedPanda
Paz RedPanda 5 muaj më parë
Have to say I agree with Riley on the vegemite. My toast looks like I cover it with tar. But the butter thing...yeah nah
Mikeztarp 5 muaj më parë
6:20 Roaring Lenny is the newest addition to the Beanie Baby collection. ;)
Alex Young
Alex Young 5 muaj më parë
google ........I get knocked down.........27 million hits for my song written 1997......enjoy my catamaran............
Gary Flint
Gary Flint 5 muaj më parë
What a wonderful world this would be if we had more little Lenny's in it. God bless
Mary Anderson Read
Mary Anderson Read 6 muaj më parë
my favorite sailing videos- think we have talanted Alana to thanks for these- have been viewing o long tome, feels like family. especially now Lenny is here. stay safe. When you visit Australia take us with you please-
Mary Anderson Read
Mary Anderson Read 6 muaj më parë
my favorite sailing videos- have been viewing long time, feels like family- even much better now Lenny is here! will be viewing and checking on you- stay safe.
Mary Anderson Read
Mary Anderson Read 6 muaj më parë
My favorite UTube , like family, so long been a part of my viewing life-videos are outstanding and I think we have Eylana to thank for that-she is talented. Nice, cute little family.
Kim Riemer
Kim Riemer 6 muaj më parë
you went at the wrong time summer is amazing
Tae Lew
Tae Lew 6 muaj më parë
I recommend gloves when attempting to catch the drone.
W.W. 6 muaj më parë
It's still cold in Charleston, but not nearly that cold
bmrt1000 6 muaj më parë
Nothing wrong with beer that's Kimberly cool!
Burak Rkcr
Burak Rkcr 6 muaj më parë
That little boy has made you two look funnier :))
Armani Vlogs
Armani Vlogs 6 muaj më parë
im from there
Tobias Harvey
Tobias Harvey 6 muaj më parë
No! How did we miss you!? And in our old watering hole Fairlee Creek! We just sold our boat and moved south for warmer weather. And how did you make that turn through that cut with the current!
00 Blank
00 Blank 6 muaj më parë
How do you get a golden playbutton send to you in you life on a boat?😀
Natey McBatey
Natey McBatey 7 muaj më parë
David looks a lot like that one guy from "How Ridiculous"
Isabella M
Isabella M 7 muaj më parë
Why would ALnets make a play buttons be so sharp. I've heard other people complain about this too. ALnets itself is slacking the way they treat creators and they can't even make a play button that doesn't draw blood and they haven't withdrawn them when this keeps happening to people.
Mad Mike0082
Mad Mike0082 7 muaj më parë
Self settling is rough. But you have to do it sadly. Well done !
Mad Mike0082
Mad Mike0082 7 muaj më parë
I’m 40. I have two kids. I have never ever once seen a baby talk like Lenny. It’s so funny. You are in for it. I think he’s gonna be a maniac lol
Mad Mike0082
Mad Mike0082 7 muaj më parë
I did it. Watched the Greta series then went back and watched every single video from the start. Now I’m caught up. A few more till I’m totally out of content. Hurry make another 250 !
Donna Kawana
Donna Kawana 7 muaj më parë
I worked on a boat at Fells Point Baltimore Maryland. An every year our crew cruise was held in St.Michaels... we were docked right there as our boat was a 92 ft Schooner all old school..Anyway there's nothing like steamed crabs. U can once u open it u can carefully pull the legs off an the meat should come with... mmmm made me hungry... That lil man is too cute growely guss.. That's what we called our oldest cuz he did the same... he is now 32 an does mid evil reenactments... so he still gets to growel at!! Blessings an love to u all...!!
El Kabong
El Kabong 7 muaj më parë
I hope there is a way to "Lenny Proof" the heater switch!
Bryon Ensminger
Bryon Ensminger 7 muaj më parë
Well I'm a witness it cut you your in America now sue u tube should be wort at least a million to just get you to go away then you can get a brand new boat
yup 7 muaj më parë
Lenny's gonna sound like Tom Waits by the time he's four
Caitlin Harte
Caitlin Harte 7 muaj më parë
you are all phenomenal
Greg Luckett
Greg Luckett 7 muaj më parë
A wooden frame around the edges would protect your hands and if done correctly would look nice too. The ALnets award. Send me the exact dimensions and I will look into it, if you like. I have a couple of CNC machines and a wood working shop.
Michelle Harrison
Michelle Harrison 7 muaj më parë
I love Lenny's growls.such a cute lil monSTAR! Congrats on your 1 million
californiakayaker N6GRG
californiakayaker N6GRG 7 muaj më parë
I've not had "broiled" crab, but regardless, crab is one of my absolute favorite foods.
Muss Til
Muss Til 7 muaj më parë
Lenny can claim at least 350K subscribers.
Kim Thirion
Kim Thirion 7 muaj më parë
Lenny has “the gremlin” down pat! So cute!
Anthony Joshua
Anthony Joshua 7 muaj më parë
Wow the baby just growing up in ocean craziness 😝
Christiffer 7 muaj më parë
Be careful with the corona virus going around. Hope you all stay safe ❤️
denakel16 7 muaj më parë
Awesome video!!! R those the miller lites we brought? Or did u guys get some? My husband's fav beer. I hope u enjoyed them. We r so excited to c u again this year!! Xoxo
denakel16 7 muaj më parë
Jellyfish joels? We love it there!
Janet Forrest
Janet Forrest 7 muaj më parë
Why is content so dated?
El Kabong
El Kabong 7 muaj më parë
They skipped these in order to insert the Atlantic crossing with Greta.
Cody Hughes
Cody Hughes 7 muaj më parë
The crabs were steamed no broiled. We steam our crabs here in MD :)
Barbara and Lloyd Conley
Barbara and Lloyd Conley 7 muaj më parë
LC from Solomons,,,,,have you ever heard of crab cakes??
Irshad khan Yfz
Irshad khan Yfz 7 muaj më parë
Otto Vanskike
Otto Vanskike 7 muaj më parë
Welcome to the Chesapeake y'all. Hope you enjoy!
TheW9Gamer 7 muaj më parë
Aeseaes - Bloodlust. SOOO nice to hear you guys put this couples music in
Bea Orsini
Bea Orsini 7 muaj më parë
I live right near the Chesapeake Bay! Crazy to think I was in my family’s boat and you guys were there too!
Pam 7 muaj më parë
Omg , I Love Lenny he’s getting so big & I can’t ever get enough of his little growling , he is so beautiful, be safe & take care 🙏🏻❤️✌🏼😊 & thank you for sharing your journey with all of us 👍🏼
Tatiana Salazar
Tatiana Salazar 7 muaj më parë
11:30 lmao facts
Jordan at the Moment
Jordan at the Moment 7 muaj më parë
I live on the Chesapeake Bay, and there is a lot of good food here! Glad you enjoyed it.
Sabaiko Nepal Online TV
Sabaiko Nepal Online TV 7 muaj më parë
Omg little boy is same like his father and growing faster lovely cute child
Suki Just Suki
Suki Just Suki 7 muaj më parë
Hi Elayna. I used self settling with my twins. I did it because it was best for them, not for me, don’t let the judgy judges on here sway you.
amiella musser
amiella musser 7 muaj më parë
Ooh I in my hometown I live down the street from crab claw
Dewey Hudson
Dewey Hudson 8 muaj më parë
El Kabong
El Kabong 7 muaj më parë
I was thinking there has to be something on board besides their hands! Good idea!
M S 8 muaj më parë
Carefully drinking hot drinks above your babies face. face burns on babies are not nice!!
Playin’ in Mid Eyre
Playin’ in Mid Eyre 8 muaj më parë
Streaky Bay Lad Rocking the Cats Shorts. David’s old man taught him that beer is always at the right temperature 😜
Mr and Mrs Living Life
Mr and Mrs Living Life 8 muaj më parë
That’s crazy the autopilot stopped working. Good save Reilly 👏
joe psaila
joe psaila 8 muaj më parë
Elayna your are looking stunning day by day love the new hair do cheers.
Mamina Kuhinja becirovic
Mamina Kuhinja becirovic 8 muaj më parë
Hi Elaina and Riley, Love watching your videos. I wish I could see you all I am near Annapolis.Stay safe please.
Válter Silva
Válter Silva 8 muaj më parë
Hello blessed family! All right with you?
Rigging Doctor
Rigging Doctor 8 muaj më parë
We started in the Chesapeake 3 years ago and have loved sailing out in the open ocean. My memories of the Chesapeake were just shoals and crab pots everywhere. Having a deep draft was challenging in the bay! Hope you guys enjoyed the bay! The food there is awesome 😎
Jerome Walton
Jerome Walton 8 muaj më parë
I am so glad you enjoyed our beloved underwater arachnid!!! A few notes for next time: 1: get something to tie all of that hair back and away from the crab eating 2: ditch the long sleeve alpacca sweater for something less dangly 3: you did the right thing diving in without clean up, you can do that later when you forget and stick your finger in your eye 4: come back and enjoy one day!!
Hannah Savage
Hannah Savage 8 muaj më parë
tsnieb 8 muaj më parë
David reminds me of Jermaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords
Dan Bran
Dan Bran 8 muaj më parë
Great work guys, happy to be sharing your travels with a growing group of indigenous kids in FNQ. Look forward to seeing you on the water. Thanks for the smiles and laughter.
Irish Garzon
Irish Garzon 8 muaj më parë
At the start of the video, I am feeling nostalgic because it felt just like yesterday when I was watching your videos and Lenny is very much like a cute baby and now he looks like cute boy! The growling is hilarious as well hahahahaha, it reminded me of Smeagol from Lord of the Rings, but Lenny's a very adorable growl. Definitely looking forward when his vocab expands from mama, dada and baba haha.
Michael Kearney
Michael Kearney 8 muaj më parë
The actual, physical West Marine store. I'm so far away, it's only an order off the internet store. :)
Keith Staton
Keith Staton 8 muaj më parë
Hey, welcome to my home waters. Hope you don't forget the Eastern Shore. There's several good boatyards here also. And crabs aren't local here yet but grab a nice day striped bass, which we call Rockfish. Awesome grilled. Congrats on the little guy.
Alicia Scheld
Alicia Scheld 8 muaj më parë
How did youtube send the playbutton to you?And how does mail work on a boat??
JeepTrip 8 muaj më parë
Store bought vegan butter is made of palm oil which is destroying orangutan forests! Please don't use it!
Mo mo
Mo mo 8 muaj më parë
So cool, you guys welcome to the mid Atlantic!
mynhardt saayman
mynhardt saayman 8 muaj më parë
Hi as a parent with many flaws and many many many errors I made with my child. Please don't let your child self settle........ This is one aspect of raising a child I wish I never did. A lot of studies will prove its not true that it is good.
Lisa Lyeanne Rogers
Lisa Lyeanne Rogers 8 muaj më parë
Lenny is beautiful 😭💓
stephen moore
stephen moore 8 muaj më parë
Death by a million play button cuts
UrbanForage 8 muaj më parë
What in the bajesus did you wear to eat messy crab!!? A dead dog? 🤣
John Andrew
John Andrew 8 muaj më parë
Hi guys, I can't believe you went from where I live (Newport) to where I'm from (St. Michaels) and I completely missed you (although I was hoping you'd be here in warmer weather). At the very least, I could have hooked you up at the rum distillery in StM. Good luck, stay healthy!
Jon Guth
Jon Guth 8 muaj më parë
Hey, great stuff on the Chesapeake. Love the footage from one of my favorite childhood destinations cruising the Bay, the Crab Claw in St. Michael's. By the way, the crabs are steamed though , not broiled. (Unless they did something strangely different for you :) Was that Fairlee Creek where you anchored on your way down from the C&D Canal? Thank you for all the great videos over the years. Cheers!
Denise Miller
Denise Miller 8 muaj më parë
Congratulations on the you tube plaque
Denise Miller
Denise Miller 8 muaj më parë
I think the hat looks great on him. It brings out the blue in his eyes.
Jennifer Kobow
Jennifer Kobow 8 muaj më parë
Awwwwww love it, got a little teary eyed with the scene at the bar and restaurant, with people! God that looked good! Someday we will be there again!
Max Smith
Max Smith 8 muaj më parë
Hi Alina! I dont understand most of you speak. But it mooved provid my English. Say hello ( i can't undestend his name/ You speak soy slovly) But he is luky if fine so wonderfull girl.
Linda Rice
Linda Rice 8 muaj më parë
I like his cute cap, makes his beautiful eyes stand out.
Michael Kim
Michael Kim 8 muaj më parë
애기가 많이 컷네요? 아주 귀엽습니다.
destiny webb
destiny webb 8 muaj më parë
They were in Delaware 🥺 I’m sad
Sam's Sister
Sam's Sister 8 muaj më parë
Demon Lenny is the god damn funniest thing 😂😂
Marissa Abernathey
Marissa Abernathey 8 muaj më parë
Gary Carlsen
Gary Carlsen 8 muaj më parë
Answer: Liposomal Vitamin C and CHAGA Tea. ;) Question: How to survive COVID-19?Knowledge Base: clif@clif_high
Carley Savage
Carley Savage 8 muaj më parë
so sad I missed you guys in my hometown love your videos so much!!!! chesafreak for life!
Palomino 8 muaj më parë
Be careful eating in restaurants and coming to port, don't want to bring anything yucky with no doctors on board.
J R 8 muaj më parë
"I feel like a kid" is one of the best feelings you can have as an adult. Treasure the moment. There are so many good micro-brews in the area, why MillerLite? Have you hit any of the legal cannabis states yet?
Wayne Phillips
Wayne Phillips 8 muaj më parë Inspired by LaVagabonde...boat channel coming soon!
Jared H
Jared H 8 muaj më parë
I have been on boats in the C&D since I was Lenny’s age!
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