BOAT LIFE: "Dad, are we there yet?" Ep. 214

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Sailing La Vagabonde

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Our little family, sailing the Exuma Islands 👪👣. Don't forget to grab our Sail Guide everything you need to know to start an adventure like ours!
Song Credits:
00:00 Michael Dunstan - Shutter -
03:49 Once Again - Old Sea Brigade - oldseabrigade
05:50 Keep It - Julia Lins -
08:49 Cold Hearted - Ead Wood -
11:13 To Do List - Neverland -
12:01 NoMBe - Sex On Drugs -
Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!!
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Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde Vit më parë
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Mac Cam
Mac Cam 11 muaj më parë
@Weary Man Sad but true...
GlassTopRX7 Vit më parë
@Weary Man No, the air quality in the US was never that bad and certainly not it well over 100 years.
Weary Man
Weary Man Vit më parë
@GlassTopRX7 Well yes. This is basically what I said. NOW it is clean enough to consider. But this was not the case for a very long time in the US.
GlassTopRX7 Vit më parë
@Weary Man Rain water even in city with bad pollution is cleaner than any public water offered in the US or well for that matter. Perhaps not in Chinese or Indian cities where the amount of particulate matter is very high there days, but in any US city for sure. Rain water is considered the purest natural form of water. I haven't watch all their videos and I know they are always concerned about weight on the boat if they don't they should install a rainwater collection system on the boat, if for nothing else to use as grey water. The concern there is really keeping the collection unit clean, not sure about the challenges posed by sea spray.
Nagolbud Vit më parë
@David Owen Yeah and it proves those chemicals are absolutely terrible for your body, literally causing cancer. The sun is healing... get out of here with your corporation promotion.
Paul Hellewell
Paul Hellewell 6 ditë më parë
Most people equate rainwater with acid rain. Most people don't know about some indigenous communities having rainwater gathering cisterns for fresh water, because many of these communities have lived with 'boil water' living conditions for over twenty years all because of ground water pollution from mining and oil drilling and fracking in the past. And yes Canada is NOT free from doing this. It's our national disgrace.
Leslie Hammonds
Leslie Hammonds 14 ditë më parë
Hi guys I love your videos I’m from Culebra Puerto Rico and rain was our drinking water is amazingly delicious
ljlinde 29 ditë më parë
I’ve just caught up to this point on all your videos. Can I just say I think the two of you are super fantastic parents. Lenny is growing up the best way. Keep it up. Love from cold chilly Canada
Dan Fox-Gliessman
Dan Fox-Gliessman Muaj më parë
Whenever I see videos of Riley charting his sailing course, it always reminds me of this classic clip:
Ricky Bobbitt
Ricky Bobbitt 2 muaj më parë
Rain water wonderful my friends
Carrie Perkins
Carrie Perkins 2 muaj më parë
Asmr boat cleaning video anyone?
Desert Jeep Rat
Desert Jeep Rat 3 muaj më parë
Always enjoy your movie and music references. Thanks y'all!
Randy M
Randy M 3 muaj më parë
FYI: I've been told that every drop of rain water is formed around a speck of dust.
Carli Nelson
Carli Nelson 3 muaj më parë
Elayna is right!! Rainwater in cities like New York and Los Angeles is unsafe to drink because it picks up so much pollution as it falls. Even though the rain in the clouds is perfectly clean its where it falls that matters. I'm sure primo in the Bahamas though.
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith 3 muaj më parë
Rainwater is distilled water, which is the purest except for pollution it draws out of surrounding atmosphere.
Quiet Requiem
Quiet Requiem 4 muaj më parë
Rain water should always be put through a filter system. Snow and rain is how nature scrubs the atmosphere of pollutants.
Liam Scott
Liam Scott 4 muaj më parë
I'd never drink fresh rain water.. filter it first. Full of pollution and all other nasty stuff.
Claude C
Claude C 5 muaj më parë
A fresh blanket of white snow might look beautiful but I wouldn't drink melted snow. If you've ever melted snow in a glass you see all the dirt it picked up through the atmosphere as it fell. I wouldn't drink rain water unless I was desperately thirsty.
Chuck Baker
Chuck Baker 5 muaj më parë
I was taught that water that has been pounded over rocks and got good and agitated in a fast running stream is the cleanest... But as a bloody Yank we never discussed rainwater to drink but my mother collected it for house plants...
Gary Hughes
Gary Hughes 5 muaj më parë
I really find it odd that people would turn their noses up at drinking rain water. I grew up on it and loved the fresh unadulterated taste, no chemicals and absolutely pure. Beauty mate. Greetings from Sydney.
Mollie Santiago
Mollie Santiago 6 muaj më parë
Fellow American that loves rain water lol!
Mikeztarp 6 muaj më parë
Rain grabs whatever is in the air on its way down. So if you're in a very polluted area, rain is definitely not good to drink, even assuming the clouds are clean (which is a difficult assumption because tracking those things is damned hard ^^). Same if you're in a very dusty area.
erinn kemp
erinn kemp 6 muaj më parë
So much chemicals in rain water.
Ciarán Oglesby
Ciarán Oglesby 6 muaj më parë
Love master and commander. Definitely one of my favourite movies!
Stephen Hart
Stephen Hart 6 muaj më parë
It’s the best in the east of England
Mathew Horne
Mathew Horne 6 muaj më parë
Was that Atticus at 13:15? Love the vids, guys. SLV is so great!
sam claytor
sam claytor 7 muaj më parë
You guys are great but im here for Lenny now
bimmergeezer 7 muaj më parë
Elayna, you can talk to me any time. Also, I have helped raise 9 grandchildren so I am a "Trained Professional" if you need help with Lenny! I have 4 boys and they are all still alive!
Jenna Louise Art
Jenna Louise Art 7 muaj më parë
It’s illegal to collect rainwater in my home state, Colorado. Stupid.
alex verachtert
alex verachtert 7 muaj më parë
Master and Commander is my favorite movie of all time. I would love to get to watch it on a sailboat like that. Also what was the pirate podcast Riley is listening too?
J Ringler
J Ringler 7 muaj më parë
That’s because the rain water in the states and other places is full of air pollution from factories so no one wants to drink it. 😔
John McCormack
John McCormack 8 muaj më parë
In some parts of America it is illegal to collect rain water. But then there is acid rain too
Anders 8 muaj më parë
"Hygge" is a danish expression ;) Love your videos guys. Greetings from Denmark :D
Patrick Choquette
Patrick Choquette 8 muaj më parë
About Hygge : I have the best explanation for Elayna, and the best possible way too : By a song from Frozen the Musical : enjoy :-)
Bits inside by René Rebe
Bits inside by René Rebe 8 muaj më parë
Rain water probably has more pollutants than water that went thru stone for years of filtering..?
Glenn Stephenson
Glenn Stephenson 8 muaj më parë
Awesome shot Elayna @ 14:26.
Glenn Stephenson
Glenn Stephenson 8 muaj më parë
Anthony Baransky
Anthony Baransky 9 muaj më parë
Australia sure raises very beautiful women😊 BEST WISHES to your all your family and friends😊
Haley Aldrich
Haley Aldrich 9 muaj më parë
the way this video is edited and the shots, its so beautiful
Tracey Hellsten
Tracey Hellsten 9 muaj më parë
Actually , spring water in the mountains from a deep clear cool spring is best. When I was a young girl , my granny caught rainwater in a barrel to wash all us girls hair ( we had long hair) because it made our hair so shiny and silky. This was many years ago. I do know for a fact that rainwater in cities is not good because of the pollution it collects coming through the atmosphere.
maritavanillelore 9 muaj më parë
but isn't the thing about rain water that it won't give you the minerals you need and on top it collects dirt, pollution, bacteria while condesating up and then fallen down with all of maybe a glass will be fine, but more...mhmmm. also coconut is nice when being stranded on an desert island, but if won't hydrate you the way water you think you drink something..but you actually don't. well that's just what I've your channel guys, its so much fun following you.
Hailey Monfre
Hailey Monfre 10 muaj më parë
You’ll have to change the intro
Paul Hayes
Paul Hayes 10 muaj më parë
A good counterpart to rainwater that many people in the northern U.S. have had is snow ice cream. For best results use coconut milk or rice milk rather than dairy for the little bit of milk that you add. Drinking rainwater in the U.S. is generally limited backpackers and sailors.
714makeup 10 muaj më parë
I’m so jealous of their tans!
brett mehrer
brett mehrer 10 muaj më parë
Rain water in New York is called black rain with all the pollution in it.
Birdysaurus Rex
Birdysaurus Rex 10 muaj më parë
I discovered your channel by random today, thanks to ALnets algorythm doing something well for once. You are living my dream! For several years, particular the past year or so, I've been wanting a 46ft or so catamaran, deck it with basics and just follow the winds and explore with drone, camera and diving cases for the equiptment. I HYGGER with watching a few of your videos, I wished I encounted you years ago so I could have followed, and might even have done something about it by now. I hope you all have a HYGGELIG day. Looking forward to watch the three of you some more on your travels.
Tilly Rose
Tilly Rose 10 muaj më parë
literally just having a marathon of these videos and i wanna do this but i be broke lol this looks like such an amazing lifeee you guys are ver lucky !
Samuel Boekholt
Samuel Boekholt 10 muaj më parë
Rainwater is not really water, it’s more acid
Sweet creature Jimin
Sweet creature Jimin 10 muaj më parë
i live in LA so it feels nasty to drink huge amounts of rain water but i have tasted it and it’s whatever to me. i prefer to leave buckets out but so i can water my plants for later.
Kaitlin Hulse
Kaitlin Hulse 10 muaj më parë
it is illegal to catch rainwater in the US they would prefer us to pay for a resources instead of getting natural resources I've lived in Oregon and Washington State most of my life and it's completely legal here on the mainland but in Hawaii on the big island we used to live on rain water for everything except drinking and that's because when you hold it in a tank that big it's not exactly the freshest by the time you get to it so we do water treatments and we use it for shower dishes everything except for cooking and drinking
Delainey Hunter
Delainey Hunter 10 muaj më parë
Wait so lenny does not have any toys i-
Kay Izzio
Kay Izzio 10 muaj më parë
I’d say that 99% of Americans have never drank rain water.
Sean Ruffolo
Sean Ruffolo 6 muaj më parë
@Ty 122 low minerals and electrolytes. Its almost like drinking distilled water... and there's nitrates in rain water (more in some areas).
Ty 122
Ty 122 6 muaj më parë
Why but.? From a aussie.
Laurie Wise
Laurie Wise 10 muaj më parë
dont know what your missing
Nancy Russell
Nancy Russell 10 muaj më parë
lenny is soooooooooooooo cute
Karoline Mærsk
Karoline Mærsk 10 muaj më parë
Damon Carlos
Damon Carlos 11 muaj më parë
Unless it’s acid 🌧 rain
Sunde 11 muaj më parë
Hygge is not sweedish, its danish... Treachery D: People think Denmark is a part of Germany anyway... Cant blame you guys haha
mary ann durbrow
mary ann durbrow 11 muaj më parë
Elena (Hope I spelled your name right) I can't wait to put eyeballs on your book. Love you guys. You are the only "Boat People" I follow right now. You make me laugh. You guys and my Dingo Ruthie keep me laughing. I just love Lenny to pieces. Mr. Biscuit, alias Lenny, keeps me laughing. I follow "Hawk" Craig Mains on You Tube as he hikes the Appalachian trail. I wish I could bring those hardy hiking souls your music. Love seeing your music career bud .Elena. My family used to bare boat charter in the Caribbean. "The Moorings" is a great crew. I know you both work veerrrrrrryyyy! hard to bring us these stonkin' videos. You are all a wonderment! Keep laughing and keep your black powder dry. With love and sloppy dog kisses from The Mary Ann & Ruthie Show
VK RADIO 11 muaj më parë
Rain warda, just a typical Gero girl,lol
Serkan SARALOĞLU 11 muaj më parë
What is your catamaran model?
D Collins
D Collins 11 muaj më parë
Living off grid is illegal as well in some States.
D Collins
D Collins 11 muaj më parë
Collecting rain water is illegal in some States in the US.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde 11 muaj më parë
It should be illegal to make that illegal.
John Turner
John Turner 11 muaj më parë
John Turner
John Turner 11 muaj më parë
How do those charts get up dated, someone has to be doing it. You should investigate may be an income stream.
John Turner
John Turner 11 muaj më parë
One of those Dolphins was a baby.
John Turner
John Turner 11 muaj më parë
In some states it’s against the law to collect and use rain water because of the high acidity.
Elay Sieukfp
Elay Sieukfp 11 muaj më parë
i am swedish. Hygge doesnt mean cosy :S
Kelly S
Kelly S Vit më parë
So much better for you than ground water ah
Kelly S
Kelly S Vit më parë
Yes to rain water
Cass Larkin
Cass Larkin Vit më parë
Oh my~I just discovered you, you lovely family. Lenny's sea blue eyes and impish grin. Beautiful, beautiful people. Thank you.
GlassTopRX7 Vit më parë
Lennie gives the same look when getting laughed at as my cat does. He's likely thinking you guys realize I'm best parts of both of you right?
Lil Bill
Lil Bill Vit më parë
I live off grid. Rainwater is it here, and I think it's great. No chemicals, no sediments, just pure water distilled by nature.
Dadson raj
Dadson raj Vit më parë
I’m excited to watch Lenny grow!!! This is the only sailing channel, so relaxing to me!
Tray C
Tray C Vit më parë
The planes produce just as much toxins in the air as the cars in the city. Those are not clouds that everyone thinks they are looking at. WATCH the skies and what happens with the trails that come out from them. Watch them unfold and twist and unravel. Producing a very toxic sky. I don't know if you guys see planes but I don't see why you wouldn't. PLUS the wind blows ALL those trail made clouds all over the place and no exception for the ocean. Should really consider it and keep an eye out mate ;) That water may not be half as clean as you think it is. I would at the very least purify it!
Flut3player Vit më parë
In Norwegian we would say "det er koselig".
Astrid Hallset
Astrid Hallset Vit më parë
you could also say "hygge-lig"
Melly Mel
Melly Mel Vit më parë
spoons, cups, bowls, boxes (or buckets 😂) tupperware ... all cheap and easy baby toys 🧸
Howard Benz
Howard Benz Vit më parë
Been a Patron for years. Haven’t been able to see your videos for a few months. We forgot how much we love watching them! Seeing Lenny taking a wash in the bucket reminds me how normal ya’ll are. The bouncy baby seen reminds me of when my 26 year old was 1. He loved it too! Enjoy.
Paul Hill
Paul Hill Vit më parë
Love watching your adventures thank you so much
Fania Braumuller
Fania Braumuller Vit më parë
here in Suriname (aka Dutch Guyana) , which is in South America, we also like rain water, we have the cleanest water out of the tap, but still some people prefer rain water... came on your channel by chance just a few day ago and i enjoy your episodes.. i like your swim suites a lot, and just love our openness and like to see how skilled you guys have become....
Brittany Winn
Brittany Winn Vit më parë
Rain drops are formed when the moisture in the clouds collide with dust particles. My understanding is the raindrop doesn't fall until it attaches to a micro particle of dust. I was always taught that rain cleanses the air, as does and lightning. With that I always assumed rain water was dirty. Surely a spring is the cleanest water when it's been filtered naturally through rock and earth. (Interesting to note that I am Canadian, I live in North America. I suppose that makes me American, just not USA American. 😉 Silly guys stole that title from all of us "Americans" who live outside of the USA.)
Katie Heilman
Katie Heilman Vit më parë
Awesome video!! You guys make my day, everyday!
Michael Gish
Michael Gish Vit më parë
Love your show watch it everyday ❤️ very entertaining and adventure us
Simone Vit më parë
Jeffrey Vit më parë
Lenny is the super star.
Trish AtiStream
Trish AtiStream Vit më parë
Absolutely love Lenny’s peanut butter expressions!
Viktoria A
Viktoria A Vit më parë
Cosy in Swedish is mysigt (:
Michael S.
Michael S. Vit më parë
Y'all are awesome!
Mehran Wahid
Mehran Wahid Vit më parë
Hi - I was a ships Capt of about 20 yrs (rather big ships one which was 270m long and capable of carrying 1500 tons of cargo). I have been absolutely captivated by your videos not just because of the quality of the productions but also the details of life on board in a completely different kind of ship but also somehow familiar to me albeit from a completely different perspective!
Tony Daylan
Tony Daylan Vit më parë
Water gets positivly charged while it collects in the sky. Water at it's purist.. Check out this link I think you will find this enlightening. Cheer's guy's. Enjoy!!
aing samedi
aing samedi Vit më parë
Chum Reap sur From asian country, i've been watching yours alots and i wonder one thing is How you guys get fresh water to Drink ?
Elizabeth Mann
Elizabeth Mann Vit më parë
I hope Matthieu is getting heaps of Outremer sails sorry ... sales! Awesome Cat!
Antonia Baker
Antonia Baker Vit më parë
I live off rainwater. No town water here. Better for your hair too
Julianne Ribaudo
Julianne Ribaudo Vit më parë
What happens if any of you get sick? How do you go about getting medicine if needed
Tim Webb
Tim Webb Vit më parë
Loose the vest for Lenny. Just get him in the water w/o it. You'll be doing him a huge favor. We never put a vest on our daughter until she could swim on her own. The vest is a backup.
Vidar Sørum
Vidar Sørum Vit më parë
Hygge, can also say "koselig " which means cozy
Norm Mallory
Norm Mallory Vit më parë
rain water is 'magic water' here in Canada.
Katie Self
Katie Self Vit më parë
Our sons are about the same age and I want my son to experience this life more than anything. This is the ultimate freedom. I hope my husband and I can migrate to this lifestyle sooner than later. Love your videos!
Sniffiez Vit më parë
PKA still here. 👍🏼
Dione Bonilla
Dione Bonilla Vit më parë
Nevermind I found it!!!!!!!!!
Dione Bonilla
Dione Bonilla Vit më parë
Do you guys have a Spotify account, I love your music!! I'm hooked on all your adventures
James Robinson
James Robinson Vit më parë
Good video
James Robinson
James Robinson Vit më parë
Good video
K sweeney
K sweeney Vit më parë
Absolutely rain water does not taste as good in a big city then where you guys are. I'm from Southern California and live in LA and I've tried the rain water here and it tastes like asphalt and just not good in general. I would love to taste some rain water where there isn't as much pollution
Alex Brown
Alex Brown Vit më parë
You DO NOT want to drink rain water if you live in Los Angeles, if it ever rains 😂
andreas frost
andreas frost Vit më parë
Hygge its a danish word guuuuyyys??!! Love the vids btw
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