Really tired. Everything’s funny. FLYING TO FRANCE for the REGATTA! With a baby.. Ep. 211

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Sailing La Vagabonde

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Song Credits:
00:00 Ballad of Bear and Boo (Boobie) - Leo the Eskimo - leo_the_eskimo
02:31 Michael Dunstan - Emma -
05:47 POSITRON - Palace Winter -
07:00 Fernando Ferronato - Paisagem Oculta -
09:53 16 Floors - Saving Change -
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Randall Parr
Randall Parr 27 ditë më parë
What is the story about the buffalo skull [or whatever] on the bulkhead behind u?
M Robin
M Robin 6 muaj më parë
can we have more of Lenny the young blu' eyes please !
Carmen Sternwood
Carmen Sternwood 6 muaj më parë are so's the best thing to be grateful about your life and to be conscious about how much pain is out there...thank you!!
JC Baily
JC Baily 6 muaj më parë
Seeing Riley with Lenny sleeping with him is just priceless....what a family you all have!
NewTugboat 6 muaj më parë
If you need an accountant for the swimsuit line let me know I’ll work for free
daniel keating
daniel keating 8 muaj më parë
That is hilarious I can see his face to find cheese it’s when he was expecting like a cheese knife and cutting block full of exotic cheeses. Heartbroken I laughed out loud
Leslie Ollerhead
Leslie Ollerhead 9 muaj më parë
Jamuel Lonei
Jamuel Lonei 9 muaj më parë
Chliey are Vhople in that good k patualgad in gere aril ckilep aridagla to.. with Vhepiliow ahonineri g ako wil ahonog Coilepued i to kay holiep Chettuelg By huley ka of hilg vcpeluedine Chile kay o by s - Not' haulapinad ray of hilapindad (up) beilg or haugla teplies nay
brett mehrer
brett mehrer 10 muaj më parë
How did the little one deal with the pressure of the airplane..on landings and take off ?. Chew gum or just chewing on something help release the pressure on a babies ears for sure.
johnny marcelo gonzalez sandoval
johnny marcelo gonzalez sandoval 10 muaj më parë
hola soy johnny de los ángeles Chile, hace mucho que veo tus vídeos y creo que son geniales ,ojala nosotros los chilenos pudiéramos tener la oportunidad de vivir la vida de la hermosa manera que lo hacen ustedes.. tu en especial eres una hermosa persona chauuu que estén bien y besos desde Chile
Daniel Melton
Daniel Melton 10 muaj më parë
There may be some truth to Elayna's Ginger Tea statements. I have a Chinese Aunt who will always tell people to rub ginger on any body part they say is bothering them. Not that I've ever tried it or believe it but just saying, Elayna isn't the only one who believes in, "The Power of Ginger". :)
Richard Getz
Richard Getz 11 muaj më parë
How about sending kids to crew school so they can crew a boat?
AussieR1 11 muaj më parë
2:10 - It looks like Riley should be called pants.
Yys Yssyss
Yys Yssyss 11 muaj më parë
Thx for nice videos at your space **********
Jeff Atkerson
Jeff Atkerson Vit më parë
New to your show! You three are blessed!
Cara MS
Cara MS Vit më parë
Also, get whole apple cider vinegar which is great for many things. See
Ben Coles
Ben Coles Vit më parë
I wish more celebrities were as empathetic as Elayna. What a contrast to all the narcissists out there in social media land.
Adam Miller
Adam Miller Vit më parë
You all have wonderful hearts. Thank you for being truelly genuine , good people. Best to you on all your ventures.
Cathy Threat
Cathy Threat Vit më parë
I love your kind heart !! You're both amazing people. God bless you and your beautiful family.
John Doe
John Doe Vit më parë
You three seem way too happy. I love your channel, but i would like to know where i can find more on the music. Please keep the videos coming.
Antonia Baker
Antonia Baker Vit më parë
As a mum.of nine, that feeling never goes away. That love for your children is so intense. Grandchildren are amazing too. Love my bubbas.
Antonia Baker
Antonia Baker Vit më parë
So glad you put the link in as the episodes come up all over for me. Cheers guys
Barbara Clavier
Barbara Clavier Vit më parë
Its awesome that you are starting the swim wear line.
amy gray
amy gray Vit më parë
You have a beautiful heart! ♥️ God bless you Elyana we need more people like you in this world.
Thomas Blesinger
Thomas Blesinger Vit më parë
Will you have swim wäre for the boys as well ? I would love to take part and give some swimware to everyone being crew on my boat. Keep us informed. Great project.
Maree SAMSON Vit më parë
Hey Elayna, will you be creating a registered charitable trust somewhere with a means for people to donate additional funds for you to add to your profits for distribution? Friends of SLV will want to I am sure. I know you have lots to sort out and it takes some time. Seriously though I am not sure how you find the time to do everything you do, you're amazing! I am so impressed by your perseverance, creativity and your wholehearted willingness to help others less fortunate. I have binged watched all your episodes from the beginning till now over the last couple of months, and sadly will catch up to real time soon, oh no! Just today I watched this episode and was grateful to be reminded of how important it is to support others in this world that struggle to feed and care for their loved ones. This is why I, and other friends and school students, started an NGO school for 350 orphans and vulnerable children that live in a rock quarry ghetto outside Livingstone in Zambia (very far from the ocean). The last couple of days of remote management has been a bit frustrating (even though always rewarding), hearing your message about the charitable swimsuit line you are creating was a wonderful timely reminder to stay positive, not give up and to persevere through all the difficulties. It is an extremely hard life for these families in the quarry and many children are malnourished so the project is important to all these families. I work most of the time remotely, as I am constantly in different locations, but when I am there it is truly one of the most positive places full of energy and laughter - and well fed kids is a huge plus! All our support comes from my family and friends - all everyday folk on middle incomes. It's a lot of work and our local staff are doing an amazing job of protecting and educating these kids, while offering support to the families that break rocks by hand to scratch out a living. I am so impressed with you Elayna and thank you for the timely reminder to remember to be kind and caring to others and to persevere. I am looking forward to your next videos and seeing where your swimsuit line leads. I will not cheat and jump ahead! :-) Hugs to Riley and Lenny! BTW last episode- well caught drone I thought ha ha! I was laughing as my bloke does that kind of thing.
Sharpies Adventures
Sharpies Adventures Vit më parë
Omg that kid is so cute! Such a happy boy :) You're amazing parents!
Sweet Tony
Sweet Tony Vit më parë
Some of the best fun is watching some of these old videos with the closed caption on and watching it trying to pick up what Reilly is saying. Apparently at 6:20 he said "which is that it's a condition but no offenses out Justin Norman Solomon tonight
RoadMode _
RoadMode _ Vit më parë
You changed my's now noticeably dull and pointless. THANKS.!
indi mcfie
indi mcfie Vit më parë
just found your channel today, i’m 15 and this is keeping me sane while i’m sick. i love your positivity and energetic attitude!!
Cara -
Cara - Vit më parë
Wait what happened to riley on the plane??
Cyn c
Cyn c Vit më parë
If u need another designer in here I'm sick branding campaign logo painting portraits tattoo I can do it all ... I love ur boat and family and ur music
Fifi CH
Fifi CH Vit më parë
Love how you are opening up and creating...... Super Woman!😁 What do you mean Crying.... We've seen that very seldom!! Glad to hear your new project, excellent!
Fifi CH
Fifi CH Vit më parë
Wish we got to see ya guys ....not far from us😧 Lenny is some little him!
Vic Vit më parë
Will buy your swimwear!!! Great idea, great cause :):):) lovely lovely
Sam Vit më parë
Poor Riley.. Elayna, you give way to much
Kay Izzio
Kay Izzio Vit më parë
Why don’t you start your own charity? You have a great platform....and the fact that you travel the world, you can decide how those funds are spent & who they are given to. You could set it up to where you meet with underprivileged communities when you travel. It would be like a charity on wheels....or sails 🥰
OP tical
OP tical Vit më parë
Careful for hurricane durian
Rowan R
Rowan R Vit më parë
Despite some really helpful holistic approaches to medicine, like ginger tea and lemon tea, do you guys plan on vaccinating Lenny?
Lovia Konopasek
Lovia Konopasek Vit më parë
I’m so excited for the swimwear line!!! Promised customer ;) The whole thing, from the production/waste reduction to the profits going to charity is a dream! So glad you get to do this and help others at the same time. Lots of love from Florida ❤️
Out of the Doldrums
Out of the Doldrums Vit më parë
Elayna, Russell and I made a video for you about the health benefits of ginger tea! Check it out!
Trent Yesthatsme
Trent Yesthatsme Vit më parë
You are the best Elayna, much success !!
Max Ellison
Max Ellison Vit më parë
Awesome video! Getting better every episode! Riley looks so at home on that vessel!
Dr. John
Dr. John Vit më parë
Find a hurricane hole quick LaVagabon. Darien is coming right over your head. God's speed.
Ian Pledge
Ian Pledge Vit më parë
Love your journey. Love your family. Love your lady's laugh .be safe x
Corey Breaux
Corey Breaux Vit më parë
Your amazing Elayna!
MR T Vit më parë
Welcome to La grande motte !! =D Vit më parë
Time to start losing weight so I can buy all the swimwear 😍
Steve Sanders
Steve Sanders Vit më parë
my wife is the same way Riley, she is always like this will help with that and ya....totally get it!
Saskia Berlin
Saskia Berlin Vit më parë
Maybe I miss a lot--- but I would love to know what you eat and how to do it? You are not vegan (cause you eat fish) but you seem to eat always very healthy and I would love to learn more about that. Have a nice day everyone!
zac klason
zac klason Vit më parë
I’m from Whyalla I live in port Hedland now as a belt splicer for fmg
Mary Куськина
Mary Куськина Vit më parë
Ohh, please keep doing this! This swimwear idea is so good! Looove!
Simone Conscious observer
Simone Conscious observer Vit më parë
Outstanding Lenny is racing with you!
Robert Jordan
Robert Jordan Vit më parë
Hahahah “ cause ive been keeping a list”.
Wadah AlMatar
Wadah AlMatar Vit më parë
the flight scene, priceless 😂😂
Phillip Dimacali
Phillip Dimacali Vit më parë
Please make men’s bathers too!
Cheryl Perret
Cheryl Perret Vit më parë
Always loved your sense of fashion Elayna. I asked you in Coconut Beach where you bought your clothes. You said mail order mostly from Australia :). A swimwear line is a perfect product for you to design and promote. Please make some conservative one pieces for a 57 year old like me with a belly! I will buy!
LuLu Lovlie
LuLu Lovlie Vit më parë
CONGRATS!!! So incredibly excited for your brand & journey & the fact you’re giving everything you have to help others every step of the way is just phenomenal! You both are exceptional humans! Much love from Nebraska USA
Roland james
Roland james Vit më parë
plz do guy clothing to we all want to support u :-)
Roland james
Roland james Vit më parë
plz do guy clothing to we all want to support u :-)
Lauren Long
Lauren Long Vit më parë
Hank and John green do some amazing charity fundraising
Portia Pearson
Portia Pearson Vit më parë
Elayna, I loved your throwback pics of being a kid preparing for life’s adventures! I could really relate! I’m so excited to see the swimsuit line, even if I’m a great gramma (but still have a heart for fun and excitement!). The give back part is just wonderful!
snooogly Vit më parë
I hope you at least "offset" the emissions of those flights - especially when you plan to make it an annual event. Much love
Tiehnpo Resources
Tiehnpo Resources Vit më parë
It is very simple to disclose your profit /loss statement at the end of each year. Don't worry about what people think... just do it! create your swimsuit business and do your best
Paul K
Paul K Vit më parë
Link to blue & white striped ‘Buitoli’ shirt?
Friend Vit më parë
I agree about the shirt...look more like a real sailor with it on.
jeremy pfau
jeremy pfau Vit më parë
great things from you guys!!!!
Alicia Carayol
Alicia Carayol Vit më parë
Elayna I love your voice!!!!!!!!!
E Meier
E Meier Vit më parë
thats so amazing!!!
globalup !
globalup ! Vit më parë
Congrats on your new venture. If I can be helpful to you, please let me know. I started a benefit corporation called Cotopaxi (an outdoor/adventure gear brand with a social mission) five years ago. We have nearly 100 employees now. We support poverty alleviation, employ refugees, manufacture ethically, etc. Rooting for you! davis(at)
Pandabella Vit më parë
Oh my gosh! I am so proud of you Elayna, you're such an inspiration in my life, along with Riley of course. I can't wait to see the swim wear along with whatever else you branch into. I'll be praying for high winds, smooth sailing and more impactful adventures along the way. Please give Lenny a big hug and squeeze ! - Manda
Doctor White Black
Doctor White Black Vit më parë
It should be called TiT : for Trash into treasure :D
Steve Vit më parë
Lenny totally earned my thumbs up with that incredible "wait - what?!" look when dad ate the orange slice!
Matt Maclean
Matt Maclean Vit më parë
If you can look at Lenny when he smiles and not smile yourself, you are not human. :)
FLightma' x
FLightma' x Vit më parë
I’ve given a 👎 because your specific ( Australian) accent is far-far-far.....far away from what the most people are used to hear/ speak in english therefore mistakes from foreigners should be easy to be understand and forgiven. I’ve noticed you already ( months ago) to try to subtitle your videos in order to be understood by non-native english speakers but today, given a public 👎 because a flight attended didn’t got your demand is really messy....Despite my respect for what your are doing, I found this a huge lack of respect to those which are not speaking your mother accent language .....Hardly disappointed by your attitude.... 😟😟😟
Angela Hosack
Angela Hosack Vit më parë
I love your kind, emotional heart Elayna. I'm excited to see your swim wear line, and the company and people involved. What a great idea.
Kaleidoscopeallie Vit më parë
Riley, for REAL man ginger is the duct tape of the health realm. It fixes most anything. ;) You should make some merch that reads 'You know what's good for that? Ginger!' :D
One Life
One Life Vit më parë
Crossed eyes👀...😅😅
Jason Whitehurst
Jason Whitehurst Vit më parë
What is a no see um I think you're saying?
Event Hʘriךּon
Event Hʘriךּon Vit më parë
cara mia means my dear in italian
Adèle brb
Adèle brb Vit më parë
“Ca vient de bretagne” oui je confirme c’est purement breton les marinières 😂
Terilyn Taylor
Terilyn Taylor Vit më parë
I’m sorry, did I hear crossed eyes? Lmao🤣 I wonder if that’s true lol
Dria Kyla Rey
Dria Kyla Rey Vit më parë
you're all amazing
Ariel Ambrose
Ariel Ambrose Vit më parë
You guys have it all man!
John Jocob Jinglhymerschmit
John Jocob Jinglhymerschmit Vit më parë
The cheeses are in first class.
R MK Vit më parë
I thought she was saying Jesus! 😂
Richard Adams
Richard Adams Vit më parë
Ok Elayna i'll buy but you have to model the swimwear please. Thank you.
John Underwood
John Underwood Vit më parë
Be careful, an unattractive ego is emerging, I had to cut my watching early. Fame kills humility...and an audience
Will Harris
Will Harris Vit më parë
You’re such a great family...stunning 👍
Will Harris
Will Harris Vit më parë
Cheeses 😂😂😂😂😂😂😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😭😂🤣😂😭😂🤣
wjha NN
wjha NN Vit më parë
When I saw all the pictures how people wanted to carry Lenny it remembered me of our first child. Well we had the first baby in our friends circle. First all wanted to hold and cuddle the baby. But some (short) time later there were a lot of new pregnancies around us 😊 Let's see if Lenny still the only one next year at that event.
Carl Du Plessis
Carl Du Plessis Vit më parë
I have a joke about a small horse, but it's pretty awfoal. :P
Carl Du Plessis
Carl Du Plessis Vit më parë
I have a joke about a small horse, but it's pretty awfoal. :P
larshardhaus1 Vit më parë
I wish there was a way to give the videos a like when watching on the TV. Hopefully Roku can come with an update soon that allows for that.
Flatcap007 Vit më parë
Your sailing up the Manchester Ship canal going on the lash in the Northern Quarter?
Peter Farley
Peter Farley Vit më parë
You guys are awesome in your own right and then you pull out your philanthropist side to help those less fortunate then yourselves. I totally take my hat off to you and wish you the very best in your endeavours, Your hearts are pure and to see you going down this path is heart warming and restores some faith back in humanity. By the way, the happiness and joy you showed on going on this adventure was absolutely contagious and thanks for infecting me with that joy. Fair winds and again, the very best of luck on your mission to help those less blessed in a world that can be a very cruel place.
SuperfoodEvolution Vit më parë
WE Love us some Ginger for sure, powerful stuff!:
Barry Thompson
Barry Thompson Vit më parë
What, no men’s suits........
kay Vit më parë
Lenny is so cute! And I love how Elayna believes in natural remedies for things. It makes me feel good when I drink things like herbal teas and I like to stock up on healthy items when I'm feeling under the weather. I think Elayna and I would get along!
River Falls
River Falls Vit më parë
The thumbnail looks like you’re dropping the kids off at the pool. 0.o
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