HURRICANE DORIAN Relief Effort. 💔 Bahamas.

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You can support the relief effort here:
Send/order any of these items listed below, to this address:
Global Empowerment Mission
340 NE 59th terrace,
Miami, FL
- Generators
- Food (non perishable)
- Tools, hammers
- Chain Saws
- Hand Saws
- First Aid Supplies
- Work Gloves
- Can openers
- Water
- Tarps
- Batteries
- Flashlights
- Diapers
- Baby Formula
- Sanitizing Wipes
- Toiletries
- Sanitizer
- Water Purification Devices
- Bleach
THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. We're thinking of everyone who has been affected by this devastating event and we're going to continue to do all that we can to help.
Hurricane footage from: itsbetterinthebahamas?hl=en
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Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde Vit më parë
Donate any spare money you have here: Send/order any of these items listed below, to this address: Global Empowerment Mission 340 NE 59th terrace, Miami, FL 33137 List: - Generators - Food (non perishable) - Tools, hammers - Chain Saws - Hand Saws - First Aid Supplies - Work Gloves - Can openers - Water - Tarps - Batteries - Flashlights - Diapers - Baby Formula - Sanitizing Wipes - Toiletries - Sanitizer - Water Purification Devices - Bleach THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. We're thinking of everyone who has been affected by this devastating event and we're going to continue to do all that we can to help.
papa pie
papa pie Vit më parë
Cruiseships delivered supplies yesterday including Bahamas Paradise Cruiselines. Seems the help is not getting to Abaco though. The ships are dropping supplies to Nassau and Freeport. Howver, the scene of the greatest devastation is in Abaco and they are not really being helped that much. They should have sent a cruiseship and evacuated all the residents from Abaco who want to leave for Nassau.
Sabina Le Gall
Sabina Le Gall Vit më parë
@Gazza 10 WTF?
Gazza 10
Gazza 10 Vit më parë
Captain Fatty let me know where to send them and I’ll give you a pair of my granny’s used false teeth they might have some poo Staines on them though as she likes eating dog poo
Cheryl Sibson
Cheryl Sibson Vit më parë
the earliest video of the whole of Grand Bahamas just released a while ago in case you haven't seen it. .
Sabina Le Gall
Sabina Le Gall Vit më parë
Not sure if you've heard of, which is still Amazon, but if you buy under the above website, a percentage will go to the Charity of your choice. Just thought I would let you know. Thanks for sharing! Give Lenny a kiss for me. He is so precious!
Taura S
Taura S Vit më parë
Honestly, I'm so inspired by you guys like it's not even funny.. You are both absolutely amazing and I'm so happy for you 2.
12345 678910
12345 678910 Vit më parë
This is absolutely heart shattering. Sending love and light and many prayers from Canada 🇨🇦
Megan Torres
Megan Torres Vit më parë
im glad you're safe
Nagolbud Vit më parë
Weather warfare sucks.... plausible deniability.
Brandon Kleyn
Brandon Kleyn Vit më parë
Where are you currently now ?
Stephon Mohammed
Stephon Mohammed Vit më parë
Would of been fun waith a hurricane vlog
thecapturban Vit më parë
Glad to know y'all are good.. Be safe
Bamba Maru
Bamba Maru Vit më parë
like the idea ;-) Big up for you guys
astrid burdon
astrid burdon Vit më parë
You guys should make a trip to Antigua during season ☺️
Ralph Jessen
Ralph Jessen Vit më parë
riley try the Hawaiian Islands
Ken Dorsey
Ken Dorsey Vit më parë
I'm glad you all are safe. Thank you for doing the leg work on this.
EHz Colorado
EHz Colorado Vit më parë
Glad you're safe. Prayers and best wishes for the friends you mentioned are still unknown as to their status.
Roger Edmonds
Roger Edmonds Vit më parë
The pets that were left behind are staggering in Abacos. I sent human food and cat, dog food also in my care package.
redfinch12 Vit më parë
Roger Edmonds thank you
Marie Gonzalez
Marie Gonzalez Vit më parë
Glad you are safe! 😊
Angel Rose
Angel Rose Vit më parë
Thank you,beautiful couple,beautiful team,living a beautiful life,for your giving back ...and just for the way,in general,you relate to one another,to those around you,to your beautiful son,Lenny,to life.Your journey has triggered mine.Thank you.
Michael Fitzgerald
Michael Fitzgerald Vit më parë
Pleased to hear y'all are safe! God Bless!!
G11713 Vit më parë
Unfortunately those Bahamian videos are now kind of now antiquated.
rocky southflorida
rocky southflorida Vit më parë
Monday's are FUNDAYS when the SLV VLOG drops! IF you have enjoyed the beauty of the Bahamas thru the lovely lens of SLV PLEASE PLEASE Help the folks out! Donate to Team Rubicon Military Veteran supported group or Global Mission They need our help, love and support~,! As you can see from the lovely SLV videos we are blessed to have one of the worlds most incredible vacation destinations right off the coast of Florida with kind, beautiful people that need out help.. lots of help! Please do what you can! Many Thanks to all the SLV fans! Cheers
TheMorganMonroeShow Vit më parë
I believe #MercuryOne is doing a relief effort as well. Absolutely 100% of everything donated goes to the relief effort.
Psycho Skipper
Psycho Skipper Vit më parë
I have been sailing the Bahamas for the last 10 years, and pulled our boat out of Freeport to Miami hours before the storm. Now we are sailing back to Abacos with supplies and provisions, we are going to hand them directly to the people who need them. If you can support us, here is our plan.
Bruce Kackman
Bruce Kackman Vit më parë
Thank you for doing the leg work for the most effective donation source. Support sent.
Donald Vit më parë
Hey y'all! Great video and thanks for a heads up on the relief site. Every little bit helps. Wonderful sailing ahead!
Mark Saxon
Mark Saxon Vit më parë
Thanks for the video. This may help in re-construction.
See Vit më parë
If you've ever enjoyed the breathtaking Bahamas, now is the time to give something back. Donate more than you think you should, or you will never enjoy them again because they won't be there for a very long time if you don't. This is a country that has literally been wiped away through no fault of their own--not through wars or poor building practices. ALL houses were destroyed, including well-built ones. They need our help more than any other country and more than any other time in history.
Jerard Nixon
Jerard Nixon Vit më parë
Thanks for the shout-out guys ! We need all the help we can get .... I have cousins in Man-o-war cay that have lost everything and that story seems to be consistent with the majority of Abaco . The Bahamas thanks you !
Bigchucky Goose
Bigchucky Goose Vit më parë
I Really Appreciate what yall are doin for us here in the Bahamas im from freeport make sure when you donate make sure you personally put donations in the hands of someone instead of the charity organisatiin most of the time us who them we never get it
Mister H
Mister H Vit më parë
Can you pls do a behind the scenes? :)
Harpo Morris
Harpo Morris Vit më parë
Thanks SO much for what you are doing! You said you went North, are you back in the U.S.?
Quinton White
Quinton White Vit më parë
If your going there can I come with you to help with the Relief effort
Jyp&May vlog
Jyp&May vlog Vit më parë
All video are amazing enjoy and goodhealth always, from philippines.
Jyp&May vlog
Jyp&May vlog Vit më parë
Hello lovely couple try to visit philippines in camiguin island very beautiful island.
Teri Guerin
Teri Guerin Vit më parë
Loving video. "Samaritan"s Purse" is another option to offer assistance for disaster relief. Be safe.
Alicia Smith
Alicia Smith Vit më parë
There is so much controversy with Relief campaigns, in general and in particular, that I think you should stay away from getting too involved into it. Do your part I guess, but don't get too carried away. So much get wasted because not needed and or misappropriated.
gordon harmon
gordon harmon Vit më parë
hey guys glad to see you help those in need , Awesome . As a survivor of Hugo in St. Croix and Andrew in South Florida cat 5 and cat 4 , to all those affected, it will get better , make you stronger, and see the best come out of people , prayers to all
DoubleDeckerAnton Vit më parë
Thanks for the awareness to help others...!!! 😊
Naranjo Jaleni
Naranjo Jaleni Vit më parë
Thank you guys for sharing this information with us ♥️
Megan Perkins
Megan Perkins Vit më parë
When i heard of this hurricane, i immediately went to social media to see where u guys where at. Just wanted to let u know u were on my mind and heart. Praying for the Bahamas and all other areas being effected.
alan bendall
alan bendall Vit më parë
bandzforbrandz Vit më parë
Thank you guys 🙏🏼 we appreciate you for helping us 🇧🇸💕
Serena King
Serena King Vit më parë
I’m from The Bahamas, and I’d just like to say thank you soo much. It means so much to us.❤️🇧🇸
CCB Boulder
CCB Boulder Vit më parë
Thanks for getting this organized guys! well done!
Maria Helle
Maria Helle Vit më parë
Im really praying for the Bahamas AND the Philippines. I think its so sad that the media coverage are only focusing on one of them.
Sweet Tony
Sweet Tony Vit më parë
I just re-watched some of your Hope Town videos. Then looked at an update on the damage there by Dorian. It looks like the majority of what you showed us in your wonderful videos is now destroyed. How is the Yellow Bird and its owners? Hope they are OK.
Claire Vit më parë
GeoEngineering Watch (great website), are covering Hurricane Dorian, crazy times we live in happy you're safe
Jeanne Abdy
Jeanne Abdy Vit më parë
Project Hope is an organization that is already there and is bringing in supplies already, they are starting to use boats to get to get the needed supplies to the people. It is one of 5he highest rate charities who do this work. I am a Disaster Response professional who works for UMCOR and I know that Project Hope and UMCOR are organizations that really do what they are suppose to do with the donations that are given. Here is the information for Project Hope. Project HOPE 255 Carter Hall Lane PO Box 250 Millwood, VA 22646 tel: (800) 544-4673 EIN: 53-0242962
lportersplace Vit më parë
Abaco Relief Alliance is spearheaded by all reputable marine industries in Florida. You can find them on Facebook. This Global Empowerment thing I have never heard of, lived on Gulf of Mexico my entire life and through a dozen hurricanes....never heard of them. All donations made to the Abaco Relief Alliance are going to Bakers Bay for distribution to the worst hit areas.
Hardstyle818 Vit më parë
Riley step your game up captain
Hardstyle818 Vit më parë
You really trust a nonprofit organization? Easy way out. Might as well donate to those mega television churches
Jonnes __
Jonnes __ Vit më parë
Lucky, that you can more easily escape a hurrican with a boat. If you seriously consider the warnings! .
Hardstyle818 Vit më parë
Be first responders like now and start heading there when it’s completely safe (weather wise). No joke. Those are your people
Hardstyle818 Vit më parë
It’s your favorite #1 spot to cruise why then don’t you physically go there and help your people there. Donate nothing. You guys need to GO THERE AND HELP. Seriously not trying to be rude. Walk the walk! I’ll have a lot more respect for you two if you go into action and help. Actions speak louder than words. I’m not surprised
hypergigs Vit më parë
UK government will be helping the Bahamas This is obviously good news, but I do find this comment from this link quite disturbing "The Bahamas is not eligible for Official Development Assistance under internationally agreed rules because of its Gross National Income per capita. " Surely this is quite unreasonable for such a large number of islands spread over a large area. I am not sure how these rules work, but I doubt the per capita wealth is the same on all islands and I doubt that wealth is distributed equally across the area. Maybe I am wrong, please let me know if I am.
pmt fairy
pmt fairy Vit më parë
ARE you guys safe please tell me your not in Charleston.?
Melissa Reid
Melissa Reid Vit më parë
Prayers I wish we could help- Glad to know you are safe and hope for a positive update on your friends and family. God Bless and Keep you safe on your journey- Love to all hugs to Lenny he's a pleasure and a joy watching him learn and grow.
Monty Montaño
Monty Montaño Vit më parë
How far north are you? Still safe since Dorian's path changed?
Kay Tennant
Kay Tennant Vit më parë
Hi Guys ! So glad your safe and not down in the tragic waters of the Bahamas. I so love that you are promoting help for those impacted in the Bahamas. A couple of brief notes. You are 100% correct that funding thru organizations that are set up and ready ,is a smart way to go ! However, if there is a specific location that you’d like to help. There are some good organizations Set up to go to that specific location. I only bring this up because i spend at lot of time in green Turtle Cay and there are some groups that are set up and getting aid directly to that island. And I know there are other organizations for other islands. Just throwing it out there. Again its great that your using your platform to help. All that being said , I’d like to inform you ( I haven’t informed Patreon yet , or the other channels i support ) but I’m going to put my monthly support for all that i support on hold for a few months. I spend approx. $350.00 on the Chanel’s i support. I feel at this time that $$$ will be well used in the Bahamas. I’m sure you understand. I will be back. Thank you for all you do and sharing it with us ! I hope you’ll be safe as this monster comes your way. Best Fishes
Wm Cottrell
Wm Cottrell Vit më parë
If you "Google" that address, it looks like a typical abandoned warehouse in Miami.
K L Vit më parë
Thank you for putting this list together and giving us a method of supporting the people who are in the most need at the moment. You did all the work for us and gave us the direction we needed to help those most in need. It is truly appreciated.
Lyfan Deth
Lyfan Deth Vit më parë
There is a US organization called Direct Relief that has an outstanding rating on Charity Navigator, and an incredibly low administrative cost under two percent. Donations can be directed to specific areas. But they may have the lowest overhead of any relief organization, and an outstanding track record.
strider00111 Vit më parë
Do not donate to the RED CROSS! They are corrupt, 80% of their donations go to admin costs, etc....
Jael Jade
Jael Jade Vit më parë
Thanks for your huge heart's ❤️
Ron Buckner
Ron Buckner Vit më parë
Thank you, I'm sending this to our church. We typically support UMCOR through our church but that will take too long. I'm sending your contact info to them and they'll take it from there. God Bless the both of you. Stay Safe.
TenPancakes Vit më parë
I would love to see you re-edit your upcoming videos before you upload them to continually remind people about how much help the Bahamas needs immediately. This is going to take years, perhaps decades to recover from and I think it's important that folks like you make that clear to people who enjoy everything the Bahamas has, or had, to offer.
Karron Joy
Karron Joy Vit më parë
So glad you two and your beautiful baby are safe. I was worried. ❤️
Michael Strasbaugh
Michael Strasbaugh Vit më parë
There is a group of pilots gathering supplies with plans to conduct relief flights from Page Field in Fort Myers, Florida. I saw this on the local news this evening. This would really apply to followers in SWFL who wanted to help. While on the NBC2 page copying the link for the story, I saw another story which warns of potential problems in trying to "do it yourself" as far as aid goes. I copied them both and a link to the Page Field General Aviation Center. So...I would love to hand off directly to the people flying or boating to the Bahamas but will probably donate to the group mentioned by SLV as well just to cover the bases.
Daniel Leon
Daniel Leon Vit më parë
Hey Riley and Elena, I want to volunteer to the Bahamas but don't know how. How may I volunteer? P.S. I follow you since day one, you are the best.
Rising-Phoenix Vit më parë
I love this channel. Hope you take the add $ and donate it to relief . I watched 4 adds on a 3 min video .
Trucker Jordan Rapp
Trucker Jordan Rapp Vit më parë
115 thumbs down?! Shame on y’all.
Mike and Dee Petrillo
Mike and Dee Petrillo Vit më parë
Thank you guys, be safe.
Matias Universe
Matias Universe Vit më parë
TheScrubDesigns Vit më parë
Love you guys
Jennifer Redder
Jennifer Redder Vit më parë
You have been on my mind the past week. So glad to hear from you and know that you’re safe.
Nex Grif Izzy
Nex Grif Izzy Vit më parë
Just to let you guys know. Sea shepherd is going to the Bahamas. They stopped in the Grand Cayman Islands and People donated and their boat is full
Jimmy Johnstone
Jimmy Johnstone Vit më parë
Donate via the Red Cross.
Scotty Thompson
Scotty Thompson Vit më parë
Can you tell us what generators they need? Either 110/60 Hz, or 220/50 HZ? And how many watts?
Taylor Ketterhagen
Taylor Ketterhagen Vit më parë
I am an American so I am able to say this but the United States needs to get their freaking act together! This is our 3 horrible hurricane in a year! Like this comment, if you agree. Also, another thing that you can do to help is adopt a pet because the hurricanes misplace soooo many pets
Drop_Tine Vit më parë
Crazy I thought about you guys right away glad to hear you are not in the Bahamas! Prayers for all the people in the Bahamas. We are waiting here in Charleston to see what hits. We will donate! God Bless. DOC
Mike Finn
Mike Finn Vit më parë
We just donated. Huge disaster.
DeoRafflo Vit më parë
I started viewing u guys last week. from the start eps 1 to eps19 now. You guys are amazing. I really want to help but im sorry. Keep it up and Godbless your trip always. Hey Riley you are so much good at spearing fish. Thumbs up
Tony Stakis
Tony Stakis Vit më parë
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family Vit më parë
Good job researching this for everyone guys. We've made our donation to them today.
Kevin R
Kevin R Vit më parë
The only problem with global empowerment mission is a lot of the things we send may never go to the Bahamas. They send things world wide. Everything we send them may go to another country.
Christian D'Abrera
Christian D'Abrera Vit më parë
Idk probably a safe bet if you send it to their warehouse right next to where the hurricane hit they're not going to stick it on the next plane to Sudan
itzz_mitch !!
itzz_mitch !! Vit më parë
Why don’t we help the amazon instead
Paul Chapin
Paul Chapin Vit më parë
@itzz_mitch !! Yes that is true. But they are clearing land so they can feed an overpopulated earth. Humans are breeding themselves into some serious problems.
itzz_mitch !!
itzz_mitch !! Vit më parë
Paul Chapin true but the amazon creates 21% of our oxygen
Paul Chapin
Paul Chapin Vit më parë
Only help for the Amazon is less reproducing and no one wants to volunteer.
I liv in de Bahamas I'm deverstayted
Rebecca E. Webber
Rebecca E. Webber Vit më parë
Thank you for doing all that work to tell us exactly what we could do. Just sent a box of supplies off to Florida.
Chris Cline-Smith
Chris Cline-Smith Vit më parë
Riley and Elayna, thank you so much for all that you do! You are amazing souls!
Helmuth Witulski
Helmuth Witulski Vit më parë
Hi Elayna, Riley and little Lenny!!!!Been following you guys for a while now here from Germany!!! I hope you guys are all safe and holding up with the scary Weather around your sailing area!!!!Will be visiting your lovely Homeland from end November to the end of January 2020!!! So looking forward to it and seeing our son and Family again after 3 years!!!!! Everything of the best and give little Lenny a huge big hug from us!!!! We enjoy seeing the developement of that "little Sailor" regards Helmuth
Ian Pease
Ian Pease Vit më parë
Obrian1989吴宝贝 Vit më parë
George Kendall
George Kendall Vit më parë
Guys, I love what you're using your platform to do, keep at the amazing videos x
Katie Hirsch
Katie Hirsch Vit më parë
This is why I love you guys! Always using your platform to help others in need!
kevin n
kevin n Vit më parë
It's tracking north along the coast. You guys are a long way north? This hurricane might track all the way up to NY city as a huge storm. Please be very careful guys!
SV Trilogy WestSail 32
SV Trilogy WestSail 32 Vit më parë
boater should get together, take items to the islands and help with the clean up / rebuild.
Amy Jones
Amy Jones Vit më parë
Donating right now! Thank you for getting this info to us.
Hyman O'Cohann
Hyman O'Cohann Vit më parë
Sands will have moved and passes opened and closed, move with care.
Fifi CH
Fifi CH Vit më parë
Is clothing needed? Please tell me where to post......doing a wonderful job E & glad you got away!
hypergigs Vit më parë
Aerial photos from Abaco Islands show apocalyptic scenes. Getting aid in will be very difficult. It will need aid from governments to help here! Heavy equipment to clear roads, reopen harbours and airports. How residents will deal with this shocking disaster i do not know, the scale is just so huge, they need all the support they can get.
alaskadiver1 Vit më parë
Whew, woke up this morning wondering about you guys. Glad your safe.
David Nolle
David Nolle Vit më parë
Despite current state of the Bahamas, I hope you are enjoying yourselves in the Big Apple - take in a Broadway show, a museum, a night on the town, etc.
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