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Sailing La Vagabonde

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#257 We take our first steps inland, our first river sail in Europe. The Guadiana river is our beautiful backdrop today, getting some jobs sorted out and taking stock of the crazy year so far.
Also, where'd we leave the tender again? Oh yeah, down that wall, in that hole there...
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03:51 Fucking Up - Cedarsmoke -
07:21 Ricky Green - Where I Go -
11:40 Eastlove - Sunday Afternoon -
Produced by Elayna & Riley
Edited by Andrew Dickerson
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jackalley100 19 ditë më parë
I found you guys a few days ago and I am totally hooked! Have you guys been to the Seychelles yet?
more games3
more games3 27 ditë më parë
Hola👋👋👋siempre que puedo veos sus videos ....pero no se 🤦🏻‍♂️su idioma 😁hermoza flia felicitaciones
Duysal Ekinci
Duysal Ekinci Muaj më parë
Lenny is so so so freaking beautiful and cute and smily
weavergrad Muaj më parë
Breaking: the world isn’t falling apart, this is the perception that benefits some.
ulmo11 Muaj më parë
When you went to the back entrance to St. Michael's in the Chesapeake you sailed on the Choptank River.
Aaryan Muaj më parë
AussieZ X
AussieZ X 2 muaj më parë
so been out boat 5 years why got no solar panels, why don't get kids small pool fill with sand so little boy play in it u must able build sand box at top front boat put kid safe fence so he can't get out add roof cover him from sun. get sum vitamin b complex in you this help me so much.
k 2 muaj më parë
Being friends of Greta opens a lot of doors, doesn't it?:)
Ynech 2 muaj më parë
Great video. Vacation on a yacht is beautiful and romantic. I wish I could travel like that.
Bessarion 1
Bessarion 1 2 muaj më parë
News flash - the World is NOT falling apart.
abbi brophy
abbi brophy 2 muaj më parë
Elayna as a parent with a nut allergic child you have to forego peanut butter forever. Just one touch on his skin could set it off - trust me I know - and know matter how carefully you wash your hands and face there will be a bit somewhere. Get rid of it.
Electric You Are
Electric You Are 2 muaj më parë
this title won't be funny in a few years..
Cardiogirl 2 muaj më parë
So glad to see you two together again Love your family especially together
tj 1911
tj 1911 2 muaj më parë
your lucky you can "pretend" most of us have to live it.
codyjones109 2 muaj më parë
ya it is hypnotic isnt it! You see what i see. denial of the corruption of man, and thats ok, good even.
John Hines
John Hines 2 muaj më parë
Julie Tuttle bridge on the inter coastal waterway. All the bridges are 65 ft except Julie which is 55 ft. We had a 57ft mast, but arrived at the bridge at low low and squeaked under. We know the feeling!
The SailHer Project
The SailHer Project 2 muaj më parë
Lenny is so adorable omg
B A Hobbs
B A Hobbs 3 muaj më parë
delta gomersall
delta gomersall 3 muaj më parë
Hey guys! I have to say , I’ve come back to watch this after watching your more recent videos. It’s not lost on me how incredibly empathic in nature you both are, and how the energy of the more stressful covid-led times affected you. It’s almost palpable in this video. But seeing you after coming together again in the two newest videos, there’s a tangible energy shift. I hope and wish for you that you continue to find beautiful energy in beautiful places. I wonder if Lenny will be a little empath too ❤️❤️
J.C. Kohle
J.C. Kohle 3 muaj më parë
Lynn Provost
Lynn Provost 3 muaj më parë
You have a truly beautiful family God bless you all I was wondering Elena are you pregnant or do you are you expecting to go ahead and have another child anytime soon Lenny is it up such a blessing to y'all God bless thank you for sharing your lives with us
Stenna Blue
Stenna Blue 3 muaj më parë
Whether on land or sea, or any country....amazing (we all) see the same sky...stars,moon,and sun. We all live on the same planet and should try to do the right things for one another. Always nice to get away when things get a little crazy.
Dr. Umer
Dr. Umer 3 muaj më parë
Amazing video. Have a look at my channel.
Dr. Umer
Dr. Umer 3 muaj më parë
New subscriber!
James Mark
James Mark 3 muaj më parë
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shaenj 3 muaj më parë
That boy will have a BETTER education than 99% of kids in the world. ANYTHING is better that the crap educations kids get in all the land schools.
Mariela 3 muaj më parë
really I enjoy this! thanks!! Good bless you!!
leonardo cerrito
leonardo cerrito 3 muaj më parë
Help! Help to save my boat-house I am not the "reach" man who is loosing his toy. I am an old (72) man who 20 years ago sold his house and bought this boat where I live since then. Now this boat is dying because the Covid-19: i had to go away for a short time and i cant go back: the border are closed. With my litle pension (800$) i could not afford to buy an insurance. The boat is dying and without help i will loose it, i will loose my house, my life. Help me please: a little help from a bunch of person could save my boat-house, my life. Please check here PLEASE! Leonardo
thublit 3 muaj më parë
I think you meant "Pretending that the u.s. government is not making the world fall apart" .
Lorne Booker
Lorne Booker 3 muaj më parë
You two might like this.
Harold Ward
Harold Ward 3 muaj më parë
You guys got more guts than I do I was just out right now growing up I was in a row boat with my dad I don't think I could handle the sea
Amparito Viteri
Amparito Viteri 3 muaj më parë
Hermosos paisajes y que delicioso el pescado fresco..... Genial....
The Webb Family
The Webb Family 3 muaj më parë
Are you guys going to homeschool Lenny?
MuhammadMustaffa 3 muaj më parë
The last time i checked, you guys on top of the list for sailors vlogger. Good stuff! Loving the beautiful video shots.
Doug Smith
Doug Smith 3 muaj më parë
By the time he is six or seven, that kid will be bold, intrepid and sure footed to the point of swaggering up the mast with two fingers on a halyard to keep his feet in contact.
Leonie Margaret
Leonie Margaret 3 muaj më parë
I Love the way Lenny loves his food .... hahaha gorgeous !!!
JOACHIM MARBELLA 3 muaj më parë
Babies are a no go on sailing channel's throw them towards the sharks 😋
Davidi 007
Davidi 007 3 muaj më parë
Is there a SIM card company that you can recharge your data/minutes online through their website?
Travel Tour Taste
Travel Tour Taste 3 muaj më parë
Hello my friends hope you are well and having a great day so far. Just found you today and really pleased we have your videos are awesome. Fantastic footage and great editing skills too. This is so exciting, what a awesome life you have. Very unpredictable too. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us really appreciate it keep up the great work my friends. Stay safe and take care, catch up soon God bless you all 🙏👆
Pamela }!!{
Pamela }!!{ 3 muaj më parë
Beautiful area! Now that you're near Spain, whatever happened with the results of 23 and me. I've been waiting to hear, I think it's been over a yr or more now. It took a while to get my results as well.
ohhh my god hhahahahahahah 11:40 hahahahahah great great Lenny a litte pirate, congratulations for the video great hugh from Brazil .
Lauren Ellerbeck
Lauren Ellerbeck 4 muaj më parë
Literally came to channel this time just hear her fun goofy laugh in trailer ... kinda like mine 🥳🤪
lovely 0360
lovely 0360 4 muaj më parë
Happy to hear ure doing better with ur anxiety
Nicholas Fraser
Nicholas Fraser 4 muaj më parë
Hahaha!! Elena you crack us up!!! that last line about " i swear I though that mast was going to snap right off and take half the boat with it " just the way you said it 😂🙏🏻👌🏻
Angela Mohr
Angela Mohr 4 muaj më parë
I love when u explain how u use the different sails. Learning a lot :) One day I will sail too.
Old Man Fat Bike
Old Man Fat Bike 4 muaj më parë
I hate to say this guys but, I think it's time to start thinking about a new intro! Lenny is getting older. Until then... Stay safe and Keep On Keeping On :-)
Amy Ruschaupt
Amy Ruschaupt 4 muaj më parë
Thanks for the video😎👍. The Chesapeake is a Bay😊
Andy P!
Andy P! 4 muaj më parë
I loved hearing ya had time on your hands. Society has gotten crazy, making us feel like we always have to be doing something! it's nuts.
Sharon Troy
Sharon Troy 4 muaj më parë
If I hear one more comment about Lenny growing up on a boat. Lots of kids live on and grow up just fine if not more well rounded then their peers. Lenny has fun on shore with them. He see animals, people and the big blue ocean. Lenny will grow into a very cleaver boy. I mean look who his parents are ? Big hello from California 😀
Sharon Troy
Sharon Troy 4 muaj më parë
Where's Lenny boy's hat ?? Mom did you forget you're son's hat ?? That's ok Alaina you are a gream mum and you're forgiven!!! Love you guy's stay safe !!!
Abby Doodles
Abby Doodles 4 muaj më parë
Does anybody know where Elayna got her romper from. I love it so much!
Vet Tails' Sailing Chuffed
Vet Tails' Sailing Chuffed 4 muaj më parë
I really like how you've been showing behind the scenes/some of the 'down' sides to being a cruiser too, its such an awesome life but also has its moments... especially with your dinghy caught under a concrete barnacle jungle... Enjoy portugal
87Dodge87 4 muaj më parë
Great to see Lenny already taking the helm.
Richard Steele
Richard Steele 4 muaj më parë
You two are wonderful parents.
Renée 4 muaj më parë
I'm so glad your anxiety is better Elayna :) If you feel like it, I'd love if you could share some of the things that actually worked for you. I'm still searching for something myself and good recommendations are worth so much.
coug96fan 4 muaj më parë
No need to sail to fast. That is enjoy enjoying life.
Mawin Trading
Mawin Trading 4 muaj më parë
Great Video, I love it...
Zoe Cove
Zoe Cove 4 muaj më parë
Why not get solar powerbanks for your phones?
Mark Cobb
Mark Cobb 4 muaj më parë
Can't believe that the ocean hasn't gobbled these numb skulls up yet...just give it time...smh.
Andrew Ferguson
Andrew Ferguson 4 muaj më parë
Great Job!!! Thank You... :-)
Bonnie Moench
Bonnie Moench 4 muaj më parë
Just you ever see a time where you would be able to settle into a home on land? I can’t imagine that happening!
Mike M
Mike M 4 muaj më parë
Careful with cross contamination with PB! If Lenny has a severe allergy to peanut butter he could react to your crumbs, utensils, hands, mouth etc... Better keep that epipen ready just to be safe.
Andy Miller
Andy Miller 4 muaj më parë
Glad to see you guys doing well
Myra Mate
Myra Mate 4 muaj më parë
love watching your videos ...a respite from this pandemic
piwko4 4 muaj më parë
Am i the only one that doesn't see the tumble weed.....
M K 4 muaj më parë
Lennie is the cutest lil guy!
Luiz F
Luiz F 4 muaj më parë
Planning to come to Ireland ?
Yaseen 4 muaj më parë
Is that sunburn on your face Elayna?
Brian Brown
Brian Brown 4 muaj më parë
Excellent as usual!!!
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron 4 muaj më parë
World falling apart? Silly... If I look outside I can see two huge mobs divided by race literally punching and kicking each other. Even when there aren't battles on the streets there are HUGE BLM signs painted on the streets to remind us that a battle can erupt anytime. Walking to Mr. Kim's local grocer is a life or death adventure for anyone with a light complexion. There are semi-trailers with hundreds of covid19 corps parked in strategic locations. The smell of summer and rotting bodies. Believe it or not I am used to it from the 9/11 incident when the Twin Towers were attacked despite warnings that there would be Islamic bombings. Thousands of burning bodies smoldering for months. World falling apart? Naah. Oh... America has just used the MOAB for the first time. MOAB, mother of all bombs. The most powerful non nuclear bomb ever made. Blew up tunnels holding terrorists in Afghanistan. I fear there might be reprisals. Help us Elayna! We live in stress, anxiety and mortal danger.
Peter Richardson
Peter Richardson 4 muaj më parë
Lenny will be showing you how to do it soon lol
Matt and Rufus Wilson
Matt and Rufus Wilson 4 muaj më parë
Love the vid as always and am subscribed, of course! It is TIME for a new intro!!! So yeah, NEW INTRO!!!!😃😃😃😃 Love guys and all you stand for and do!!! I look forward to living on my own boat in this infinite Life that’s living us. You guys are an inspiration!
Timothy Marion
Timothy Marion 4 muaj më parë
The Chesapeake Bay is not a river.
Zion McFarland
Zion McFarland 4 muaj më parë
That's the first Lenny growl we've heard in a while lol
mlhm5 4 muaj më parë
Suspended in time between pre skynet and post skynet
Melody Broome
Melody Broome 4 muaj më parë
Oh Lenny is such a gorgeous, cheeky boy! He has such a beautiful energy! 💗💜🧡💛
Mark Greene
Mark Greene 4 muaj më parë
As always, a joy! Thank you.
GSM 4 muaj më parë
Stay away from the USA. trump has turned the place into a plague.
Zach Wolverton
Zach Wolverton 4 muaj më parë
This video currently has 248 dislikes.......... I am just wondering what people out there sit and watch these videos and at the end are thinking "that really offended me" or "I didn't like that" enough to scroll down to the thumbs down and click it. Obviously 248 people did. Those people are stupid though haha. They average about 200 dislikes so it is probably the same people doing it over and over. Dislike another video and I will come to your house and steal all of your Cheerios. Only if they are the ones with sugar though. The plain ones are just trash. So if you're disliking this video and eating Cheerios with no sugar, woooooow...............
Travel With Us
Travel With Us 4 muaj më parë
O jeez. I was just fixing to ask a serious question then I see Riley eating bugs out of lennys hair like a baboon lol 🤣🤣. Crack me up guess. Safe travels as always.
Fiona Winter
Fiona Winter 4 muaj më parë
Hi guys love the videos. However Riley can you wear your kill cord mate in the tender?? You don’t want to be in a bad situation.
Fiona Winter
Fiona Winter 4 muaj më parë
All inflatable boats, boats fitted with buoyant collar, and open boats that achieve planing speed, when fitted with remote throttle controls, should be fitted with a kill cord, to be used at all times during navigation.” And if you see in your last video around 7.34 you don’t have it on . Just google Padstow accident in UK and it will make you wear that kill cord ALL the time x
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde 4 muaj më parë
99% I do. I take off in last 22 seconds usually which is allocated manoeuvre time.
Zachary Anderson
Zachary Anderson 4 muaj më parë
Am I the only one super curious as to what kind of accent lenny will have?
Badrakh Ariunchimeg
Badrakh Ariunchimeg 4 muaj më parë
fresh freedom living
Amael Riesterer
Amael Riesterer 4 muaj më parë
"... been sailing around for the last five years and have recently found ourselves with a stallway..." I think we need a little update here. 👌😁
Mikeztarp 4 muaj më parë
"Don't eat the dinosaur." Not a phrase you'll find in any parenting book. xD
RGMG 4 muaj më parë
Yikes! Looks like that tide needed to come down just a tad more....Elayna hand catching that drones yet?
brettjamz3 4 muaj më parë
Thanks for sharing. I to have anxiety disorders.
brettjamz3 4 muaj më parë
Don't eat the dinosaur... 😂
Kevin Carey
Kevin Carey 4 muaj më parë
Riley's smile when La Vagabonde is under sail is PRICELESS!! Great episode guys, thanks ! Fair winds and following seas La Vagabonde!!
flag81 4 muaj më parë
Please come a visit Albania sometimes. You'll be amazed by the hospitality of the people and the beauty of the country.
Pablo Montesino
Pablo Montesino 4 muaj më parë
You should come to Sevilla, yo can come using Guadalquivir River. I think you would love it
lina w
lina w 4 muaj më parë
Elayna, where are ur sunglasses from?! They are soo fun!!
Elpida Kermanidou
Elpida Kermanidou 4 muaj më parë
Lennie is gonna have THE BEST childhood videos to watch when he grows up...
Diarmuid Cahill
Diarmuid Cahill 4 muaj më parë
The tsunami in Portugal of 1755 reached the shores of Ireland! It changed the harbours along the southwest coast.... pushing large volumes of sand up several estuaries which previously enabled ships to port and subsequently halting or altering this activity and to this day!!! Bon Voyage ladzzz!
timtglf 4 muaj më parë
I'm sorry but just have to say...I have always hated your new bangs look. So much better before
Ola Andersson
Ola Andersson 4 muaj më parë
Longtime subscriber and merch supporter here, just pointing out that background music whilst talking is becomming increasingly disturbing, to the point of being unbearable.. Which saddens me as I love your show
pete pelton
pete pelton 4 muaj më parë
Sharpshooter 250
Sharpshooter 250 4 muaj më parë
Another great video . Lenny is so cool . Don't eat the Dinosaur . Hilarious ... Riley living the life . Sailing is in your blood . And Elena loves it just as much . LOVE you all .. Have fun . Be Safe ...
Vincent Pangelinan
Vincent Pangelinan 4 muaj më parë
What kind of video editing app are you using?
Tristan Stevens
Tristan Stevens 4 muaj më parë
How many vowels does an Aussie use when they say "home"? It sounds like 17... in the teens at least anyway.
JCT3 4 muaj më parë
I always enjoy your choices of music and wish there could be credits listed so that I could find more music by these artist. Your sense of humor is wonderful. Keep on smiling.
JCT3 4 muaj më parë
Andrew Dickerson Thank you. I will just need to pay closer attention. Your quick reply is much appreciated.
Andrew Dickerson
Andrew Dickerson 4 muaj më parë
The music credits are in the description and on the timeline.
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