BOAT LIFE: What we do when Mum's Working...

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Sailing La Vagabonde

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Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde Vit më parë
Been to a movie lately? Us neither. Please consider joining the crew and helping real people doing real things. Http://
vk2ig Vit më parë
@Dmitar Maodus He will do that the same way lots of other kids on boats have been making friends and going to school.
Bill Van Den Ouden
Bill Van Den Ouden Vit më parë
you guys are so awesome you're the first ALnets video I click I love your little boy you guys are special to me in my heart
bill braski
bill braski Vit më parë
bill braski
bill braski Vit më parë
@Turbo Tastic sorry turbo I meant to reply to Dimitri
suzieQ casey
suzieQ casey Vit më parë
Omg ive been watching your video's from last year and riley you're from cowell lol im from whyalla what a small world haha btw love your channel 😊
Roger Dilley
Roger Dilley 4 muaj më parë
Kia Ora team. You can save a lot of fresh water by having a saltwater tap in the galley for washing up!
Sara Pesola
Sara Pesola 4 muaj më parë
Lenny in the bucket, priceless!
Chris Ogle
Chris Ogle 4 muaj më parë
Fried chicken
marissa woods
marissa woods 5 muaj më parë
You guys are just the best! You make me smile and your outstanding parents. Be safe always
douglasw804 5 muaj më parë
The most dangerous thing i do is face off with 200 lb cougar at night when it is trying to get my animals. Really these things around here are 8 feet long from head to but. Huge!!
douglasw804 5 muaj më parë
Getting to be to much merchandising
Samuel Shin
Samuel Shin 6 muaj më parë
This is prob my fave vid/segment (Riley + Lenny)
Sean Ruffolo
Sean Ruffolo 6 muaj më parë
"On a Gunboat" Good answer! Hopefully more cruising cats start having foiling options
Nieve Emily
Nieve Emily 9 muaj më parë
Pretty sure most dangerous part of my week is me before coffee in the morning. Well dangerous for anyone else! Also love the baby in the bucket. Mum used to do it to me with a basket on the garden table when she was doing something. Works wonders! Love you guys xx
Judy Hayward
Judy Hayward 9 muaj më parë
my mum has just turned 90 and when she was a kid she use to have bread dipped in the fat from the Sunday roast for dinner on the Sunday night she is still going strong.
Jackie Bilder
Jackie Bilder 9 muaj më parë
I loved this!!!!
Be Enthusiastic Be Inspired
Be Enthusiastic Be Inspired 9 muaj më parë
a dad taking care of his kid is really sexy and admirable❤️🤗
68rousseau 11 muaj më parë
Lenny is such ab adorably baby. Always smiling.. In fact i love la vega bonde more everyday since Lenny was born. Loads of love and best wishes for Lenny
Dyer Data
Dyer Data Vit më parë
How’s your young eco-crusader passenger, Greta, doing? I can’t wait for you to post some of her amazing thoughts on her journey with all of you. ;-)
Tony Jones
Tony Jones Vit më parë
Such a cute bucket baby
Peter Mawson
Peter Mawson Vit më parë
There's nothing wrong with butter..! Not so sure about the vegemite... :)
Michael Hickson
Michael Hickson Vit më parë
Well that was fun. Most dangerous thing I do every week is drive in Traffic in the Seattle area.
Terrie Hall
Terrie Hall Vit më parë
Absolutely Beautiful May The Lord Encamp His Angels All Around You. I Am 60 Years Old I have Always Wanted To See The Blue Ocean Thru Your Beautiful Family,YOUR TRAVELS I HAVE.Always Remember Your Are One With Love Pray Together Stay Together
Y. Chen
Y. Chen Vit më parë
Baby & Dad are doing something really special when Mom is working, good job 😂🥰🥰👍
Crunch Hardtack
Crunch Hardtack Vit më parë
Honey, bring me a bucket of baby, please. He's looking a little pail.
Sergy K
Sergy K Vit më parë
renzotalara Vit më parë
Talk back to my wife.....!!!
Bonnie Kopec
Bonnie Kopec Vit më parë
I love you guys
rlross49 Vit më parë
The most dangerous thing I do as a 70 year old woman is participate in protesting to get politicians (local & national) to work on sustainability issues. I belong to an organization called 100Grannies. We have been called to save the world as we know it, for children like your darling little boy. I just learned that I’m going to be a great grandma of twins and I want those 2 little ones to have a wonderful life. I really love watching your family! Do you notice climate change issues or pollution on the water?
Bronwen Grace
Bronwen Grace Vit më parë
Lenny in the bucket is soooooo cute☺
Laura Berwind
Laura Berwind Vit më parë
driving through the rain on my bicycle to school arriving trenched til my undies....dripping wet....LOL...
honey badger
honey badger Vit më parë
Time for this m8te to grab a real job and man up. Also, shave that tacky stache.
Alex Soundrise
Alex Soundrise Vit më parë
This is one of those handful of vlogs where you watch the whole thing and realize you've been sitting there with a giant grin on your face. That's an easy like and subscribe. Good job and keep going La Vagabond crew!
Eric Goldstein
Eric Goldstein Vit më parë
great videos, been enjoying your journey! Riley, on the butter tip... switch to grass-fed butter and then you're all good :)
Heather Bray
Heather Bray Vit më parë
Hitchhiking in Johannesburg
Manic Mommi
Manic Mommi Vit më parë
Most dangerous thing I do: commute to work. Those dummies are scary to drive next too.
Knud Sandbæk Nielsen
Knud Sandbæk Nielsen Vit më parë
The most dangerous thing I did was probably riding my recumbent bike, and not stopping when someone turned right without quite seeing me, and just taking his turn alongside of him until he stopped, realizing I was there, trying to get across. Twice on that ride! Later, a car of the same brand and colour did almost the same. But it wasnøt really dangerous, I knew exactly what was going on, and it happened at low speed. This makes me think about danger and the nature of it. Being absent minded is dangerous, and that is it. Gods speed, triad!
Knud Sandbæk Nielsen
Knud Sandbæk Nielsen Vit më parë
The reason why "it's awesome since Lenny arrived", is the two of you - he is in almost every conceivable way your doing... And your courage (not anyone would do what either of you have done, just like that), your intelligence, your awareness, and your take on life, all seem to be pointing in the right direction, judging from the of course superficial point of this viewer. But really, it's obvious. You could say you're lucky. But I would say: You did this, and it is a confirmation that you did good. And for that reason alone, I wish you the best of luck 'and what not'! And I really think you are giving Lenny the time of his life, in any sense of the words! And you share with the rest of us, awesome!
Jason Yup
Jason Yup Vit më parë
Baby videos are gonna ruin your bank account.
Erena Jarden
Erena Jarden Vit më parë
Most dangerous thing .....Hop in the car with idiots on the road 😬
Cindy Shank
Cindy Shank Vit më parë
Literally laughed out loud!!!! That was the best one yet! Little Lenny could not possibly be any cuter. I am so glad I gave up cable and started watching ALnets. You guys take me to all my happy places lol! Best channel ever!!!!!!
Sergy K
Sergy K Vit më parë
Jeannette Sikes
Jeannette Sikes Vit më parë
7:54 Lenny just watching your mouth as you read, just adorable, he is learning.... The most dangerous thing I do each day.. these day's is trying to breath when I lay down for bed at night constant flow of mucous flowing until my body can't handle anymore then I throw it up and then I can breath again until it starts allover again....
Richard P Fanning jr
Richard P Fanning jr Vit më parë
Love your Vid’s. ❤️’s to all
bob brown
bob brown Vit më parë
Richard French
Richard French Vit më parë
Most dangerous thing? Probably my daily commute :)
Where do you keep your playbuttons
Knut Wagner
Knut Wagner Vit më parë
On a “GunBoat?” OutReamer sounds like a nicer company. Love to see you guys having a good time. Always count your blessings...
aquablushgirl Vit më parë
I bet I could beat you in the butter stakes Riley. Butter is manna from heaven. Great vid as always.
Raven Crowder
Raven Crowder Vit më parë
Patrick De May
Patrick De May Vit më parë
I've really been enjoying your videos but this was the funniest one yet. I'm a new parent so your interactions with the baby are great. So jealous of your lives. Keep up the great work.
Mark Sanderlin
Mark Sanderlin Vit më parë
Love y'all
Heather Blucher
Heather Blucher Vit më parë
i dont' know why the baby in the bucket is so funny and adorable to me.
xeriusyarishniku Vit më parë
What did Riley said at 4:15 ? His accent is so thick.
xeriusyarishniku Vit më parë
We really need caption here, Rileys accent is really thick. Can't understand him sometimes.
gianni rodriguez
gianni rodriguez Vit më parë
Son especiales
gianni rodriguez
gianni rodriguez Vit më parë
I love you ❤❤❤❤❤❤ guys
Iza Oleszczuk
Iza Oleszczuk Vit më parë
My most dangerous thingI do everyday is GETTING UP & letting the world listern to me ( family) lol
Ben Pratka
Ben Pratka Vit më parë
I so feel the pain w flat bottom sinks I have 4 in my kitchen I regret so much
Peyton Bohn
Peyton Bohn Vit më parë
what’s their intro song?😍
Nick McLean
Nick McLean Vit më parë
Awesome videos. Y’all are inspiring! Just curious tho... Why Christmas jazz?
K It
K It Vit më parë
I've been swimming again, inspired by all the crystal water in your videos!
Nadia Fernandesdwo
Nadia Fernandesdwo Vit më parë
Eu amo seu canal por mais que não entendo nada que vocês falam
anna xioti
anna xioti Vit më parë
I love this family.God bless you all.LOVE from Cyprus,Larnaka.
Jay Walker
Jay Walker Vit më parë
McDonald LOL Great channel keep em coming guys..👍
Steve Castro
Steve Castro Vit më parë
You guys are "Great Parents".
Kloria Moler
Kloria Moler Vit më parë
Allan Nymark
Allan Nymark Vit më parë
Most dangerous thing I do a weekly basis is playing real life "the floor is lava" in Afghanistan. You guys are my inspiration and my grounding and you are keeping me sane in times of hell. I am eternally grateful to you three and it breaks my heart when bad things happen to you. Keep sailing, vlogging and being the outstanding ambassadors for humanity that you are
Justin In
Justin In Vit më parë
Hahahahaha Lenny 🤮
dante dante
dante dante Vit më parë
Matthew Charles Shane
Matthew Charles Shane Vit më parë
You're reigniting, my "Dreaming-Outloud" mode of cruising. Gotta find/create a job that supports that. Disc Jockey/Truck driver/hairstylist/who knows what's next. Thank you.
Flight of the Fox - Aussie Travel Couple
Flight of the Fox - Aussie Travel Couple Vit më parë
Omg Lenny in the bucket is far too adorable!! My ovaries!
Thomas Andrea Hawkins
Thomas Andrea Hawkins Vit më parë
Howdy Folks..... just wondering if you two have a Dating Website.... I am a land locked Canadian looking for some adventure.... send pics (of sailboat).
ron wilson
ron wilson Vit më parë
drive in traffic
Rick Ruehl
Rick Ruehl Vit më parë
Lets see, Climbed up a 24 foot ladder in 110 degree heat in the sun and drilled hole to get thermostat wire in. Had to push around with a 10 foot stick of pvc to get from the sophet vent into the attic. Another fun thing was testing a breaker that when only 9 amps went through it heated to over 150 degrees F. Typical HVAC business during summer in Texas.
PONO 800008
PONO 800008 Vit më parë
Opihi , or limpid to you guys , eggs & Veggie SNAUSAGE 😬 sounds good
Don Chonealyo The O'NEAL
Don Chonealyo The O'NEAL Vit më parë
OMG I spoke too soon Lord this is my favorite Lenny video he is so dadgum cute but he's going to start being a terror when he starts crawling so I've thought of something that maybe you can use and it comes from rope climbing mountain climbing all sorts of different regimes and it's just a talk line preferably stainless steel maybe you can use some kind of nylon rope straight down the beam of the boat from about to the Stern and fasten it to the roof and you could clip him on on a lanyard that only allows him to go a certain distance and between point a and point b being Aft and for oh yeah what's a 4Runner not a four runner up for roster not a Ford roaster A4 Rutter close enough that's my phone for me I get no relief thank you for staying alive surviving the serial killer Lenny and still cruising ciao for now
Don Chonealyo The O'NEAL
Don Chonealyo The O'NEAL Vit më parë
I believe I have to interject here and ask several questions first being when are you going to stop referring to Lennie as the stowaway cuz obviously you made him part of the crew second how long is it or what was it oh yeah you could figure out how fast you were going bye some sort of string with knots in it you had an instrument working at the time that could be a comparison that being said you don't have anything working so maybe next time that you do it would be a good experiment and the last but not the least please tell Lennie to stop drinking so much so he doesn't throw up all over the captain's feet what do you do with a drunken sailor you change his diaper and wipe his face and kiss it good night ciao for now
Giuseppe Baroncelli
Giuseppe Baroncelli Vit më parë
anguspure Vit më parë
in lurv with you guys!
clairsmith50 Vit më parë
in fits of laughter when Riley was playing with lenny, in the bucket and all crazy stuff, i love you guys soo much every morning i wake up i turn my laptop on just to watch your channel i have watch every sinlge video of you guys, you guys are amazing keep up the good work from all the way up in scotland
MrCatamaran1 Vit më parë
i talk back to my mother in law
JusTinaLane Vit më parë
Lol he is the cutest baby!!! Even throwing up is so darn adorable!!
Pearcey111 Vit më parë
Lenny really makes this channel, you guys are great too but I love seeing Lenny smiling away, I'm worried how he will go when he starts walking as you don't want him walking off the boat, you know like kids walk out on the street get hit by cars, it just seems so easy he could walk off the boat but I'm sure you guys will sort it out somehow, I have almost now watched every video over the last few weeks
Dan Kreager
Dan Kreager Vit më parë
Sometimes I like to live dangerously, I disagree with my wife....
Dan Kreager
Dan Kreager Vit më parë
3:38 hahaha
Tim Seidel
Tim Seidel Vit më parë
Here I go again...988,000 subscribers - 385,225 views - and only 28,000 likes ? Hmm, a simple click to add a thumbs up for this awesome sail and life content is an easy act to perform after viewing quality content, oh dang, those viewers are already gone so I waste my clicks. Hey Riley, loved the time with Dad in the sail locker!!!
E620SE Vit më parë
I've been paragliding in some really dangerous places, survived without any injury every time :D On the other hand paragliding is one of the best things on earth, will do until the day I...
Antoine St-Amour
Antoine St-Amour Vit më parë
Eating too much good butter and cheese and indeed cholesterol is probably the most dangerous opponent to my frenchness
andres langston
andres langston Vit më parë
Such a good vlog guys. Like and comment every video or at least try to. Gotta show support for such a good couple. Keep it up👍
Dan Ellerbe
Dan Ellerbe Vit më parë
And you guys rock! I thumbs up all your vids, own a LaVaga T-shirt and read like Riley!
Dan Ellerbe
Dan Ellerbe Vit më parë
Hey Riley, Check out an offshore O&G facility in the Gulf of Mexico The most dangerous thing I do is drive to work every two weeks! It’s the drive that’s the dangerous part.
malenotyalc Vit më parë
LOL the baby bucket!
Randy McCugh
Randy McCugh Vit më parë
Most dangerous thing I do lately is get into my car and drive to work or home. Ironically, in the area that I live in, that is actually pretty true. Not due to the crime rate, but the idiot drivers including myself on occasion.
OneEyed Mike
OneEyed Mike Vit më parë
My most dangerous act is eating the stuff from the back of the fridge.
Lucas Haake
Lucas Haake Vit më parë
butter is good for you, i put it on everything and i never gain weight. i put it in my coffee, people dont' believe me when i tell them how much butter i eat. it is easy for you body to convert butter to energy, i know this is counter intuitive but it works for me.
Drew Howard
Drew Howard Vit më parë
Just hit pause and bought a shirt. Love you guys and all that you do!
sandra johnson
sandra johnson Vit më parë
family time is the best !!! so great that ya'll get to enjoy one another and sail. sincerely sandra johnson
57koop Vit më parë
Cool! I’ve never seen a bucket baby :-)
ThatDutchguy Vit më parë
Nothing really dangerous anymore thankfully. But i did have a few disagreements that got heated in Afghanistan back in my Royal Dutch Army days, and a few dodgy times in Mali,...nothing we couldn't talk out though. Nowadays it's traffic around Amsterdam that's the biggest excitement in my life.
Donelia Tonk
Donelia Tonk Vit më parë
So good for his soul , papa whitelum that you like your son so much along with loving him !
TST1998 Vit më parë
Butter is the most nutritious think you can eat. You do not have to worry about cholesterol. Cholesterol is of no concern at all and scientifically debunked a thousand times. Cholesterol is one of the most important substance in your body. Not only all cells are build of it, also your sexual hormones are. As higher your cholesterol is as longer you live.
Happy man
Happy man Vit më parë
The most dangerous thing I do? Asking my children what they want to do for the weekend. Last week, a 20M climbing wall (which I had to go on!)
RosaBirke Vit më parë
Most dangerous thing I do every week is probably riding my bike without a helmet. I know! My granny says it all the time! I just lost it at a friends house and forgot to ask it back plus nothing beats the feeling of wind blowing through your hair... but it is probably the most dangerous thing I do that I'm aware of...
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