We Freedive the DEEPEST BLUE HOLE in the WORLD! Ep.209

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Sailing La Vagabonde

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Riley tries to beat his personal best freediving in the deepest blue hole in the world! Lenny and I have a sweet time frolicking in the shallows. Join us as we sail to Long Island in The Bahamas and get totally lost 💙💦🐚
Song Credits:
00:00 Michael Dunstan - Shutter - spoti.fi/2D8YGao
01:39 Song selected from MusicBed. Get a free trial here: share.mscbd.fm/sailinglavagabonde04:58 Joe Hicks - Rest Your Head - www.joehicksmusic.com
07:14 NoMBe - Summers Gone - open.spotify.com/artist/5Lhxlge1CR1DrgDAje8Qaw?si=rBYLo7yjTbeEH-1bGEcbNg
12:08 Hawaii - Happy Rabbit - open.spotify.com/track/1T98sJI4WqyqSoHxFp1550?si=hPwgtsM8QV6ssTzERtWCjA
14:36 Kate Vargas - www.katevargas.com.
17:00 Good Stuff - Kate Vargas - www.katevargas.com.
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Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde Vit më parë
Thanks to Kate Vargas for the song dedication featured in this episode. Kate is one of our many music artists who donates her music to our video production. We loved it! Hope you did too. Wanna keep these videos coming? Join our crew on Patreon bit.ly/SLVPatreon for merch rewards and exclusive live videos.
Kabir Singh
Kabir Singh 11 muaj më parë
you guys are so amazing and inspiration to me.. i too wanna buy my own sailing boat. problem is I stay in INDIA at Bangalore
Saka_movement Vit më parë
Hi la vagabonde fam! Been bingeing your episodes the last few months and loving your lifestyle...it’s been amazing following your journey and seeing how possible it is to live a totally untraditional lifestyle and THRIVE! Been called to it myself and taking major steps over the last few years to make it happen! So major thanks for sharing! Also what a small world...I recognized that artist Kate Vargas and freaked out because I randomly saw her perform one night at a friends house up in door county Wisconsin (come sail up to Lake Michigan when you are craving a beautiful summer and some chilly water) and just thought how funny it was how we are all truly connected through people! Just joined Patreon as well! Keep up the inspo! 🙏🏼🙏🏼 hope to meet you one day!
Russ Post
Russ Post Vit më parë
You have more subs than bruce Springsteen .....wow how did that happen ? Maybe Patti should start cooking with the boss
JoseitoEdlVodao Vit më parë
Hey guys...just in case you haven't watched...here's a video of 3 (rather 4) guys using the Bonito fish Riley has on his photo in La Vagabonde 1 (i.e. here: alnets.info/work/gLycjbGUr5iLzmU/video.html) as BAIT to catch Goliath Groupers, they're doing it with no harness. alnets.info/work/qN1mZr3D2ouc02k/video.html
Jesse Rios
Jesse Rios Vit më parë
Love u guys.. stay safe
chris mitchum
chris mitchum 3 ditë më parë
you kays are so funny, My heart will go on. recorder by candlelight, Matt Mulholland. amazed and disturbed at the same time. BRILLIANT!!
Scott Markham
Scott Markham 15 ditë më parë
I heard the Blue hole is loaded with choice fish .
Scott Markham
Scott Markham 15 ditë më parë
When you cruise the coast of America do you use the intercoastal waterways or do you stay out in the ocean ?
Shelley Watson
Shelley Watson 2 muaj më parë
Paul Westy
Paul Westy 3 muaj më parë
Noice song kate
Brian White
Brian White 5 muaj më parë
Hey Riely do you have on Star Wars shirt that has Lenny as Darth Vader and you and Alena as luck and Princess Leia.
M Robin
M Robin 6 muaj më parë
just you wait Riley, Lenny is going to out free dive William Trubridge soon.
Mikeztarp 6 muaj më parë
Riley dropped that name so hard it sank down to 100 m.
Oliver Rowan
Oliver Rowan 7 muaj më parë
I’m really bad at liking videos, mostly just forget, I was about to close the video and then I heard Riley sing “I’m gonna go freediving!” And Immediately went and liked the video 😂
Johannes van der Post
Johannes van der Post 7 muaj më parë
Do you guys ever get in trouble flying the drone? I have people freaking out on me to often, even at places I am allowed to fly...
Frigate Chaser Fishing
Frigate Chaser Fishing 8 muaj më parë
Grouper cold? What?
Dan Ellerbe
Dan Ellerbe 9 muaj më parë
Try some beet juice a couple hours before the dive & get your O2 efficiency up!
MT Casey
MT Casey 10 muaj më parë
my bad on your lastvideo i spelled your name wrong i dont know how durring 209 plus episodes i didnt learn your name so my apologies
Marci M
Marci M 10 muaj më parë
My heart will go on~~~~~~~~~ On a flute❗️❗️👍🏻👌🏻👏🏻 Brilliant ❗️
Donna Kawana
Donna Kawana 10 muaj më parë
Use clear nail polish on all the metal jewelry an items it will protect it. Try it....peace, luv & happiness... Kisses for Lenny too.... P.S. loved that young ladies song she was talented. But nothing beats Mummy beautiful voice......peace ,luv& Happiness P.S. Kisses an Hugs to my favorite lil salty sea mate.⛵👍💕💋
Franklin Jackson
Franklin Jackson 10 muaj më parë
What kind of veggie burger?
Franklin Jackson
Franklin Jackson 10 muaj më parë
The music for the rental was hilarious. Made my whole week
Anton Brask
Anton Brask 10 muaj më parë
Just casually going freediving with the best freediver whos ever lived in the best freediving spot in the world.
Lisa Greig
Lisa Greig 10 muaj më parë
I have fallen in love with Lenny.You both are so blessed ⭐️
formerly 987946216430
formerly 987946216430 10 muaj më parë
great episode, been saving/binge'ing episodes. the quick fix for the baggies is to stop sending bags of water to countries. Glass is refillable/reuseable....
Trauma Survivor Cynthia
Trauma Survivor Cynthia 11 muaj më parë
Elayna⚘, Where do you purchase your sunglasses from?✌Thank you from Cindy on the Coast of Oregon.🌴👣☔#davesandersstepdaughter
Cristiano 11 muaj më parë
voyage to the Philippines. please ❤❤❤
wilson lawson
wilson lawson Vit më parë
I'm just impressed by how these two managed to pull everything together and make it all happen. With nothing but their own charm and brains and popular appeal and business sense. Not to mention sailing ability and sheer courage to go out on the open ocean. It seems like a lot of balls to juggle. And then to have a baby and continue the adventure! Hats off to the pair of them.
Ana Farias
Ana Farias Vit më parë
Sailors, beware! Waterworld fans i presume :) Great life choice, and you guys are so young, you give a good example. Good luck to your endeavors, at least your child will not be hooked on screens like 99% of children nowadays.
Melly Mel
Melly Mel Vit më parë
Riley’s Lenny/parenting hacks are always hysterical 😂 He really is an awesome Dad
Antonia Baker
Antonia Baker Vit më parë
Grandma and Lenny.
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson Vit më parë
love your family i cant stop watching
KCcatz4EVR Vit më parë
Hysterical ...... the Emotional Titanic Flutist.....
Millie bisby Sign along
Millie bisby Sign along Vit më parë
I’m just wondering have you not had any problems with lennys health ❤️❤️ love you guys!!!!!!!
Carl Du Plessis
Carl Du Plessis Vit më parë
CONGRATS on 1 MILLION subs guys. :)
Janet Hartwig
Janet Hartwig Vit më parë
Breaks my heart thinking that most of the lovely places you visited have been totally destroyed by the hurricane.🙁🙁😢
Janet Hartwig
Janet Hartwig Vit më parë
Loved, loved, loved, the gorgeous whistling music!! You are so amazing in every way.
D Loui
D Loui Vit më parë
foot to the floor captain ....
Kriiss Vit më parë
Anyone else thing Kate Vargas at the end sounds like a new aged Macy Gray?! AMAZING voice, girl! Also, greetings from Atlanta, GA, USA! I recently found your channel and I LOVE IT. Cheers friends!
Mikave Potpottiting
Mikave Potpottiting Vit më parë
I love this family channel and they have a simple life and also have a cute baby!!😊😊
Larcader Suth
Larcader Suth Vit më parë
Really wish I could watch your videos all the time but honestly I get too jealous!!
Deb Signal
Deb Signal Vit më parë
You guys are soo amazing and i am only 11 and i want to do this when i am old because of u
20xornothing Vit më parë
Lots of love from our family......... California
20xornothing Vit më parë
What asswipe would dislike this. #losers
shelby donnie
shelby donnie Vit më parë
omg i saw these people while i was in the Bahamas
Trauma Survivor Cynthia
Trauma Survivor Cynthia Vit më parë
I cant even imagine how much sunscreen you have to purchase with living on a boat!✌ #davesandersstepdaughter 🐞
Sydney Nguyen
Sydney Nguyen Vit më parë
Awesome family
David McGregor
David McGregor Vit më parë
You have a family now. Time to start thinking about them instead of free diving feats so much. I'll be hated for saying it, but someone has to. Priorities need to change.
caza101 Vit më parë
That poor child is like please please give me a home where I can play and run about 🙈🙈
Lique Vit më parë
Awww sounds like Joanna Newsom
Fifi CH
Fifi CH Vit më parë
Ella Aleja
Ella Aleja Vit më parë
Kate's talking and singing voice is so soothing.
Ella Aleja
Ella Aleja Vit më parë
Lenny is tiRED
Ella Aleja
Ella Aleja Vit më parë
I feel like I'm watching two angels on earth raise another angel baby and live the perfect life they deserve....so satisfying
Eoin M
Eoin M Vit më parë
I have a question why do you guys/people put sun screen or zinc on the top half of your face
the best network deals
the best network deals Vit më parë
for all dive lovers, buy now the best dive computer, cressi leonardo diving computer for $199.95 if you're interested you will find the link in the video on my chanel follow us ;)
poging lamig
poging lamig Vit më parë
hellow po musta ang byahe?
Volebien Vit më parë
the solution is that we have to start cleaning.
Mathew Davis - Adventures and DIY
Mathew Davis - Adventures and DIY Vit më parë
One of Adam's free diving videos help me immensely on clearing my ears. I used to have horrible trouble on international flights and scuba diving. Thanks to Adam, that's all a problem of the past.
Jarrah O'Brien
Jarrah O'Brien Vit më parë
But most of all, most of all, I love the things you do! Such a great and funny episode, with great music, Thanks for introducing us to Kate Vargus (again), I love her voice, and will be checking out all her 'tunes'!
lion kempers
lion kempers Vit më parë
Nice vids thanks for shearing. Question what camera do u use under water.
tracy mckerchar
tracy mckerchar Vit më parë
Such a good episode ...my heart will go on recorder hahaha congratulations on free diving your best. That’s awesome! P.s try giving Lenny a baby spoon to hold when he eats, makes them think he’s helping and sometimes stops the moving.
Samantha De La Cruz
Samantha De La Cruz Vit më parë
this channel is such a breath of fresh air from the typical youtube fashion influencers. love this channel!
debora evelyn
debora evelyn Vit më parë
I’ve been busy & haven’t been able to binge you guys but I’m starting rn & even just watching the intro gives me that warm mellow feeling I’ve been missing & hopefully one day my life will be that mellow feeling lol! For now I’m living vicariously through you guys💛
Carter P
Carter P Vit më parë
les Thomson impression 10/10
Μιχαλης P
Μιχαλης P Vit më parë
William's story similar to yours guys in a sense.His parents sold their place in UK and sail around the world and he was from a young age in the water freediving. so by doing the maths here Lenny is the next worlds champion in freediving:-)
malenotyalc Vit më parë
Her voice at 16:40 ish - gives me chills - it is like she is channeling an old wise women from 100 years ago.
TheZenguitarguy Vit më parë
Thought Riley might enjoy this short film on freediving: alnets.info/work/gtSvh83J32d23qw/video.html I just stumbled on it and thought of you guys! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us landlocked folks!
Isla stevie
Isla stevie Vit më parë
Today while out for a sail with my grandpa I showed him your videos! He was very excited to see “some young folk” doing what he was doing so many years ago.
br0wnmcse Vit më parë
Where did the name Lenny come from?
foxdown Vit më parë
why shittyflute version do? I'm not saying bad
Geoff Vit më parë
Kate Vargas, what a wonderful woman and inspiring singer song writer
lpoolck Vit më parë
Well done on cleaning up the beach 👍🏻
Yanni Pescar
Yanni Pescar Vit më parë
Hey guys you should keep your electronics dry with silica gel bags. Like store them with those bags as well as drying electronics with a bunch of those bags. You can microwave them to dry the gel if you need. Could be a total electronics life saver especially on a boat! Loveing your work and been following you since day 1! You're awesome! Here's a link to some cheapest ones on Amazon: 5 Gram [60 Packs] Silica Gel Packets Rechargeable Desiccant Pouches with Color Indicating Beads Reusable Moisture Absorbers Bags for Gun Safes Closet Tools Storage Food Grade www.amazon.com/dp/B01M7V19JE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_6s2uDbYV8QEJH
Jive Turkey 371
Jive Turkey 371 Vit më parë
LOL Alex Thompson ! Nice job
Tina M Wright Beauty Babe Intuitive Reader
Tina M Wright Beauty Babe Intuitive Reader Vit më parë
Good Song👍🏽
Tina M Wright Beauty Babe Intuitive Reader
Tina M Wright Beauty Babe Intuitive Reader Vit më parë
That Was So Nice Of You Both To Pick Those Bags Up And Making That Beach 🏝 Beautiful Again
Melissa Lucero
Melissa Lucero Vit më parë
New subscriber and 1st time watcher! I think that the lifestyle you guys are living is really amazing and I think that your little man will be grateful for the opportunity to grow up this way.
allycatphae Vit më parë
Loved the song at the end!! She is amazing!!
NirVANa Trip
NirVANa Trip Vit më parë
Congratulations on breaking a million!❤❤❤
Mufasa Vit më parë
Ive been watching some of their old videos and ran across the pirate one where they almost got attacked and they asked for suggestions about ways to protect themselves. Did they ever decide on a gun or not? I dont think I would ever find the answer watching all the videos. If not what did they decide on?
Richard Sauceda
Richard Sauceda Vit më parë
Just 3 words.....You guys ROCK!!! Luv ya, be safe and fair winds!!
Jean-Marc Moreau
Jean-Marc Moreau Vit më parë
Can't wait for that Quizz ! :) .....
James Taylor
James Taylor Vit më parë
That recorder version of "My Heart Will Go On" had me in tears!!! Also loved Riley's ending with the freediving!!
Tamas Kiss
Tamas Kiss Vit më parë
Im sorry im not a mean guy if you read my comments you know that. So with that said and apology included. Well the singing chick at the end. Real bad. Trying to copy some real singing treasures style but really sad.
Graham Hutchinson
Graham Hutchinson Vit më parë
Love the audio tracks
Angela Hall
Angela Hall Vit më parë
Lived this one!!
Chris O
Chris O Vit më parë
Wafula Davis
Wafula Davis Vit më parë
kate vergas withe killer dimples
Gabriel Sotaridona
Gabriel Sotaridona Vit më parë
Jack Ruess
Jack Ruess Vit më parë
Just found this channel and it’s awesome
Hunter Keys
Hunter Keys Vit më parë
Any of y’all remember 7 months ago (Ep. 174) when they did this? Lenny was a newborn 🥰🙂
ma pau
ma pau Vit më parë
Thanks for sharing your awesome adventures truly inspirational .Big ups to the new cabin boy Lenny.
Amy Hopkins
Amy Hopkins Vit më parë
Currently in Ios and wondering what bar you played at. I’m literally standing in Circus which has live music so that was my first thought but if you see this id be interested I’m here for a few more nights 💕 have been binge watching so much the past few months love your channel
Zz Man
Zz Man Vit më parë
I am curious. How is black water disposal handled on your boat or boats used similar to yours?
Paul Cox
Paul Cox Vit më parë
Hi Riley and elayna. I’ve been a huge fan for quite a few years. You are so inspirational. I live just outside Melbourne in Australia and have never sailed before but I’ve booked in for classes. I have a wife and two kids 10 and 8 and I’m keen to be involved in the sailing world. I just want to start short sails first then build to over night sails. Do u have any advice? What sort of yacht? I have limited finances just want to get into it now I’m in my 40’s Do u know of any online forums or sites for guidance? I wish I could be a patreon subscriber to keep you guys afloat but with two kids it’s a bit tough! Keep sailing! Paul.
Clara Isely
Clara Isely Vit më parë
Glorious morning Riley and Elayna.I have a secret deeper than this blue hole to share with all solace seeking solo sailors. Since 1784 NH Constitution Bill of Rights has protected our Rights of Conscience UNALIENABLE. ALSO Conscientious Objectors NOT COMPELLED to Bear Arms. This includes war against 🌎 by intentional manipulation of climate. ART.10 Right of Revolution.....The doctrine of nonresistance against arbitrary power and oppression is absurd, slavish and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind. My vessel is a tiny solar powered cabin on 12 permaculture acres. Me, my 🐕 and Tiny the rescu pony are the Peace Train. You are invited aboard
Zurtd Vit më parë
Bizlayer Avoidor
Bizlayer Avoidor Vit më parë
any chance you could sail to the south Pacific (Fiji).
Nanichaa Vit më parë
Last month I discovered your channel. Spend the last month 8hours a day watching your videos from the very first one. Finally made it to the latest one!! Love your channel. But i am probably the only one here who could not live on a boat forever. Maybe only 1 month a year or so..
Jeremy Hall
Jeremy Hall Vit më parë
www.theguardian.com/cities/gallery/2015/sep/28/cleaning-up-haiti-safest-water-source-contaminating-in-pictures Check out this link regarding the water bags...
Willie van der Merwe
Willie van der Merwe Vit më parë
I just subscribed to you guys and do not regret it at all you guys are so beautiful on the inside and out❤️
Jason Clark
Jason Clark Vit më parë
Awesome as always, enjoying catching up on episodes
KLG Vit më parë
is that an engagement ring at 0:52 ;) ?! and then to tease us with Riley in a tux!!!
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