Our TINY HOME with Sails. Traveling via the WIND. Ep. 207

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Sailing La Vagabonde

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Learn the basics of sailing with us! bit.ly/essentialsailguide
Song Credits:
00:00 There WIll Be A Time - Joe Kaplow - joekaplow.net
04:46 Home - Simon Alexander - open.spotify.com/artist/4i4s4cwfzGvsURbt6rzKTA?si=niowxSjXSZuur86JC6TGHA
07:27 Michael Dunstan - Oversupply - spoti.fi/2D8YGao
12:51 Oregon, Virginia - The Riverside - www.theriversidefolk.com/
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Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde Vit më parë
Thanks to all the praise on one million subscribers! So humbling, it's never something most people on ALnets imagined when they started making videos. We did it because we enjoyed sharing our experiences and the difference it was making to others. Thanks to everyone who has subscribed at some point in this 4-5 year journey. You've played a big part in why we're here now. Thank you to our incredible community on Patreon! You guys are our rock and the reason why we've never had to sell our soul! We have full control of our content and can say or do anything we like because of the independence you provide us. We just hope you know how truly appreciative we are for your support. For those interested in what it's all about, you can find it here: bit.ly/SLVPatreon Cheers everyone!
Saleem Saleem
Saleem Saleem Muaj më parë
@Sam Cullen sgdhd
Sam Cullen
Sam Cullen Vit më parë
Love ya Work! Gracie
Richard Voiello
Richard Voiello Vit më parë
I subscribed to your chanell and it makes Me happy watching your videos and helps with my Depression. So I want to Thank You for that. When you are out at Sea. Is it Bumpy or that Boat made to be comfortable. I love your channel keep it up. Kind Regards from England in the United Kingdom. X
clark whitehead
clark whitehead Vit më parë
Can I advertise a product with you guys? Please!
Brian S.
Brian S. 12 ditë më parë
Considering your lightning strike in Miami, are you aware of lightning rods for your mast and protective electronic devices are available for sailboats?
Swamy Bhupathi
Swamy Bhupathi Muaj më parë
Wonderful ...peaceful adventure for peaceful live...
Anuar Jopri
Anuar Jopri 2 muaj më parë
I like you child..cute..happy family..May God Bless You
Elogium 3 muaj më parë
Great videos, love the soundtracks and great to see you all having a good time.
Didymus Mac
Didymus Mac 3 muaj më parë
Anybody else notice the shark at 2:15? Was that the "big fish"?
BadCat 4 muaj më parë
Cat island , eh ?? sounds like I could get quite comfy there ;-)
Ron de Gier
Ron de Gier 5 muaj më parë
Just wondering.....where do keep the used dipers?
Ragnar Lothbrok
Ragnar Lothbrok 5 muaj më parë
Why are you guys not flying flag on your boat.. can't see em anywhere
M Robin
M Robin 6 muaj më parë
quote of the channel so far - " Lenny one day all these will be yours "
JC Baily
JC Baily 6 muaj më parë
It is always a treat to get to re-visit with you all and to see Lenny in his younger days. He definitely helps to make my day....he is such a little prince!!!!
Gooitzen Veenstra
Gooitzen Veenstra 8 muaj më parë
I wish you a lot of luck and happiness
papata puputo
papata puputo 8 muaj më parë
this is a hell ...
Kukuruz Krupnoklipac
Kukuruz Krupnoklipac 8 muaj më parë
Its good to be rich
keli stratton
keli stratton 8 muaj më parë
Great episode
ebayerr 9 muaj më parë
2:36,"Nice package"....Oh my
Ellen Brown
Ellen Brown 9 muaj më parë
It's been a joy to watch you two, and now three, share the love that you have for each other. Thank you so much. Reily, you are so manly, yet gentle, and um Captainly. Alaina, you are so beautiful and such a good Mother. I wish you all the best and safety too. You seem to love the Bahamas, and I can see why. As you well know, they get such dangerous weather there at times, and that is quite worrisome to me. I'm 73 and the only way I can live such a life is vicariously. Blessings ...
mdd1963 9 muaj më parë
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson 9 muaj më parë
On another episode you talked about dangerous for the kids. Driving drunk with your kids is dangerous people do it all the time. Having a child abroad is not dangerous any more than anything else you guys take great care of lenny and only thing I would suggest is netting all around the rails. But the heck with what people say.
Jamuel Lonei
Jamuel Lonei 9 muaj më parë
Never datiugg ka or beeug lay Coiliep nad taulga tiley fatteugeld are Chaulap "free Lasindsag tiely ine" of hiley who pretitul wheplinas cadid Uogasda Cine porile b - good kay cualg s' with haplau cadiag to...eshilo Teilng ako wadulga preildey cualg kay it hopley end Hualgda use gevekilo wehoples achualg s' wauldag can desulger in all with o by uag kedugler s' that they chaplisag carida kopese cualg karaulag kile pa - Bliey s' if hogo katteudieg cadiula god uley chapeleng caered That alone keipliua Guleg uiag katt ualgd all whep key eu I... we about akeputelger si Wheriedasg everueld keiger... all wsdidasga or huelger pouemg lay istaugla teug katiuelger been are ugler' kay cachaplatula "Keugemli" achualg are heppl uasdig catulger... kauga s- or hiley to whesed uag sar oile Yeulgermmo sha... up... camsad to' kep nad c ieveholep kadiug wheplesdiley..
Frigate Chaser Fishing
Frigate Chaser Fishing 10 muaj më parë
Dejan Miljkovic
Dejan Miljkovic 10 muaj më parë
John Warren
John Warren 10 muaj më parë
You have been in the videos long enough to know it is hard to hear what you. are saying with that music noise going..........!!!!!!!!
DEALING DOG 11 muaj më parë
If I got sea sick which I probably would I wouldn't go saling
mike Jones
mike Jones 11 muaj më parë
Clean it then or quit talking about it
Ves Ves
Ves Ves 11 muaj më parë
Humm,is Lenny going to be the new Mawgli ...
Mags keane
Mags keane 11 muaj më parë
Great name for an album of great music "& Tell me what the wind says"......
aus bavaria
aus bavaria Vit më parë
Mit solch großartigen Menschen wie Nikki, Greta, Riley and Elayna ist mir um die Zukunft unserer Welt nicht bange. Man muss leider auch auf die 'looser' unserer Gesellschaft aufpassen, die keine Hemmung haben, Mitmenschen zu ermorden, nur weil sie mal kurzzeitig in die Medien kommen wollen oder weil sie von einer Religion verblödet werden.
Николай Неизвестных
Николай Неизвестных Vit më parë
Diar frends.Увидел у Вас глобус и ужаснулся. Кто, как не моряки должны знать, что вода не гнётся?Woter doees not bend.У Вас ребёнок и он должен жить в Обмане? Then where does the globe. How water can hold on a ball. Maybe the Earth is a basin of water. Попробовал воспользоваться переводчиком. Не знаю, что получилось. Вы good fameli.
david baggett
david baggett Vit më parë
I find myself watching your adventure due to its relaxing nature and wholesome family atmosphere. Love of life, nature, and family. Really enjoy how Alana prepares healthy meals and notes how they improve body function.
Jeffrey Vit më parë
Lenny is one lucky baby. He sure seems happy and loved. Good job guys.
Antonia Baker
Antonia Baker Vit më parë
AMAZING. That's me. Grew up on a cruisers but I've never sailed..On my bucket list to learn to sail.
sjb1781 Vit më parë
Flying across Atlantic to look at boats?! Carbon footprint? Stay consistent.
許紹景 Vit më parë
真令人羨慕嚮往帆船海上旅遊! Your baby is very cute!Very Good!
konadude50 Vit më parë
You guys have the luckiest baby!
Marty Bauza
Marty Bauza Vit më parë
amazing , beautiful, you guy are not afraid being alone with a baby in the middle of no wear
Paul Hoffman
Paul Hoffman Vit më parë
When does the La Vagabonde, SEX TAPE come available ??? If done right you could retire or A bigger boat.. The possibilities are endless.....
Gabriel Lipschitz
Gabriel Lipschitz Vit më parë
Little shark next to the boat at 2:16
12345 678910
12345 678910 Vit më parë
Did y’all have much experience sailing previously to starting to living full time aboard? This channel is so amazing!!
Brenda Womer
Brenda Womer Vit më parë
I don't think my comment counts, again....how old is Lenny???
Barry McCrae
Barry McCrae Vit më parë
Just catching up with your videos after being away for the summer on our boat. The boat in your video at 3.10 mins 'Mira Polaris' we saw the same boat in the Balearics in August - what a coincidence.
moh Mohammed
moh Mohammed Vit më parë
😍😍👍👍👍 🧜‍♂️🧜‍♀️
LYRICS JLHS Vit më parë
My dream . 😭😭😭
Klaus Leim
Klaus Leim Vit më parë
I thought only Americans can't eat with a knife and fork.
Sl wild and nature
Sl wild and nature Vit më parë
Exalent realy very very very beautiful life nothing in this world more than this i hope.
R. Nagarya
R. Nagarya Vit më parë
LOVE your videos have watched them for 4-5 years!
tractor man TP
tractor man TP Vit më parë
I hope you guys know how blessed you are what a beautiful life!!!😃 sailing is amazing I used to sail small boats years ago it is an amazing feeling just you and the wind especially when you're about to Turtleback if you got the sheet pull all the way in and your hiking out oh yes! Your boy there is going to be the most amazing sailor by the time he's 10 it's unbelievable!!
RoadMode _
RoadMode _ Vit më parë
Its disgusting how BEAUTIFUL your lives are and mine is HORRIBLE WITHOUT CHOICE. Remember to live for all US that cannot...
JC Baily
JC Baily Vit më parë
It is so neat to be able to re-watch previously viewed vlogs...you all are such wonderful parents and to see Lenny again is a real treat...the music you choose really is quite interesting and enjoyable....thanks for all that you do for us!
Marc Anthony Marquez
Marc Anthony Marquez Vit më parë
Jay Sindab
Jay Sindab Vit më parë
haven't seen Lenny do his night shift yet, is he a little lazy perhaps?
Maxim Al-Kadhi
Maxim Al-Kadhi Vit më parë
What a beautiful family
Stephanie Horn
Stephanie Horn Vit më parë
Your baby is perfect! Love you guys. Keep up all the good work
Harley_65 Vit më parë
Did nobody else notice the giant shark at 2:13 at the bottom right of shot?
Edson Dantas
Edson Dantas Vit më parë
Linda rainha você e a modelo mais linda que eu já vi bonta uma maravilha de princesa gosto muito de você gatinha e este amigo
Diane Smith
Diane Smith Vit më parë
Love you guys, so happy to see Riley with sunscreen on Lenny’s beautiful Elanas a terrific mum Riley you’re pretty amazing as well keep safe .Diane ( Australia )
soungsoo yun
soungsoo yun Vit më parë
나도 앞으로 남은 인생은 요트 타는면서 보낼꺼야~
glendon hartwell
glendon hartwell Vit më parë
Make more instructional videos on sailing
Bernard Ramen
Bernard Ramen Vit më parë
Hope you'll come to Mauritius one day!
Sergy K
Sergy K Vit më parë
Y Sanchez
Y Sanchez Vit më parë
wish to meet a girl like her ,not afraid of water , or wandering with purpose or even without but to adventure to enjoy and learn...
David Zaharik
David Zaharik Vit më parë
Another Boréal... love it... cuz I got one
Tanja Gibney
Tanja Gibney Vit më parë
Is E pregnant?
steve thomas
steve thomas Vit më parë
Beautiful flat earth life you guys!...thank you for being a inspiration to so many!
R MK Vit më parë
All the colors, sounds, textures are SO great - nice capture of it all! It's amazing how many skills you need to sail - including not being afraid of heights! omg!
Naika Rivera-Deutsch
Naika Rivera-Deutsch Vit më parë
I have never been sailing
Jesse Carothers
Jesse Carothers Vit më parë
Anyone see the shark at 2:16
Nikki Boucher
Nikki Boucher Vit më parë
Super funny
Camping Adventures
Camping Adventures Vit më parë
Is there an electrical ground on your boat? If so is it still working? Wondering if there’s a short messing with your electric.
John Jacob Astor
John Jacob Astor Vit më parë
@0:09 "one day all of this will be yours" *heartbreaks
Chris W.
Chris W. Vit më parë
When she said Long Island I was looking at the map like, that’s not New York
vk2ig Vit më parë
Likewise ... it was very obvious it was the Bahamas. There are a few places around the world called Long Island. 😁
Alia Duncan
Alia Duncan Vit më parë
such an inspiration! what a beautiful way of life. thanks for all the joy, love and amazing vibes you guys are spreading out
Lisa Johanna Hubert
Lisa Johanna Hubert Vit më parë
Wuhuu Good Job, it’s „Auf Wiedersehen“ 🥳 Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪
Paige Woodward
Paige Woodward Vit më parë
I’m shocked that you guys don’t have some type of guard net for your baby
TheNicombraun Vit më parë
Always a fan since your first boat. Its amazing! Thanks for everything
jason stearns
jason stearns Vit më parë
Is that a shark near the boat at 2:16?? Awesome.
Marie whanah
Marie whanah Vit më parë
i super love love love your videos, sailing isnt easy, but you make it easier. you three are worth watching. i guess u should probably get a bunny on board instead of a dog. i watched you since the begining
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller Vit më parë
I know you're headed to Long Island but at some point you'll need to visit Western New York! It's beautiful
WaxestLowa732 R
WaxestLowa732 R Vit më parë
Good to know thanks!
Anastasia Mamilife
Anastasia Mamilife Vit më parë
Yeah. Youre Videos are amazing!!!!
Jolieke Vit më parë
I love your watching your video's! Such a gorgeous family, i wish you guys all the luck and will keep watching!
Michelle Marcus
Michelle Marcus Vit më parë
dante dante
dante dante Vit më parë
You guys are just outstanding...GREAT AMBASSADORS FOR OZZ promotions for your sponsors..... drone and under water photography...Riley you are a legend.....as l said before you make me feel testical less....keep on keeping on chz dd
maclover4321 Vit më parë
Great video, one of my favorites
Scott Lilley
Scott Lilley Vit më parë
So good to see you at sea and really sailing. You guys the boat and the deep blue is what its all about!
Lisa Greig
Lisa Greig Vit më parë
Lenny is sure adorable!!! But why doesn't he have toys??? Baby's learn from playing with different kinds..As they get older the learning increases and then buy the ones for his age...( just some motherly advise) He is a happy and healthy baby.( And well loved) And teething toys..Or you could put a clean washcloth (white) in the freezer this will help also ⭐️
Fed Up
Fed Up Vit më parë
I hope these people work via internet cause I cannot imagine contributing nothing to society than sailing around without a goal. Except for getting likes, subscribers and views. And of course the thumbnails have T&A in them for bait clicking. At some point they are going to have to be productive citizens to feel a sence of belonging. Hopefully before the infant grows up enough to understand work ethic.
Bryan Schnegelberger
Bryan Schnegelberger Vit më parë
Do you ever use the drone to scope out spearfishing spots?
Ethan Albrecht
Ethan Albrecht Vit më parë
What’s Lenny going to do when he’s older, tiny house no friends
Kevin Schreur
Kevin Schreur Vit më parë
Love the Holy Grail reference!
Kellie Carey
Kellie Carey Vit më parë
Have you guys been to Cayman Islands? Recommend or not? Thank you 😊
Along for the Ride
Along for the Ride Vit më parë
So happy that Lenny is such a happy boy! Love watching his little personality expand!!
Earnie B
Earnie B Vit më parë
Gosh how I love your videos...do PERFECT!.... SAFE TRAVELS TO YOU 3!!!
latitude Vit më parë
Lenny 👍🏼🍿
trondsi Vit më parë
4:40 wait, what? You go into the wind why?
TxRenee Vit më parë
Can you please tell us where you get your bathing suits from?! Obsessed😍 love you guys, your family cheers me up so much and I love seeing people truly enjoy the ocean and being out at sea!
ernz 08
ernz 08 Vit më parë
Such a legend mate.. Sail safe
bunkosquad2000 Vit më parë
Someday someone will ask Lenny: “So how long have you been sailing?”
Clive Jackson
Clive Jackson 8 muaj më parë
Born on a sailboat. Raised in a Catamaran. All my life I've been a sailin' man.
Brys Life
Brys Life Vit më parë
Did anyone see the shark just before 2 minutes 30
Brys Life
Brys Life Vit më parë
Did anyone else see the shark
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