WE DID IT! After 19 Days at Sea, Sailing Greta Thunberg into Lisbon! Ep.6

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Sailing La Vagabonde

8 muaj më parë

We arrive in Lisbon to drop off Greta Thunberg after sailing 3200 nautical miles across the North Atlantic Ocean. What a journey it has been. We've experienced it all out here. Join us for the second last video of our experience in getting La Vagabonde to Europe. The smell of land has never been so sweet!! Be sure to watch the playlist from the beginning if you've missed these episodes with Greta:
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08:25 Heavy Light- Ben Catley - open.spotify.com/artist/66OGdUyXn2WSipn6ZYq7id?si=_6WK-FtPT_OuCZ51tk5xtQ
10:38 The King's Parade - Belsize Lane - alnets.info/work/d6htq6-ZyqCZ14o/video.html
14:54 MaJLo - The Bird's Song - MaJLomusic
17:13 On My Way Home - Adam Yoo - soundcloud.com/adamyoo_music
20:16 A Morning Song - Miner - soundcloud.com/thisisminer
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Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde 8 muaj më parë
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Mike Stumpgrinding
Mike Stumpgrinding 2 muaj më parë
The crocks are not going to leave the planet along with the fiber glass boat etc .
californiakayaker N6GRG
californiakayaker N6GRG 4 muaj më parë
@red lizard No, I'm not going to be a completely out of it, no content, very impolite person who should know better , and suggest something like that. You need to go back to your mother and get her to teach you some reasonable manners.
red lizard
red lizard 4 muaj më parë
@californiakayaker N6GRG tell Greta to go to India and China where they contaminated they river's and stop going around all the Western countries,,. her own Swede's don't like her,,
californiakayaker N6GRG
californiakayaker N6GRG 4 muaj më parë
@red lizard When they got involved with Greta, changed things for me also. PUT THEM ON THE TOP OF MY GREAT CHANNEL LIST !
red lizard
red lizard 4 muaj më parë
I stopped watching you after greata got on board,,,
PetesNikon 2 ditë më parë
Having done ocean sailing myself, Riley's comments about the trip were so aptly put. There's nothing else like it in the whole of life's experience and these people expressed some of it with these good shots and video. Taking a video is the last thing you'd want to do when the sea is so high and powerful and you're getting tossed about, kudos to all who managed to turn the camera on and bring us into this mayhem. The North Atlantic is treacherous and can turn very nasty very quickly. As Riley said, the trip is not normally advisable during that season, for the very reasons experienced by Vagabond. Thank goodness for the seamanship of Riley and Nikki and the stalwart support of all others. This is a wonderful video of what happened. One for the history books.
Jeremy Usher
Jeremy Usher 8 ditë më parë
Fab guys well done and a good no great cause
Citizens Rights
Citizens Rights 9 ditë më parë
🇨🇦 New research shows 🌊 rogue waves are more frequent than Sailors & Fisherman once thought. Any thoughts ? lol
Charles Field
Charles Field 9 ditë më parë
What an amazing journey, you folks are heroes for helping Greta spread her message.
James Kelly
James Kelly 10 ditë më parë
Well done
jim page
jim page 11 ditë më parë
I was sad to see they didn’t mention you in the DOC I am Greta👎
Fran Baas
Fran Baas 12 ditë më parë
What an adventure, congratulations to all involved.
David Parkhill
David Parkhill 13 ditë më parë
Unique experience watching this channel and learning about the world. This video series with Greta and the crew really makes you appreciate the power of intelligent people working so hard for the common good, transcends politics and Thank you!
Chuck Stowe
Chuck Stowe 14 ditë më parë
How dare you!
jake ledger
jake ledger 13 ditë më parë
is that meant to be funny?
ToiToi PUBLIC 14 ditë më parë
Love for @greta and you.
Gui Oliveira
Gui Oliveira 24 ditë më parë
I am viewing episodes from the beggining and in this particular one, dated march 2 2020, there was an agglomerated crowd using no masks waiting for Greta. Was it that Portugal went late into Covid-19 epidemics or that the stated date is the issuing date, refleting an editing delay?
jake ledger
jake ledger 13 ditë më parë
this was filmed November 2019
David King
David King 24 ditë më parë
I love the Crocs. Practical and comfy.
ali mitchell
ali mitchell 27 ditë më parë
Nikki is a formidable human being...great sailor, great intuition...Riley too...the sea shows up weaknesses very quickly...in structure, equipment and people... Well done to you both.. Pancakes would have been the last thing I mentioned....hard sail...good on ya!
Florencine Marearai-Nash
Florencine Marearai-Nash Muaj më parë
Haha! Crocs, aren’t they a slippery hazard? Love em!
J S Muaj më parë
That was truly great! One of the best people to support on Patreon too. More people sign up! They are helping change the world.
matthias elsner
matthias elsner Muaj më parë
Life (āyus) means the connection of body, mind and soul. The great teacher and connoisseur of Āyurveda, Punarvasu Atreya, defines life in the Caraka-Saṃhitā using the following synonyms: cetananuvṛtti (continuance of consciousness), jīvita (animation), anubandha (constant flow) and dhāri (preservation of the body). Ayurveda is the science by which ayus, life, is understood. “Sattvam (psyche - the subtle body consisting of mind, intelligence and ego), ātmā (self) and śarīra (the gross body) are a triad on which the knowledge of life is based. This living trinity is the conscious individual (puruṣa) and it is the place of this Veda. Ayurveda has been brought to light for them alone. " - Caraka-Saṃhitā, Sūtrasthana 1.46-47 "As a person takes off old clothes and puts on new ones, so the soul gives up bodies that have become old and useless and accepts new ones." (Bhagavad Gita 2.22) At the moment when ātmān (spiritual soul; conscious spiritual spark) through his karma and his material desires under higher control into a material connection - e.g. of sperm and egg cell - comes in, a living being develops. The consciousness of the living being is filtered through its material body. According to Vedic philosophy there are 8,400,000 life forms, which means that there are just as many filters of the consciousness of the spiritual souls. Within the human form of life, consciousness is again filtered in many ways, e.g. an infant has a different consciousness from a child and an adult a different consciousness from a child. In addition, a person's consciousness is conditioned by sattva, rajas and tamas, or a combination of these guṇas. The Vedas distinguish 5 stages of consciousness: 1. acchadita-cetana (covered consciousness), 2. sankucita-cetana (limited consciousness), 3. mukulita-cetana (budding consciousness), 4. vikacita-cetana (blooming consciousness), 5. purna-vikacita-cetana (fully blossomed consciousness). The spiritual souls that reside in trees, herbs, grasses etc. and in stones are in covered consciousness. You are almost unconscious. Animals, birds, snakes, fish, worms, insects, etc. are living things with limited consciousness. Their minds are somewhat open and their activities are mainly focused on eating, sleeping, defense, sex, play, etc. Activities that only relate to the body are fixed. They are not aware of the existence of a world beyond matter. Some animals have knowledge of the various properties of different objects. They may also show signs of gratitude and other feelings, but they do not seek higher knowledge beyond illusion. That is why their consciousness is called limited. (@t, aayurveda.de)
Raj Kumar Maity
Raj Kumar Maity Muaj më parë
D people who have disliked d video...u have no idea what dey hav nd had nd will go through...
Will Main
Will Main 2 muaj më parë
Crocs and Uggs should never be recycled because there's a chance they might make more crocs and uggs....noone with eyeballs wants that.....)
ExecutiveWorks, LLC
ExecutiveWorks, LLC 2 muaj më parë
I was with you till you went pollical - the idea this planet can be told what to do given history is ignorance or financial.
sook oner
sook oner 2 muaj më parë
Netz Moon
Netz Moon 2 muaj më parë
Amazingly Awesome! Great work...
bill hester
bill hester 2 muaj më parë
Want NOTHING to do with Greta thunberg
Jörgen Fredriksson
Jörgen Fredriksson Muaj më parë
EXACTLY how i feel about you .
Mike Williams
Mike Williams 2 muaj më parë
What lovely film. Good luck to all involved.
paxwallacejazz 2 muaj më parë
I heard typical gails but she said typical girls🤷‍♂️🌊kinda similar if theyre mad at you.
nodgwig 2 muaj më parë
I'm Portuguese and I was waiting to watch live (online) when Greta arrived and back then I still didn't follow you guys, so it's super weird and cool to now watch your old videos and realize I saw La Vagabonde before!
Barak 3 muaj më parë
beautiful family :)
Tim Becker
Tim Becker 3 muaj më parë
You guys are amazing!
The Practical Beekeeper - Melbourne
The Practical Beekeeper - Melbourne 3 muaj më parë
What can I say, congratulations on being part of this global story. Keep it up
Wil Smith
Wil Smith 3 muaj më parë
Funny she used up more "carbon" this way than had she been on a plane....what a scam....Isn't she autistic or mentally challenged?
Jessica Shepherd
Jessica Shepherd 3 muaj më parë
That journey had a sort of Noah’s Ark significance to it - I’m not religious, but watching this, I couldn’t help be moved by the importance of it and the effort it took. Well done all.
Brenton Parry
Brenton Parry 3 muaj më parë
I've been binging on your channel for weeks now and become a Patron so riding the emotions of all your adventures has been fun. This one made me cry. What an incredible, tough trip it was. I feel so sorry for Greta and the ridiculous abuse she has received online for being so brave and doing so much to make sure the damage previous generations have done, doesn't rob her of a planet to enjoy in her lifetime. Good on you guys for being such a great part of it!
Smirnoff 3 muaj më parë
Go watch pragerU’s video destroying the little girl in facts .
abbi brophy
abbi brophy 3 muaj më parë
what awesome ambassadors you are for our country!!!
Mariska en Gerard van Duinen- Lensen
Mariska en Gerard van Duinen- Lensen 3 muaj më parë
Wauwwww had to cry big time so brave of all.of you. 💖
Toia Karipa
Toia Karipa 3 muaj më parë
Offensive eye saw
OneEyed Mike
OneEyed Mike 3 muaj më parë
Mike Williams
Mike Williams 3 muaj më parë
Respect. Just watched all the crossing vids with the advantage of knowing you made it...and I was still terrified. Something a bit sad about Greta who can be away from the cameras for 19 days then gets thrown into the spotlight in Lisbon.
max matiasi
max matiasi 3 muaj më parë
I thought she was all about climate change .. I'm sure the oil damages the ocean hmmmmm
Zero Two
Zero Two 3 muaj më parë
M AC 3 muaj më parë
Leave my Crocs alone , .please
Desert Jeep Rat
Desert Jeep Rat 3 muaj më parë
Crocks, The footwear of the wise and weathered. How many footwear rules are their on a sailboat anyway?
Emma Jackson
Emma Jackson 3 muaj më parë
A little late to the video, but wow! What an amazing journey that was to watch.
Ane Zeh
Ane Zeh 3 muaj më parë
Irowthe1x 3 muaj më parë
That was great!
Jim Douglas
Jim Douglas 3 muaj më parë
Nothing phases Lenny LOL
Garrett Harvey
Garrett Harvey 3 muaj më parë
I feel bad for greta. The globalist corrupt politicians use her to push their agenda. She is brainwashed and is used just for votes.
Martin Harris
Martin Harris 4 muaj më parë
Awesome 👏! Proud of you !
kitkat nerva
kitkat nerva 4 muaj më parë
what vegan butter brand is that please? :) thank you
gotham61 4 muaj më parë
Lenny is about the happiest baby I've ever seen.
Bayou Treasures
Bayou Treasures 4 muaj më parë
Thanks for getting her out of America!
Marian Isjasz
Marian Isjasz 4 muaj më parë
0:50 navigation made easy
Stephen Duquette
Stephen Duquette 4 muaj më parë
That was amazing ! I've been checking out episodes , out of order so I was kinda surprised to see Greta on board . Well that waranted a special welcome in Lisbon ! I'm glad that you're all safe .
Petru Petru
Petru Petru 4 muaj më parë
All the electronics whole boat is constructed against her beliefs
Petru Petru
Petru Petru 4 muaj më parë
Greta have to know that that catamaran doesn't go only with wind. You guys have to motoring somtimes. Shes just a pupet. And her father dont care about her education. She suppose to be in the school.
cracker314 4 muaj më parë
Nikki: lowest key MVP
Rob Lamb
Rob Lamb 4 muaj më parë
hi guys, can you point me to specs and stuff on Vagabonde??
Ohman Leute
Ohman Leute 4 muaj më parë
you guys are absolutely amazing and inspiring!
D. Bowen
D. Bowen 4 muaj më parë
Wow!! What an adventure. Lenny won’t know the history he’s been a part of for many years to come. Pray that you all continue to have fair winds and following seas!
Luz Maria Rahla
Luz Maria Rahla 4 muaj më parë
I think Greta and Lenny look alike, LOL
Michael Byrd
Michael Byrd 4 muaj më parë
Love how Svante says she's picked it up as a hobby! It's well beyond that. People all over the world in every continent know about Greta. Svante's so cool!
Chanel alam Gaming
Chanel alam Gaming 4 muaj më parë
Yang ingin 10000 sub di tunggu eaa 🙏
Maisie Blacketer
Maisie Blacketer 4 muaj më parë
Brian G
Brian G 4 muaj më parë
Wonderful job!
scott bruce
scott bruce 4 muaj më parë
Little man does great with the sea conditions
C Q 5 muaj më parë
Some pretty rough seas near the beginning. You are calm and brave to cross the sea in that weather. You two are a neat couple. Elayna sure is a neat woman. Thanks.
Cameron Wallace
Cameron Wallace 5 muaj më parë
Aragorn Elessar
Aragorn Elessar 5 muaj më parë
Riley nailed that speech. Excellent stuff.
Wang Steve
Wang Steve 5 muaj më parë
How dare u
Jack Fisher
Jack Fisher 5 muaj më parë
If I had a dollar every time Riley said um I’m that speech I’d be rich 😂
Mark Durham
Mark Durham 5 muaj më parë
Hope Greta can join you to sail in less intense weather, after high school of course.
Karoline Faarlund
Karoline Faarlund 5 muaj më parë
Love the crocs!😂👌🏻 Amazing to follow this Journey!❤️
Noah McCullar
Noah McCullar 5 muaj më parë
You dumber for doing that
Sa Pallas
Sa Pallas 5 muaj më parë
Mapets of g. Soros iluminaty !!!earth dont need oigology mapets need bles of HOLY TRINITY AND JESUS wake up guys you love glory
Kelsey T
Kelsey T 5 muaj më parë
What an emotional, empowering episode. Thanks as always for sharing with us
Ragnar Lothbrok
Ragnar Lothbrok 5 muaj më parë
You guys really know when to snatch an opportunity 😋
BillyBob 5 muaj më parë
Greta believes in being tiny. Tiny = little consumption Save planet Earth!
dinnerandashow 5 muaj më parë
They don't know why but Lenny started making those ominous sounds after crossing the Devil's Triangle.
AirScholar 5 muaj më parë
I hate being talked as the 3rd person when I am right there. Please ask Greta directly. Otherwise, it is disrespectful and rude. Greta especially must want to be taken seriously considering she is almost 18 but still looks like 11.
joe black
joe black 5 muaj më parë
These people suck....!!!
Pedro Le
Pedro Le 5 muaj më parë
i had a lot of bad thinking about the litle girl ... but after sseen that part of the vlogg i realise she a a teenager with a great future . thank you LA VAGABONDE to made me understand
Debbie Cooper
Debbie Cooper 6 muaj më parë
Ishmael is not worthy of Gods laws .Do not mix with them .Death is better than slavery..khazar satan seed and your end is near by hand of God
Debbie Cooper
Debbie Cooper 6 muaj më parë
Kidding.... synogog of satan
C pl
C pl 6 muaj më parë
Waaaau !!
Bujji K.
Bujji K. 6 muaj më parë
Wow. This was so amazing to watch and see how much hard work you all did. You all deserve a round of applause and a well earned vacation after this! Each and everyone of you did an outstanding job!
s a w y e r d e l l e n e y
s a w y e r d e l l e n e y 6 muaj më parë
“ 20 knots, wooooooo!” 🤣🤣
Abigail Dennehy
Abigail Dennehy 6 muaj më parë
I’m so amazed right now THANK YOU for doing this YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING
Matthew Toon
Matthew Toon 6 muaj më parë
Well I really enjoyed that!!
M Robin
M Robin 6 muaj më parë
waaaaah, the last frame father and son on bed was the best !
RRR R 6 muaj më parë
👏😊 C’est avec vous que Greta a fait la traversée de l’Atlantique ..... ❤️
Mantis 09
Mantis 09 6 muaj më parë
Fancy eye sore! Sounds good!
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 6 muaj më parë
Lenny jest takes Over the show
Adam Halikos
Adam Halikos 6 muaj më parë
Amazing I felt like I was there!!
Adam Halikos
Adam Halikos 6 muaj më parë
Staring at crocs never gets easy.
surin gandhi
surin gandhi 6 muaj më parë
Jay Wu
Jay Wu 6 muaj më parë
Wesley Coggle
Wesley Coggle 6 muaj më parë
That is so amazing! what a journey to take with such an amazing young activist.
A Fun Couple
A Fun Couple 6 muaj më parë
That was so amazing !! Thanks for the great videos. So inspiring
Eleonora Sjölund
Eleonora Sjölund 6 muaj më parë
Lots of love to you all! Thank you for letting us be a part of your life!
Eric Christopher
Eric Christopher 6 muaj më parë
Wow. What a marvelous and emotional video and journey. Thank you in so many ways.
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