BOAT LIFE: Our Version of ISOLATION Ep.240

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Sailing La Vagabonde

7 muaj më parë

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It appears as if we've been in isolation for years now....... we were well trained for what was about to emerge. Join us as we were, in the stunning Chesapeake before the entire world shut down.
Song Credits:
00:00 The Big Idea - XXXVII -
06:21 Riff Beach - In The Pines -
09:53 Circlelight - From the Outside -
17:58 Handmade Moments - Invisible Things -
Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!!
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Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde 7 muaj më parë
Thanks for watching! Only one more episode left of our time in USA before we jump across The Atlantic to Portugal. If you haven't already seen our Atlantic crossing, you can check out the playlist here:
Alan Zolotoff
Alan Zolotoff 7 muaj më parë
Lenny needs a mullet. He’s so darn cute, He would Be even cuter with a mullet !!!!!!! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🙏🏻
Евгений Быстров
Евгений Быстров 7 muaj më parë
clightn027 7 muaj më parë
Sailing La Vagabonde you guys are awesome! I really enjoy watching you’re adventures:)
Life Noob
Life Noob 7 muaj më parë
Sailing La Vagabonde yeah it actually kind of looks like canada
Chris Sheets
Chris Sheets 7 muaj më parë
From Chesapeake Bay down around Cape Hatteras and south to Charleston? That's a great sail. I look forward to the next video.
Meaghan 12 ditë më parë
Yes , it does look like Canada landscape
WorldoAdventures 13 ditë më parë
Moogi" is a fella that sits these Krsna cerimonies, he closes his eyes before he speaks, sort of sooths the air before speaks. Yung Mystic TY
Richard Raynault
Richard Raynault Muaj më parë
Eastern Canada
La Vina Media
La Vina Media Muaj më parë
i never knew ducks to fly in triangle shape... i always saw it to be a v shape lol...
Bob Conaway
Bob Conaway Muaj më parë
Hello you three! I've just finished watching your Atlantic crossing with Greta (again). I recall one serious issue you had with getting the main down quickly as a squall was arriving. Maybe consider rigging a downhaul line? Just a thought.
Ruth Long
Ruth Long 2 muaj më parë
Hey I love you guys so please don't take this personally but I was just wondering iknow you're on a boat but doesn't Lenny have toys to play with if he did he might not want to be so how should I put this well I into everything else and maybe free up a few minutes for you guys
Neil Louwrens
Neil Louwrens 2 muaj më parë
Great stuff. LOVE, LOVE, watching your episodes. Couple of thoughts - on top of stove pots make me nervous around the clamorous 'stowaway '. Prepare ahead. I treat a lot of burns and stove pots are a high offender. Second: 'slip,slop,slap' from a previous episode was an awesome plug for skin safety - hey it would be great if one of the fancy UV clothing companies could sponsor you and show off their goods as comfortable, practical, stylish, and promote skin consciousness. You both need more sun protection-IMHO. You don't want wrinkly, thin, blemished skin in your thirties, forties do you? Third, my kids and I are wondering if you have an offsite video editing team? Surely you cant do all this yourself?
Roger Dilley
Roger Dilley 2 muaj më parë
You need a saltwater deck wash, you can also run saltwater to the galley for dishwashing, saves heaps of fresh water.
leonardo cerrito
leonardo cerrito 3 muaj më parë
Help! Help to save my boat-house I am not the "reach" man who is loosing his toy. I am an old (72) man who 20 years ago sold his house and bought this boat where I live since then. Now this boat is dying because the Covid-19: i had to go away for a short time and i cant go back: the border are closed. With my litle pension (800$) i could not afford to buy an insurance. The boat is dying and without help i will loose it, i will loose my house, my life. Help me please: a little help from a bunch of person could save my boat-house, my life. PLEASE! Leonardo
Phil Jamie Ross
Phil Jamie Ross 3 muaj më parë
yup Canadian flying in formation
J John Brown
J John Brown 3 muaj më parë Norman Reedus biking in your area.
Veronica mastronardi
Veronica mastronardi 3 muaj më parë
Definitely looks like my beautiful Canada!! I’m from Ontario!!!
Zundar IPS
Zundar IPS 3 muaj më parë
jim wedge
jim wedge 3 muaj më parë
Reminds me of the Muskokas, north of Toronto
Nitiporn Sawad
Nitiporn Sawad 4 muaj më parë
Found your channel two weeks ago and now im hooked. Hope you ever come by Thailand coastline some day. Cheers
Claude C
Claude C 4 muaj më parë
Lenny thinks that cupboard is his toy box. HAHA
sept music
sept music 4 muaj më parë
Yes that looks like canada..and you would love it HERE Bless your family
Supper Weiss
Supper Weiss 4 muaj më parë
Immer wieder ergötzend! (Wieviele Kameras sind Euch schon ins Wasser gefallen?)
Maria A.
Maria A. 4 muaj më parë
Yes, looks like Canada!! Eastern Canada here!! When u making it up here? Caveat...come in Summer!! Enjoy your videos, 🙏 found you c/o Nicki Positano (another ALnetsr) who recommended u!!
danny olson
danny olson 4 muaj më parë
Have you all ever put out a list of audible recommendations ?
guitar7994 4 muaj më parë
The tree's are a lot bigger on the west coast
Lydia L
Lydia L 4 muaj më parë
Weird boat kids are often a result of weird boat parents... So, I don't see a need to worry. 😁
Guy L.
Guy L. 4 muaj më parë
Add some nice rocky mountains and your on the west coast, with the odd whale breech
Nancy Stephens
Nancy Stephens 4 muaj më parë
Love watching Lenny! The cutest. Oh, I like watching his mom and dad, too! Perfect. Stay safe.
Liam Scott
Liam Scott 4 muaj më parë
If you guys like doing the live streams you should look into twitch. You probably already have looked into tbh. But its a good live streaming platform. It's cool, easy and another way to get people to support you financially.
Tom Rafter
Tom Rafter 4 muaj më parë
@Riley, why’d you use a rolling hitch instead of a Prusik or Klemheist? Is there a particular advantage to a rolling hitch? It seemed to slip a bit at first. Cheers
Anun Azganun
Anun Azganun 5 muaj më parë
Lenny looked like little Mr Flibbles in that penguin outfit LOL
Mikeztarp 5 muaj më parë
That cover of Where Did You Sleep Last Night? was fantastic.
Paul DiCiccio
Paul DiCiccio 5 muaj më parë
Looks Very Canadian!
Lilly 5 muaj më parë
next time you're here sail the st. lawrence river and the thousand islands, its exactly between canada and the us! water is clear and not muddy or murky and no sharks!
Law & Order
Law & Order 6 muaj më parë
What are your plan when the child reaches school time?
Santana Rose
Santana Rose 6 muaj më parë
im from Kelowna B.C. Canada and yes that looks like Canada! Come visit, we'd love to have you!
Jim Deal
Jim Deal 6 muaj më parë
I was wondering if this was misdated due to the fall looking foliage. Then you mentioned the virus so I knew the date must be right. I lived in Va for years and never saw colored leaves in the spring. If you see this I'd like to know why you think the trees are different colors.
henry snow
henry snow 6 muaj më parë
Have u ever been in the gulf of mexico
Samantha LaRocque
Samantha LaRocque 6 muaj më parë
OMG! Lenny is so frikken cute..I love his growl and I love your posts!
Maren Gibbs
Maren Gibbs 6 muaj më parë
Kinda looks like Victoria island
stevehare197633 6 muaj më parë
Please don’t swear... my kids love watching you guys 😞😞 keep living the dream 😁😁
Stephanie Chambers
Stephanie Chambers 6 muaj më parë
Totally Canadian! Come and visit!! Although I wouldn't blame you if you chose the Bahamas over us! :D
Carmen Sternwood
Carmen Sternwood 6 muaj më parë
Riley;I love your peach trousers...
Ahsen Tyohate
Ahsen Tyohate 6 muaj më parë
yes that looks like Canada
XxDeZZoRxX 6 muaj më parë
Reminds me of northern lakes in Ontario
Ali 07
Ali 07 6 muaj më parë
It looks New England
Saadya 6 muaj më parë
As a Canadian at first I thought it was Canada and I was like holy I wanna go sailing or camping
Roy 6 muaj më parë
Looks like Canada alright
Hayden Johnstone
Hayden Johnstone 6 muaj më parë
Coming from northern Canada and yes that’s accurate for fall season
Sasha Hiremath
Sasha Hiremath 6 muaj më parë
Lenny is a stupid kid 😂
Alex Gaston
Alex Gaston 6 muaj më parë
Why does the wife look like Riley Reid
hawkinsdj99 6 muaj më parë
Yes it looks very much Canada 🇨🇦 in the fall time. Keep up the great videos.
Lily Adams
Lily Adams 6 muaj më parë
Does the novelty of sailing and sleeping under the stars ever wear off??
JAIME E TORRES 6 muaj më parë
Has it been easy to keep an eye out for Lenny around the boat?
Debby Utz
Debby Utz 6 muaj më parë
That Lenny is just precious & just like every baby I've ever known, pot and pans are their favorite kitchen cabinets. Hes so precious!!!
Sam Haggart
Sam Haggart 6 muaj më parë
Definetly looks Canadian! (From Québec) Much love ❤️
Craig Jensen
Craig Jensen 6 muaj më parë
gotta love Elayna's new mulet.
Patrick Edgar Regini
Patrick Edgar Regini 6 muaj më parë
I can really see how Lenny brought your communication into a common center devoid of any anxiety. That's awesome. I feel most of us in relationships level off to "acceptable levels" retaining always some edginess in how we talk to one other as couples? (← Aussie end of sentence inflection non question affirmation 😊) Our languages (human languages) really never do our subconscious much justice. It's a far distance to breach (the vast dwelling plane of most of the world's chaos and troubles). But I think you guys already were kind of there from the start it seems to me. I wonder if you both had very articulate parents who were into reading literature, speaking well and that sort of thing. Are you both Earth signs? ... sorry, I was just wondering, Dad definitely seems like the Cancer sign to me. Lenny seems like he'll be outgoing and engaging, yet smooth but willful... could be Leo? Let him shine, and never allow yourselves to sadden that he contrasts your moonlight introspectiveness. He may seem less romantic, and more energetic (talking about when he gets older of course) so you need not worry. You'll see he'll always feel he went out on a limb too far and then come right back of his own accord. I got the feeling though you already don't need anyone to tell you it's better to talk and engage in speaking with babies than to resort to popping up the "no's and dont's" all the time. I have a theory kids come out more intelligently expressive the less blocks they run up against, articulating instead by engaging in communication. All within a context of responsibility and self discipline of course. And it does seem that is who you are already, I definitely see that intuition playing out actively in the both of you just by what you have been filming. Yes, you kids make it so easy to become appreciative of both, you're like an early summer afternoon sea breeze, but I can also tell your little boy is the warm tropical sun rising in the early morning. Heads up! He's going to be a charmer though! Very blessed indeed. Thanks so much truly for the your attention to detail. I didn't see it so much at first, I just saw your episodes were not about impacting or being flashy, they're just very calm elegant and real, compared to some other editing blasting tricks I've seen around other places, but then I started noticing how the music would always land in on spot smoothly, even if it was slightly intense music, or just some original ideas like having people see Riley listen to audiobooks, and that made me start noticing everything else that is valuable at a subtle level. ... You could say you seduced me in! lol Good job 👍🏼👏🏻🙏
Jeanette Ward
Jeanette Ward 6 muaj më parë
Very Canadian, you're pretty close to Canada there but the northern east coast generally looks just like that, trees and rocks, rocks and trees. (I'm from Ontario but lived in Nova Scotia for 7 years)
Nikol Muka
Nikol Muka 6 muaj më parë
Honestly for a mom elayna looks amazing!!!!!
Paul and Gail
Paul and Gail 6 muaj më parë
Definitely looks like parts of our country 🇨🇦
Hannah Hakes
Hannah Hakes 6 muaj më parë
Hi guys. I was born completely blind. So I was wondering what Lenny left looks like. I really enjoy your content. You guys are so fun to watch. Stay safe and stay well :-)
P G 6 muaj më parë
when will you come in India?
Sander 6 muaj më parë
3:05 where have i heard that before?
Fiona MacKinnon
Fiona MacKinnon 6 muaj më parë
Sorry for the delay, but as a Canadian: It definitely looks Canadian (I'm from Nova Scotia)
Drama of Llamas
Drama of Llamas 6 muaj më parë
I’m Aussie to
TRENT MAXWELL 6 muaj më parë
you guys Rock.
RIGUY 6 muaj më parë
You should meet up with sailing zatara
UntrainableWizard 6 muaj më parë
The eye's closing thing is something people do that helps with thinking, might be more subconcious than anything. It's the same as people's eye's rolling up to help them think. I believe it comes with the same logic as closing your eye's to hear something better, or slowing breathing. You're cutting off other senses, lowering the energy used in that, in the hopes to divert that to the brain to help with processing information. Don't quote me on this, but I believe scientists have said that doing things like this can actually help with temporarily heightening other processes. Could be linked to raised concentration, or could be linked to just processing slightly less information than before.
Brenan & mowgli the boys!!!!
Brenan & mowgli the boys!!!! 6 muaj më parë
that baby is just so perfect!!!!!!!
Robin Thorsteinson
Robin Thorsteinson 6 muaj më parë
It does look like Canada!! Come visit Lunenburg, in Mahone Bay Nova Scotia! Some of the most beautiful sailing in the world.
Maya Allen
Maya Allen 6 muaj më parë
verrrrrrrry canadian!!! 🇨🇦🇨🇦
Mike Schmit
Mike Schmit 6 muaj më parë
Trevor Ennis
Trevor Ennis 6 muaj më parë
I’m a Canadian. Can confirm
PrivateIdaho 6 muaj më parë
I wish I had a reason to tie a rolling hitch.... and the ability.
Al Van Schaik
Al Van Schaik 6 muaj më parë
Come to the Northwest guys, Washington's San Juan Islands, Canadian Gulf and Sunshine Coasts are much prettier, scenic and fun to sail.
Christiaan van Aarde
Christiaan van Aarde 6 muaj më parë
Why does allana look like riley reid?
Max Hess
Max Hess 6 muaj më parë
Come to Nantucket
Oli Vier
Oli Vier 6 muaj më parë
You are Living the life i dream
u235u235u235 6 muaj më parë
is the woman running the show?
brandy wickens
brandy wickens 6 muaj më parë
Yeah, looks like Canada. If you ever make it up you should do a meet and greet. Would love to say HI.
Quantum369 6 muaj më parë
I'm actually sad that once Lenny starts talking, he won't make that adorable growling noise anymore! It's the cutest thing ever!
CapitanCanadia 6 muaj më parë
It looks like some parts of Ontario, but other parts are very rocky with large pine trees.
jamesonity 6 muaj më parë
Lenny for President.
Donna Kawana
Donna Kawana 6 muaj më parë
Yup sailed this bay cuz I grew up here... but this is why I hate swimming in the bay...the mud mud mudddd...nasty stinky stuff mate... but its a beautiful place tho...and I love sailing thru an greatly miss it!!!! Thanks for showing it!!!luv y'all
DaPhil 7 muaj më parë
You read that maybe already a couple of times, but the antennas of the drone remote are supposed to point with their face-side into the direction of the drone 😉
Giuseppe Porri
Giuseppe Porri 7 muaj më parë
Hey guys! Keep it up
celine bonanno
celine bonanno 7 muaj më parë
Can confirm, looks Canadian!
Maria Querques
Maria Querques 7 muaj më parë
Your such great parents ❤️
Emily 7 muaj më parë
Elayna where did you get that white fluffy jumper from ??
Bill Zajac Jr
Bill Zajac Jr 7 muaj më parë
I think it would be wonderful if you guys could rescue Sarah and Luca in Argentina. They are overlanders with a huge following just like you guys. They can't get back to Italy, their home. You could pick them up near San Antonio Argentina and sail them back to Italy to be with their family. You already are both famous and this would be an off the charts ALnets hit and a wonderful fairy tale story for the world to watch in real time. Their YouTune ID is "Leave Enerything and Wander" You guys can do it. Pick them up in your Dinghy and sail away. Good luck to you all.
Erica Plante
Erica Plante 7 muaj më parë
Similar to Canada for sure! Like most are commenting, feels like cottage country in Ontario. HOWEVER, the fresh water lakes look more clean and swimmable :D. Come visit!
Charles Rowe
Charles Rowe 7 muaj më parë
mullet = Kentucky tailgate, love you guys, been watching for years,
Pat D
Pat D 7 muaj më parë
It definitely looks like northern Ontario, Canada. Reminds me of cottage country in Ontario
Michael Ivy
Michael Ivy 7 muaj më parë
What an amazing life you guys have! Can't say I'm not a tiny bit jealous...
Magic Bean Records
Magic Bean Records 7 muaj më parë
Elayna we love your Original Music ,What about a live stream show.
Kristijan Radovanović
Kristijan Radovanović 7 muaj më parë
what are you too doing for a living....i mean how do you pay all this
Hazel S
Hazel S 7 muaj më parë
YEP that’s Canada
Captain Mark Gray
Captain Mark Gray 7 muaj më parë
Humm, some comments disappeared. It's magical... Must be the virus. Stay healthy and happy!
Shay 7 muaj më parë
It looks like Canada’s cottage country in early fall. Beautiful colour in trees and calm water during sun sets.
Brandon Donaldson
Brandon Donaldson 7 muaj më parë
Y’all are such beautiful souls and honestly your kindness is bout to make me cry. Keep it up!!!
L Er
L Er 7 muaj më parë
Canadian here 🙋‍♀️ yes it does look canadian indeed! As you were about to say that I thought the same :)
HippieMama07 7 muaj më parë
From Ontario, Canada... It does look like Canada!
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