Our Son Stopped Breathing. So Scary. Ep. 245

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Sailing La Vagabonde

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The scariest few weeks of my life so far. Lenny experiences Anaphylactic shock from eating peanuts. I'm so glad we found out he had allergies while we were on land.. More info in the video. We also move back onto La Vagabonde in this episode! Wooooooo. We've got our Epipen and we're nearly ready for our next adventure at sea 🌊⛵️🌊🌊
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Danny Mitchell
Danny Mitchell 6 ditë më parë
Oh Man fhat’s crazy scary!! Glad he is okay, God Bless you guys!!
deeannec2000 15 ditë më parë
Fish flops!! Glad Lenny is better....
mrglasecki 16 ditë më parë
Paradises Chords
Paradises Chords 19 ditë më parë
Have you heard of lectins.. search dr gundry
Paradises Chords
Paradises Chords 19 ditë më parë
Extra Virgin Olive oil is good though, sure you'll be glad to hear that.
Paradises Chords
Paradises Chords 19 ditë më parë
He has a list of yes an no foods that might be worth you trying out. Intersting research not widely yet known.. I've since started and noticed positives to my digestion.. Dr. Gundry - Lectins. :)
Paradises Chords
Paradises Chords 19 ditë më parë
foods that are full of these lectins break down the stomach lining an put holes in it allowing toxins to get in the body and cause inflamation and all sorts of long term effects.. most foods even organic contain them.. Just about everything you buy on the shelf has them.
Paradises Chords
Paradises Chords 19 ditë më parë
bread potatoes an peanuts are full of them.
Sobian Devolder Sikorski
Sobian Devolder Sikorski 20 ditë më parë
I love your laughter in the intro eleyna
Emily Abernethy
Emily Abernethy 21 ditë më parë
8:03 that was sooo cutee!! Her laugh and his face😂😂
Georgia Belle
Georgia Belle 22 ditë më parë
Maybe peanuts?
Mark Yandle
Mark Yandle 24 ditë më parë
Beyond terrifying. So glad you were on land and close to doctors to save your little man. No more peanuts Lenny.
Tarun Kumar
Tarun Kumar 29 ditë më parë
Hai emmalina change your hairstyle
Eleanore Richards
Eleanore Richards Muaj më parë
He is in agony and cries but he does the cutest things at the same time, having allergies is really scary. When he was a newborn, Lenny was crying a lot, I thought tummy cramps with his digestive this normally results in allergies. He cries a lot as his growing cause of his tummy still cramping. Allergy kids have digestive problems, they suffer from cramps during the day, the digestive acids are the cause of the cramps. Keep Milk of Magnesia with you at all times, just for his tummy cramps, it's safe to give him a teaspoon morning and evening, so in the day he will not suffer much with the tummy cramps. My older son was lactose intolerant but even though he is now 26 years old he has digestion problems and has to have anti-acid tablets or anti-acid sachet a day so when he eats his digestive system don't cause cramps and tummy acid pain.
Very unOfficial Travel Guides
Very unOfficial Travel Guides Muaj më parë
So weird to see Riley in JEANS!
Dawn Edwards
Dawn Edwards Muaj më parë
The Peanut Allergy Epidemic by Heather Fraser is a book I would recommend ❤️
Greg Knipe
Greg Knipe Muaj më parë
seems crazy that you would be denied an epi kit for first aid on an ocean cruising boat. mnt'eers and expeditions carry these as normal fare. so glad you had land under feet for this episode. love your productions. many of us are strapped for cash and jobs and human contact. your travels and productions are a great escape!! thank you.
Tree B
Tree B Muaj më parë
Precious boy. So happy to hear he is okay. God bless 🙏🏻❤️✌️🙋🏻
The Logfather
The Logfather Muaj më parë
Oh my God ...it was devastating news for a minute . Good recovery Family.
Евгений Muaj më parë
Вы очень классная пара 👍и парень ваш просто 🔥✊✊✊
shellybeau2006 Muaj më parë
I love that you film an honest portrayal of having a child. Other vlogs only show a child laughing. Lenny is the best!
Private Suzie
Private Suzie Muaj më parë
How many people can stay aboard?
zimou meli
zimou meli Muaj më parë
always happy
Skyelar EmeryEagle
Skyelar EmeryEagle Muaj më parë
They were in Lagos they are so courages
David Vermaak
David Vermaak Muaj më parë
Hi folks, what an amazing family. Lenny is a lovely little man. I watch your clip with my grandson , who also lives you all. Thanks for all your great video clips.
Wendy S. King
Wendy S. King 2 muaj më parë
Hey, great shots of rope wisdom. Teach us knots and coiling and how to. Thanks!
gaming with gabriel
gaming with gabriel 2 muaj më parë
thats how my cousin died he stop breatheing august 23 2020
Annetta Child
Annetta Child 2 muaj më parë
Good luck guys 😃😃😃😃😃😃
John Harn
John Harn 2 muaj më parë
Life with an EpiPen at your side, 24 / 7. Just a suggestion; get a $20 glucometer and a pulse-ox meter and keep them in your first aid kit. When my older son was 3, he started looking gaunt and became lethargic. We took him to our pediatrician and they thought he had a flu virus. We suggested that they test his blood sugar, but they had him do a urine test. That didn’t show any sugar, so they sent him home. A couple of days later, he wasn’t able to stay awake. This time the pediatrician called an ambulance which transported my wife and son to the closest children’s hospital. He was in ketoacidosis. His body had stopped producing insulin. As a parent with a child with type one diabetes, you never really ever sleep soundly. You’re always on edge. That was over 20 years ago and my son is an adult, but we still worry about him.
Phillip Weissburg
Phillip Weissburg 2 muaj më parë
Those big tall buildings are empty but they had to find a way to spend the billions they get from American, Euro, drivers from the oil they sell...if it were not for oil.....they would be wandering the desert looking for something to do with all that sand.......when Global warming hits 145 F...they will be history...was 100 in Siberia last week.
cees haasnoot
cees haasnoot 2 muaj më parë
P. Hill
P. Hill 2 muaj më parë
Kenny is such a beautiful baby I love watching him run around on land and on his boat. He's amazing the old saying goes like father like son. Would love to meet you guys your what puts me to sleep each night. Love watching and following you guys.. Please be safe and God Bless you all.. Love Patti And David..
P. Hill
P. Hill 2 muaj më parë
Sorry I missed spelled lennys name i didn't mean Kenny sorry
Shelley Watson
Shelley Watson 2 muaj më parë
Annette Gerhart
Annette Gerhart 2 muaj më parë
My son has the same peanuts/tree nuts allergy. Each exposure will have a worse/more serious reaction. FYI soy milk has protein so similar to peanuts it will also cause a serious allergic reaction...happened to my son at school.
Christina Simpson
Christina Simpson 2 muaj më parë
Check out all of the orbs at 6:26. Maybe now your son won't be so fussy now that you know about the peanut allergy. Most restaurants are contaminated with peanut oil. My roomie of my past could only eat out at very few of them, because of his peanut oil allergy. Thanks for sharing.-C-
Dayanis Olvera
Dayanis Olvera 2 muaj më parë
Oh sweet boy. I’m glad everyone is okay. Love from Miami.
banmadabon 2 muaj më parë
Another peanut and he could have turned in a gremlin!
Belgium Beach Racer
Belgium Beach Racer 2 muaj më parë
That is typical if you raise children in isolation. They need infections, bacteria and so on. He will have a hard life.
D.S. Meadows
D.S. Meadows 2 muaj më parë
Has Lenny been vaccinated? If so whatever they grew the vaccine in blends with the chemicals and when injected into a person, they then develop a allergy to that substance. So if they grew the vaccine in Monkey kidneys then in peanut oil he would show reaction to the peanuts and also be susceptible to any kind of Monkey illnesses . Yep it is that creepy. Go find a microbiologist named Judy Mikovits and she will tell you why the children all have such allergic reactions to certain foods and susceptible to whatever animal organ they grew it in all that animals illnesses. Judy worked for the CDC for many years and she is the one who blew the whistle on the Aids program.. She was blackballed and jailed without charges and everything in her life was stolen and a gag order placed on her for years. She is now going loud and clear what has been going on and what they have been injecting the babies and children with . The CV vaccine was grown in Monkey, Dog, and Bats organs and also has a hydrogel that grows and attaches to all your red blood cells and travels through your entire body and grows and then it is also capable of transmitting and programming with the 60 herts Wifi... The more I study the subject the creepier it gets .. Also look for another lady named Celeste Solum who knows about all this to. Filter through her videos because some of them are very religious. Deleste worked for FEMA and the U.N. for more than 25 years and knows the entire agenda, after she became a christian she also is not a whistleblower and she quit working for them. She and Judy are whistleblowers who worked at the highest levels and tell you all about their frankenstein medicine they have been using on babies and children... Do your homework before you allow the PTB inject your child with any substance. Study the United States Patent office for these medical patents and the technology of Microwave technology....This is all part of the depopulation agenda and the Transhumanism . And it gets so creepy you wouldn't believe it. My step sister is a scientist who works for the feds and had all her children at home and none have birth certificates and she refuses to vaccinate them or allow them in any kind of public schools and also works from home. She also has a masters in pharmacology and like I said..She had them all at home to avoid the vaccines..Cause she knows what is in them and what they do to your children and how it affects their entire life. They hydrogel you have to watch for... It is programmable and it has a RNA base and changes your Human DNA. And you need to know why that is so important. You have no idea what is really going on ... CV is a Larp...to make the CV Vaccine mandatory... Go study Transhumanism and 201 project ... You will find out what all humans on planet earth need to know. Find a place that will not allowed this and try to make your home there.. And the CV vaccine is your Social Credit System that is in your system that allows you to be tracked and traced and your thoughts to be read by anyone behind a computer in power. Go read the patents and watch all the lectures on this. It will give you the creeps beyond your worst nightmare... And that girl you took sailing with you, her parents are part of the propaganda end of this Social Experiment ... Also the depopulation agenda which is called Agenda 2030......go read the documents. You have a baby now and it is your responsible for their health and future... Now is not the time to be trendy and cool....This is life and death... Please go find those two womens work and read and listen what they are trying to tell you. I worked in the medical field also and 30 years ago I saw what they were doing the those over 50 crowd..I saw it within 4 weeks working that job...It is sick, calculated and the people they are doing this to suffer so greatly and then happens.. That was what opened my eyes and got me to start researching "what the hell is going on and how is legal". Don't get suckered in ...They will sucker you in like they did with Greta's parents now they are using their daughter for propaganda to push this agenda.
Christina Leung
Christina Leung 2 muaj më parë
your life and your boy is so pure, and at he moment Australia is so sick- so much corruption and broken thinking. We are just energy in the end. with everything going on worldwide your home on the seas is probably the safest and freest. Bless you and wee Lenny from Sydney, Oz. Hoping a sea change is soon coming to the world
Cheyenne Raney
Cheyenne Raney 2 muaj më parë
I was born with a lactose intolerance but it went away and came back 4 years ago......
Owen Wammes
Owen Wammes 3 muaj më parë
1:32 Kind of a cute Picture
Tiny Boomsma
Tiny Boomsma 3 muaj më parë
Nice video!!
ashley crandall
ashley crandall 3 muaj më parë
The croup cough that leads to a choke is exactly what my son experienced when he was lenny’s age. He’s now 9 and we’ve landed on allergies to pet dander that lead to this asthmatic episode. We have an albuterol nebulizer to open his airways during a flare up. Not exactly the same as what you experienced but I wanted to share our similar story.
Mo Tech
Mo Tech 3 muaj më parë
Lenny is a SUPA CHAMP!
THRICE 3 muaj më parë
Maybe thats why leny is always growling
Mary Ann Infante
Mary Ann Infante 3 muaj më parë
I haven’t seen you guys for a while. I remember transporting myself in your journeys with you guys
Turquoise Breeze
Turquoise Breeze 3 muaj më parë
The reason for these strange and dangerous allergies that did not exist before is because of what is in today's vaccines for children. Search vaxxedthemovie.com/ thetruthaboutvaccines.com/ And don't let others with a negative agenda try to censor this information. Do your continuous throughly research and come with an educated (on both ends to be fair) conclusion.
Bill Barnes
Bill Barnes 3 muaj më parë
Thank God, you got the right medical care.
K It
K It 3 muaj më parë
12:35 so THAT’S where Lenny gets his growl.....
Deb Dashner
Deb Dashner 3 muaj më parë
YaKuZa_KuSh 3 muaj më parë
Gave me goosebumps seeing the thumbnail 😓 bless his soul
BRADFORD ROE 3 muaj më parë
So what would you two do if this happened in the middle of the Atlantic? Huh? Can't hear you....
Nuage Celeste
Nuage Celeste 3 muaj më parë
I love this channel, I was a toddler when my parents lived on a sailing boat. My ancestors were from Flores in the Azores and so we went there in 1994ish, although I remember nothing. I hope one day I'll go and visit as a grown up.
Millie 3 muaj më parë
So curious, what visas are you all on in Europe?
Didymus Mac
Didymus Mac 3 muaj më parë
Homemade is such a awesome guy. He and Riles doing the "solo" sail across the med was just one of the best episodes ever.
grzegorz wydra
grzegorz wydra 3 muaj më parë
Now you now for what for are vaccine
grzegorz wydra
grzegorz wydra 3 muaj më parë
Now you now for what for are vaccine
Kobor Kutya
Kobor Kutya 3 muaj më parë
You't think storms are scary. Just wait and see something like this. I feel with you guys.
Mike Mueller
Mike Mueller 3 muaj më parë
If they go back to sea that would be the most selfish thing they could do
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 3 muaj më parë
Are you kidding me you do not give any peanut anything to a child until the age of 6!
Diane R.
Diane R. 3 muaj më parë
terrifying to see these allergies. stay safe, ridiculous they wouldn't give you an epi pen to have on board
Robert Wiley
Robert Wiley 3 muaj më parë
How many vaccines did you give him Brilliant lady.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 3 muaj më parë
Bare foot in a hospital floor?? Yikes... you have all the worst bacteria, infection and viruses in the world.
Jess Martin
Jess Martin 3 muaj më parë
They never explain who Andre is?? He just appears and disappears.
BrendanWolhuter 3 muaj më parë
Foot sack Lenny himself off his boat
BrendanWolhuter 3 muaj më parë
Lenny yeeted himself off the boat and died
Ram Fra
Ram Fra 3 muaj më parë
Did Lenny get a vaccine? We had a similar problem after vaccination of our daughter 22 years ago. Since that she has many allergies, we didn’t know better then...
HIM 3 muaj më parë
happy child, happy life!!
Humaid !! You the best!
sgillaspie1 3 muaj më parë
You guys make cute babies. Thanks for sharing.
Truth InAll
Truth InAll 3 muaj më parë
So love Lenny.
Royal Bryant
Royal Bryant 3 muaj më parë
God bless your son . my prayers are with him. l lost my son just before turn 3yrs there a better place god bless !
Isajlo 4 muaj më parë
Malo si grub prema detetu.
Da dadaa
Da dadaa 4 muaj më parë
It's so scary. My little one stopped breathing at 12 days old. The ambos didn't believe us till he did it in their arms, and then the Dr's at the hospital. Spent four hours in resus before ending up on the ward. Turns out it was a virus that usually doesn't do anything except he was newborn. We were all good a few days later.
Mel Bella
Mel Bella 4 muaj më parë
Can I send Lenny a remote from Georgia USA 🇺🇸
Lydia L
Lydia L 4 muaj më parë
Gave a thumbs up for ALnets content but definitely not for poor little Lenny. 😢 So glad the little fella is okay.
BadMannerKorea 4 muaj më parë
Forced cringe laughter 8:02 Even more at 8:12
wyzolma99 4 muaj më parë
I strongly suggest you get some Emergency Essence from the Australian Bush Flower Essence range or Rescue Remedy from the Bach Flower Remedy range. These are vibrational medicine remedies... not "woo woo" at all but self limiting vibrational medicine. I have seen a woman in full-on anaphylaxis recover in seconds after being given Rescue Remedy & NEVER in four decades of nursing have I experienced such a fantastic response to anaphylaxis.
wyzolma99 4 muaj më parë
Emergency Essence can be administered every 10minutes if necessary.
Steven R
Steven R 4 muaj më parë
Thank God this happened on land.
Colton Marvin
Colton Marvin 4 muaj më parë
You guys have a beautiful family, I’ve got two boys of my own and these things are always scary. Stay safe guys. Love watching your videos.
Trevor Warner
Trevor Warner 4 muaj më parë
oh no...I missed this episode.....Poor little man... Phew..he obviously recovered ok....
Mobile Players
Mobile Players 4 muaj më parë
He looks healthy when he cruising with you guys. Maybe there's some problems with his lung.
John Tatum
John Tatum 4 muaj më parë
I bet its peanuts..yes, wrote this before you said it. Stay safe, guys!
Gabby martinez
Gabby martinez 4 muaj më parë
Do you guys plan on getting a bigger boat in the future ?
Robert Nelson
Robert Nelson 4 muaj më parë
Won't prescribe a epi pen, because they have no allergies. Very sad, here in america you can't get one either, but if you want to save a Heroin addict , that syringe is available to all who want it. Save a child "no way", save an addict " by all means"
Samha_LadyZ 4 muaj më parë
Wow you’ve been here in Dubai, so glad to watch.
Samha_LadyZ 4 muaj më parë
Lenny looks like his daddy.so cute
Tina R
Tina R 4 muaj më parë
Good blessing your son okay
Elizabeth Hall
Elizabeth Hall 4 muaj më parë
Poor baby I love to see him playing and happy
K It
K It 4 muaj më parë
I love that tree you drew. You don’t give yourself enough credit, you’re very creative!! Really good singer too. You should do that on your videos, maybe at the end of each one. Love your voice!
One Single Mom
One Single Mom 4 muaj më parë
I recall having to fingersweep my daughter at that same age. She would pile it in nonstop. Foracious eating, sailing baby she was. Kids are scary at times but the life you have is amazing and wonderful. Life happens. Carry Epi pens, but Never stop living! -Chana @one.single.mom
Keli Stratton
Keli Stratton 4 muaj më parë
Love you guys
Theepan K
Theepan K 4 muaj më parë
he is hero and happy boy
Jill Rightmier
Jill Rightmier 4 muaj më parë
Allergies in a baby hopefully desensitize with time. So scary for you. Mommy always knows more than the doctor so go with your gut every time.
Megan Torres
Megan Torres 4 muaj më parë
benadryl for babies keep some on deck, it does the same thing a275 epi pen does my son is the same way nuts tree nuts fish shell fish dairy some veggies, liquid benadryl give him a triple dose in an emergency and perform cpr if he's unable to breath
Alex Müller
Alex Müller 4 muaj më parë
1:02 „a really good time with marijuana“??? 😂 That‘s what I understood. Maybe I got it wrong.✌️😎
Christian 4 muaj më parë
My ohana, which is a Hawaiian term for family :)
Kris 4 muaj më parë
That's what happenes when you have an incest baby
Buddy Buds
Buddy Buds 4 muaj më parë
18:03 where is that vest from? 😳😍😍😍
G money
G money 4 muaj më parë
so happy i found this channel. you guys are awesome :)
Sara 4 muaj më parë
If that was my baby, I’m so paranoid I would buy a house right by the hospital and never set foot on the boat again
Yeshua's Brother
Yeshua's Brother 4 muaj më parë
in you intro (btw i love you guys) when u say meet Lenny--i think u should cut in 1 pic at end of him now current :) yw love yas ps ur entro is so perfect u with the beer the wife laughing an tongue for rain---its perfect.. i would never change it just one quik splice pic of Lenny today after the baby pics - yes I am a marketeer some say a musketeer lol
Lawrence Gleason
Lawrence Gleason 4 muaj më parë
Holy crap. I did not see this. Seriously? I didn't see this? I'll watch later, but can't right now. Good Lord. Glad the little guy is okay, I just watched a later video today.
Lawrence Gleason
Lawrence Gleason 4 muaj më parë
Jeez, I just cannot watch this one. Sorry, mates. Glad your little guy is okay.
Jay Anderson
Jay Anderson 4 muaj më parë
Oh my god I Worry about learning so much
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