BOAT LIFE: A Day in the Life of a BABY Onboard!

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Sailing La Vagabonde

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We often get curiosity about how a baby goes about their day on board a boat. Well this one gives a bit of an insight on a day with Lenny on board La Vagabonde. He's keeping us on our toes, that's for sure.
Song Credits:
00:00 Old town - Luis Trindade -
01:20 Alone - Luis Trindade -
02:00 Wonderful land - Yoav llan -
06:42 Michael Dunstan - Home -
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Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde Vit më parë
Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed the life of a baby on board. If you'd like to keep these videos coming, please consider supporting them through Thanks for your support xo
Bertson Abacan
Bertson Abacan 9 muaj më parë
Lenny was a very cute baby😗😗😗
GlassTopRX7 Vit më parë
I realize this edited but you guys seem like exponentially good parents, Lenny is luck little man.
Hillbilly Grizzly
Hillbilly Grizzly Vit më parë
GOD Bless and keep you all safe ! I remember when my daughter was a little one ! She is 30 now and the time went bye so fast ! Enjoy every minute that you are blessed with ❤️
Crystal Silver
Crystal Silver Vit më parë
Take in and relish every single moment with little Lenny. They grow up so fast. Watching him makes me wish my daughter Brooke were his age again. She turns 19 this month.
Chris_London Vit më parë
@Sv Bullship Assumption is the the mother of all fck-ups...especially on a boat!
crossandshoot 12 ditë më parë
Hope you guys make another one of these now that he's almost two
Mary Griffin
Mary Griffin Muaj më parë
Ow love love lenny so like a Ray of sunshine his smile would lighten the dullest of days well done you two amazing parents though I'd be a bloody nervous wreck
James A Coe
James A Coe 2 muaj më parë
Photo equipment impressive and compositions arre the best.
Bomba Deer
Bomba Deer 2 muaj më parë
“These are the days you remember”
Tudd Smithers
Tudd Smithers 2 muaj më parë
What a day! Thanks for sharing.
rudolf sroyer
rudolf sroyer 2 muaj më parë
True love in true life. A little family across the ocean alone. Very inspiring 👍
sheryl fendley
sheryl fendley 3 muaj më parë
I just thought as I was watching this video -- these post are a love letter to Lenny -- and years from now he'll see how cherished and loved he was by his amazing parents! You guys are so fantastic on so many levels. It really is a joy watching you on all your adventures!!!
Suika Suki-chan 39
Suika Suki-chan 39 3 muaj më parë
So cute but whenever I hear his name I think of Kagamine Len LOL 😂
Michelle Legault
Michelle Legault 4 muaj më parë
Does anyone remember the episode where Lenny does a drum solo? Which episode was that, I wanna show my husband lol
Claude C
Claude C 4 muaj më parë
Been following from the beginning. Seen every episode 3 times. This is my favourite. :)
Volodymyr Skrypnуk
Volodymyr Skrypnуk 5 muaj më parë
So sweet and lovely child!
Abdelhadi Lammini
Abdelhadi Lammini 5 muaj më parë
My favorite episode, I love Leny
Claude C
Claude C 5 muaj më parë
Wonderful video. Watched this now at least 3 times. Thanks. Please make this an annual event. A full video dedicated to Lenny once a year. Looking forward to November 2020. :)
Ambiance By Em
Ambiance By Em 5 muaj më parë
His dimples 😭😍❤️💙
CUSH 6 muaj më parë
This song reminded me of Riley & Lenny and how fortunate to be at sea living a life of adventure and learning about nature's abundances
Federica Allia
Federica Allia 6 muaj më parë
beautiful lenny.wonderful life guy’s.quando guarderà da grande i video gioirà e vi ringrazierà.good life
Jenny Mossa
Jenny Mossa 6 muaj më parë
This is one of those videos that should be put as a challenge to film your own reaction when watching it. You'd get so many videos of people grinning from ear to ear
Greg Jackson
Greg Jackson 6 muaj më parë
Lenny at the helm “Dad I got this”
She Butter
She Butter 6 muaj më parë
That smile so adorable
Kauushik Jayam
Kauushik Jayam 6 muaj më parë
Just make sure he doesn't go towards the edges
SurferMark777 (Mark)
SurferMark777 (Mark) 6 muaj më parë
FINALLY a Lenny Episode! lol loved it Can you imagine how Blessed he is to grow up like this?
Flo_86 6 muaj më parë
Hi, I've started watching three weeks ago from episode 1, i love the channel but it si transforming in raising Lenny , don't get me wrong, i love the kid, but don't become one of those parents that think that their kid is special , and you have to show to everyone . You can make a separate channel like someone said, keep this one about sailing La Vagabone. Thank you for the work that you are doing and i hope you won't be upset .
Amy Roberts
Amy Roberts 7 muaj më parë
Absolutely love the way you edited this one, all the feels with Lenny, the music everything❤️ what a lucky little guy to have you two
Cissy Caple
Cissy Caple 7 muaj më parë
What a very lovely family, and the baby is a sweet angel.
md ullash
md ullash 7 muaj më parë
i love to see lenny...he is so adorable❤️
LeeLee 8 muaj më parë
Love your vids... you've change your ending format. Really like when Elayna telegraphs up coming video. It's made for smoother ends. Everyone's a critic, lol ...
Jeremy Gagnon-Lapare
Jeremy Gagnon-Lapare 8 muaj më parë
Such a nice video! Thanks for sharing this
Biased Audio
Biased Audio 8 muaj më parë
Thanks for reminding me it's a beautiful life.... very sweet.
kayleigh bennett
kayleigh bennett 8 muaj më parë
What do u do with his poo nappies on a boat when u travel long distances You've probably been asked this a lot but my first time commenting You guys are awesome xxx
Jacob Walcott
Jacob Walcott 8 muaj më parë
Hi 👋 how do u get wifi to make ur video upload dates lol 😭 Now found ur channel, I am from Trinidad and Tobago 👋 My ALnets series is called baby on board on my channel so when I search d name I found u 😊
SEDAT OFLUOĞLU 8 muaj më parë
Jerry Smith
Jerry Smith 9 muaj më parë
I love watching your videos but I think Lenny steals the show.
Randall Vanderende
Randall Vanderende 9 muaj më parë
It's hard to learn to use those things, arms and legs and fingers and feet. Days and years of effort. It's amazing to watch.
Russell Lice
Russell Lice 9 muaj më parë
I wish to hugs your baby
Todd H
Todd H 9 muaj më parë
Beautiful family and what a life
Derezar Master
Derezar Master 9 muaj më parë
"Do you love me, nah, I was just kidding" 😂😂😂
Jeremy Holland
Jeremy Holland 9 muaj më parë
Who on earth could dislike a video about Lenny?!?!
James Shackcloth
James Shackcloth 9 muaj më parë
Chloe Gonzales
Chloe Gonzales 9 muaj më parë
Hello guys ! I’ve been a subscriber of your Chanel for quite some time now, past few years in fact, I often find myself coming back to this video and because its so heartwarming To watch. You truly are some amazing people, the fact I can feel so apart of the family and or a long time family friend miles and oceans away from you and we’ve yet to met is so awesome ! I aspire to have the blossoming and most loving relationship you 3 share and to become half of what amazing parents/ individuals you are ! can’t wait to stay in tune for more videos ! just watched your most recent, hope sailing with Greta and everyone will continue to be adventurous and a safe trip ! I love you guys !💘
G 9 muaj më parë
Lenny will become a natural survivor at sea like those in "Waterworld 1995".
Plum Cra Zy
Plum Cra Zy 9 muaj më parë
He's asleep! "Come over here and sit on my sausage woman"!
Monika Peterkova
Monika Peterkova 9 muaj më parë
Zara aisha
Zara aisha 9 muaj më parë
Pure bliss The whole video i had a smile on my face. Just discovered yr channel. Awesome. U r living a dream life. Wish you all lots of happiness and keep up with the videos. Lenny is such a cutie pie. If you could also give us the playlist songs.
GideonsSword777 10 muaj më parë
This child 🧒 definitely has salt in his blood. A true born sailor of the sea. 🌊 GOD bless him and protect In Jesus name.
Racheal Rants
Racheal Rants 10 muaj më parë
This looks like such a hard but rewarding life. I’d love to do this.
Joseph Catanzano
Joseph Catanzano 10 muaj më parë
lenny has to be one of the cutest babies I've ever seen! well done guys!
Michael Yardis
Michael Yardis 10 muaj më parë
Just found you guys today! And yes, we subscribed! Headed to St barths in 2 weeks! Your videos (which are incredible and fascinating) are getting us in the beach vibe - ocean - island life mood. Keep up the inspiring life. We love your adventures ☀️🏖🛥☀️
Trissy Pierce
Trissy Pierce 10 muaj më parë
What about diapers? I can't imagine doing this as an adult hats off to you doing it with a toddler....what a life🤗
Tazz Jensen
Tazz Jensen 10 muaj më parë
New sub from qld australia u guys are amazing and Lenny is so adorable. Have been binge watching all week
Deb Dashner
Deb Dashner 10 muaj më parë
the watts fam
the watts fam 10 muaj më parë
Are you guys gonna have another kid
margo Viens
margo Viens 10 muaj më parë
BABY LED WEANING!!!!! SO IMPORTANT love him he’s so sweet 🥰
Charlotte Johnston
Charlotte Johnston 10 muaj më parë
He is going to be a very handsome boy when he is older x
Kerry Mettert
Kerry Mettert 10 muaj më parë
I think you should nickname Lenny "Catfish" the way he puckers and makes that sucking sound. Such a happy boy.
Bre Beggs
Bre Beggs 10 muaj më parë
Watching this video makes me so happy. You guys are always positive and happy and that’s what people love 💖 😇
Cicada Smasher
Cicada Smasher 10 muaj më parë
I'm seriously curious how being raised on the water for the majority of his developmental years is going to effect Lenny later in life. I imagine it will give him some serious advantage in activities that require a great sense of balance like skiing, surfing, skateboarding, gymnastics, tightrope walking(lol), etc., etc.
wilson lawson
wilson lawson 10 muaj më parë
That boy's a star.
Ahmad Khan
Ahmad Khan 10 muaj më parë
So awesome 😘😘😙😙😘❤❤😘
mohmaed zarougui
mohmaed zarougui 10 muaj më parë
True the parents are stars and inspiring but the real star without any doubt is the blessed boy. Especially his calmness beside the blessings of innocence, mercy and patience. The fruits for all of us his great smile. A lesson for all of us and we pray for all those children who are less fortunate
Anton l
Anton l 10 muaj më parë
U guys know Lenny needs to socialize with other babies.
Heather C
Heather C 10 muaj më parë
You guys are doing such a great job 💗 Lenny is so darn happy! 😍
Giuseppe Baroncelli
Giuseppe Baroncelli 10 muaj më parë
wjha NN
wjha NN 11 muaj më parë
"these are the days we remember" - normally NO, because every day brings a new story. I only remember a few things of my babies. But you have the videos that I nearly don't have (1984 when my son was born a video set was very large and complicated).
Joe Wise
Joe Wise 11 muaj më parë
Does lenny own a shirt, cause I'd be happy to buy him one.
Carl Fenger
Carl Fenger 11 muaj më parë
Could you please add more protection to your cable deck railings? I shudder to see the gaps with Lenny in the foreground!!
Maddie 11 muaj më parë
How do you store lenny's dirty diapers on board
Giuseppe Tilocca
Giuseppe Tilocca 11 muaj më parë
How did you manage the vaccination of baby if you are always around?
SEDAT OFLUOĞLU 11 muaj më parë
wilson lawson
wilson lawson 11 muaj më parë
When my little brother was a toddler, I used to get the urge to squeeze him harder than was good for him because he was so cute...he's ten years my junior. And I sometimes get the same feeling when I look at little Lenny. That is normal, right? To want to crush cute little kids? : )
Lakshita 11 muaj më parë
Catherine 11 muaj më parë
The La Vagababy
Gilson Martins
Gilson Martins 11 muaj më parë
Já está bem grandinho, parabéns papai e mamãe.
SEDAT OFLUOĞLU 11 muaj më parë
SEDAT OFLUOĞLU 11 muaj më parë
DeadWasabi 11 muaj më parë
What a wonderful childhood that boy is going to have...
Enrique Armand
Enrique Armand 11 muaj më parë
Precious cargo on board 😇
Eric Kona Peper
Eric Kona Peper 11 muaj më parë
I'm so happy for you guys and I hope you allow us all the privilege to see him grow into a wonderful Man like his Father ❤
Eric Kona Peper
Eric Kona Peper 11 muaj më parë
Guys you can't imagine how surprised I am to see there's a wonderful squeaky sweet little Boy's arrival 😊
Travels with Yoly
Travels with Yoly 11 muaj më parë
Yoly and I have never had kids so you can imagine how fascinating it is for us to watch Lenny evolve. I jokingly mentioned to Yoly that Lenny sure drools a lot and she shot back ... "you're not one to talk" (I'm 71 :-) Yoly mentioned how lucky Lenny is to have such loving parents around him every minute of his development and it reminded me of the time when you talked about having Lenny interact with as many people as possible to avoid becoming a "boat kid". That whole concept is near mind boggling and really stirred up my social skills imagination. Either way, it makes for fascinating video so thanks for sharing such a personal side of your lives :-)
Anthony Seymour
Anthony Seymour Vit më parë
Does LENNY Swim yet ??
Brandie Page
Brandie Page Vit më parë
I’d love to be your private photographer ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Brandie Page
Brandie Page Vit më parë
He’s growing up with so much more than other children even though he’s on a boat. One on one with both parents is the best gift any child could ever be blessed with ❤️🥰#lennylove
Bonnie Moench
Bonnie Moench Vit më parë
I loved this video. I wish I had the chance to spend this much time with my babies.
Rachana Dugala
Rachana Dugala Vit më parë
wow. Wonderful Video. You live alone by the riverside where you stare at the blue sky.....this song is so beautiful. It stuck in my mind...Who is the singer?
D.O Vit më parë
I agree with economan! Lenny is the star of the show. The ones that are mostly about him I watch several times, he is such a beautiful baby! Those blue eyes and dimples kill me! He is such a happy little guy, when he smiles it melts my heart, thank you for letting us watch him grow up, we love you Lenny! I got a cute idea for some merch...on a t-shirt it says....its all about cute that would be! D
Cass Larkin
Cass Larkin Vit më parë
I'm a new subscriber and am enjoying your journeys so much. This one, though, is a favorite so far. Lenny is growing up so quickly and you two are the absolute best parents. He chose well! Those eyes of his, that smile and amazed at how quickly his teeth came in and how quickly he's moving about. It will be fun to see how you childproof La Vagabonde for this wee lad.~Happy sails
Cal Wagstaff
Cal Wagstaff Vit më parë
such a beautiful video of a precious time with this child, i watch this often
LOUISE schlater
LOUISE schlater Vit më parë
❤❤❤❤❤❤ Lenny
Rickey Miller
Rickey Miller Vit më parë
I wish I was Lenny. Elayna and Riley are such incredible parents, can you even imagine what Lenny will grow up to be? I'm thinking, beautiful mother, fearless dad and heart of gold.
Richard Q.
Richard Q. Vit më parë
OMG!!! The cutest Video on the internet. Love Love Love Love watching Lenny. He is such a cute and happy baby. Great Video👍👍👍👍👍
mda7075 Vit më parë
Thank you for this video, I was totally mesmerized by it. Brought back so many memories of my four sons. From changing stinky diapers to winning weight lifting at the Jr. Olympics. Thank you again and thank Lenny for me.
ahmed alireza
ahmed alireza Vit më parë
i only come here for lenny,,,,,,the stasr of this show....
simo loumany
simo loumany Vit më parë
i love you good luck 👪🖒❤❤❤❤❤❤
Elizabeth Hall
Elizabeth Hall Vit më parë
Beautiful beautiful little baby.
nicr Vit më parë
to be honest I would be scared shitless most of the time in case I turn my head once and my son slipped over board himself. Maybe I am just a bit overprotective because I do have a 2.5-year-old right now - and know how little it takes from them to seriously get themselves into trouble, - funny, usually, I am a very relaxed guy ...
Balinaya kafa atan hamsi
Balinaya kafa atan hamsi Vit më parë
Cok tatli kerata
pepelu spooky
pepelu spooky Vit më parë
From Madrid (Spain), we wish you with love,to have a very good trip.
Kado dos Santos
Kado dos Santos Vit më parë
Hello my beatiful friendes! I'm addicted to your videos! But at the same times I'm anxious to see that Leny is growing up. And worry about him riding the boat! That protects you and cares kisses to you. God bless you my beatiful ones. Sorry about my English. Thanks.
Megan Alton
Megan Alton Vit më parë
He’s adorable but what happens when he’s constantly running about and at risk of falling overboard
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