BOAT LIFE: Family of 3, CONFINED SPACE Living at SEA! Ep. 233

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Sailing La Vagabonde

10 muaj më parë

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Song Credits:
00:00 Wonderland - Mar Haze -
00:49 So It Seems - The Natterjacks -
01:42 Journey to the Stars - Stevin McNamara -
02:18 Michael Dunstan - Shutter -
05:34 Better Days - Old Sea Brigade - oldseabrigade
07:48 Jack and the Weatherman - Written - JackandtheWeatherman
10:08 The Wild - Fugative and the Vagabonde -
14:23 Upstream - Gotam Sen -
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Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde 10 muaj më parë
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Roar Rognli
Roar Rognli 8 muaj më parë
You guys are just fantastic! I`v seen almost every episode of your adventure, and I love it! The little sailor Lenny is just adorable. You are doing what so many of us dream of, but dont have the currage to do. I`m 60, living at 70 degrees north i Norway, and have a motorboat (25 ft), but still dreaming of a long journey on boat in the East Med, but I have never sailed.
Syd Shrll
Syd Shrll 8 muaj më parë
khalid rasheed
khalid rasheed 8 muaj më parë
Sailing La Vagabonde Hi i so like your weather I am khalid from kurdistan Region, but one problem I am not good in english language my greet and respect to you and your wife also my kiss to you kid muuuah
Melissa k
Melissa k 9 muaj më parë
Omg you brought back my childhood havnt seen that advertisement since I was a kid 🤣
william gosvener
william gosvener 9 muaj më parë
Leney already gets one hand for the boat, one hand for yourself.
Randy M
Randy M 11 ditë më parë
That sweet little boy continues to warm our hearts!
Alison LeBrun
Alison LeBrun 2 muaj më parë
Aw wow so love seeing you all in my hometown! 2 of my homes: Newport and Jersey City, and I lived in Perth for 6 months during my college semester abroad. Next time you come around let me know. My Dad would LOVE to take Riley fishing. I would love to show you around Newport and the rest of the Island. Sweet Berry Farm is an epic trip for berry picking, & Greenvale Vineyards for Wine Tasting. Late July and August are def. better than June, so much rain in Newport early summer. Thank you for all your videos, they have really been helping me out during quarentine. You guys are awesome !
Dayna 2 muaj më parë
I love ur videos
Dd Hh
Dd Hh 2 muaj më parë
I love following your journey but I am a grandma a wouldnt it be safer if you put a harness or a ankle chain of some kind on Lenny. He is such a sweetheart. Overly concerned grammy.
Joan Rotondi
Joan Rotondi 2 muaj më parë
Man, you guys just make a heart melt. Like Sweetness Overload!!!! Lenny is sooo Adorable all the time but in this one I just want to squish him!! And Riley when hes smiles.......swoooon
Stenna Blue
Stenna Blue 3 muaj më parë
Such an amazing family....and that Lenny is just absolutely adorable and just so darn CUTE!! :)
hotfirefd Baird
hotfirefd Baird 3 muaj më parë
what's with all the ads and commercials
mokokawi 4 muaj më parë
Wasted 40 minutes, could've been in sauna :(
Francesca Samperisi
Francesca Samperisi 4 muaj më parë
oh my god Lenny looks like flap jack from the cartoon!! HAHAHAHAH
Dewarr 4 muaj më parë
It’s wild seeing you guys sailing through my home waters of Buzzards Bay
CUSH 5 muaj më parë
I went to college in Newport and worked there in the summer's during America's Cup races. I was hoping you would dock there and shoot some vid's .. Thanks for the memories !
AffectPho 5 muaj më parë
This was so fun to see you visit a place I've actually been to! I had my first ever sailing regatta in Newport, so it holds a special place in my heart. It was great to hear some of the history too. Love to you guys!
Scott Lockwood
Scott Lockwood 6 muaj më parë
he's so gorgeous sanding there with the biggest smile in the world.
M Robin
M Robin 6 muaj më parë
my smile returns every time the lil monster comes on the frame ! loving him !!
brettjamz3 6 muaj më parë
Riley has his page boy hair style. He's tapping into his " Kurt Cobain". I miss my long hair.
Morgan James
Morgan James 6 muaj më parë
Alana you are SO Gorgeous and your style is just getting better I cant even believe it
Robot Overlord
Robot Overlord 6 muaj më parë
How many stitches has Riley had since you've started? He's always getting into scrapes!
Joanne Bedford
Joanne Bedford 6 muaj më parë
Peanut butter is not a great food source. High in lectins etc Almond butter a healthier option. Google.
Kris 6 muaj më parë
Lenny's so cute !
LaMarriiss 6 muaj më parë
Wow they must be so in love ❤️🥺
Quantum369 7 muaj më parë
Your baby is so happy and so adorable! The shot of him standing up was the BEST!!
Car Mods Garage
Car Mods Garage 7 muaj më parë
This is incredible. I usually don't like to watch this kind of stuff but you guys are awesome. Keep sailing!
Cissy Caple
Cissy Caple 7 muaj më parë
2:37 - Jack Nicholson.
James Suhr
James Suhr 7 muaj më parë
All the very best to you folk.Im a retired sometime navy and yacht sailor ,fisherman.My children and lots of grand kids,Are the fruits of life.Enjoy what you are doing and dont stop showing us your wee boy.He is part of the attraction.Love your vidios at this time of lock downs.Where are you hideing out?All the very best from us in New Plymouth .NZ.
mdn jean pierre
mdn jean pierre 7 muaj më parë
....une nana à demie dévêtue sur un fond d’image d'aquarium et on obtient : 831 404 vues !!!
Rachel Hickman
Rachel Hickman 7 muaj më parë
I looooove Lenny's growls!
Matt Ilas
Matt Ilas 7 muaj më parë
Hi guys. do me a favor and get two tennis balls. Put a small slit in each and then hang them over skeletons pointed antler tips. would no want the little guy poking into one with an eye
Mình Tiến Hoàng
Mình Tiến Hoàng 7 muaj më parë
Thằng bé ngoan thể
L.A Berry
L.A Berry 7 muaj më parë
If you guys come through Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in the summer (East Canada) I have tons of recommendations!!!! there are some must-sees. 💛💛 thank you for inspiring me, I hope to be doing this one day!
Michael Piazza
Michael Piazza 8 muaj më parë
hope u sailed by Nahant mass
Robert5185 8 muaj më parë
They are so cute at that age.
Justin 8 muaj më parë
Yup.... I suspect well see more stow aways in the future.....I'd be smashin them cheeks constantly with all that down time
Johan Nel
Johan Nel 8 muaj më parë
Riley! You should explain how to tie some of the knots you're doing! The bowline is a super useful knot, but I'm seeing a couple other cool ones that I dont know.
John Mitchell
John Mitchell 8 muaj më parë
Lenny is such a handsome and extremely happy young. You have every reason to be proud of him as well as yourselves. You are doing a super job for new parents and I am thrilled all of you are having a wonderful life adventure you will always cherish. My prayers are always with you. Your Friend, papajohn1943. 🤗
Tony Valdes
Tony Valdes 8 muaj më parë
I DEMAND Elayna´s GENES..... i want to run her genes on LAB and clone her multiple times.......hahahaha.
Marika 8 muaj më parë
your videos are like an antidepressant :)
Gaby Morgan
Gaby Morgan 8 muaj më parë
What happened to Rileys arm? I think I missed something.
codyjones109 8 muaj më parë
sniffles! It is a magic potion that cures many ills.Way to go LENNY.
codyjones109 8 muaj më parë
I really like the history info. it gives the post weight and purpose..
codyjones109 8 muaj më parë
and the count and race is over! LENNY is the STAR . Sorry Riley/Elayna you did your best. Its LENNY.
Toni Bradbury
Toni Bradbury 8 muaj më parë
r.i.p deck chair
Michael Waller
Michael Waller 8 muaj më parë
Do you know these fellow countrymen? "Free range sailing"? Is a great video of what’s going on back in your homeland. Thought you might want to see. Great video!
Donelia Tonk
Donelia Tonk 8 muaj më parë
Consult a naturopathic Dr.
Brenda Womer
Brenda Womer 8 muaj më parë
i am looking to purchase a long t shirt with the lavagabonde decal
W O N D E R B O Y Tv
W O N D E R B O Y Tv 8 muaj më parë
Hi elayna... i have a crush on you.
Gail Martin
Gail Martin 8 muaj më parë
We recently started following you on the “Tube” and we love your blogs. I don’t know if I would even attempt to raise a baby on a boat but you look like you two are doing a amazing job. We are water people, it’s our favorite place to be, and are happy to see someone enjoying their life and time doing it always. We will continue to follow your little family and wish y’all all the best. By the way, we LOVE, Love , love Lenny!
wilden11 9 muaj më parë
Think I will make Lenny’s growl my ring tone....
SEDAT OFLUOĞLU 9 muaj më parë
I made a screenshot of lenny's blackberry eating on my mobile phone. May Allah grant his healthy growth
조그린HYUN 9 muaj më parë
부럽다 ^^
Sicao is dead
Sicao is dead 9 muaj më parë
You two (three) are the most special people ever. I really do hope you never take your amazing, adventurous, exciting life for granted. You really are living your lives to the absolute fullest. Inspirational.
Leroy Palmeros
Leroy Palmeros 9 muaj më parë
She is way too hot to be kept on a boat. Alena you are beautiful
coco sunshine
coco sunshine 9 muaj më parë
Lovely video lenny is the cutest baby! xx
Jamilahxv 9 muaj më parë
Henry Cavill brought me here
Neza K10
Neza K10 9 muaj më parë
Does anyone what brand Elayna’s watch is? It looks great😍
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo 9 muaj më parë
these 2 are literally the cutest couple, my god she is absolutely stunningly gorgeous mate. what a cute little fellar you have as well . cheers
Ilja Pastukhov
Ilja Pastukhov 9 muaj më parë
Alice Haslam
Alice Haslam 9 muaj më parë
haven't heard the song 'the wild' in ur vids in ages wow that made me sentimental
cyservic 9 muaj më parë
Hi and keep on your nice videos , our love from Greek Cyprus island :)
Fred M
Fred M 9 muaj më parë
Hope you all sail into Wellington NZ one day...
john farrell
john farrell 9 muaj më parë
cfentonjr 9 muaj më parë #mindfulness
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 9 muaj më parë
There livening my life on the water out at sea
Bryon Ensminger
Bryon Ensminger 9 muaj më parë
You really want to see the United states you should go up the st-lawrence Seaway in to the Great Lakes you can get the better part of half way across the country and come back down what's the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico and get a real feel for the country
Bryon Ensminger
Bryon Ensminger 9 muaj më parë
Lenny is just a happy little shit isnt he
andrew okoro
andrew okoro 9 muaj më parë
Elayna's naughty laughter gets me all the time
Ruben Moreno
Ruben Moreno 9 muaj më parë
Keep it up Lenny, you’ll be the captain of that boat one day. 😂
Dan Seeley
Dan Seeley 9 muaj më parë
Have you guys ever tried sea moss or irish moss? I'd be diving for that stuff every day if I had the opportunity.
Bill Tauklotz
Bill Tauklotz 9 muaj më parë
Such stunning scenery. I enjoy this a lot. Reminds me of my trips where I take the good music like the Guns N Roses, Imagine Draongs or the Delta Parole and then enjoy the powerful feeling of the sea. ¡vamos!
Jon Brackett
Jon Brackett 9 muaj më parë
OMG you guys are still doing this! That's great with a little one in tow, I can recall your first videos and just learning how to sail. Glad to see you guys still doing it.
SEDAT OFLUOĞLU 9 muaj më parë
the smiling kids are so nice i wish the kids in the world could always smile like lenny
SEDAT OFLUOĞLU 9 muaj më parë
the most beautiful thing in the world is the child smile. lenny beautiful baby
Arvid Stenfelt
Arvid Stenfelt 9 muaj më parë
Noshi 9 muaj më parë
HhaaUu one of the cutest babies of all time
buggyguts 9 muaj më parë
lennys little alien sounds make my whole day
Nichelle Christine
Nichelle Christine 9 muaj më parë
New Follower here from the Canadian Rockies! Loving all the content. Just when you.thunk you've taken a break from ALnets you come across humans putting out amazing content... But not like 50 videos... Welp. Anyways I have been loving Riley's audio book suggestions. Would love to know his top five picks!
Brenda Womer
Brenda Womer 9 muaj më parë
how old is lenny now?
Ava Frontera
Ava Frontera 9 muaj më parë
i love watching your videos thank you i u for sharing your adventures !! ❤️
Lauren Latimer
Lauren Latimer 9 muaj më parë
Do you ever feel likeyou are going to faint on a ruff day on the water
sarah anderson
sarah anderson 9 muaj më parë
Any Rhode Islanders here? So amazing to see this place with you guys in it 😅
andré enemærke
andré enemærke 9 muaj më parë
Hey Riley. What kind of watch are you wearing (occasionally). It looks like a Suunto? :-)
Matthew Reeve
Matthew Reeve 9 muaj më parë
great video
John Dixon
John Dixon 9 muaj më parë
Really like your choice of music on this video.great job. Lenny is growing like crazy. Happiest kid I have see in a while.must be the clean living!
Nadhira Matantya rahmi
Nadhira Matantya rahmi 9 muaj më parë
can someone please tell me what is the name of the little tent lenny sleep in? because it's genius. I need it for my baby
Delight Loves Movies
Delight Loves Movies 9 muaj më parë
Hi LaVagabonde I love all your vids. Thanks for sharing
john goodman
john goodman 9 muaj më parë
Come to Cape Cod, MA!! We've got dockage anytime for you guys at the Wellfleet Pier!
bettina franke-maass
bettina franke-maass 9 muaj më parë
Seeing Australians going into a sauna DRESSED in a BIKINI is very odd for a European..... fully naked only here...
Santoso Santoso
Santoso Santoso 9 muaj më parë
Semoga tambah bahagia dalam pelayaran karena baby sudah besar sehat.👍🇲🇨
James Kelleway
James Kelleway 9 muaj më parë
Lenny's probably seen more if the world than most adults 😂
Alex Baldwin
Alex Baldwin 9 muaj më parë
“ i shouldn’t be alive man stranded at sea for 76 days “ showed up as my suggested video
Scott 16
Scott 16 9 muaj më parë
Cant stop watching your videos. Love everything about them. Beautiful family, such a happy little guy. I am in my bed watching but your videos take me a million miles away. What a life full of adventure 😎
Supper Weiss
Supper Weiss 9 muaj më parë
Traumhaft im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes: das wiedergefundene Paradies.
2pac 9 muaj më parë
What’s the name of the boat and the model plz
Jack Lewis
Jack Lewis 9 muaj më parë
4:34 it sounded like you said, "breathe". Does Lenny know to hold his breath? I really wanted to sail and live that solitude/survival lifestyle out at sea, but it's not realistic for me. I've inhaled so much chlorinated and salty water over the years and I float like a brick. Plus I recently developed something called 'swimmer's ear', which makes me prone to ear infections any time I submerge. I was never meant to swim or be in that environment. I don't watch as often as I used to, because I have other interests since realising I'll never be a sailor. But I come back from time to time. It's great to vicariously experience what you do and to see how things are changing for you over the years.
tomas Raske
tomas Raske 9 muaj më parë
So I’m not sure if you are going to see this but is there a chat room where fellow sailers can talk as well as see some pictures. I would recommended discourd. It’s a great way to keep a large community updated and reach out for help if you need it!! Also it uses little to no data and is a very user friendly app! Other then that love your videos and stay safe
PineAndFeather 9 muaj më parë
3rd generation arizona native here & have always wanted to see the east coast!
Nick Hohn
Nick Hohn 9 muaj më parë
No footage of the haul out?
Linda Fitzgerald
Linda Fitzgerald 9 muaj më parë
Riley, Elayna & Lenny, thanks for taking us along and sharing your life with us! Lenny is so flippin' CUTE! OMG, "LennyCam" LOL! Riley, prayers for a NEG bio!
invisiblekid69 9 muaj më parë
@5:49 anyone notice the baby sounds exactly like a dolphin? Handy...
llKubicall 9 muaj më parë
Great video!
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