BOAT LIFE: Living a Life Away from it All. Ep. 217

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Sailing La Vagabonde

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Join us for some exploration of some interesting caves and beautiful beaches. Riley attempts to find dinner with his spear gun and we go on a mission to find some diesel.
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Nostalgia Chocolate, half inspired by our show! Good on you guys:
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00:07 Ignored - Ead Wood -
04:40 Cute Hand Touch In the Nutbowl - Zen Panda - ZenPandaband
09:12 Scars - Krijin Vos -
13:01 Sailin' - Jordan Merrick -
17:23 The Good Life - Samuel Scott McCumber -
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Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde Vit më parë
Thank you for all the kind messages of support from our last video. It was comforting to know that so many can relate. Thanks for being awesome!
Richard Joe
Richard Joe 10 muaj më parë
Thanks for sharing your personal journey which is hard to do. If you were on land there would be things that would stress you out as well. Be patient with yourself, and yes if you have some people to talk to it can help immensely. Do things for the right reason, being your best self! The best to you guys! keep up the adventure and thanks again!
Jadyn O'Rourke
Jadyn O'Rourke Vit më parë
you guys inspired me to be more confidit in my self to do diffrite thing and go out of my comfont zone
rave shaw
rave shaw Vit më parë
Sailing La Vagabonde you have inspired me and my dad to build a race car in our garage because of your guys work ethic
BC Vit më parë
terpinhawgin666. Then when schizophrenia sets in, you can be at two minds about it. Brilliant!
The Book Of Abby
The Book Of Abby Vit më parë
Just in case you haven't heard, y'all are doing amazing at life and parenting. ❤️ At least from this mega fan and mom of 4's perspective.
Kaki Fifty
Kaki Fifty 4 ditë më parë
Yo the editing with the music is so good in this one
Rawganic 10 ditë më parë
Ashwagunda is normally a stimulant for most. That’s interesting it helps you sleep!
Parker Gunderson
Parker Gunderson Muaj më parë
you are not well
jennifer hine
jennifer hine Muaj më parë
Hi La Vagabonde! Since discovering your channel a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been binge watching from the beginning. Love your videos, love you guys. I’m on episode 217 and I am curious as to why (as of episode 217) that you never mentioned anything about Hurricane Dorian which was the most devastating tropical cyclone on record to hit the abacos on September 1, 2019. According to your video publish dates you where in the exact spot days before it struck Hope Town. Did you leave for Long Island to get out of its path? How did your friends who have a place on Elbow Cay fair? Did you know it was heading for the abacos and did you know the devastation it caused at that time? The abacos is one of your favorite spots and I was surprised there was no mention of the the hurricane and how it affected all those wonderful memories you made while in the Abacos. Looking forward to catching up to your most recent video. Lenny is so precious... love his smile and love his dipples . Happy sailing!
Steven Robinson
Steven Robinson Muaj më parë
poor accent on Yorkshire but got the pudding spot on, me am from Sheffield England.. LOL
Jerry Foust
Jerry Foust Muaj më parë
Yes, your editing is delightful. You've become quite the artist over the years.
K Jonsson
K Jonsson 2 muaj më parë
You are awesome ✨♥️💪
Ben Isaak
Ben Isaak 2 muaj më parë
8:04 You inspired me to make use of my time earlier this year and bike solo from my home in New Hampshire to Pittsburgh, PA, create a documentary about it, and then bike onto Washington D.C. Your attitudes towards fear and the unkown are what makes your show possible in the first place I imagine and also what makes it so inspiring for us viewers. Keep up the amazing work! I'm slowly catching up to real time.
evo1 sc
evo1 sc 3 muaj më parë
You 2 make me so happy watching! Such an awesome family 😊
Caroline Bolich
Caroline Bolich 5 muaj më parë
,,,,,,also our Vblog siriana cacao which by the by the way is the name of our our BEAN TO BAR CHOCOLATE CO/ funny coincindence
Caroline Bolich
Caroline Bolich 5 muaj më parë
these things you insipe and more
Caroline Bolich
Caroline Bolich 5 muaj më parë
you inspirie living to the fullest, and yes my sailing dream.......see you in the sea of cortez one day
Caroline Bolich
Caroline Bolich 5 muaj më parë
Lenny is my kin spirit
RIPPLES and RIPPLES 6 muaj më parë
adorable, stay safe
Thor Svenson
Thor Svenson 7 muaj më parë
Riles mate, you guys are inspiring just to be a better human and enjoy life and the people around me. No big change or giant step, sorry. I'm rather happy with my life. But you guys just put out a great vibe with all your awesomeness.
danny o
danny o 7 muaj më parë
You all have helped me think that I can be Brave
kai games
kai games 7 muaj më parë
There adventures look so beautiful I can't wate till I'm old enough to own a boat even though I have a boat licence.
Liam Scott
Liam Scott 7 muaj më parë
You need to get the star wars inspired tshirts back up for sale again!! I'd buy one straight away
Donald Semora
Donald Semora 7 muaj më parë
I think you are inspiring. You are doing something that so many just dream about. And you are raising your son, which will be an awesome life for him.
Ed Rock
Ed Rock 8 muaj më parë
Meditate 20 minutes a day just listen to with noise with headphones.
Barney 8 muaj më parë
How long do the rigging ropes last do they ever break. Argh knock on wood
Wiehann Writes
Wiehann Writes 9 muaj më parë
Riley inspired me to grow a moustache
Mark Di Paola
Mark Di Paola 9 muaj më parë
Hey team, you guys inspired us to start an ecommerce Amazon business. Something that we could run and operate from the back of a boat one day in the future. 12 months in, so far so good!. We have watched every single video up until this one, we cant wait to catch up to real time. Keep on doing your thing, cant believe how much in the show we relate to. Much love, Mark & Dominique, peace.
Max Bowen
Max Bowen 9 muaj më parë
I'm with Riley on the oils and that stuff
Mikeztarp 9 muaj më parë
By the time he's a teenager, Lenny will have forgotten more adventures than most people have in their lifetime. But he'll be able to watch these videos and get a glimpse of them.
House Maggililly
House Maggililly 9 muaj më parë
You asked about inspiration beyond sailing. Y'all are a big part of the reason I'm finally getting back to my ballet practice. I'm starting slow with testing basic barre classes with friends. But I hope to have classes on Patreon soon. Mostly the classes will give me some accountability to do it at least weekly. But where your inspiration comes in is from watching Elayna learn how to film and edit all on her own. It's been 22 years since I taught a class.
X2peaks 11
X2peaks 11 9 muaj më parë
I like to be your child
Andrey Tamahkyarov
Andrey Tamahkyarov 9 muaj më parë
Try cdb oil instead all those different ones it will do the job better than all others put together
Kathleen Crepeau
Kathleen Crepeau 9 muaj më parë
Dancing Lenny-hysterical! :)
Stephanie Chambers
Stephanie Chambers 9 muaj më parë
It's nothing scary like swimming with sharks... but I decided to take on a digital marketing certificate during this pandemic while working full time. I almost backed out but I found your videos and I was like.... if they can survive on a boat, hunting fish and dodging sharks WITH A BABY surely I can do this course. :D So thank you!!
SurferMark777 (Mark)
SurferMark777 (Mark) 10 muaj më parë
I am defiantly inspired to be more chill you guys roll with the good times and bad times, pretty balanced... plus you inspire us all to live the beach/boat lifestyle at all times.. even if only in our hearts.... when we are at work, or in daily life, on land.... we take you with us :0)
Kelvin Weeding
Kelvin Weeding 10 muaj më parë
Tough gig catching the little text messages that flash up for a milli second.
Ruud van Hooijdonk
Ruud van Hooijdonk 10 muaj më parë
I've only recently joined your channel, but what I take away from it in general is to live live to the fullest and that dreams can come true if you set some goals for yourself and put in the work. Most people spend big parts of their lives being adrift, but if you choose your destination and plot a course you will get there! :)
Ericia Whittington
Ericia Whittington 10 muaj më parë
Elayna and Riley, I have been a long time fan that’s never really been active. I have been watching you for about 6 months now. I am now watching your shows in order(liking and sharing) which means most of them I’ll have seen twice:) I have been very lazy with my life and mainly scared to go on adventures alone. I now have a fire burning in my soul, and I’ve been growing in many ways. Y’all have inspired me so much. I have taken on reading, extreme hiking, podcasts, yoga, learning Spanish, and playing the guitar for the past 3 months. I have been holding myself accountable and actually learning all of these things. I feel great! Thank you! I hope to be able to become a Patreon one day! Much love! Ericia
Isaac Coughlan
Isaac Coughlan 10 muaj më parë
You've inspired me to eat healthier, workout way more regularly and to take up yoga :)
Cissy Caple
Cissy Caple 10 muaj më parë
Finding I really enjoy my daily dose of the amazing Lenny! This is one of my fave videos of you guys. You both are such excellent parents. Congrats on such a extraordinarily beautiful life!
Mad Mike0082
Mad Mike0082 10 muaj më parë
You inspired me to retire onto a boat like yours and never look back. I have a 10 year plan to do so. I’m 2 years in and so far I quit my job , started my own company which has been wildly successful so far , and started prepping everything to cast the lines in about another 8 years.
Jeremy Parroco
Jeremy Parroco 10 muaj më parë
You guys have inspired me to not take life for granted. Especially now as a person with kidney failure. I can appreciate life even more now with my significant other, Riley.
alex verachtert
alex verachtert 11 muaj më parë
You guys have inspired me to get up everyday and start with a nice bike ride or hike in the mountains. Really kept me from just sheltering inside all day. I live in such a beautiful place and love going to explore it!!! Thank you guys keep up the awesome conten!
splintermathwood 11 muaj më parë
So, yes, What has watching Sailing La Vagabonde inspired me to do. Right. I started watching sometime around March 19th, 2020, after visiting a Dr. in NYC worrying if I had the Corona virus. No test, just go take your fever and your painful to breathe lungs home and go to an ER if it gets worse. I started magically on the last episode (70 something?) when you put the monohull on the hard to work on getting the Cat. I am now on episode 217 and it is now March 29th. I finally started editing a podcast I had recorded in January ( and I picked up my guitar and started playing again. Thank you so much for the inspiration to pick up an instrument I went to college for and hadn’t really practiced in 15 years. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!
Shall Not Be Infringed Upon
Shall Not Be Infringed Upon 11 muaj më parë
You have inspired me to add the Bahamas to my bucket list!
YES BIGFOOT YES 11 muaj më parë
Lana-Kailey Vit më parë
You guys along some others have inspired me to pursuit medicine, sailing and cheerleading. , I am now a first year medic, a RYA Coastal skipper (hopefully get my Yachtmaster soon) and joined x and have follow your channel since when you guys first started ( I was 16 x) Maybe can one day stitch Riley up ;) Live every sec of my life to the fullness, have no regret. Spread love and kindness. Live healthily and mindfully. Love you guys xxx
Chloe Paperd
Chloe Paperd Vit më parë
Lenny is such a funny&cute lookin baby
Charles Scott
Charles Scott Vit më parë
217 is still one of my favorite videos. You both are the real life "Blue Lagoon"" couple. Brook Shields and Christopher Atkins could have learned tons from you both.
ronja Vit më parë
❤️❤️❤️❤️ i love it
Andrew Stone
Andrew Stone Vit më parë
ya gotta work on ya pool game guys .haha.
Andrew Stone
Andrew Stone Vit më parë
i got one . you inspire me to wake up and live more in the moments that happen every day and just enjoy.
André Daniel
André Daniel Vit më parë
Riley's comment is to be minded. Attributing non-proven benefits when it comes to serious diseases like cancer to "alternative medicines" is not responsible.
Günda Rudolw
Günda Rudolw Vit më parë
well, you didnt really inspire me, but your videos certainly did their part to motivate to go through with leaving university which felt more and more like a prison to me and go get myself a real education which i plan on using to get around the world when im finished. so i no longer study physics, but instead i am becoming a baker which feels just so much more real i have a feeling of being able to do so much more with my life, simply for the fact that you can always find work as a craftsman and you can point at something and say: i did that. and its just so much better. thanks guys for showing me that one can find his own way without following the tracks one was set on.
MattR King
MattR King Vit më parë
You guys inspired me to make a fruit Hammock completely from scratch you guys inspired me because I’ve seen it in one of your videos so I’ve been spending all my free time making one because I think it’s beautiful to have in a kitchen especially to have tropical fruits in it
Nic R
Nic R Vit më parë
I’m gonna be honest I’m so jealous of Lenny because growing up on a boat in all of these beautiful places lucky bro
Eva Kennedy
Eva Kennedy Vit më parë
i’m 15 and you inspired me to eat healthier, i feel my whole way i feel in my body has changed and i’m overall happier. i’m eating a lot of fruit and veg so thank you!
Tammy Soumas
Tammy Soumas Vit më parë
Just started watching your channel over the holidays. Obsessed. Right before I binge watched a bunch of van life you tubers abd I kept thats great but I can never do that. Now I know why. I want to sail. I always thought I would want a motor boat but now I know sailing is the way to go. Hubby and I are planning on taking lessons in the summer!!! We need to start somewhere. Thank you for the inspo from Toronto Canada!
Tera Vivian
Tera Vivian Vit më parë
Hello beautiful friends, whom I SO hope to meet one day... How to put into words how much you continue to reach in and give my soul a good, hearty (and healthy!) shaking?! . Last I commented, I was living in the states, lonnggging to move to Mexico (to set roots..) Suffice to say, because I am simply an, um, somewhat gifted peasant, pulling this move off, was a grail indeed! Add that I am partially disabled and that we just found out my fiancé has stage four cancer (he is currently working with an AMAZING German doctor in Bali AND making progress, yay!) Well, point is, I (my fiancé plans to join me here) made it to Mexico!!! True, I am a naturally vivacious and inspired individual, (I am told), HOWEVER it is the both of you who equally (and unknowingly), pushed me to make it all happen sooner than later!!! I’m now watching through my second round of vids, start to finish... enough so I hear Elantra’s voice concretizing the importance of less is more, echoing and urging me to toss items I am no longer in love with and using daily. Thank you!! So yeah, you guys make a giant difference and one day, once I am working again - Ibought an AMAZING device (a modified Tesla coil) called an AMPCOIL which seems to be healing my disability,!!), - well... I know I’m going on and on, however, I really want to share that perhaps one day I too can make a humble difference back in your direction.. 😊 Suffice to say, I am deeply moved by your values and living so close to Mother Earth each and every day! (I am sooo Excited to see footage of that Atlantic crossing!! Completely EPIC that you took Greta aboard.. ) May we all do our part to help our most precious planet... thank you and bless you for your inspiration, transparency, love and joy!! xo
Jessica Spiteri
Jessica Spiteri Vit më parë
How do you get the diapers for the baby ?
Kyle Vit më parë
omg give me more Lenny's reviews XD
Jack Turnock
Jack Turnock Vit më parë
this is so beautiful! what a life u guys got.
Innocent Vit më parë
You should skype call fans
Miss Spice
Miss Spice Vit më parë
You two playing pool, tag teaming lenny lol such a cute family x
Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman Vit më parë
I went skydiving and built a shed thanks to you
Kay’s Web
Kay’s Web Vit më parë
The dancing from Lenny was great. ❤️ lol go Lenny!
Sophie Brooking
Sophie Brooking Vit më parë
Me and my friends are only 15 but after watching your videos we’re already saving up to buy a boat together and travel the world
Alex 3D
Alex 3D Vit më parë
Hmm..what will you do, if there will be child number 2? You cant watch them every minute. I also have children and the risk of them falling into the water and dying would not be worth living on a boat. It looks very romatic from the outside, but i think if you do it by youreself, its very hard and stressfull.
Natalie Guion
Natalie Guion Vit më parë
stellar videography. smiling face through the entire video :)
Jb Mith
Jb Mith Vit më parë
Your videos make me want to go spear fishing, but the water is so cold here in Tasmania
Bannister Word
Bannister Word Vit më parë
Give in spied spear fishing
Rayan Ali
Rayan Ali Vit më parë
Wow You are so nice😍😍 أنتم جدا رائعين ♥️♥️♥️♥️ From Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦
Jenaya brampton
Jenaya brampton Vit më parë
You inspired me to stop being so lazy and now I do photography and post it on instagram ,watching your videos made me so happy to cause I was going through a really hard time at school I was getting billed and I never wanted to be there but your videos have made me feel so much better I had the courage to stand up and say “no I don’t want to be apart this” and now I’m as happy as can we ☺️😁😁☺️
Belinda Lloyd
Belinda Lloyd Vit më parë
seriously you guys need to get a tv series on netflix or a show on tv id watch it all ..... ive only just come across your channel but ill watch all your videos soon enough because i find your little family adorable and better then any show out. makes me wanna do more stuff in my everyday life too !!
Hunter Jenkins
Hunter Jenkins Vit më parë
You inspired me to move to the coast and study oceanography
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde Vit më parë
That is incredible 😢
Malia Mundt
Malia Mundt Vit më parë
You have inspired me to do my homework
Dani Lloyd
Dani Lloyd Vit më parë
You guys have inspired me to be more minimal and get rid of things & enjoy life!
Ella STOKA Vit më parë
You inspired me when i am older to raise a family on a sailing boat and make life full of adventures
J. Smith
J. Smith Vit më parë
Love it, thank you!!
Lincoln Nave
Lincoln Nave Vit më parë
You should try marijuana if your feeling like that but like in oil form. For elayna
5370-Toleen Hayel A Bakhsh
5370-Toleen Hayel A Bakhsh Vit më parë
Are they Arab???
Joseph Catanzano
Joseph Catanzano Vit më parë
you 3 are all beautiful souls... these videos are a nice treat!.... Complete Bliss... even when little Lenny boy is crying, such a wonderful life!
Juliana Salami
Juliana Salami Vit më parë
At 52 seconds he spoke my language (Arabic) cause the word he said was thank you but in Arabic
Angele Babin
Angele Babin Vit më parë
Your little boy look like Enrique Iglesias little boy. Just adorable .
Ali DERİN Vit më parë
Thank you very much for inviting us to your nice pleasant family thanks..
Shaun Mc Guinness
Shaun Mc Guinness Vit më parë
The sand is called coral sand btw do notnloke this
Mae battams
Mae battams Vit më parë
You made me lovelife around me, like simple things like my own sunset and camp fires
Tilly Westcar
Tilly Westcar Vit më parë
what sort of sailing boat do you have?
Lauren Glick
Lauren Glick Vit më parë
Believe it or not, you inspired me to take a giant leap into purchasing my home🖤 truly, you just inspire me to do things out of my comfort zone, and take risks!!
Debbie Bennett
Debbie Bennett Vit më parë
Lennys smile is infectious. 🥰
Becky Roque
Becky Roque Vit më parë
somewhere you asked how your videos have changed us, non sailing wise. I am eating a more plant based diet because of you two, and have learned that exercise has to come before everything else. I am "obese" (six feet tall and carry it well, a bad combo!) but have lost 20 pounds and many inches after living more of your lifestyle!
Brenda Womer
Brenda Womer Vit më parë
who sings "you and me"?????
Snow Man
Snow Man Vit më parë
I've been holding off watching SLV but for whose benefit lol, I originally wanted to wait to get the full viewing experience by binge watching some episodes after work but I feel like a piece of me has been missing since not watching the videos hahaha I can't not watch videos mate. I missed/love you guys too much to stay away any longer. I hope to see you guys doing awesome in the future. much love! Snow.
Melanie Shirkey
Melanie Shirkey Vit më parë
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to your family!! Love your vlogs!!
Lee Hague
Lee Hague Vit më parë
You inspired me to mow my lawn wearing swim fins and a snorkel!
Luz Maria Rahla
Luz Maria Rahla Vit më parë
13:22 looks like a snowed Christmas tree out there :>)
Luz Maria Rahla
Luz Maria Rahla Vit më parë
Have you gone haunting for pearls yet? :>)
Katerina Fillmore
Katerina Fillmore Vit më parë
You help me get through med school. You remind me of what human values are valuable. Thanks :) hello from Prague
madhuri jaiswal
madhuri jaiswal Vit më parë
Koi mujhe ye bataye ki ye log ship se kaha jate h ?
robert carkeek
robert carkeek Vit më parë
heart heart heart!
Iva Stewart
Iva Stewart Vit më parë
Curtis Heirston
Curtis Heirston Vit më parë
Hi guys... been following you since S1 E1... I just want to say that Lenny is probably going to be the well adjusted man in the world when he grows up... :-)
Jeff Cole
Jeff Cole Vit më parë
Love you guys. The quality of your production is great and your adventure is fun to watch. Really appreciate your openness. Wish you continues success and safe travels.
youssef maaroufi
youssef maaroufi Vit më parë
you wanna lower your stress level, get some WEED! smoke it, eat it, whatever!! Don't abuse it though.. after all, you're on a boat in the middle of the ocean with a baby! you don't want to get stoned ans end up in north korea!
Swimming with PIGS in the EXUMAS! I'm Melting 😻 Ep.218
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..
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