BOAT LIFE: Across the BLUEST SAND BANK to our own PRIVATE ISLAND! 🌴 Ep. 213

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Sailing La Vagabonde

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00:00 L U M E N - Seabirds -
00:45 Slow Train - Anthony Arya -
03:30 Castles Fall - Trent Herzman -
08:27 Forget Master - Matias Malagardis - mmalagardis
10:18 Helium - Isaac Balson -
13:31 The Magistrate - Jack Pen and His Anthropomorphic Orchestra -
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Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody Muaj më parë
Awsm edits BTW
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody Muaj më parë
Every time i watch these videos truly feels like i m @Peace
emaruinedit 3 muaj më parë
If you leave the papaya seeds out to dry you can then use them like pepper :D
Michael 4 muaj më parë
Im watching these videos after Lenny was diagnosed with a peanut allergy and every time I see him with peanut butter or some nutty thing I cringe.
Panagiotis Tsolakidis
Panagiotis Tsolakidis 8 muaj më parë
lave family ❤❤❤👑⛵🙋😙😙😙😙
Esther Marie
Esther Marie 8 muaj më parë
Question: where are those sunnies from
Nora Mittasch
Nora Mittasch 9 muaj më parë
12:16 „Show everyone your top teeth.” - made me show my top ones 😂👍🏼🥰
Mikeztarp 9 muaj më parë
The way Lenny likes to slap the table makes me think you should get him a little tambourine when he's old enough. Once Riley learns the harmonica, you'll have a proper family band! :)
Je b
Je b 9 muaj më parë
I wondered if you guys listened to nirvana
ebayerr 10 muaj më parë
Ga Wa
Ga Wa 10 muaj më parë
Don't you have a backstay?
Ruud van Hooijdonk
Ruud van Hooijdonk 10 muaj më parë
Did I spot a Dutch flg on the boom? Was she build in the Netherlands?
mega tube
mega tube 10 muaj më parë
You product a very good film,,👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👎👎
Darren Wynne
Darren Wynne 11 muaj më parë
Cant deal with seeing those boogies/bogies/boogers... or the fact that Elayna gets them for you 😆
Tiana Rxse
Tiana Rxse 11 muaj më parë
Not only are they the cutest family they also live on a boat and are extremely talented
Madeleine 11 muaj më parë
I love your videos😍🙏🏽
RocketLR 11 muaj më parë
I used to love diving in deep pools as a kid. but now, It feels like my head is gonna pop from just 4m depth :S
Mike Morin
Mike Morin Vit më parë
I discovered this series a few weeks ago and I am hooked! This has become my favorite ALnets series. I wonder if you understand how much your subscribers benefit from your postings. While I do not have the travel urges that I had as a young man (I am in year 70!), watching your videos make me feel as though I was still in my 30s again and still serving as a Special Forces officer. Wishing you three all the very best in your travels. May I make a suggestion? Open a college account for Lenny and let all of us know about it. I would be delighted to make the first donation!
Piero Berna
Piero Berna Vit më parë
Hahahaha great song to sing for a kid! Love you guys
Jay Howard
Jay Howard Vit më parë
1:17 Lenny is going to think that camera is another person :)
Emily- kate
Emily- kate Vit më parë
What’s a patron?
Mon H
Mon H Vit më parë
you guys should have seen the caves !!!! they are actually so beautiful
mochi .K
mochi .K Vit më parë
they look happy but personally not having a job would make me depressed
nextari Vit më parë
57 Meters!? That's like 180 ft deep. Why on earth would you do that?? Shallow water blackout, misjudging, etc.
Plum Cra Zy
Plum Cra Zy Vit më parë
10:19. good girl, getting rid of that baby weight for him! Since there are way too many piggies around us.
Plum Cra Zy
Plum Cra Zy Vit më parë
1:10, You might have slept through it all, but he had a wonderful time plowing your oops spot!
na tty
na tty Vit më parë
elayna reminds me of the girl from mamma mia 2
Carnival of scream
Carnival of scream Vit më parë
When I'm older I really want to live on a sailboat but do you think it's worth it, I mean I just love these boats soooo99 much
Maira Mendez
Maira Mendez Vit më parë
Your baby boy is so adorable❤️❤️❤️
Amy Fisher
Amy Fisher Vit më parë
When u showed Lenny’s face, I just love the amount of sun cream on him😂🥰 3:28
izzy swagster
izzy swagster Vit më parë
I’m sorry but your sailing the most beautiful waters ever on a rlly nice boat with your son and the love of your life and you can sing could you really ask for anything more? 😂💓💓💓💓💓💓🥺
Vinícius Blanco
Vinícius Blanco Vit më parë
I love you guys
Hughy Vit më parë
So have you already gone on this trip and am now uploading every phew days because how sould you upload out on the ocean with no wifi
Noa Zylbershlag
Noa Zylbershlag Vit më parë
Elayna is such a good singer
Big Ed
Big Ed Vit më parë
Do you live live on the boat or is it just sometimes?
Jaeden Dinkel
Jaeden Dinkel Vit më parë
Love love ur videos u guys are living my dream life all the best to u and ur travels
Ashley Bee
Ashley Bee Vit më parë
How is lenny going to go to school? Maybe homeschool or online school?
Maddy T.
Maddy T. Vit më parë
These videos relax me so much, love your channel!
Chloe B
Chloe B Vit më parë
these videos always make me jealous.
Aerin Alese
Aerin Alese Vit më parë
post pasta recipe below please
russell chasse
russell chasse Vit më parë
I don't understand the space thing yet ? Can someone clue me in ?
chrissy babeyy
chrissy babeyy Vit më parë
You and your life is a real life dream! ❤❤❤❤❤
M. Hans Liebert
M. Hans Liebert Vit më parë
Yep, topping lift. Riley, consider adding running backstays? That would help stiffen the rig, and give you more mast rake control, hence sail shape. Not that you’ve had any trouble keeping speed up.
fuckusername87 Vit më parë
Just discovered ya channel and absolutely love it. Binge watching ahead.. Do you guys keep a weapon/s onboard in case of piracy or?
Cars Yeah
Cars Yeah Vit më parë
Thank you for another delightful SeaEscape. Your shows always make me relax and smile.
Denis Rittinghaus
Denis Rittinghaus Vit më parë
Soo relaxing videos!
daveash213 Vit më parë
Totally agree with you 7:45 But she is singing a song about her crap sex life!
Simone Vit më parë
Nicky Franciose
Nicky Franciose Vit më parë
Y’all are awesome
Jatobarba 27
Jatobarba 27 Vit më parë
hi, whenever possible enable subtitles in Portuguese or Spanish. a big hug
D Kay
D Kay Vit më parë
Do u get seasick?
tove Vit më parë
This is kinda a random idea. and I imagine you won’t guys won’t see this but... For Lenny you could make or buy him a little hammock to hang and hang it right above your bed, just to give you two some more room.
Izzy Wright
Izzy Wright Vit më parë
You have such a great voice
erin the egg
erin the egg Vit më parë
What will you do when Lenny is school age? Can you online school him ?
Velo1010 Vit më parë
Feeling like you left out some good footage of the storm. I notice y’all do that quite often.
Never Ending Exploration
Never Ending Exploration Vit më parë
Glad you guys are safe! Love your adventures!
G Smith
G Smith Vit më parë
The booger picking made me laugh! Well done Elayna. 🤣
Alan & Karen ogrady
Alan & Karen ogrady Vit më parë
terrific as usual
Dewizzel John
Dewizzel John Vit më parë
What a beautiful family.. you eat so clean! So nice...just found you this morning. I’m hooked!!!💖
狼牙 Vit më parë
damn she really can sing
Jip NL
Jip NL Vit më parë
Are You from Holland
KatieMae Vit më parë
Something to help Lenny with the teeth pains is taking a damp washcloth and putting it into the fridge or freezer and then just letting him suck on it.
BMC MC Vit më parë
the best thing about living on a boat is your privacy lol
Josh Vit më parë
Im reading all these comments in an ausie accent in my head for some reason
Mikeztarp 9 muaj më parë
Which accent? There's a few. Even on La Vagabonde there are two.
Christian Moore
Christian Moore 10 muaj më parë
Josh shit now I am too
Nitro374 Vit më parë
You know what they say “no hat,no play, no school today” hahaha
Blueduby Vit më parë
Sorry if you get asked this a lot but how do you upload to ALnets?
Southbound Gregory’s
Southbound Gregory’s Vit më parë
Why is her voice so beautiful she could be famous 💕 love yallls Chanel
Becca White
Becca White Vit më parë
Roses are red ketchup is too, I got a like! But why is it blue?
Evie May
Evie May Vit më parë
you guys are such good parents x
Nate Vit më parë
What do you plan to do for education when lanny gets older?
Carnival of scream
Carnival of scream Vit më parë
I mean hell get home schooled or tutored like get a tutor to teach him and test him but it's zfine he travels on a boat so
Faith Leigh
Faith Leigh Vit më parë
Nate they will probably homeschool him
Monty Montaño
Monty Montaño Vit më parë
Riley, have you read Into The Planet by Heinerth? It's about diving into the deepest caves in the ocean and the wealth of information that is being discovered there. Also the most dangerous diving on the planet. An Audible book.
nemtizz Vit më parë
I'll be damned if you guys don't have a filming crew following you 24/7. The quality has increased exponentially recently. It's always been great, of course.
John F. Weingold
John F. Weingold Vit më parë
Name that rum please
Jonathan Mitchell
Jonathan Mitchell Vit më parë
Frigate Reserve 8 Year Rum
K R Vit më parë
hope you guys are taking sunscreen seriously.
sloan melchiorre
sloan melchiorre Vit më parë
they’ve been doing this for 5 years, I’m confident that they are
Lisa Harris
Lisa Harris Vit më parë
Don't know why but these videos always seem to relax me
Espen andre braadland Lyse
Espen andre braadland Lyse Vit më parë
Lisa Harris same
Yassmin Hakim
Yassmin Hakim Vit më parë
Lisa Harris same
Plum Cra Zy
Plum Cra Zy Vit më parë
It's the endorphins after having your orgasm, at least it is for me!
Warel Mapugay
Warel Mapugay Vit më parë
It is really relaxing watching their videos.
Dominic Vit më parë
Yup same. Can't wait till I have my own boat. I'm sure as hell not planning to be a 9-5 slave for the rest of my life!
theyetirulrs Vit më parë
I have just recently discovered your amazing lives and truly wonderful family! First off, these videos are truly top notch. Entertaining, educational, and intelligent. I have yet to watch one and wonder why I wasted my time. Really top notch, be proud! Second, I am sure you have answered a lot of questions from comments, but there are some answers that may have changed with experience and insight. Might make a good video to fill in the lulls between events.
Tony Hightower
Tony Hightower Vit më parë
Hope you picked up a lot of Tylenol,Motrin, and orajel for The little one before you took off
hhhhippo Vit më parë
I wonder how many views you guys would get if you weren't attractive? I guess you wouldn't even have a channel.
Landa Brisco
Landa Brisco Vit më parë
You guys are so inspiring!! I love it!!
Kellie Ward
Kellie Ward Vit më parë
Can you make a cook book🤞?
Wiley CKoyote
Wiley CKoyote Vit më parë
That's a huge sail, a fat boy,a baby boy a muscled sailor and a marvelous woman on the deck. What a sight !
Stuart Tamblyn
Stuart Tamblyn Vit më parë
Time for the baby nets around boat I think....
Pepito Barrios
Pepito Barrios Vit më parë
Thank Lord your safe !
Rick Chollett
Rick Chollett Vit më parë
Elayna, here's an idea for merch: la Vagabond cookbook!
Eli Martin
Eli Martin Vit më parë
one of the best episodes!
poe3ful Vit më parë
That's very good to read that you three are safe! 🙏🏼💔
Great Video
Rebekah Smith
Rebekah Smith Vit më parë
Get a banana and let it almost get to the point where it's frozen and let him teeth on that..might help his pain
: ) SMILE Vit më parë
Your family is truly blessed.
WildMan Gaming
WildMan Gaming Vit më parë
I love the bond n all the fun yall have together
GG_Clutchy Vit më parë
Lenny needs an Amber bracelet or necklace, all Chinese babies have one, really works
Renier Van Der Westhuizen
Renier Van Der Westhuizen Vit më parë
Giving Lily Allen a go there :) love it
Ken Lyneham
Ken Lyneham Vit më parë
It's really great to know that you 3 are safe an well, and well from the reaches of Dorian. Until I saw this episode it has been a bit of a worry. We have been away for a week on a family reunion at Nambucca and completely out of touch via the net. As always, a great episode and Lenny is growing so much. What a little live wire he is becoming! Thanks again.
Darin Crofton
Darin Crofton Vit më parë
I know I've said this before, but Lenny is the cutest little boy ever, except for my son Jax lol
B L Vit më parë
RILEY. Spin only or code ops. Take your 2 part main halyard back to the end of boom, tension. Then honk on main sheet to help mast. Topping lift not enough. Bill from Fernandez bay, FP Lipari. Just got nicked by Dorian in Melbourne Fl. Hope all well with you guys.
Elspeth Vit më parë
I was 10 when we lived aboard on our Rival 41 as a family. Long island Bahamas was the place we stayed the longest during the whole trip. I have such fond memories there, I can see why Riley didn't want to go! We also spent some time in the Exumas. Such a joy to relive it again through your videos. Thanks guys!
Ana Caveda
Ana Caveda Vit më parë
What are you going to do when Lenny have to go to school??
Ladybirdsin16mm Vit më parë
Elanya, try cold pressed citric essential oil on Riley, he'll love them. Can even put them in food. And clove ess oil for Lenny's teeth, rub it on his teeth (in a carrier oil)
Andrew Barton
Andrew Barton Vit më parë
Oh one more thing. Baby on tender..... Lifejacket! Always please.
No20 Vit më parë
@C Hunter what if he falls and they're some meters away?
Andrew Barton
Andrew Barton Vit më parë
Hi guys. Yep it's a topping lift. Most monohulls have a back stay that is tensionable as well as a topping lift for the same reason. The wire back stay goes from top of mast to transom and has a set of pulleys that can be tensionable. Don't know about cats tbh.
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