Our First Time FREEDIVING together! We Got a BABYSITTER! Ep. 205

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Sailing La Vagabonde

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Well this is a day to remember. It's the day, the two of us get to freedive side by side.. just like the old days. Lenny get's a freediving lesson of his own as well 😂 Join us for some salty adventures and a few dramas onboard La Vagabonde.
Song Credits:
00:00 You and me drew - Ellie Holcomb - Song selected from MusicBed. Get a free trial here: share.mscbd.fm/sailinglavagabonde
01:07 You Gotta Go - Jordan Merrick - jordanmerrick.bandcamp.com/
03:19 Hawaii - Happy Rabbit - open.spotify.com/track/1T98sJI4WqyqSoHxFp1550?si=hPwgtsM8QV6ssTzERtWCjA
05:13 The Magic Mountain - Owen Duff - open.spotify.com/artist/1X7n0ASm5m7S9deCBxEIl0?si=puT6qTsBTOS-R1TwB1xTWA
09:02 DReAMS - Adam Yoo - soundcloud.com/adamyoo_music
12:53 glad you came - dalton day Song selected from MusicBed. Get a free trial here: share.mscbd.fm/sailinglavagabonde
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Shelley Watson
Shelley Watson 2 muaj më parë
cheryl willman
cheryl willman 3 muaj më parë
Oh my goodness, watching these videos helps me escape to my dream life, I'm a 57 year old woman living in Ohio,I grew up in south Florida , but came back home to my birth state of Ohio, married and had 2 children with a great man, but my heart has and will always be with the Ocean, thank you for keeping me near the sea, and seeing the true natural life I wish I had!
M Robin
M Robin 6 muaj më parë
......how could you leave Lennnnyyyyyyyyyyy ?
Judy Ann Hunt
Judy Ann Hunt 6 muaj më parë
Incredible and so much appreciate it
Mikeztarp 6 muaj më parë
In my mind, that other guy pointed at his eyes and said with a Somali accent "I'm the captain now."
Kim Laney
Kim Laney 7 muaj më parë
Lenny is such a legend. He's the coolest kid on a boat. He is so adorable he's got his dad's piercing blue eyes and his mom's chill personality. Elayna is beautiful and I love watching her and Reily with Lenny. You can feel the love. CANT wait for more Lenny adventures. He's such a rock star!!!
Leonie Margaret
Leonie Margaret 7 muaj më parë
beautiful lil family xx
Teri Williams
Teri Williams 7 muaj më parë
You make quarantine an adventure. Keep living your best life!
Banjo Bear
Banjo Bear 7 muaj më parë
I'm leaving the city to get a boat. This city shit has gotten weak. I've never sailed anything larger than a sunfish but I'm 30 and figgure I'll manage.
Roberta Welborn
Roberta Welborn 8 muaj më parë
Thank you guys for providing entertaining content! I’m finding myself watching these now on repeat with these ominous times. I’m grateful to have something light and entertaining to occupy my mind 👵🏻
braydon robinson
braydon robinson 9 muaj më parë
ahaha irish dancing crack upp
Diana Delacruz
Diana Delacruz 9 muaj më parë
Love watching your videos, sailing looks like so much fun and exhausting as well ❤️ 🛥
Anna Avery
Anna Avery 9 muaj më parë
What a sweet, sweet boy you have! Such a blessing to watch your beautiful family! Love how you both make life feel the way it should be with the ups and downs!
Shelor_Gardens 9 muaj më parë
How exactly did y’all have a baby? I wonder how that works..? Like what’s the process to have one
Miles Mac
Miles Mac 10 muaj më parë
Wow! I have been going to Abaco every summer for years and just realized I was staying at the Harbor Lodge while you guys were there. Cheers to an amazing place that desperately needs help. Love you guys
Maria Vilstrup
Maria Vilstrup Vit më parë
Is it just me that has wondered what time they live by, like New York, Aussie or Eu as they constantly on the move?
Antonia Baker
Antonia Baker Vit më parë
That's alot of fish.
Louise Olsen
Louise Olsen Vit më parë
I'm in 11th grade, and in the future, I see myself on a boat around the world, because of your inspiring videos.
Fly Guy McLeod
Fly Guy McLeod Vit më parë
Hey guys, i hope all is well on slv. Im in southernOntario and our boating season is quickly coming to an end . I know this is an older vid but i do enjoythem none the less. Was wonderingif you could tell me who is singing at 9.40mins. Love the vids and you three. Be safe. Peace
MsDebs73 Vit më parë
Is that town still there?
Nitro374 Vit më parë
Lenny’s going to become a strong swimmer damn son
Sergy K
Sergy K Vit më parë
MegaDunamis777 Vit më parë
The little guy is adorable !!!
Kimberley Smith
Kimberley Smith Vit më parë
How did you guys make out in Hurricane Dorian - Sept 2019??
R.Nathan Sinclair
R.Nathan Sinclair Vit më parë
Riley...I just want to acknowledge you and Elayna😚 for doing the right thing and being courageous when some one or boat is in trouble. 🙏🏼😍❤️ GOOD KARMA
Alex Mackey YT
Alex Mackey YT Vit më parë
You guys picked the perfect island to settle in for a while. Growing up in Hopetown always felt like an adventure for me as a child. Small, quiet and friendly
Marc Anthony Marquez
Marc Anthony Marquez Vit më parë
Land is overrated;)
Candy Queen
Candy Queen Vit më parë
I wish i could Live THAT LIFe buth HOW
paladine6 Vit më parë
Personally I wouldn't try to teach a baby that young swimming skills. When they are more self aware sure...maybe 2 or 3 years old. Your baby though, no judgement on ya for it.
patrick cross
patrick cross Vit më parë
Whats that on it love? Sauce.
Katharina K
Katharina K Vit më parë
Love you guys so much!!!
Brittany Barto
Brittany Barto Vit më parë
You guys are goals
Sergy K
Sergy K Vit më parë
Tanya Lowe
Tanya Lowe Vit më parë
I was born in Nassau and lived here my entire life....have travelled to the Exuma Islands and Abaco Islands for many summers and holidays on my dad's boat.....I absolutely love watching your adventures and hopefully maybe one day we will spot you guys somewhere around our islands when we are off boating. Lenny is adorable!
Sweet Tony
Sweet Tony Vit më parë
These are the best times with a baby. They are responsive, fun to play with, and cute as can be. They are sturdier and much more fun to be around. Enjoy!
Mary Banitskas
Mary Banitskas Vit më parë
Lenny is the cutest baby ever!
Jessica Roberts
Jessica Roberts Vit më parë
I would love these videos if they weren’t killing fish in every single video. I don’t want to see that.
Liz Winchester
Liz Winchester Vit më parë
I love the Castle folk at 2:44. Hysterical. "Tell him he's dreaming'!"
Nelpa Capio
Nelpa Capio Vit më parë
I am here for Lenny. I wanna be a grandma.
Nelpa Capio
Nelpa Capio Vit më parë
Hayzzz ang ulo sa Isra lami itula or pwede pud noon on. Lamia gyud oi. God bless.
Flight of the Fox - Aussie Travel Couple
Flight of the Fox - Aussie Travel Couple Vit më parë
Haha I loved that little clip at the end! So cute you guys!
Hannah Clarke
Hannah Clarke Vit më parë
Omg I appreciate it so much that you called Lenny an Irish dancer and used riverdnace music hahahaha
Ella Aleja
Ella Aleja Vit më parë
I love you guy's energy
Queen C
Queen C Vit më parë
Only us aussies will get that castle reference 😂🇦🇺
At du Plooy
At du Plooy Vit më parë
Cristian Matache
Cristian Matache Vit më parë
Hey guys! I really love your videos and stories. It's all you need to start an excellent day. I really enjoy watching them. A little advice from me: Try to make a fish soup with bones and fish heads. With salt, pepper and lemon, finally a little soy sauce can be a delicious for you and your baby. Hello, from Romania!
eimear shanahan
eimear shanahan Vit më parë
You need to get Lenny an Amber bead necklace, I didn't know this when my kids were teething, but I have seen how effective it is to relieve the itching, pain and drooling, give it a try !
Gavin Mathews
Gavin Mathews Vit më parë
Gday I’m new to the crew Safe seas and blissful wind to you three 👍
Kezzia Chan
Kezzia Chan Vit më parë
Madonna Rowe
Madonna Rowe Vit më parë
You it 1 million subscribers 😃
Ryan Holloway
Ryan Holloway Vit më parë
How do they hold their breath that long?
Roger Chalmers
Roger Chalmers Vit më parë
Bring your cold weather gear to Annapolis in October!!!
Eskii NZL
Eskii NZL Vit më parë
i freaking NEED you guys playlist. the songs you play during your eps are so good!
Princess Rose
Princess Rose Vit më parë
Riley with two babies.. 👌😘
Cogzed Vit më parë
Watched this since the beginning. Such a wonderful story to watch unfold. Hope to one day travel the Sea's like the 3 of you with my family. Until then I'll live vicariously through you 3! ;) God bless you all.
Samantha Gwinn
Samantha Gwinn Vit më parë
I hope I can make it to the Annapolis boat show!!
Hannah Hauser
Hannah Hauser Vit më parë
Cannot wait to see you guys in Annapolis!
Large.xxl Vit më parë
I NEVER had any issues with not seeing any videos of your channel in my box (without bell notification)... I watch ALL your videos so the algorithm dont hide the new ones from me.
Tanya Vit më parë
You all are such a joy to watch. Lenny definitely has his daddy’s personality; always laughing and smiling and loving the water. God bless your travels and thank you for sharing your adventures with us who are landlocked dreaming of warm and happy sailings! 💕🤩💕
Alyssa Ashton
Alyssa Ashton Vit më parë
the Irish jig while lenny jumps, I laughed so hard!
Ken Lyneham
Ken Lyneham Vit më parë
I have had to come back to Ep.205, in order to make a comment that I couldn't do on Ep.206. 206 was a terrific video, thanks heaps for doing it so well. I know it's a lot of work, with a tremendous amount of editing, but please keep it up, you're doing such a great job. I meant to make a suggestion a number of episodes back, but I forgot until this one. I have had some experience at climbing coconut palms, I lived and worked in PNG for 2 years and one of my favourite foods was green coconuts. The next time you plan on scurrying up one, tie something like a 100+mm wide strip of old towel around your ankles so that your feet are about 350mm or so apart. Use a reef not to tie the ends off and make sure the material still has some substance to it and is not rotten. When you climb using an ankle strap, you won't have to worry about keeping a tight grip with your feet. That's the method my PNG friends taught me except they used kunai grass twisted into a rope. You are so lucky with Lenny, he is such a gorgeous little kid.
Madison Harmon
Madison Harmon Vit më parë
YES Drew and Ellie Holcomb in the beginning! I’ve loved watching you all for years and I’ve listened to D+E for years! Mixing the things that make me happy is incredible. Love you all so much. Thanks for bringing sunshine and joy to this world
Trevor Brock-Dorsey
Trevor Brock-Dorsey Vit më parë
And if u need a place to anchor I live on a little hole called Whitehall creek it is an excellent place to anchor for catys
Trevor Brock-Dorsey
Trevor Brock-Dorsey Vit më parë
I am so exited I live in Annapolis and was wondering when u guys were coming (excuse my cluelessness I looked up when the boat show is going to be and couldn’t find it) thanks if u guys see this love u!
Robyn E Anderton
Robyn E Anderton Vit më parë
i saw that the show in annapolis is going to be in October! i am praying to be there as well!
Avi Freed
Avi Freed Vit më parë
I'm currently fixing up an old 26-foot sloop because of you guys. Just thought you might like to know since you mentioned it.
Preston Melchert
Preston Melchert Vit më parë
More knot tying sequences please. That was mesmerising.
Robyn E Anderton
Robyn E Anderton Vit më parë
YES LOVE watching and learning!
Sheena Lincoln
Sheena Lincoln Vit më parë
Everything ok? Hadn't seen anything posted since the 5th? Just was checking. Hope all is well.
Roger Edmonds
Roger Edmonds Vit më parë
Be nice of u to give away t shirts with all the millions that have been given to.
Lola Bennett
Lola Bennett Vit më parë
Love you guys!!!
Vlad G
Vlad G Vit më parë
I'd like to please request showing more content on sailing, logistics, sailing procedures, maintenance, anchoring, setting-up, trimming, costs, dealing with issues that come up, practical challenges, etc. whenever possible. I enjoy baby videos as much as anyone and Lenny is simply the cutest, so well done, but it feels like this channel has become more about life with a baby instead of sailing, which I'm sure lots of people love, but just thought I'd mention what some of your subscribers are probably thinking, would be great to have more of a balance. Otherwise, love what you two are putting out and thank you for living life to the fullest. Also, every thought of kitesurfing? I noticed a lot of videos where you say it's windy outside, but this would simply be perfect for kitesurfing.
Sebastian Mollega
Sebastian Mollega Vit më parë
Migth be hard to rise a child and keep the pace they had before. But Lenny will soon join the crew, actively.
Athena Greece
Athena Greece Vit më parë
Question that I hope you guys will answer in your next videos 😭 do you guys plan on living on a boat for the rest of your lives? If so, do you think you’d get a bigger boat? Also how many kids do you see yourself having? Recently came across your channel so forgive me if you’ve addressed this already keep up the amazing videos!👏🏼
pmt fairy
pmt fairy Vit më parë
Hey guys I can't find no updates or new movies from u since ep 205
subcommondante Vit më parë
I've been watching since winter of '16. You helped me through a dark winter's depression. I've sailed the planet with you and now several other channels too. I'VE BOUGHT A BOAT to begin my own adventure. Thank you for such a strong model of resilience and how I might also be in a relationship. My boat is a Catalina 30' and i'll be learning to sail in Monterey bay, California. She's docked in Santa Cruz.
Jason Keigley
Jason Keigley Vit më parë
Reef in a sail at the edge of the world if eternity should fail!
Lisa Greig
Lisa Greig Vit më parë
I love watching all your adventures...Lenny did a good job with his swimming lessons ⭐️👍🏻
russ bentley
russ bentley Vit më parë
I'm an aged bachelor with no kids. Not that i don't like kids... as long as they are someone else's and soon gone. (You pay for an attitude like this. I know... I know) BUT what i want to say is that when i watch that little geyser... geezer... that wee spouter of yours and i watch all of what his infant eyes and his mind and all of his senses are absorbing right from the start... well, i just think he's having one of thee most fortunate and blessed of childhoods imaginable.
Andy Apneatic
Andy Apneatic Vit më parë
When you’re sailing with your huge sail, what do you do when you need to go the opposite direction of the wind (into the wind)?
Dslay Vit më parë
Something is wrong with them they haven’t posted in awhile
Robyn E Anderton
Robyn E Anderton Vit më parë
believe they are safe and pray! they are so loved!
Jimmy Johnstone
Jimmy Johnstone Vit më parë
I am a great baby sitter. Book me.
jeff qc
jeff qc Vit më parë
i love Hope town in vagabonde ;-)
Electromag50 Vit më parë
Hey Dad, Mum, the fastest way to teach your kids to swim is to get them a baby dive mask, and snorkel. Usually take just one day of fun and then one day getting them off the mask and snorkel and then they can swim. Works that fast.
Aenglish101 Vit më parë
Awesome video, as always. You guys are so inspiring! And I agree with the others about feeling tranquillity and peace from watching. I love how you always help others when you can! And Lenny-O. M. G. I found myself smiling at my phone as if I were actually holding a baby!!!! Amazing videography and editing and I guess it helps to have such a happy subject!!!! My daughters are 12&13 and I wish I would have taught them swimming that young. They can swim now but For YEARS, I was a nervous wreck with them around any water. I was too afraid to dunk them when they were babies. 😔 Keep doing what you’re doing! I hope your videos never end! I get so happy when the notifications of a new video arrive! Looking forward to the next one! ✌️
Louie Saldivar
Louie Saldivar Vit më parë
Hey my friend.I'm waiting for your next video. I really enjoy your vlog. I love to do what you do but I'm tied up woth my government duty here in the Philippines.
Manaf Ben
Manaf Ben Vit më parë
it's officially a parenting channel now , not a sailing channel any more ..... i'm out
Elizabeth Vit më parë
Manaf Ben god forbid people progress in life and end up with a family. 🙄
Mac T
Mac T Vit më parë
You're legends!
Don Knouse
Don Knouse Vit më parë
You guys are a breath of fresh air :) Lenny is such a cutie.
Jason Keigley
Jason Keigley Vit më parë
Lenny is a star! He's always smiling!
sachamo100 Vit më parë
Lenny is adorable, you two are doing a great job!
M SF Vit më parë
Keep going! Getting closer and closer to 1MM addicts ...25k to go 🏁👍👌🌎🚀.
Howard Blasingame
Howard Blasingame Vit më parë
No #MunchieAlert & I was prepared with halibut tacos & beer.
Willgrf Vit më parë
It was nice to meet you at the London excel show in 2017.
Willgrf Vit më parë
Are you at the Southampton boat show in the uk in September ?
John Woods
John Woods Vit më parë
Susan Harper
Susan Harper Vit më parë
Having withdraws here. Watching them backwards now
pwmorris1963 Vit më parë
see you at the Annapolis boat show in October!!
TheMarsBus Vit më parë
When Lenny starts walking , boat is gonna be dangerous place.
Robyn E Anderton
Robyn E Anderton Vit më parë
i'm sure they will constantly keep a lifevest on him! i think of that too with little grands of mine
dreid6 Vit më parë
Another awesome video! Lenny's growing like a weed and you guys are doing an awesome job raising him! One quick question, what kind of hat does Elayna wear? (the light brown one with dark brown stripe) My wife would love one.
Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts Vit më parë
Good tunes as always;) be nice to find some links to some of the artists you play. Thanks, keep up the good work folks, been watching you since the beginning, well pretty much!! Great to see Lenny growing up as a super dooper boat baby:)
Andrew Dickerson
Andrew Dickerson Vit më parë
Links are in the description. They have Spotify playlists too.
Chris888 Vit më parë
Awesome videos guys when you return to aus come to the beautiful lake Macquarie in la vagabonde
Abby Allgood
Abby Allgood Vit më parë
Elayna... Tip for you... My kids always got ear infections during the summers bc they stayed in the pool all the time... The dr called it swimmers ear.. To prevent it from happening at all when ther got out of the shower b ath or pool i put 2 to 3 drops of an equal mixture 1 part alcohol 1 part peroxide. In fact the pharmacy sells a small bottle of swimmers ear already mix up. Just a tip for you.. Infantz are prone to ear infections at this age
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