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Sailing La Vagabonde

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#270 Equipped with the best local advice (thank you Nuno and Julia!), we're moving onwards from Ponta Delgada. Thus far we've only hit the first island of the Azores and we're making tracks to the next ones, and we can barely believe that it can get even better. That's the word on the street anyway.
We're Governo dos Açores aprovada 👍 to sail about and catch a fish, the wind's chillin' so we're taking it slow and steady on the way to Ilha Terceira. Compared to how the Atlantic has treated us before, we're always grateful when Neptune is in a good mood.
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bennykell3 6 orë më parë
You should get Bald and Bankrupt on your channel. He's a legend!
Tanner Taylor
Tanner Taylor 5 ditë më parë
I'm subbing to your patreon on my next payday, i know y'all do drawings with your patreons to come aboard and sail with y'all for a week, and being a long time viewer(since you started youtubing) I would really long amd appreciate a chance to come aboard and sail with you guys, I've watched you for so long that I feel that I know y'all, and we are friends, but that might make for a very interesting introduction
Julianna Eckard
Julianna Eckard 9 ditë më parë
1:18 that’s my college 🥺 Go Michigan state !! Love you guys so much ❤️
Grace Mclaughlin
Grace Mclaughlin 10 ditë më parë
Hey you people are honest and entertaining, ignore people like that, if they pay for New York Times there nuts main stream media is nothing but bull. Keep doing what you do and good luck
Citizens Rights
Citizens Rights 12 ditë më parë
Andre is such a great guy. I hope all his dreams come true. ⛵️
Владимир Глебов
Владимир Глебов 13 ditë më parë
Lapeer Charlie
Lapeer Charlie 13 ditë më parë
God! I LOVE your opening monologue. That is how to live. Truly admire your expansive view of what you are doing.....the determination to take your freedom as far as you can. Full commitment = mega fulfillment. Good on ya, mate! (BTW: the EDITING lately is phenomenal!)
Aenglish101 20 ditë më parë
4 years of sailing in 4 minutes is what got me hooked on your channel!!!!! A friend of mine had shared it on Facebook.
figgettit 21 ditë më parë
*The New York Times is not respectable.
Ian Clifford
Ian Clifford 23 ditë më parë
I completely enjoy your content when I have the occasion to watch your videos. Nobody but you three can truly know your worth and value to the collective social mediascape, however the proof of your value can definitely be measured by the interest it compels. I salute your efforts and wish the three of you all good things. Most of the haters will never be able to comprehend the work and dedication involved in such a venture as yours. To hell with them and their small minded judgement! Keep on keeping on La Vagabond🌞🌙✨
Katherine Thom
Katherine Thom 23 ditë më parë
Loved the description on the pineapple. Literally my mouth was watering as I was watching. Can’t wait to go to Portugal and the Azores someday.
mynhardt saayman
mynhardt saayman 23 ditë më parë
Don't feel guilty for what you're doing, FFS those taking a stab at you is only rotten with envy. You've a family, boat, freedom and not stuck in traffic loosing 1/3 of what you earn to taxes that do nothing for you in return. Nah dude enjoy what you doing and post those videos.
Jim Cole
Jim Cole Muaj më parë
Sto selling/justifying what you do. Just live your like
Richard Stroud
Richard Stroud Muaj më parë
You guys are Amazing, great videos...!!!
The Nomadic Frog
The Nomadic Frog Muaj më parë
Thank you Elena because I don't know who that is I do want to main cell is sort of but I've never sailed or really been on a boat too much would love to actually have had two boats that I bought that needed repairs but I never got to do it when I got rid of them so who knows maybe one day but I do love watching your videos
Anthony Magenot
Anthony Magenot Muaj më parë
You all should never ever have to fill guilty for the joy you bring to our lives with your beautiful family. If anything we should feel guilty, not living life to its fullest. Only one life, bless us all.
MinimalistWriter Muaj më parë
Just a different business model. That's all. Totally valid. You're not begging. You're providing a product up front and giving people a choice. It's arguably more admirable than a typical business model where people shell out cash and may or may not like the product afterwards. How many movies have we all paid for that we hated? How many refunds did we get for those movies?
Drama Queen
Drama Queen Muaj më parë
I recently found your channel and am slowly making my way through all of your videos. I am so amazed by your content, I just keep shaking my head in wonder. I’m now a subscriber. Thank you
Charlie Yirrell
Charlie Yirrell Muaj më parë
I believe the question is "what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?" I ask if it's a European or African swallow? You say you don't know and get through into a gorge.
Darren Muaj më parë
What is the button you press with your toe at the wheel?
ZuesJunior Muaj më parë
I think you’re great creators and do things I don’t have the ability to do. Love supporting you guys!
Giuseppe Porri
Giuseppe Porri Muaj më parë
Let’s gooooo
City Desk452
City Desk452 Muaj më parë
Why should you have to defend your income model? If it's working for you and people enjoy your content, what is the issue? I don't think I had to defend some of my lazy Friday afternoons in the office, when my productivity wasn't great and I received an income.
barnabe adriaens
barnabe adriaens Muaj më parë
yes, Riley, you are a fair Dinkum!!!
Thom Ives
Thom Ives Muaj më parë
Why can't I have a monthly like budget and give all of my yearly rollover likes to this one video? Riley, you are like one of my all time favorite dudes ever! Keep it up please!
Carry Linsi
Carry Linsi Muaj më parë
I love watching your videos, may our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and give you true meaning of life!
Nick Corr
Nick Corr Muaj më parë
Riley all good with me. A life style I could only dream of though the eye of you, Elena and Lenny. Keep up the great work.
Melanie Maguhn
Melanie Maguhn Muaj më parë
Love you guys 🥰
Flipping nic
Flipping nic Muaj më parë
OK first off I'm super excited that you are on TikTok! I found you a couple months ago and have binged watched you since then. I bounce back and forth between the older content and the newer content and OMG how Lenny has grown! You are my most favorite Creators between all of the social media apps. Thank you so much for having the ability to bring me outside of my world with the ability to pull me into what is attainable. How you do that I don't know but it is what it is and I believe that is why so many of us love you guys. I will become a Patreon for the first time ever very shortly. You. Are. Worth. It. Thanks again and happy sailing my friends 💜💜💜.
The Logfather
The Logfather Muaj më parë
A job that you love doing is the advantage of working on sailing videos with a lovely family ,would answer you demeaning question ,mate .
Pattyann Muaj më parë
You are so great and keep Lenny absolutely safe. We preschool teachers love our lines on the floor to give a visual cue for children. Would a red taped line that Lenny sees on the deck that he cannot cross towards the front of the boat be useful?
Chris C
Chris C Muaj më parë
🤣 Tell all the teachers, nurses, paramedics, essential workers how hard you work and how much you deserve $ for content. You know, in addition to $45k / month (conservatively!) from ALnets / Audible etc $$ 🤔
Roger Talley
Roger Talley Muaj më parë
Let me tell you all as a person that is disabled and can't afford a bunch of things because I am also raising 2 teenagers, I was, am, and always will be a follower of this channel because knowing that I can never visit these beautiful places, I feel like I am right there. Thank you so much
Hazza J
Hazza J Muaj më parë
Claim that ad revenue from the person who posted your video!!!!
simon cousin
simon cousin Muaj më parë
I love your content and over the years its become from a diary to a full documentation ,the miles you have done and what you have seen is fantastic ,I personally do not like monthly payment I know some people out there are possibly the same so the easiest way is to do a one off payment however small or large ,the two of you now three and also Andre are invaluable ,can you imagine if you could get to see Sir David Attenborough or even get him on La Vagabonde .There will always be people who dislike things forget them and go forward I have never seen La Vagabonde do anythin incorrect and please rememeber everyone that is reading this ,these 2 people met up in a bar and decided to set sail in the sunset with no Sailing/Filming /Navigation so nexer feel guilty in asking for subscribing if you dont ask you dont get .:):) Pineapple in Portugal may be good but Bannanas in Tenerife are gorgeous trust me :):)
Gamergirlyoshi Muaj më parë
Yay I'm so happy you changed the intro. The place you went to looks amazing. Your little boy is so cute.
Brandon Booth
Brandon Booth Muaj më parë
I have been watching you guys for a few years now , it just keeps getting better. The way you guys continue to learn, grow, and share in so many aspects, you remember to take time to stay grounded. The perspectives are great!
Joe Radford
Joe Radford Muaj më parë
You shouldn't* feel the need to apologise for your opening statements. Those who can contribute as patrons should do so, if they want to and their financial circumstances allow for it. To support such excellent content and also the huge back catalogue you guys have, of an amazing journey, should be a proud investment for anyone to support. I've been watching since day one, I've watched every episode, but only a few weeks ago did I finally find myself in financially stable enough to now contribute regularly as a Patron. I love what what you guys do, I'm excited for your future. Don't apologise for living the dream, or for asking for support, it helps make better content, so just rock on keep asking I say 🙌
Megan Hume
Megan Hume Muaj më parë
when the visibility is delicious ?!??!!?!? haha wot
A Green
A Green Muaj më parë
How many of us need to become patrons for there to be no ads on here?
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde Muaj më parë
Everyone. Everyone and your mates too. It’s because there is a song that was claimed by a company who then controls how many adds are used on the video. It’s really annoying for us and you guys too.
Gloria Aguirre
Gloria Aguirre Muaj më parë
I watched 4 years of sailing in 4 minutes when it came out. I have been following you guys since 2016 and that was one of my favourite videos! This channel inspired me to leave the bad relationship I was in and move to Austria for a year to work with an artist. If you are reading this I cannot thank you guys enough!!
Dan Allcott
Dan Allcott Muaj më parë
Yeah, that guy has major envy. Keep on keepin' on.
Christina G
Christina G Muaj më parë
I'm one of those ppl that doesn't even know what a main sail os 😅
Alexandra Sampson
Alexandra Sampson Muaj më parë
Elaina looks so much happier since the last 4/5 videos , since she said she was gonna take the time to relax. Things just get easier as babies grow and things started looking like ya were getting annoyed but just love your life and remember every day there’s people who wish they could do what u do for a living, don’t ever feel guilty. You guys are the shit , as far as relationship goes , nobody is better for Lenny than both of you guys so In other words the search is over and you guys are great for each other . I’ve been watching for a few years and elaina your awesome :) an awesome mama
Thomas Swan
Thomas Swan Muaj më parë
I’ve been binge watching so back to episode 152 .... you guys are a breath of fresh air
Thomas Swan
Thomas Swan Muaj më parë
Just stay true to yourself , Nothing else matters ....
Joe Geisinger
Joe Geisinger Muaj më parë
Thank you for all the tips and wonderful videos. You made us see, think, dream more :) At least in this household .
Gux Muaj më parë
Don't ever feel bad about having a patreon again, guys! You provide incredible content for free, and most of us get it without paying a single cent. People that want to help out a little more and are able to have the option to become a patron. I'd say that's way more than fair for all that you guys do. We totally get it, and none of your real fans are going to bat an eye about it. Keep on keeping on. Great video.
Beachbum2207 Muaj më parë
You go mate. No need to feel guilty at all. Genius response to criticism.
_ibk _
_ibk _ Muaj më parë
Me watching this video without having a clue what a main sail or who Jimmy Cornell is ... BUT still loving it!
callyakn Muaj më parë
PLEASE READ THIS RILEY AND ELAYNA! I’ve been watching you guys for only 2 and a half years, and Seeing Lenny in this tonight reminded me of the book , kensukes kingdom... written by Michael Morpurgo. PLEASE read this before letting Lenny read it, few years yet... but I was 11 when I did. All about sailing. Michael Morpurgo is a famous English writer of our country and is originally from Cornwall.
Lon Matejczyk
Lon Matejczyk Muaj më parë
As a former business journal newspaper publisher I guarantee you that the NYT is the most despicable lying newspaper in the USA.
Jonnes __
Jonnes __ Muaj më parë
🐱‍👤The world has changed a lot... freedom is gone. .
Erica Muaj më parë
Me and my wife have watched since the beginning. We fell off when you brought that bratty little girl on that preaches about thee environment. But we are back and love you.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde Muaj më parë
We stand behind Gretas message. It is a core tenet of everything we’re striving for.
jasilvacook Muaj më parë
Dinner at Terceira. The best city for "Torresmos" 😲 😱
C. O.
C. O. Muaj më parë
I initially came to your channel because of the sailing (I sail myself), however, I think it's important to talk about conservation and protecting wild places. I've recently watched Sir David Attenborough program A Life on Our Planet | Netflix Perhaps with your platform you can help bring awareness to these issues.
Andrew james
Andrew james Muaj më parë
who's Jimmy Cornell?
Shawn Wallis
Shawn Wallis Muaj më parë
Hi there what is your bank account details....would love to make a deposit if I can...👍🙂
Flipping nic
Flipping nic Muaj më parë
OMG Lenny is growing up so fast! He's beautiful! Between you guys and your amazing adventures, and Lenny, all you need is a puppy and you'd break the internet! Lol 💗💙💙🐾
Flipping nic
Flipping nic Muaj më parë
BTW, glad to hear that you have gotten callous enough to let the haters hate and just enjoy us positive fans. I have to admit, I get jealous at times, like wtf, people are paying for this amazing lifestyle for somebody else. But honestly, how I really do feel, is that I couldn't live without you guys. You bring all of my traveling dreams to fruition. And because of that you will become the first channel that I join Patreon for. You both deserve it. You work hard to bring us peace, calm, love, laughter, and easy happiness once per week. Thank you. I adore you three and look forward to the future with you. Oh and you are one of the rare channels that I could start over again watching and it wouldn't get old. Thank you Thank you Thank you. 💗💗💗
Roger Morris
Roger Morris Muaj më parë
Have been watching a few of your videos over the last year or so. Now a Patreon supporter. No sailing experience but love travelling (and philosophy). What’s that book you were showing?
Josh Kleine
Josh Kleine Muaj më parë
So much serenity...
Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas Muaj më parë
Watched every episode
Snow Bird
Snow Bird Muaj më parë
They are probably making 700k a year with that many views if not more. Don't let them fool you.
Kendra Utsey
Kendra Utsey Muaj më parë
Don’t feel guilty but understand many of us joined your first year, when your wonderful life seemed accessible. Not so much anymore. But I still appreciate what you’re doing. Good luck and cheers!
Ken Pole
Ken Pole Muaj më parë
the critical trolls are simply jealous
Emily Gerdes
Emily Gerdes Muaj më parë
whats the staus of lavagswim?
Darryus Deans
Darryus Deans Muaj më parë
Colin Beveridge
Colin Beveridge Muaj më parë
good on you twoil be watching I bn here stnce day oneee
Bonnie Moench
Bonnie Moench Muaj më parë
You are living so many people’s dream. Wish I had done this 50 years ago. I have to do it vicariously so thanks for taking me along with you.
I have seen all 300
corphur Muaj më parë
Wow, Elaina pre-bangs hair cut!! No bangs is better on you. Beautiful either way. ;)
Dave Amies
Dave Amies Muaj më parë
Just for fun, you need to teach Lenny 2 answers to "what's your name?" - the real answer "Lenny" for teachers, people in authority and family - the fun answer for strangers "Renton the first" You also need to teach hime the art of the long pause with a straight face to wait for them to believe the fun answer before the cheeky giggle.
Chris Dooley
Chris Dooley Muaj më parë
It is fun watching you guys I have been subscribed for a while and watching for around 4 years you guys are the best ALnets creators in my opinion. Have fun and stay away from pka 😂😂😂but all jokes aside I love the videos
Mary Ross
Mary Ross Muaj më parë
Loved this vlog so much. You all stay well. Absolutely love the sea and watching you guys sail.xxxx
serverlan 7
serverlan 7 Muaj më parë
I was put off when you said the NY Times was respectable...
Scott Chiddy
Scott Chiddy Muaj më parë
Hey guys public criticism would be very hard . You get to live your dream every day. I wish I could both have the confidence and the knowledge to do what you do. But until then I'll will keep watching your amazing videos. Keep your heads held high you guys are amazing
Jack Assaf
Jack Assaf Muaj më parë
Ppl are just miserable and can’t seem to enjoy ...... anything and just wanna bring others down with them. Love your channel, watching your videos is like an escape from reality .... for 20 mins hahaha but ill take it......
Catherine Darné
Catherine Darné Muaj më parë
I’m sorry you feel like you have to explain yourselves, you deserve alll the good things! When are ya’s coming to Canada?
John Stutt
John Stutt Muaj më parë
Lenny is growing so fast. It is amazing just how far you two have come along with your productions. I have been following you two from your first video. Would love to see you guys sail on up to British Columbia, Canada.
Alice Fitzpatrick
Alice Fitzpatrick Muaj më parë
What a wonderful video! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Interesting fact!! Did you know that the Azores has a condition in its population called the Machado-Joesph Disease (similar time Huntingtons’s Disease) and Groote Eylandt in the Northern Territory also has an Aboriginal population living with the same disease. Travelled to Australia through the Macassan traders! It’s a pretty awful disease to have with no known cure and predominantly unknown by the general population in Australia 🙁
Davy Jones
Davy Jones Muaj më parë
Costa Rica has the best pineapples
Nathan DeMonia
Nathan DeMonia Muaj më parë
You've done well, sir. You will always have haters... Think of it this way, if people have so much time in the daily life to tear down others making a living, doing what they love... perhaps they are just not happy with themselves. Thank you for sharing you all go through unwarranted critics... but honestly, everyone does so don't ever be discouraged about it. If you think about it with a different perspective, that should encourage you to keep going R!!!
Stephen Muaj më parë
Sell some merch, you guys deserve it. Lmao i dont even like riding boats, but still i watch your vlogs when i have the time to. Just for that i wont skip adds 👍
shop shop
shop shop Muaj më parë
I don't understand why you might feel guilty for your life, if people get it, fine---if others are bitter because you would like more $$ support I don't understand why they care enough to bug you. You Tube is sortof free, watching all the ads is payment. If you're not content with that model no one is forcing you to continue. I watch some of your videos and obviously I enjoy them enough to watch, but not enough to do more. I offer some small support to someone else on Patreon and I have my own reasons for doing that, but I certainly feel its not a obligation.
Diana Balto
Diana Balto Muaj më parë
NYT respectfull ? No way !
Giles Pargiter
Giles Pargiter Muaj më parë
I don't think you guys have any reason at all to feel guilty about the way that you EARN your living and have a great deal to be proud of. Anyone one who donates to you does so entirely because they want to and no other reason, I dare say there are many more who would but (myself included) can't at present. So, on that account I wish you every success in your endeavours and aspirations. BTW. I also share your attitude about flying national flags. Far as I'm concerned I'am a citizen of the Earth and I happen to have been born where my mother was at the time, which had nothing to do with me, and therefore is nothing for me to be proud of in itself. I just have to field the consequences of it. People carry on as if they chose their parents for goodness sake! You live a life which does as little harm to the environment as possible, you treat each other and those you meet well and you entertain us as you do it - now that is something to be proud of.
T JAKE Muaj më parë
The New York Times has become just another left wing socialist news outlet. In other words, a rag!
Jerry Frederick
Jerry Frederick Muaj më parë
I totally look forward to your videos, they are a very important part of my weekly schedule. I do not sail, will never sail but, love your content on the subject. I have learned a bunch of stuff already as you (both) are really great at all the aspects of the task(s) of running a vessel safely and securely. But more importantly What Great Parents! I just love all the Lenny stuff, he sure is talking good. Your video content is sunshine on a cloudy day. To see all the places that you take us the viewer every week is a gift, I Thank You. Do not change what you are doing, the balance is just perfect.
Aubrey Inglima
Aubrey Inglima Muaj më parë
You guys should be so proud!!! Riley is the modern day jack sparrow :) minus the rum
Padwan Mogme
Padwan Mogme Muaj më parë
You are providing a service of entertainment and education as legitimate as any other TV show. Evil can be made out of anything. I'm sure if Greta put her mind to it, she could make grocery stores sound like big evil organizations enriching themselves off the hordes of starving masses. You should be proud of your accomplishments! I am.
Tiffy Towne
Tiffy Towne Muaj më parë
I really love these videos!! I know some people just can't be happy for other people but I am so happy for you both. You followed a dream and let the world see it so Thank you. I do miss one thing from the old videos. Its the history lessons Riley would give, I loved the stories of a new place it made it more beautiful.
Suzanne Ouimet
Suzanne Ouimet Muaj më parë
Cheapen yourself with TikTok!
Guy Cruls
Guy Cruls Muaj më parë
@ 14:15 Lenny is the rugged sailor, scanning the horizon for any trouble - lady killer in the making!
Chef Tyler
Chef Tyler Muaj më parë
Yall should get a baby projector for movies!
Eilidh Cox
Eilidh Cox Muaj më parë
Another great video, as always. Please, please do not take on board (scuse the pun) those negative opinions. Anyone who thinks you're just scroungers obviously haven't invested the time to actually understand all the hard work you guys put in and all the good that you do. Chances are they're probably just jealous because they're so unhappy in their own lives and it's easier to hate than do something good for themselves. So again, please keep doing what you're doing and ignore the haters, there are SO many of us who appreciate you and are so grateful for your videos. They always make me smile and I'll definitely become a patron as soon as I have the income security to do so. Until then, please know I appreciate that you keep the content accessible for free. Thank you guys. Big love from Scotland. PS It might be cold here, but you'd love it. ;) x
John W
John W Muaj më parë
if you have a few hundred thousand people who love you and a couple of envious tossers who don't, you are doing a lot better than most!
vincent girard
vincent girard Muaj më parë
I don’t know what a main sail is! But I love your content !
Trevor Warner
Trevor Warner Muaj më parë
keep up the great work reason to feel guilty at all... if everyone sent $1 a would smash it....
Raquel Iuliano
Raquel Iuliano Muaj më parë
I'm the person who doesn't know what a main sail is and I've been watching ever video for years
Steve Dittman
Steve Dittman Muaj më parë
Dear Riley and Elana, you two truly understand and appreciate the stewards of the sea and of life that you have become through your journey through this thing we all call ALnets. Elena, my daughter Evelyn LOVES watching all of La Vegabond's videos and especially the parts with you and Lenny in it. (Sorry Riley!!) Elena, I can only hope my daughter finds her way in this world like you, Riley, and Lenny have found yours. I am a stay-at-home parent so we aren't able to be patreons but we will continue to follow your wonderful series and your lives through this amazing platform we call ALnets. If you ever find yourself in St Petersburg, Florida, please get in touch with me and I would love nothing more for your family to meet my family andaybe take Riley spearfishing in the bay or out in the gulf. FYI, we do have ample harborage for La Vegabond in St Pete as well. . Fair winds and following seas. Nameste my friends.
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