A DAY IN THE LIFE of a Sailing Family! (Laundry, Beach Bathing, Day Sail) Ep. 215

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What a day! Join us in a day in the life of a sailing family. SUBSCRIBE and hit the bell for weekly videos! bit.ly/SubscribeToSLV
Join us near Great Exuma Island. We spend some time doing those fun jobs like laundry and grocery shopping. After waiting out some bad weather, we head towards Staniel Cay as Lenny's grandma will be eagerly awaiting our arrival very soon.
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Song Credits:
00:00 We Were Never Meant To Win - Brandon Hoogenboom - open.spotify.com/artist/6xXJO6wdSY2I6yWo997Oc2?
02:25 Cloud 9 - Chiara La Woo - soundcloud.com/chiaralawoo
06:26 Dominic Bennett - Harbor - soundcloud.com/dominicbennett
10:02 Joe Slater - Lost In Time - open.spotify.com/artist/0c1yCfC1Vj4wtumiENdE1g?si=q8gmF1M7QWOVaHFdvCKfCg
12:36 Into the Abyss - Trent Herzman - soundcloud.com/trent-herzman
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Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde Vit më parë
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George Simmons
George Simmons 11 muaj më parë
@Sailing La Vagabonde Any excuse Riley, by the time I get to the last post, I hope you have popped the question Riley.
MOSHE KATAN 11 muaj më parë
MOSHE KATAN Vit më parë
w s l
w s l Vit më parë
@Aria G. na you arent old fashioned you just have morals now i said a similar thing on another video all i said was they already have a million subs i just didnt see the need to exploit her to try to grow the channel. now thats all i said in a very respectful manner and the vagabonds showed their true colors i honestly lost all respect for riley for manipulate his "wife" and elyena seems to be a smart women and to allow herself to be exploited for what a few probably unwanted viewers the response i got was very aggressive and unwarranted so honestly i hope nothing happens to them or that precious baby but i hope they lose their FREE sailboat outremer should take their boat back for breaching a moral turpitude clause
leslie holt
leslie holt Vit më parë
@Aria G. Sorry no offense but I do not get that feeling at all from them "Intended sexuality" remember now its really only us Americans that are uptight about the human body did you consider that angle at all. And they are a young couple that are comfortable with themselves as more people should be. I feel that the next to last sentence you stated had to have been very hurtful and accusatory to a young mother. Maybe "Intentionally" reconsider it next time. So yes Aria G. you are old fashioned and that is coming from a 55 yr. old American female.
Shelley Watson
Shelley Watson 2 muaj më parë
Kate S
Kate S 2 muaj më parë
What does the symbol on your necklace mean?
john mark gatti
john mark gatti 2 muaj më parë
ha ,guys ,besides I'm pretty sure the definition of a vagabond means not haveing a washing machine ..or a fixed abode for that matter !? .
Michael Villis
Michael Villis 4 muaj më parë
Who was that guy with the nauseating whaling and playing the guitar badly....
Quiet Requiem
Quiet Requiem 4 muaj më parë
They were once known as sailing honeymoon a 38 foot lagoon. After selling honeymoon I think in Australia, They returned to land life with a baby boy, over time they had two more boys and recently they purchased Archer I believe she’s an outremer 51 and had a reputation before they bought her. Seth and his wife Elizabeth are an awesome couple. Their ALnets channel is now called the sailing family if I am correct.
marissa woods
marissa woods 4 muaj më parë
10:32 awesome, wicked, crazy cool shot. You guys are the best. Be safe.
Monty Desforges
Monty Desforges 5 muaj më parë
*me* clicks on ‘a normal day in the life of a sailing family’ *the first scene*
C pl
C pl 6 muaj më parë
Que culazooo madre de diooos
Coby LaFayette
Coby LaFayette 6 muaj më parë
Happiest baby ever! Well done you two.
Dacialastun 6 muaj më parë
Butt thumbnails always get me :)
Banajit Goswami
Banajit Goswami 6 muaj më parë
You're so beautiful😍💓
Mary Raines
Mary Raines 6 muaj më parë
The ship from the movie "Master and Commander" is parked here in San Diego. My BFF & I went on it once. It was kinda cool 😎
Leap Of Faith
Leap Of Faith 6 muaj më parë
The monologue from 2:45 to 3:00 made me irrationally angry.
Jan Ciołek
Jan Ciołek 6 muaj më parë
Do sailors read books upside down ?in thumbnail picture you were reading 🙃 Good winds my friends 👋
00 Blank
00 Blank 7 muaj më parë
Marry her she is the most beautiful and funniest women i have seen in my entire life
Hayden Roth
Hayden Roth 7 muaj më parë
Mad Mike0082
Mad Mike0082 7 muaj më parë
Riley might be the only person who enjoyed master and commander lol.
Chicky Kahn
Chicky Kahn 7 muaj më parë
Elayna you are beautiful riley is a lucky man and lenny is one lucky lil man to have 2 great parent's
Kim Thirion
Kim Thirion 7 muaj më parë
“The teardrops of a Tibetan yak” 🤣🤣
John McCormack
John McCormack 8 muaj më parë
Arrrrrr...Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum?? Avast ye scurvy dogs?? Dont forget the eye patch and parrot
phil foote
phil foote 8 muaj më parë
Awesome guys so jealous of your adventure but I get seasick😁😂😁
Troy Thornburg
Troy Thornburg 8 muaj më parë
Where do these brats get their $$$ ?????
Rick Stevens
Rick Stevens 9 muaj më parë
I swear Lenny has got to be the most beautiful beautiful baby boy!!!
josua tormis
josua tormis 9 muaj më parë
i love u lenny hope u visit philppines..and we meet
Andrew Stone
Andrew Stone 9 muaj më parë
who picks the music for your vids? & does Riley join in with you Elayna?
GPK 9 muaj më parë
You three are simply beautiful people. Enough said. More please.
Phillip Weissburg
Phillip Weissburg 9 muaj më parë
If she were a size 16 instead of a size 0 would any men watch???
Jose Henares
Jose Henares 9 muaj më parë
Love Lenny especially when he laughs...
tee km
tee km 9 muaj më parë
Lenny is super cuteness in a lil person you guys did well with a baby on board
JP McSweeney
JP McSweeney 9 muaj më parë
How do you wash Lennie's dippers on a boat? I hope you don't throw them overboard. We would like to know
ALEX Deendial
ALEX Deendial 9 muaj më parë
U guys are motivating😄😍
Frank Lyle Bobongie
Frank Lyle Bobongie 9 muaj më parë
A truly remarkable adventure.
Derrick Nottingham
Derrick Nottingham 9 muaj më parë
It is amazing to watch Lenny grow up and for you guys to share your sailing adventures with us. Lenny is such a happy baby.
Ivailo Markov
Ivailo Markov 9 muaj më parë
Alright, i'm gonna be the last to complain about a pretty lady, but this is a bit cheap, every other video has Elayna flashing her hot bod as a title photo. You don't have to do that, you provide a lot of quality content as it is.
Arlen Vandersmagt
Arlen Vandersmagt 9 muaj më parë
Hey guys.....who pics the songs for the soundtracks?? Whoever does it they have great taste in singers/songwriters..... You should put it together somehow and sell soundtracks......income 4 u guys and royalties for the artists... Like the videos a heap too....:)
Dale Parker
Dale Parker 10 muaj më parë
Enjoy your voyage be safe
Dale Parker
Dale Parker 10 muaj më parë
Great videos you are all awesome lenny is cute and elena's friend is hot x
Uros Djordjevic
Uros Djordjevic 10 muaj më parë
you are so sexy mom
Grace Grace
Grace Grace 10 muaj më parë
All the 425 people that disliked this why watch it if you seen the thumbnail and read the title
Cindy Vining
Cindy Vining 10 muaj më parë
You need a collapsible wagon.
Hello Avacados
Hello Avacados 10 muaj më parë
I want to be like you guys when I am older 🥰
James Dungan
James Dungan 10 muaj më parë
Very hot on the bum.......yes..yes she is!
Langston Rowe
Langston Rowe 10 muaj më parë
Lenny looks like a happy kid he must have good parents! 👍
Pete Hamann
Pete Hamann 10 muaj më parë
Living the dream! Love your work guys. ; ).
Mark Day
Mark Day 10 muaj më parë
Curious , if yall ( Texan ) have been to the upper east coast of the states " Cape Cod " Nantuckett " etc . . , love to meet yall one day ! Happy sailing !
John Gutierrez
John Gutierrez 10 muaj më parë
She's soo cute 😍
Frederick Smith
Frederick Smith 10 muaj më parë
You guys are just the best! Taking me to so many places I could never go too. Thanks for sharing and caring.
Ricardos Abi Akar
Ricardos Abi Akar 10 muaj më parë
Can someone please tell me what is the name of this acoustic song at 10:04 ???!!
Robert Londono
Robert Londono 10 muaj më parë
I’m a Lenny fan
Trabajo en casa
Trabajo en casa 10 muaj më parë
Lenny is going to be a super boy
Catherine Petroski
Catherine Petroski 10 muaj më parë
Such a beautiful life and truly inspiration to all. Thanks for sharing such precious moments. May they always be cherished. Stay safe always :)
Lieve Hoorn
Lieve Hoorn 10 muaj më parë
you should make your own cookingbook !
Redz yogie
Redz yogie 11 muaj më parë
Why dont have ads in videos?
Alyssa Buchleitner
Alyssa Buchleitner 11 muaj më parë
All your videos put a smile on my face 💛💛
No Fear!
No Fear! 11 muaj më parë
What a beautiful family, already hooked on your genuine vlogs👍
Ken Baker
Ken Baker 11 muaj më parë
I totally envy you guys! I would to have loved to do what you two are doing! Enjoy the life!!!
TheAudient 11 muaj më parë
Haha, the tautologically repeating section part!
rod11815 11 muaj më parë
is that Lenny giving the finger at 2:49? Too cute...
cem gezer
cem gezer 11 muaj më parë
Yaşadığınız hayata özeniyorum süpersiniz. 👍👍👍
Jim Fife
Jim Fife 11 muaj më parë
Pirate day- you go girl, great costum ;) Keep up with your dream, when you get OLD(75 like me) these early days with the boat and Lenny will be precious!!!
TWEEK0423 11 muaj më parë
I cant take the fckn thumb nails, no wonder they have so many subs. They know what they are doing.
Eric Taylor
Eric Taylor Vit më parë
That's the thing when you live in a boat. Your house can move, meaning it may not be where you left it when you come back.
Sarah Fuller
Sarah Fuller Vit më parë
I don’t know about anyone else but I find these videos so calming!
darryl Vit më parë
Hi Riley and Elayna.I must admit, having deny on the programme has brought a totally different dynamic to the episode in such a great way.Ive been watching this from almost the 4 and a half years. consistently.I wish someone on netflix could pick this up and show the world what they missing.
Pelt Down Posse
Pelt Down Posse Vit më parë
I've lived for 55 years on the water...Some good..some bad...The thing that happens is there comes a day when you are too old to take the beatings the ocean gives you! It's a powerful thing out there!
Emily Black
Emily Black Vit më parë
Hey Riley and Elyana, I was wondering how do you spend your Christmas on your boat. I would love if you could make a video
Maxine McCartney
Maxine McCartney Vit më parë
Lennie's the happiest little camper!
Arun kumar
Arun kumar Vit më parë
Elayna don't show scenes of feeding lenny cuz it's not good for lenny and also the food,luv u guys keep inspiring GOD SPEED 🥰🤱🦸‍♂️
Dan Casey
Dan Casey Vit më parë
The little guy is looking like his Dad. He has his Dad's eyes!
Melly Mel
Melly Mel Vit më parë
Next time I have a rum I’ll wear it 😂😂😂 Please film that Elayna!!
andrew beattie
andrew beattie Vit më parë
GREAT POINT Preparation: a couple of decades ago now, I raced from Galveston to Veracruz Mexico. There are big coral reefs to navigate and a tail wind with large rolling waves pushing you into harbor. It’s a wild ride. If you don’t time your high wind jibes carefully, you’re going to have a big problem. My point: I am simply emphasizing the fact that if you haven’t planned your harbor entrance well in advance, it may be too late in pitching seas and wet howling winds to make rational decisions. That’s why big ships use pilots, of course. Be careful not to procrastinate on this task during the slow hours at sea. By the time you decide you need to turn around and head back out to sea to plan your approach, it may be too late. Too late = large damage costs and/or injuries.
Debbie Andrade
Debbie Andrade Vit më parë
What do you do for diapers and how do you dispose?
Rev Ver
Rev Ver Vit më parë
Your boy is so cute. Take Care Mattie's.
recep anar
recep anar Vit më parë
Michael Simpson
Michael Simpson Vit më parë
Hey guys! What are your rules regarding anchor watches? Or do you guys anchor far enough out to give a time buffer incase the anchor comes loose.
Rusty Comer
Rusty Comer Vit më parë
“And a teardrop from a Tibetan yak” ...he quips with a sardonic smile 😊 it must be because I’ve been married for so llong and have seen so many beauty products come & go over the years but, that little retort for Riley near the end of the video absolutely cracked me up! 😂 👍👍
Claudia Goodwin
Claudia Goodwin Vit më parë
PLEASE can you update your post on your website with your filmmaking gear? There seems to be a lot missing!
Bunny b
Bunny b Vit më parë
And what a CUTIE baby he is!
Bunny b
Bunny b Vit më parë
I mean GODDAMN Elena's hot!
Renjith Manayath
Renjith Manayath Vit më parë
Amazing and wonderful program me...I really enjoyed... And baby so cute....thanks to give this wonderful videos
Randy Brande
Randy Brande Vit më parë
Jenna Kopystko
Jenna Kopystko Vit më parë
Could I please get an email address to where I can reach out to you?
Antonia Baker
Antonia Baker Vit më parë
You keep putting new ones out. I can't catch up on the originals. No I'm not complaining.
Stuart Vit më parë
That is one seriuosly cute baby boy!!!
C Q Vit më parë
MrJohnnyg8989 Vit më parë
I thought Riley's little tautological ramblings were brilliant 😂
Geoffrey Lotz
Geoffrey Lotz Vit më parë
Boxes and boxes of costumes and fancy dress here...we are ardent Burners, so.....I quite like my lightweight camo suit with gold-lined waistcoat and gold-trimmed pockets. Also my steampunked dusty gold coveralls. You did ask....
Louis Kasser
Louis Kasser Vit më parë
Hey I imagine you guys go through oceans of suncreen. What do you recommend for prolonged sung exposure and easy full body application?
Mr Freeze
Mr Freeze Vit më parë
guys, seriously.. look at the guy and then look at ron jeremy!! he looks like the skinny version of ron jeremy, amazing wow... and I clicked on for the thumbnail.
Jason Griffin
Jason Griffin Vit më parë
I like the costume elay
Kastir Odowawdr
Kastir Odowawdr Vit më parë
How do they get mail?
Dick Ross
Dick Ross Vit më parë
It blows me away as to how new and fresh everyone of your videos are. No wonder you have 1.14M subscribers. You make it look so easy and natural. Thanks for sharing.
Philippe Le Maux
Philippe Le Maux Vit më parë
Bonjour à vous !!! c'est très cool !
midwestfatass Vit më parë
I keep trying to watch this video. Never make it past the thumb nail.
Joseph H.lalruatkima
Joseph H.lalruatkima Vit më parë
I hope you live a good life like this the rest of your life
rockintherae Vit më parë
I hate the music
Nicole Dakin
Nicole Dakin Vit më parë
Talk like a pirate day is the 17 or 18 of September
Robbie Potsie
Robbie Potsie Vit më parë
ok .. so I've had a bit of a squizz through some of the comments and I don't immediately see any comments referencing your tautological afternoon processions. Very clever there Mr Riley. I'm so pedantry that as I initially missed the beginning of your statement there, and was going to comment with some corrections to what you said as that kind of thing really annoys me. Anyway, I was surprised that you didn't enter your PIN number into the ATM machine.. All this reminds me of a book I used to have .. "Lets Stalk Strine" by Afferbeck Lauder which (from memory of more than 20 years ago, so I may be wrong in my recollections) aside from being a great reference for all things Strine, focused on a certain Rugby League commentator - Mr Rex Mossop - who was a world champion in tautology - eg. "He's run into the vacant gap" and "the referee is giving him a verbal tongue lashing" .. you probably didn't get him on your telly as much in S.A. as we did in NSW. Potsie.
Mona Vit më parë
Lenny will be so appreciative one day of all y'all are creating for his future..he's gonna be one of a kind with his lovely life experiences, he'll have a unique perspective on life.. love it!!!
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