Swimming with PIGS in the EXUMAS! I'm Melting 😻 Ep.218

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Sailing La Vagabonde

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00:00 Anthony Arya - Slow Train - www.anthonyarya.com/
02:53 Forgive Me (Live) - Peasant Moon - soundcloud.com/peasantmoonsongs
05:33 Koresma - Canyon Walls (Andrew Rothschild Remix) - www.koresmamusic.com
07:18 L U M E N - Seabirds - soundcloud.com/lumensound
11:40 Woods - A Choir of Ghosts - achoirofghosts/
15:06 Neptune - NIKOMMANI - soundcloud.com/nikommani
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Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde Vit më parë
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marcus mayne
marcus mayne 5 muaj më parë
You inspired me to grow a stash bro! You should have a Riley stash growing contest amongst your followers! Everyone donate like a dollar or so to win a trip then the rest goes to help you guys out! I know I know I'm a genius! Thank me later! Much love from the states! You guys rock!
Jamuel Lonei
Jamuel Lonei 9 muaj më parë
up ulaka tia ancaplau yauda tuacparia katteule do kileu wedido ka vs kagalaun........! acualopa there.... aocpples kay it how...s'
Jamuel Lonei
Jamuel Lonei 9 muaj më parë
bila....! and teugler .... o bey id good Whep katteugler sko tha u kapulag so kilep tay one.... Bile daulag sulegned kepule kataulaodaulg bakaulapina to kil karualg sle' luedimeg Chepuel mcpuelger si who pakula or hiley s' tharreudetlio peseho katteugler Netteples eridellow akep Culeger vidasga kaulapina tile Fereuleger sin Fennd ualg keend aruelger.... katteugler Hemogl
Cory Brown
Cory Brown Vit më parë
wont do Patreon. Will do Venmo. Let us know your account name
John Goodell
John Goodell Vit më parë
@Lana Fox I think they charge per actual "episode". So at the $3 patreon tier..it would be 52 weeks/episodes in a year x $3 = $156 dollars per year....not 1000. That being said - they do need to start thinking at scale. If I could support them for $3 per month I would do it in a second...such wonderful content. I think they make a compelling argument for support but there should be a market based equivalency. HBO costs about 15 per month and includes thousands of hours of content - some bad some great. If they are putting out roughly an hour plus of amazing content per month...I think 3-5 dollar per month subscription would be embraced and supported. Or $1 per episode. I dont think the "market" will respond to more than that....but they would reap the rewards of scale...as you suggested. Probably a hard leap of faith to make.
graham mewburn
graham mewburn Muaj më parë
Power to Grandma! Love Grandpa Gray Australia
Shelley Watson
Shelley Watson 2 muaj më parë
Adventures with Maud
Adventures with Maud 2 muaj më parë
Just supported you. As I watched this, I was like, I’m in!! You guys are great.
Martina Fink
Martina Fink 3 muaj më parë
I wish i could send some coins but aim without work due to Corona! So aim so sorry i can't help out! But thanks so much for sharing your little movies with us!! Greetings from Rotterdam Netherlands 🌈 🌈🌈
Liam Scott
Liam Scott 4 muaj më parë
Your mum sounds a little English. You ever been to the UK before?
Oren Barnea
Oren Barnea 5 muaj më parë
3:05 alnets.info/work/f9ivrp3GmGyq02U/video.html
Panagiotis Tsolakidis
Panagiotis Tsolakidis 5 muaj më parë
Santana Rose
Santana Rose 6 muaj më parë
I’m binge watching your videos during the terrible plandemic lockdown. You’ve inspired me to travel once this is over! I just had the idea that you guys could set up week long charters for your fans who are dying to experience a taste of your life but couldn’t manage to organize or afford to do it alone. I would be the first booked on that trip! I love you guys and sending good vibes from Kelowna B.C. Canada
Mikeztarp 6 muaj më parë
Instead of a car, I'm going to buy a boat and sail around the road like a drunk crow. Did I get it right, Riley?
Anastasia Ogilvie
Anastasia Ogilvie 6 muaj më parë
How do you breathe for so long under water ?
Ambiance By Em
Ambiance By Em 6 muaj më parë
Lenny the seababy 🐬 he'll have the strongest connection to it when grown 💙
SurferMark777 (Mark)
SurferMark777 (Mark) 6 muaj më parë
we want more of Riles Mum
Kris 6 muaj më parë
Sailing " is more lika a drunk crow ...." 😎
jim aws
jim aws 7 muaj më parë
The vibe was off on this one. Maybe it's the Grandma-mama Maureen (no disrespect) being aboard. Maybe it's mabelyine, but you both seemed off. No hate intended but it felt a wee bit stilted, as if you had to prove what you guys are doing is correct. Raising a good one, it's perfectly fine, good on ya.
Mad Mike0082
Mad Mike0082 7 muaj më parë
I absolutely love when Riley gives these things real thought. Then sits down with it all laid out in his mind and spits it all out. What a smart guy. Your both very lucky in so many ways.
Cissy Caple
Cissy Caple 7 muaj më parë
Was going to say, awww, Riley, your such an awesome guy, but really all of you are, every one! IT is SO amazing to see your life and hear your words and know that you guys are OUT THERE - somewhere!!! Major heart connections! Kisses for Lenny!
Tony Gariepy
Tony Gariepy 8 muaj më parë
Thumbs up for carbs!!!
Bits inside by René Rebe
Bits inside by René Rebe 8 muaj më parë
cars are usually not made out of aluminum, but regular old fashioned steel, … still thin though ;-)
Rocket Power
Rocket Power 9 muaj më parë
Not once she looked at him in the eyes. That speaks volumes.
Carman Cloud
Carman Cloud 9 muaj më parë
Commercials are a proven model for this kind of entertainment. I watch even the super long ones for my subscribed channels. I enjoy your content and would be very happy to contribute in that manner.
Krystal Kirouac
Krystal Kirouac 9 muaj më parë
Where did you get the white bathing suit top?
Gabriela Avila
Gabriela Avila 9 muaj më parë
I love Elaynas bathing suits!! Where does she get them from??
tyler Kirbyson
tyler Kirbyson 9 muaj më parë
look at those chem trails liquid propane
Kimzey Creasman
Kimzey Creasman 9 muaj më parë
I love that y'all got to meet some pigs. I run a pig rescue in the US, but that's a completely different topic. I am personally not a supporter of the pig island in Exumas due to them having little to no vet care and the fact that they are allowed to breed at will, which really doesn't help curb the pig population. I have never been due to my fears of flying and oceans, but I had numerous rescue friends who have been down there and told us about the deplorable conditions of the pigs. Most who go on the tourist trip are given frozen, partially rotted hot dogs to feed the pigs. They have no primary source of food other than the plant life - pigs need more than that. I could go on, but I urge anyone who is wanting to go to this island, please don't. Here is an article about the conditions there: www.worldofvegan.com/swimming-pigs/
Miss Spice
Miss Spice 10 muaj më parë
I wish I was comfortable enough to donate, sorry guys. Even when feeling pretty down, your vids take me away from whatevers on my mind and fill me with a warm feeling so thankyou for that, if i ever make it in life ill def pay it forward x
Hector Argotte
Hector Argotte 10 muaj më parë
Have you guys thought about what are you going to do once your son is old enough to go to school? Vacation time is going to be over.
Trenda Parady
Trenda Parady 10 muaj më parë
I absolutely love you guys. ❤️
Grace Briers
Grace Briers 10 muaj më parë
4:32 just listen to the lyrics Yes it is chicken 🍗
Baia 10 muaj më parë
sooo cute
g30rg3d4y 10 muaj më parë
Mate. Signing up for Patreon because your art form is what makes the earth a magic place and let’s all take more notice of street performers as i don’t want to live a dull life without them. Keep it up legends
Alice Richardson
Alice Richardson 10 muaj më parë
2020! 🥳
Alice Richardson
Alice Richardson 10 muaj më parë
Lenny is just the cutest thing!
Leehee Berman
Leehee Berman 11 muaj më parë
It’s like Moana with the water the Island and the pigs😂
wayne johnson
wayne johnson 11 muaj më parë
ur both legends and living my dream....I might see u on the high seas someday....happy wife happy life.....ur both great role models.....fair winds and may the holy spirit keep u and ur beautiful baby safe..
Richard French
Richard French 11 muaj më parë
How many gallons of sun block do you guys go through a day??? Looks amazing :)
Sharon Joana
Sharon Joana 11 muaj më parë
Hey guys. Can I do a donation instead of becoming a Patreon member? 3 dollar a video is sadly not affordable for me, but I am happy to occasionally do a donation. Is this option anywhere? Thanks for the videos! Love your adventures and you are both such lovely people!
elsa bryant
elsa bryant 11 muaj më parë
every video is insane love it all
Large.xxl Vit më parë
You dont have to buy a new boat to get sunshade.
Charles Davis
Charles Davis Vit më parë
The small ones are the best to eat.
Cody John
Cody John Vit më parë
There on island time man
Mees Borg
Mees Borg Vit më parë
OMG I can't believe you put my good old Mac de Marco in here! Hahahah Im so happy because I think he is getting too little attention for the type of music he is making. @10:42
Mees Borg
Mees Borg Vit më parë
And the Chu CHuuuu is part of a sort of joke, he always plays that one on live performances, I have been to 4 of them right now. Actually one was 2 days ago in Paradiso @ Amsterdam. Excellent choice :)
Balinaya kafa atan hamsi
Balinaya kafa atan hamsi Vit më parë
Bob Bade
Bob Bade Vit më parë
Good episode, great photography. Loved your mom enjoying Lenny. I follow about a dozen sailing couples/families and yall are like tied for the most professional and knowledgeable. Yall have been at it for what 4 yrs. Plus Lenny doesn't hurt your ratings I bet.
Max Kemsley
Max Kemsley Vit më parë
Does anyone know the song they're playing on their hifi at 10:43?
bigtunitube Vit më parë
Please enlighten me how you are able to afford this life-style? Enjoy the show and would also adopt your lifestyle, but somehow that seems impossible.........
Dana Vit më parë
Thumbs up for the carbs!! 👍👍👍
Melly Mel
Melly Mel Vit më parë
Elayna your footage and editing never cease to amaze me! That “private” island scene OMG 😍😍😍 STUNNING
Emily Jones
Emily Jones Vit më parë
lenny is so cute
Dinah Vit më parë
Great as always! ❤️
Sharon T
Sharon T Vit më parë
3rd time seen this video. Now oct 28th. New videos? Chicago. No more $. Where r new videos (movies)
Muchilanga Chang
Muchilanga Chang Vit më parë
ooooo take the mother in law out of the boat please
Muchilanga Chang
Muchilanga Chang Vit më parë
the best I love everything they do there won't be a space for me
jacob pfeiffer
jacob pfeiffer Vit më parë
Exumas is my moms favourite Island ! :)
Timmy Vit më parë
I’m not sure you guys gave birth to a baby or fish 🐠
Lottie Mosse
Lottie Mosse Vit më parë
Where do you get your bikinis from?
Dan Mallery
Dan Mallery Vit më parë
How do you guys carry enough sun screen? I am fair skinned so one hull would have to be used as stowage! LOL
Tristan Bruyns
Tristan Bruyns Vit më parë
Unfortunately I can't give anything but I can get all the likes and comments that I can and I hope that helps out as much as I can I'm busy trying to build up my own ALnets channel and I'm starting off by the Instagram followings and then I'm gonna buy myself a camera and then carry on going with the ALnets as a field guide and then yeah but I hope that likes that I give in the comments area give are worth it
Laura Heathcott
Laura Heathcott Vit më parë
I did this exact excursion this summer and it was amazing!!!!
Mitchell Adams
Mitchell Adams Vit më parë
Can you eat the Pigs?
James Wearden
James Wearden Vit më parë
Quick question what are your guys thoughts on the current issues involving climate change??
Doug Hamel
Doug Hamel Vit më parë
Id be interested as well!
Mathew Davis - Adventures and DIY
Mathew Davis - Adventures and DIY Vit më parë
Loved the tiny little clip at the end with Lenny and Elayna. Great photo op.
Jack Hudkins
Jack Hudkins Vit më parë
Would this part of the world be one of your favorite ??
Jorgia Googs
Jorgia Googs Vit më parë
i love you guys so much 💜💜💜
Robert Torres
Robert Torres Vit më parë
Nice to finally see your mom Riley. Can’t wait to see Elayna’s folks
Amy Ruschaupt
Amy Ruschaupt Vit më parë
That was GORGEOUS!!! The Exuma’s are exquisite😎 You have a BEAUTIFUL family as well😘❤️ My daughters and I heard you were in Annapolis,Md this past weekend but we missed you🤪 We live in Virginia about 20 miles outside of Washington DC. Keep on posting.....your videos are AMAZING😎
Charlotte Housden
Charlotte Housden Vit më parë
How long does one fuel tank last
Ken Lyneham
Ken Lyneham Vit më parë
After watching the last two brilliant episodes, I had a small thought. What will happen to all those unfortunate people living on the water's edge on all those Bahaman Islands when Al Gore's expect 6M rise happens to the ocean? I did say it was a small thought.
Ken Lyneham
Ken Lyneham Vit më parë
Another fantastic addition to the trove of beautiful informative videos. Muchisimas Gracias!
BH87 Vit më parë
Lenny is one lucky kid, born into a great adventure with two amazing and loving parents.
MLS Yogi
MLS Yogi Vit më parë
I'm a Patron and so happy I am.
glenn apfl
glenn apfl Vit më parë
What's the best vessel for big waves? Catamaran or sailboat? Thanks for the videos, we really enjoy them!
Kim McKee
Kim McKee Vit më parë
Wee Lenny is simply divine! xo
CyborgEagles Vit më parë
It is time to change the insignia on the hull of your boat. Lenny is not represented.
Scott Nel
Scott Nel Vit më parë
Beautiful family Riley! I am always satisfied with the musical and visual experience your vids provide. It feels like I have been reintroduced to times gone by. I'd like to say you guys have a comfortable easy feel I appreciate. Can you identify the Artist/song from the intro to this episode? Thanks and Best Wishes
Caitlin Curtis
Caitlin Curtis Vit më parë
I really love your videos and appreciate you sharing your journey with the world! I wish I could afford to be a patron, unfortunately I'm a teacher in the US and barely make enough to support myself. I hope everyone who has the means will contribute so you can continue making videos for years to come! For people like me who can't afford to travel, each of your videos feels like a mini vacation so again, thank you so much for all you share!
Charles Duncan
Charles Duncan Vit më parë
Been to the Caribbean many times and my first time there I couldnt believe how slow the help was in getting to our needs and I was told later by a couple that have been there many many times that the Caribbean people arent into the whole rush rush rush mentality, so slow down and take it easy mon, I remember it taking me 45 min. to get a hamburger, I was like are you kidding, did you have to go and butcher the cow to get the meat what??? Lol just me and my mainland lifestyle!!!
dcbourbonireland Vit më parë
cant beat the stowaway
kanukster Vit më parë
Grand ma ma is in heaven!
Sam McKee
Sam McKee Vit më parë
Just saw the episode where the weavels go into your pantry. You can put flour pasta rice etc in the freezer. Event just for a couple of days but better if they can live there permanently. Wont spoil keeps every fresh kills anything you may have brought home with you and stops the baddies getting in..
Nathan Jordan
Nathan Jordan Vit më parë
I love your videos, I am a mechanical engineering student in Corpus Christi A&M. Keep up the great work, y'all have become our show to binge watch , THANK YOU FOR THAT!! GOOD LUCK OUT THERE AND SAIL SAFE.
Nick Vit më parë
Thanks for sharing your home with us at the Annapolis Boat Show, we had a great time.
Jack Allen
Jack Allen Vit më parë
Absolutely love the videos legends! I'm a local from the dirty South Aus too. Classic Mt Gambier! LOVE THE VIDEOS!!
Arthur Denton
Arthur Denton Vit më parë
Sorry I didn’t make it to the Annpolis boat show something came up maybe nextime.
Sailing KIST
Sailing KIST Vit më parë
Always love watching your videos! Such an inspiration! We do a lot of sailing in the Pacific Northwest but your warm sunny sailing adventures sure do make us wish we were sailing in the tropics. Some day :)
Anthony Unsworth
Anthony Unsworth Vit më parë
Hey Elayna, watch this, hope it helps.alnets.info/work/gtGHgcrStYiVtKA/video.html
tracy brennan
tracy brennan Vit më parë
Is your Mam Irish Riley ?
Argus Dacicus
Argus Dacicus Vit më parë
I love bacon 😜 i wonder how good the grill is 😁 special Little piggies are delicios he he he ! Little Leningrad enjoy grandma very much ❤️i hope You home make him a Little brother or sister soon 😈after all you got alot of time Alone...
David Walsh
David Walsh Vit më parë
Your going to need to install a crows nest for Lennie. Ok, OK I want the crows nest. Lenny might have a chance at the dream. ;)
Skye Starling
Skye Starling Vit më parë
How do you guys edit your photos? They are amazing!
Paulo Carelli
Paulo Carelli Vit më parë
I really enjoyed this last video you guys sent. How Elayn is getting prettier and Lenny getting bigger. Is he already standing alone? When will the dearest sailing family return to new adventures at sea? I always ask God to protect you from the dangers of the sea, especially now with Lenny getting smarter. Love from Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
alice lucy
alice lucy Vit më parë
staniel cay is by far my favourite place to be, i did everything you did in this video and i loved it! you guys are living my dream life
YouTube Monitor
YouTube Monitor Vit më parë
How fit is Elayna. Out of 10? 10 from me 👍🏻
CrudeAwakening Vit më parë
I’ve now done a little research on how much they make, and it’s complicated. Do it yourself, ask ALnets how much people make with their upload? I mean it, just type in the search bar ‘how much do people make out of their videos?’ You’ll be better informed.
Jackson Asphalt
Jackson Asphalt Vit më parë
Love yas
Christopher Duncan
Christopher Duncan Vit më parë
I stopped at your boat in Annapolis yesterday but did not make it on board. Do to the fact we needed lunch. I was hopping to ask you about a chocolate recipes yo used in one of your videos.
Sailing with the Litzenbergers
Sailing with the Litzenbergers Vit më parë
StarSkull_Cyborg Vit më parë
so basically, we pay them? to live our dreams...i aint watching this shit
Tracey Mitchell
Tracey Mitchell Vit më parë
Elayna isn't very nice to grandma, which is enough to turn off right then.
layra Thompson
layra Thompson Vit më parë
I say.. Kudos if you can sign up to be a Patron! Love the videos
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