HUNGRY SAILORS. Running out of FOOD at Sea! Ep. 224

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Sailing La Vagabonde

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We're starting to get pretty hungry here onboard La Vagabonde. Someone didn't provision properly (any guess as to who??). Anyway, we're 6 or 7 days into our 1200nm sail up to New York and with these flukey winds, who knows how much longer we'll be out here for.. weeks.. maybe months. Guard your limbs crew.
Song Credits:
00:00 Fighting For You - George Sidiropoulos -
01:27 Seven Years Later - Broken Lexicon -
05:44 Matias Malagardis - Forget - mmalagardis
11:22 Joe Slater - To The Creator -
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allglazenl 28 ditë më parë
Flipfops on a boad :-p
shellybeau2006 Muaj më parë
Not necessarily regarding this video, but what a blessing little Lenny will have when he grows up seeing how much his parents adored him and catered to him. One doesn't usually get that on film.
Mary Tatman
Mary Tatman 2 muaj më parë
Your in a ocean of food why don't you fixh?
Jonathan Davis
Jonathan Davis 3 muaj më parë
Damn that sunset is amazing!!!!! 🤯7:05
Jemz Moodly
Jemz Moodly 3 muaj më parë
Love you living my dream..
Letting the bear out
Letting the bear out 3 muaj më parë
I wonder if you will discuss safety protocols for Lenny on board, especially since he is getting more mobile. As he grows, I’m getting more nervous
Letting the bear out
Letting the bear out 3 muaj më parë
Somebody needs a new straw hat. Somebody.
JaX_LEGEND 4 muaj më parë
Hell yea. Fish More bro. Btw Get a life vest on that lil man!!! God forbid something happens.. Will give you time to react..
thijsvox 4 muaj më parë
My God, Elayna is perfect. This is the life.
AirScholar 5 muaj më parë
In the Stalin era, parents ate their children.
Mobile Players
Mobile Players 6 muaj më parë
The little one grows up and take over his parents legacy.
Praveen Kumar D
Praveen Kumar D 6 muaj më parë
Bro and siso.. I like yo both.. inspiration ❤️
ppirate 6 muaj më parë
3.37 as a drummer, that was great hahah
M Robin
M Robin 6 muaj më parë
The best thing in this Ep is lenny !
BD ELECTRONIC TIPS 6 muaj më parë
i like you cuts baby..
Emily Sibley
Emily Sibley 6 muaj më parë
I have a tip for you this is what my mum does once you finished the pasta sauce and there is some left put some water in the jar close the jar up with the lid and shake and it should give you a bit more sauce for you pasta 🍝!!
Bobby Hitzig
Bobby Hitzig 6 muaj më parë
The editing at 9:16, fantastic.
CLIF88X 6 muaj më parë
I wanna fist bump this guy for having such a gorgeous family........nice dude
Joel Lopez
Joel Lopez 6 muaj më parë
I'm just wondering what the 75-100 used diapers they have on board are starting to smell like. They've gotta be chucking their trash right?
David Blinn
David Blinn 6 muaj më parë
watched this while exporting a project of my own in the background and 15:01 gave me a heart attack
GrastTube 6 muaj më parë
what they gonna do when the child needs to go to school?
DirtyIssa6230 6 muaj më parë
15:01 ?
Beshion Sneeze
Beshion Sneeze 6 muaj më parë
how do you shag on a boat without you kid hearing it?
Savage.yeenreally- 6 muaj më parë
enough youtube for today..
Yys Yssyss
Yys Yssyss 6 muaj më parë
mihaylov alexandr
mihaylov alexandr 7 muaj më parë
Little Me and Family
Little Me and Family 7 muaj më parë
I love watching your videos! And I think living in a camper full time with a toddler is hard sometimes 🙈
John Worthy
John Worthy 7 muaj më parë
what happens when the weather is so bad
Ashley Cruz
Ashley Cruz 7 muaj më parë
Wow what a life you guys live ❤️sooo cute
Brent Hearn
Brent Hearn 7 muaj më parë
Its funny seeing this channel for the first time and watching two Aussies pass by my house in Virginia. What a relaxing video!
Aleksander Grynis
Aleksander Grynis 7 muaj më parë
You made me laugh! Thank you!:)
B.L 7 muaj më parë
I'd take 5 years off my life, too live this life for a week
Marshall Dennen
Marshall Dennen 7 muaj më parë
Great edit job!! Nothing was happening but the edit and music made it really interesting. Which takes talent
Maurice Rethmann
Maurice Rethmann 7 muaj më parë
This might have been answered already somewhere but do they have any kind of cellular service there?
VariableVision 7 muaj më parë
There's plenty of Dophin available, it seems. No need to go hungry.
DanielC2 7 muaj më parë
Jay Pay
Jay Pay 7 muaj më parë
Interesting and unique lifestyle
Bobby Dunkin
Bobby Dunkin 7 muaj më parë
You're braver than I am, even if I had the knowledge to confidently sail anywhere. I probably would still be too afraid to risk taking my child with me due to the risk of sailing in open water.
miguel h
miguel h 7 muaj më parë
Where is child protection????
in the abyss
in the abyss 7 muaj më parë
damn. i wanna be rich as hell too!
Maris 7 muaj më parë
they must be sailing naked off camera
Orestis Zoidis
Orestis Zoidis 7 muaj më parë
Its like Tarzan, but in real life ...and on a boat.
Elric of Melnibone
Elric of Melnibone 7 muaj më parë
Hmmm, how about fish? Just a weird idea...
Steven St-Amour
Steven St-Amour 7 muaj më parë
Riley I would like to see your drawings of the perfect catamaran set up. And explain why. That would be fun and create discussion. We are debating between your boat design and a leopard. the key obstacle is the exposure at the helm, and my spouse needs shade in the cockpit do to her skin. Always something?
Kalin Kamenov
Kalin Kamenov 7 muaj më parë
Ok, you won me over with the "Whiplash" joke
HRB IN 7 muaj më parë
Mary Virginia McNeil
Mary Virginia McNeil 7 muaj më parë
Hi guys!!! I absolutely love your channel and think it would be an AMAZING idea to start a segment where you explain and teach sailing a bit, to help watchers understand what's going on a bit more :D
Paul McClean
Paul McClean 7 muaj më parë
ive never seen a video of you in rough weather? if you do how often do you run into it
Alan Faulkner
Alan Faulkner 7 muaj më parë
There are these things called fish, they live in the sea, you can eat them.
Jennifer MacKinnon
Jennifer MacKinnon 7 muaj më parë
No way these videos are being made by a guy and his gf. No way ...all reek production values and a team. Has this not been noticed before? I don't follow this channel just watched a handful today. What's with the big $$$$$ boat?
Jace The Face
Jace The Face 7 muaj më parë
9:17 😂
S. U.
S. U. 7 muaj më parë
Please tell me what brand his shirt is in the beginning of the video...Thank you!
Luz Maria Rahla
Luz Maria Rahla 7 muaj më parë
So, you have air condition in the cabin?
Luz Maria Rahla
Luz Maria Rahla 7 muaj më parë
The more you show of Lenny the more we want to see, :>)
Mrlopkeson 7 muaj më parë
omg what a live
Aurélie Jenna
Aurélie Jenna 7 muaj më parë
beautiful video 💗💗
Derfoklishe 7 muaj më parë
Man that must suck. Why has no one invented a way to catch fish? Could be called Hmm
yeshihareg abebe
yeshihareg abebe 7 muaj më parë
what happens if the baby or the parents needs medical care and they are days away from medical help and services?
Blessing Cx
Blessing Cx 7 muaj më parë
Australians are so beautiful
jub 7 muaj më parë
You two should colonize a new master race at sea. Fucking hell. Two of the most objectively good looking people I've ever seen.
Ghostlore 7 muaj më parë
Laughed out loud at the whiplash bits. Thanks for the chuckle. Wishing fair winds and safe travels.
Charlie1821 7 muaj më parë
@3:37 just about spit out my coffee
Siggi Cloudwalker
Siggi Cloudwalker 7 muaj më parë
you should have a chicken on the boat and a goat :D
Andrés Campos
Andrés Campos 7 muaj më parë
Me encanta vuestro estilo de vida, es realmente envidiable como disfrutáis en pareja y también del bebe... ¿pero ese bebe no debería socializarse con mas personas?
YTrecipe 7 muaj më parë
Born and raised on a ship, then traveled the world across the ocean, one day will be an extraordinary drama in his life
Clayton Drnek
Clayton Drnek 7 muaj më parë
imagine being surrounded by an ocean full of fish and saying you dont have food
Eloy Sanchez-Cid
Eloy Sanchez-Cid 7 muaj më parë
First time I ever see one of your videos. It popped up in my recommended. When i saw the "not quite my tempo", man I instantly liked and subscribed. brilliant hahaha
David Coslett
David Coslett 7 muaj më parë
Sgest you don,t go to New York
Gary Anderson
Gary Anderson 7 muaj më parë
So what kind of pathetic morons would give financial support to these lazy vapid nobody millennials who are on a permanent vacation on someone else's dime? Sad and stupid.
Simon Cheers
Simon Cheers 8 muaj më parë
Riley from elbow hill? Last time I saw you, you were full cut on hindley street. Good times
Alex Romo
Alex Romo 8 muaj më parë
just get a helicopter to deliver some
QMMT 8 muaj më parë
With this whole Covid thing I've been looking for something new to watch since I've binged through everything else. So I randomly picked an episode of your channel. You guys are awesome. I found by new binge.
Frawns 8 muaj më parë
So after reading girls Tinder bio's for a while, it seems this is what they all want.
pyroghost11 8 muaj më parë
It is my first encounter with your channel guys, I can't not subscribe... amazing lifestyle
Mark Cobb
Mark Cobb 8 muaj më parë
My hat is off to the 1600 / 1700 sailors...
Shadman abdulkalam Kalam
Shadman abdulkalam Kalam 8 muaj më parë
Wow such a great family video good to watching
Daniel Green
Daniel Green 8 muaj më parë
What do they do with all the trash they gather after all this time. dirty diapers and stuff
Bill Child
Bill Child 8 muaj më parë
I'm so glad you are not only showing dramatic days of sailing. Sailing sometimes without the obnoxious motors running for hours on end teachs us about patience and how to find happiness in a variety of day or night weather and personal circumstances.
Vlad Bukhman
Vlad Bukhman 8 muaj më parë
Why you are running out of food? There is 🎏 in ocean!
Nidulamak Nidulamak
Nidulamak Nidulamak 8 muaj më parë
they call this sailing... This is like a villa on water
grant-right Anderson
grant-right Anderson 8 muaj më parë
We could be stranded in the ocean like this and my girlfriend would still be wondering if I’m cheating 😌
Wooleei 8 muaj më parë
Does babys float?
Spark 8 muaj më parë
I wonder if the baby feels more home on boats or on ground.
GideonsSword777 8 muaj më parë
Love the bantering between both of you, so funny!
RocketLR 8 muaj më parë
That kid is gonna be so used to oceans and sunsets by the time that kid is 30yo, he's gonna be like "Crazy people, why are you all going to the beaches on your vacations? Its only peaceful sunsets above the ocean. meanwhile I get paid to sit by this desk in this gray building with fluorescent. lights. Schhhweeeeet!"
dinho890i 8 muaj më parë
Your relationship is amazing
Sicao is dead
Sicao is dead 8 muaj më parë
Elayna going in on the editing today loool
Mitchuation 8 muaj më parë
How do they pay for this?
Ethan Cleaver
Ethan Cleaver 9 muaj më parë
So your back gardens the sea ?
Igor Video-addict
Igor Video-addict 9 muaj më parë
Beautiful life guys!! Bravo! Inspiration
davidv 9 muaj më parë
Wow, what a life. Good on you and good luck 👍🏻
domingo domingez
domingo domingez 9 muaj më parë
lenny will need to school eventually. Might wanna think about getting a bigger boat that fits a classroom
Jerry Ape
Jerry Ape 9 muaj më parë
I never could afford such an expensive Catamaran, but read books like Lord Hornblower ( series of 7 in total ) which movie Master and Commander was based on ( Russel Crowe). Anyway, they used to do fishing for all the crew, and sometimes even catch flying fish so, they never suffered from hunger, more from scurvy hence lemon juice on board. The title of this episode makes me thinking about Crocodile Dandy with his Ghurka knife bushcrafting through forrest saying: "running out of food! help" a little bit of irony. Unless you where one of Shackelton crew round South Pole ( another book "Endurance"-name of ship and how to survive on arctic ). Anyway on GPS I can see that you are quite close to land and far away from South Pole so consider loosing one day to stop for Wallmart shopping if not used to fishing.
Dylan Moeser
Dylan Moeser 9 muaj më parë
Stoned at 7:22
Oh Yah
Oh Yah 9 muaj më parë
15:42, frame that moment
Jim Smith
Jim Smith 9 muaj më parë
Lose the mustache! Your not a mustache
misanthropicbyday 9 muaj më parë
at first i was like oh cool a couple sailing across the world.... then I saw the toddler and thought this is fucked up.
Ramy G
Ramy G 9 muaj më parë
Lenny is going to become an Aquaman...
Ioannis Liapis
Ioannis Liapis 9 muaj më parë
so... half the year they are on vacation?
Michael is no
Michael is no 9 muaj më parë
how do you get internet?
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