She Serenades on the Sea. BOAT LIFE at its Finest.. Ep.212

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Sailing La Vagabonde

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Song credits:
00:00 Sam Carmody - Moby Dick -
01:45 Fit Freddy - Mar Haze -
04:53 Early October - Carol Ellyn -
06:40 NoMBe - Can’t Catch Me -
08:48 Miss Max - You Me and the Sea -
10:18 Jordan Merrick - Low Country -
11:36 Sam Carmody - Rachael -
14:07 Smiling At Strangers - Michael Dunstan -
17:00 Castles Fall - Trent Herzman -
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Jarred Albert
Jarred Albert Muaj më parë
Why were you scared of the manatee bro?
Bill Brockmann
Bill Brockmann Muaj më parë
When you provision, if possible, arrange with a bar or a restaurant with a walk-in freezer to freeze your bulk rice, flour, pasta, etc. to kill any eggs and prevent weevils, maggots, and the like. The dead eggs will add a tiny bit of protien to your diet.
Bill Brockmann
Bill Brockmann Muaj më parë
I feel ya! I get jet lag going north and south, forget longitude.
K Jonsson
K Jonsson 2 muaj më parë
You are the coolest 😃
Samuel Shin
Samuel Shin 9 muaj më parë
Swims with tiger sharks, but is super afraid of manatees, aka sea cows...
Mikeztarp 9 muaj më parë
Lenny's first words are going to be "it's a squall!"
YLT 10 muaj më parë
Love it... you guys are wonderful... !!
RGrandomGames 10 muaj më parë
Why did you show us the hair when you did I WAS EATING
Explore The world
Explore The world 10 muaj më parë
Lyna nice your song ❤️
John McCormack
John McCormack 11 muaj më parë
Shrimp hole is nothing like the Crab Hole! The Crab Hole was a little lame as I remember. Lol I am slowly getting through all your videos. I started last spring! You are such an awesome family! Lenny is such a lucky boy to have parents like you and he is adorable. Watching reminds me of when our children were babies although we never lived the life you are. But I know how I couldn't wait to take my boys fishing! (Even though our daughter would always out fish us!) I can't wait to watch a video of all of you fishing together! Another level of joy will come to you watching Lenny catch fish...and to me. Thanks for sharing so much with all of us!
Chris Totten
Chris Totten 11 muaj më parë
I have been binging my way through to SLV ‘real time’ and then Covid 19 turned the world upside down. Took me away for a bit, but your vids are such a pleasure, it’s been a nice diversion from the rest of the happenings these days. Had to come back.
R. R.
R. R. Vit më parë
Trotzdem ich kein Wort Englisch verstehe, folge ich euch gespannt auf euren Reisen. Ihr seit einfach zum knuddeln. Bildschön, wagemutig und trotzdem verantwortungsvoll. Ihr seit super Eltern und in eurer ganzen Art einfach super, super sympatisch. Ich wünsche euch und uns, noch viele schöne Abenteuer und Momente. Bleibt gesund und achtet auf euch. Die Weltmeere sind unsicher geworden. Weiter so... 😉🥰👋 Es grüßt euch euer deutscher Fan.
อานุภาพ อนันตสุข
อานุภาพ อนันตสุข Vit më parë
I follow you from Thailand, I like very much.
Robert Handloff
Robert Handloff Vit më parë
Lenny has to be the most joyful, placid, contented, well-adjusted and happy child I've ever seen, which, of course says so much about the love bestowed by his parents. Brava! Bravo! Also, to repeat a message I sent earlier, because so many of your meals are prepared In a single, wok-like sauce pan, Elayna, you need to title your cookbook "Wok on Water."
ronja Vit më parë
Jake Vit më parë
Mac demarco 😍
Leisa Walston
Leisa Walston Vit më parë
Just love you guys, everyone should be as beautiful. Your joy inspires me deeply. ♡♡♡
Simone Schultz
Simone Schultz Vit më parë
When I look in Lennies eyes I wonder just what a handful Riley was when he was a baby. I m sure Elayna was a little 😇
fadhila khairunnisa
fadhila khairunnisa Vit më parë
Oh my elayna! you straight up look and sound like from a disney princess movie 😍
Miss Spice
Miss Spice Vit më parë
Literally cant believe some of the comments you guys recieve! Like lenny deserves married parents.. wtf! Who needs a bit of paper to prove anything?! U guys r doing great parenting is never easy xx
Joel Turner
Joel Turner Vit më parë
People - I grew up in Wisconsin Lenny - I grew up on the seas
Kay’s Web
Kay’s Web Vit më parë
I’m jealous I can’t live this life, you guys have such a great life, adventure continuously, Lenny will have so many stories to tell when he’s older.
Kay’s Web
Kay’s Web Vit më parë
Lenny is the cutest, always smiling. ❤️
J. Smith
J. Smith Vit më parë
I'm hooked👌
Trabajo en casa
Trabajo en casa Vit më parë
I love Lenny, he is so adorable 😃
K Tull
K Tull Vit më parë
Top notch filming and editing. I'm fascinated by how you get certain shots. You must wear a GoPro for some of them. I wondered the same, where will you guys be a few more years from now?
Tabea Vit më parë
What song is Elayna singing at 16:28? It's BEAUTIFUL!!!
Jon Spielman
Jon Spielman Vit më parë
Lenny trying to steer! ROFL!!
Bob D
Bob D Vit më parë
Come on Elayna how about another album your voice is so soothing and enjoyable to hear
TWEEK0423 Vit më parë
as an American how the hell do i get myself a girl like her? do aussie gals even like american guys??? = /
Donald White
Donald White Vit më parë
what happened to the wheel symble at the start of each vidio??
Itsp3rsonal Vit më parë
Title is *She Serenades on the Sea* = 20 seconds of song at end of video
Shula Oudean
Shula Oudean Vit më parë
I like hearing that plural word "babies", not just the singular "baby". Very good idea!
Melly Mel
Melly Mel Vit më parë
well let’s add manatee to the list of animals Riley’s had a run in with 😂😂
Dan Casey
Dan Casey Vit më parë
Your baby is one cute little fella!
P-Wigs Vit më parë
With a world population of 7.66 billion people (as of 2018), I’ll be generous and say that half of those people (@ 3.83 billion) are good, wholesome, honest, and loving people who would enjoy this exact content. So now let’s take into account internet availability, corrupt government censoring, and misc reasons for not being able to view this ALnets channel...we’ll call it 25% of our 3.83 billion whole hearted people, so 2.8575 billion people... There is absolutely no excuse that you guys don’t have 2.8575 billion subscribers right now.
P-Wigs Vit më parë
Sailing La Vagabonde no no, you guys don’t need to try harder. It’s us on shore that need to try harder and get this amazing journey and content spread around the world that we all get to experience and be a part of vicariously through the three of you. If you ever make it to the west coast/Tampa or St. Petersburg area of Florida, I would love to meet the two of you and Lenny and also provide you with some essential U.S. supplies for your journeys.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde Vit më parë
🤣⭐️ We’ll try harder.
d e a
d e a Vit më parë
what a lucky baby🥺
portalina Vit më parë
I’m sorry my dudes but you guys are amazing. My dream has been to do life on the sea and islands. The music is great.
portalina Vit më parë
I’m sorry my dudes but you guys are amazing. My dream has been to do life on the sea and islands. The music is great.
Troy Snyder
Troy Snyder Vit më parë
God Bless you and your family, thanks for sharing
Troy Snyder
Troy Snyder Vit më parë
Beautiful music and family memories! Great stories told and to come
Simone Vit më parë
My Creative Designs Space
My Creative Designs Space Vit më parë
You can replace the one AirPod that got wet.
Kirke Slaou
Kirke Slaou Vit më parë
Antonia Baker
Antonia Baker Vit më parë
Stella is gorgeous. We have local ones at Bribie Island that love to knock us off the paddle boards.
Antonia Baker
Antonia Baker Vit më parë
Love the swim wear idea. Awesome. You guys just get better and better.
Jase Vit më parë
Yep the healthier my wife eats the more I need to clean the Weevil's and Maggots out of the Cupboards. Eat normal.... But love this channel
Matt Lewandowski
Matt Lewandowski Vit më parë
I wonder if I was the only one hearing the mission impossible theme in my head while he was trying to put lenny to bed.
Fe Irons
Fe Irons Vit më parë
You guys are the MOST authentic & entertaining... true/real family on all ALnets!!! ❤️
Rong B
Rong B Vit më parë
I want a gf like u😔
Zinc Man
Zinc Man Vit më parë
You seem like you are a very good mom, or is it mum. Good dad too.
Rick Rothstein
Rick Rothstein Vit më parë
Hayley Jo
Hayley Jo Vit më parë
Y365 C
Y365 C Vit më parë
Love this one for sure 🥰🥰💫
Diane Hutcheson
Diane Hutcheson Vit më parë
How are you gonna keep Lenny on the boat when he starts crawling fast n then walking ???
Pheonix Bevan
Pheonix Bevan Vit më parë
is it me or cant ANYONE wait till the little one is bigger!! itll be another character to the convoy! definately
Liz Childress
Liz Childress Vit më parë
Wow! Lenny is getting so big!
Simon Tate
Simon Tate Vit më parë
I think Little poopie pants said Hello World to the cammera today.
Gilmar Luz
Gilmar Luz Vit më parë
Muito legal , sou aqui do Brasil trabalho com barcos de pesca . Acompanho vocês a anos muito legal a vida de vocês, vocês são muito lindos o filho de vocês é lindo um abraço do Gilmar aqui do Brasil, do estado de Santa Catarina,da cidade de Itajaí
Burcu Bingul
Burcu Bingul Vit më parë
Great vid!👍
RANGER282 Vit më parë
Maybe a short lived sailing class ..Like 4 months rent a condo by a marina have people sign up in advance . Just something to think about . I'm in southwest florida thanks for your efforts .
Wicked Jenn
Wicked Jenn Vit më parë
So excited! I’m in need of a few swimming tops 🤗
coolchangecat Vit më parë
Love your stuff. Especially in the southern Bahamas. But one comment. A rope??? Once it's on the boat, it's a line.
Jackie Flores
Jackie Flores Vit më parë
Just came across your channel & wow, it’s like nothing I’ve seen before. Thank you for this.
S Oving
S Oving Vit më parë
Something that has to be said more! Elayna you are one badass lady/skipper/mother/videographer/editor/alround champ!!! I have so much respect for you. Riley you’re allright too ;-)
Baal90 Vit më parë
Song request: Senorita :D
Alice E
Alice E Vit më parë
You are awesome 👍
Mr Me
Mr Me Vit më parë
Mom is beautiful as ever, Lenny is a little darling and Dad is the handsome man of the boat. You blokes are great! Much love and happiness.
Carl Zuber
Carl Zuber Vit më parë
Sitting here in the heart of Texas ,Love,Every thing About ya'll, Your music, And y'alls, background music don't know if you know who the luminaries are? But your music reminds me of them !!!!! RILEY NO DISRESPECT BUT YOU ARE A VERY LUCKY MAN, TO HAVE YOUR DREAM GIRL!!!! SOOOO JEALOUS 😉
Katelyn Wassell
Katelyn Wassell Vit më parë
Please make plus size swimwear as well.
Worktoride Outdoors
Worktoride Outdoors Vit më parë
You three are great, what a great way to live.
Brant Dave Sabanpan
Brant Dave Sabanpan Vit më parë
love this adventurous family, new subscriber here👌🖐️
Darcy Jordan
Darcy Jordan Vit më parë
great video guys love them always spear fishing footage is always great
Mekki Khiari
Mekki Khiari Vit më parë
hello I enjoy watching your videos of your life its very wonderful videos and comfortable videos I wish you success and I wish you all the best and happiness and I hope one day get your signature.. thank you
Cafuné Experience
Cafuné Experience Vit më parë
Some Colgate toothpastes have microplastic/microbeads added so you better check if yours has or change your toohtpaste to a more ecofriendly one :-)
AwesomeFish12 Vit më parë
We watch your channel because we wish that your life was our life.
kayla manthy
kayla manthy Vit më parë
also will you have ambassadors for your swim shop, because i’ll definitely be interested!! xx
Matt Nicholls
Matt Nicholls Vit më parë
Wow Great episode as usual 😉
Nicholas Bertone
Nicholas Bertone Vit më parë
New to your channel and have been so inspired by your video. The 3 of you live such an incredible life!
Rick Chollett
Rick Chollett Vit më parë
Any speedos in the swimwear line?
The Salvage Family
The Salvage Family Vit më parë
cut your hair. It feels great. I cut mine a while back and have a 11 month old. Just feels nice to have it short right now. It always grows back :) plus you look great with long but I also thought you looked great right after Riley cut it. I did the pig tail method with a rubber band. Worked great :)
Klaus Leim
Klaus Leim Vit më parë
have you noticed that the Manatees have a terrible bad breath.?
Klaus Leim
Klaus Leim Vit më parë
I've had some charter trips in the Mediterranean and Florida healthy behind me. Since I always wanted to distinguish the true wind from the apparent, I always sailed with my torso free. The success was, I got skin cancer stage 4 and unfortunately had to give up sailing. I bought a Harley- Davidson e Glide and rode with 6 different bikes over 250,000 mls/km in Western Europe and the southern states of the USA. This corresponds to 6.3 times the circumference of the Earth at the equator. Ustedes tres son muy comprensivos.
Jackyblue67 Same
Jackyblue67 Same Vit më parë
What a life so beautiful .
inii audrey
inii audrey Vit më parë
do moree coverr pleasee u have a beautiful voice😻
Igor Surf
Igor Surf Vit më parë
It’s great you show the sailing with babies!!!
Sally Burch
Sally Burch Vit më parë
You guys Rock and we've been following you guys for about a Months now
Prodigal Ink
Prodigal Ink Vit më parë
where did you get your captains hat?
SV Eula
SV Eula Vit më parë
Thank god for the wiggles, you'll get it...😊 cheers from OZ 👍
Jason . Donoghue
Jason . Donoghue Vit më parë
It fucking terrifies me even thinking of raising a child on a boat. So brave
JJ Vit më parë
heartbreaking & beautiful at the same time to see the Bahamas like this before hurricane Dorian came thru...
Jack O'Lantern
Jack O'Lantern Vit më parë
Thank you for this. And for everything you're trying to accomplish. We are the last generations to choose what happens to our great mother Earth. I hope to one day be as fulfilled as your adventures have been.
Ruslan Nitros
Ruslan Nitros Vit më parë
Colin Raulf
Colin Raulf Vit më parë
Dugongs and manatees are actually different! Manatees and native to the Western Hemisphere around Florida and the Bahamas, whereas Dugongs are native to the south eastern hemisphere around Australia and Malaysia!
Edwin Gorney
Edwin Gorney Vit më parë
Hey guys I had an idea. There is another youtuber named darcizzle. She has a fishing channel but is also a swimsuit model. She loves modeling new stuff while fishing and will totally pimp out your stuff to her fan base.
Josiah Israel
Josiah Israel Vit më parë
You guys are the best! I always leave your videos happier then when I started. I, along with my six family members just finished a 64 day sail from Puerto Vallarta Mexico to Puntarenas Costa Rica, in a 50ft monohull ferro ketch. It was one of the highlights of my life, and I wouldn’t have done it, if it wasn’t for your videos. You guys are a truly beautiful family, and I know you will leave a lasting impact on our beautiful world. God bless and keep you on your many adventures to come! Love you all!!
Ser Gio
Ser Gio Vit më parë
Thanks for sharing so wonderful moments. All the best to you.
Jason Tomporowski
Jason Tomporowski Vit më parë
Do you sell or have you ever thought of making a digital download of your songs? You have a very soothing voice.
Debby Lewis
Debby Lewis Vit më parë
Love your videos. What an amazing life. Hope your safe from Hurricane Dorian. Prayers your way. God Bless
That_Chic *Nic
That_Chic *Nic Vit më parë
Hope you all are fairing well during the hurricane!
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