We Turned Back. Things BROKE at Sea!

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Sailing La Vagabonde

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#263 "No, it was a sea trial." We tried. We really did. All the stars were aligning with weather and timing, stocked and ready for our launch into the Atlantic. But when you're taking to the steering pulleys with a saw, just as you get underway, it's probably an omen. The Azores will have to wait.
The positives? Mainland Portugal ain't that bad aplace to return to. And we're joined by our mate Bri for the (upcoming) crossing.
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13:02 Dante Matas - Talking To Yourself - open.spotify.com/track/0u0ceCamGdeV2ki3LrielJ?si=xlJ_BOY6QCOPaNMzHf-NEA
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Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde 3 muaj më parë
Thanks for watching! Can you believe we have published more episodes than the TV series 'Friends' (236)? That's a crazy amount of videos. We went LIVE recently if you'd like to check it out on our Support page: bit.ly/SLVPatreon
Melissa Den Elzen
Melissa Den Elzen 2 muaj më parë
Holden Caulfield why?
Deadcatlives 2 muaj më parë
If you guys were not in orange beach Alabama last night then I seen your twins.
Isabelle B.
Isabelle B. 2 muaj më parë
John Weiland I don’t know your age, but back then it was quite a modern open-minded series. ... But there are snobs everywhere, too. Also, you might have missed the point that they always wanted to choose their moments, and they want to be seen as artists... You agree or not. I will not pay. First because since March 8th 2020 I lost my job (a pretty good Partisan guide), but also because I do not see the art in their videos. They seem to depend a lot on the likes or hates... and businesses
Isabelle B.
Isabelle B. 2 muaj më parë
Pamela }!!{ Thank you for saying this! Back then, “Friends” was so... different, modern, open-minded! I first saw it in 1998 in France on a national channel... and this weekly moment was mine (well my boy friend and me -he loved it too). So yes, I am a big “Friends” fan too
Isabelle B.
Isabelle B. 2 muaj më parë
Ana Farias The person who mentioned the Child Protective Services should think twice and was SO violent! Lenny is all smiles and joy. Of course he has *his moments* ...and I am quite pleased NOT to see ALL of them! I leave that the parents... which is what they do! Holden Caulfield should actually pay a fine for the waste of time - Because the Child Protective Services has SERIOUS problems to deal with... ALL OVER the world. Starting with Trump. Years ago. Because his son will be traumatized all his life. Not to mention the other members of his family. Actually, Trump should pay a fine to ALL THE CITIZENS he is still traumazing!
Johnny Wishbone
Johnny Wishbone Ditë më parë
If you dont have parts left over you did not do it right
Kaylin McCabe
Kaylin McCabe 25 ditë më parë
Bri and I have the same birthday! I just realized it and I had to share it🧸
Philip Nelson
Philip Nelson Muaj më parë
Curious what local beer you’re drinking...
Berni williams
Berni williams Muaj më parë
Riley shave off that fucking moustache !
Edward Tilley
Edward Tilley 2 muaj më parë
Do you use a drogue on a performance catamaran in weather?
sean muldoon
sean muldoon 2 muaj më parë
Great series. Book one I've listened to this audiobook, "Quicksilver" by Neal Stephenson, and thought you would enjoy it, too. Get it here: a.co/5aHvwh1 Book 2 in the series of 8 books is called King of the Vagabonds!!! Go n-eirí an t-ádh leat
O K 2 muaj më parë
Did Elayna just sell me on audio books?
Cory 2 muaj më parë
dang, Riley, you have some serious skills! The details are so numerous. Way to go!
paul archer
paul archer 2 muaj më parë
yay Lenny, "cheers"
Starless Aeon
Starless Aeon 2 muaj më parë
Drunks 🥴
Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker 2 muaj më parë
Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker 2 muaj më parë
Great episo! Love the music! Edits were superb!
Mike Raymond
Mike Raymond 2 muaj më parë
It's that screw...holding everything together...
Mellissa Lehto
Mellissa Lehto 2 muaj më parë
How awesome, cool, cultured, well spoken well travelled grown up Lenny is gonna be? In 20 years you will be so so happy you stuck it out, you made it through it all, well done! My kids are grown, you will be so proud of him and yourselves. That’s a promise. Keep on keepin on.
Zachary DeNisco
Zachary DeNisco 2 muaj më parë
Are you guys sponsored by Corona Beer? It always seems like there is a six-pack or a box with the label behind you when sitting at the table.
Brad Mitchell
Brad Mitchell 2 muaj më parë
Hey, is that the girl from Below Deck?
Family Yuksel
Family Yuksel 2 muaj më parë
Who want to donate for a family who want to do the same like them..? You will help us very much www.doneeractie.nl/met-een-catamaran-de-wereld-zien/-45765
Richard Chasse
Richard Chasse 2 muaj më parë
Totally another great vlog episode ‼️ Love the plant attitude of the new crew..
Teresa McNeal
Teresa McNeal 2 muaj më parë
Girl, stop apologizing by Rachel Hollis is awesome!
Nancy Polom
Nancy Polom 2 muaj më parë
Pillars of the Earth!! Best book ever!
Becky lousie
Becky lousie 2 muaj më parë
Bloodyhell bri from below deck hahaha love it , such a cutie xxx
Stephen Mayes
Stephen Mayes 2 muaj më parë
Is Corona a new sponsor? Excellent accidental product placement if they aren’t 😆😂
Ronald Skokan
Ronald Skokan 2 muaj më parë
Hey! Why don't you use episode numbers anymore?
Dopey Tripod
Dopey Tripod 2 muaj më parë
everything happens for a reason...... maybe the little issues you had saved you from bigger & worse issues while away from land? ONLY OUR CREATOR KNOWS.(notice how I didn't say the G or J word-because that's just a story in a book...if it were real BOTH G & J would STOP THE SUFFERING & present themselves, but nothing.)
Banana Spiel
Banana Spiel 2 muaj më parë
New subscriber.! Aboard.
Kelly McKinnon
Kelly McKinnon 2 muaj më parë
Lenny is getting so big!!!! I don't hearing him making his monster noises quite as much anymore lol
Kelly McKinnon
Kelly McKinnon 2 muaj më parë
I'm from the south in the USA and it is BAD LUCK to have a banana on a boat!!!! Oh goodness be safe lol
keef53 Hostels, Holidays & Hodgkins
keef53 Hostels, Holidays & Hodgkins 2 muaj më parë
Love following you guys from Norwich UK. I make some YT videos and wonder how you get to use really good music without copyright? keep safe and love you all
John Daniels
John Daniels 2 muaj më parë
Lot's of people of Portuguese heritage from RI; after you are done in the Azores, go to Madeira!
Ian Whisnant
Ian Whisnant 2 muaj më parë
You Guys need som passion in your life
jeannie gherardi
jeannie gherardi 2 muaj më parë
Lenny is the cutest kid ever,but i remember terrible 3 not 2,beware 3 is terrible......
Jim Marshall
Jim Marshall 2 muaj më parë
I love that artsy shot at 12:38
JAM 2 muaj më parë
If you have not read “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle, I highly recommend it!
Raedene Simson
Raedene Simson 2 muaj më parë
How did Bri like being on Below Deck?
danceswithcarsdc 2 muaj më parë
Rehearsal/dry/wet run. Forgot some liquids on shore, We'll be right back...
Clint Doiron
Clint Doiron 2 muaj më parë
I'm finally caught up on all your episodes it is just amazing the life you live, I have wanted to do this sense i was 15 so 35 years ago and now I am convinced i can finally live my dream and retire on the open ocean. Thank you .
David Wittig
David Wittig 2 muaj më parë
400,000 views , 17 thousand thumbs up BUT AMAZINGLY only 720 comments.. Seems as though being a GOOGLE EMPLOYEE HAS ITS PERKS... Greta Thurnberg on your boat... YEA SURE... Propagandists
Gonçalo Moura
Gonçalo Moura 2 muaj më parë
Olivia Maree
Olivia Maree 2 muaj më parë
Finally caught up on all the videos. I have spent the past year and a half watching the videos from the very beginning. It has been such an amazing adventure to watch and be apart of.
Anuradha Wickramasinghe
Anuradha Wickramasinghe 2 muaj më parë
reginasimms46 2 muaj më parë
I’ve been watching all of your old videos I am on 181. I know you’re pregnant and it’s terrible to be hot when you’re pregnant. So question why don’t more boats have air-conditioning on them. did you guys consider getting air-conditioning on your boat? Was it too expensive? Or take up too much space? Thank you for sharing your life.
Abby Stein
Abby Stein 2 muaj më parë
If I may interest you in the audiobook of my memoir (yup, shameless self promotions): www.audible.com/pd/Becoming-Eve-Audiobook/154918721X
VisionStance 2 muaj më parë
Elayna, I know having a Dog on the Boat is not in the Cards for you guys now, so Try to find the Audio book titled " The Art of Racing in the Rain". It's a world wide best seller and will truly touch your Heart in the end. Much Love to all aboard the VB.
Prepper Trainer
Prepper Trainer 2 muaj më parë
Lenny is ready for Waterworld. And jeez does your new passenger look a bit like a darker haired Natalie Dormer or what?
Janet Gemmell
Janet Gemmell 2 muaj më parë
I highly suggest any audible book by Fredrik Backman - so much fun and interesting character development. Just get through the first 3 chapters and you are strapped in!
Mani D
Mani D 2 muaj më parë
Riley, you lucky lucky bastard!
Corkedit 2 muaj më parë
Love this, ozzy truth humour facebook.com/SkyNewsAustralia/videos/1298262893841857/
Elle Em
Elle Em 2 muaj më parë
So glad you guys have got some help to look after Lenny for your trip! Nice to see mum get a break and sail again!
Marc Johnston
Marc Johnston 2 muaj më parë
I would love to sell up and buy a blue water yacht, but the prices are unbelievable, more expensive than a luxury apartment. Ok, I understand that the electronics and navigation equipment can be expensive, but I can't understand how basically a fiberglass shell with a pole, sail cloth and rudder can cost millions of dollars. I mean you can hire a pool construction company to install a fiberglass pool for less than $50,000, yet you turn that fiber glass pool which holds in water, upside down and shape it into a boat, to hold out water, and suddenly the prices jump to over $500,000 and more. Maybe we should encourage fiber glass pool construction companies to build yachts (LOL).
SpocksBro 2 muaj më parë
Lenny is going to turn into a great personality thanks to his parents and an adventurous childhood i'm sure. Plus it looks like he will be a womanizer too. I mean, look at this young blue eyed man. No way women are going to be able to resist that.
Glenn Mallaby
Glenn Mallaby 2 muaj më parë
On Ya Guy's , Keep the Dream Alive . Hopefully the whales are around . I met this WA couple who have been working on book & film of the sperm whales there . Wade and Robyn Hughes , Looking for Whales. U can find them aussiesabroad@aol.com . Regards Glenn from Avalon / Mandurah
Russia ᛟ
Russia ᛟ 2 muaj më parë
if you like these guys you will definatly like sailing into freedom one of the best channels by far
David Mexted
David Mexted 2 muaj më parë
Apocalypse never is an interesting listen.
Vincent Gatto
Vincent Gatto 2 muaj më parë
Lenny has officially entered the Steve Erwin look-alike phase
Ryan Rummer
Ryan Rummer 2 muaj më parë
Riley - It’s so impressive how well you know your ship and can fix anything!
Hill Hill
Hill Hill 2 muaj më parë
Don't get the Corona drink it.
RebelMusik Worldwide
RebelMusik Worldwide 2 muaj më parë
Yes mistah lenny, you growin up great ... boat boat
Carmen Irwin
Carmen Irwin 2 muaj më parë
The Resilience Project by Hugh Van Cuylenberg if you haven’t listened to it yet. I think you will appreciate it on a couple of fronts: 1) very closely related to your recent episode and the author talks about the GEM principle (gratitude, empathy, mindfulness) 2) very Aussie stories which are at times hilarious - love the bit about Beefy and his motivational speech to the Collingwood Magpies 👍👍
Bomba Deer
Bomba Deer 2 muaj më parë
Something for your Corona 👍 vm.tiktok.com/ZMJBL3amN/
Ludmila Mocan-Cioaric
Ludmila Mocan-Cioaric 2 muaj më parë
Gab Lex
Gab Lex 2 muaj më parë
I SWEEEAR to GOD us Portuguese ain't like that, past vlog with the clothes situation I was already mehhhh and now with the lifeguard actin up... we lackin
Happy Texan
Happy Texan 2 muaj më parë
Check out the Audio books by Neville Goddard or Robert A. Russell. Also a book called the Healing Code.
knomb 2 muaj më parë
alnets.info/work/dsqGnZeTsGqQs6A/video.html - You see these guys using your name to steal clicks?
Sophia Rogers
Sophia Rogers 2 muaj më parë
Lenny makes the CUTEST noises
Laura 2 muaj më parë
Literally one of the very few things that are keeping me sane this year are you, I am so happy that I found your channel!
Novene Bainter
Novene Bainter 2 muaj më parë
I am glad you decided to rest before taking off again. Happy sailing
Paul Gribben
Paul Gribben 2 muaj më parë
Excellent video!
Pedro Miguel Cotrim
Pedro Miguel Cotrim 2 muaj më parë
can post a video that explains, every costs, of docking? every time you "stop/park" the boat you pay?!!! a litlle research and the prices are absurd??? same price and you stay in a hotel and travel by plane!...of course its not the same but...example im from portugal buy a solar cat, wanna go portugal spain italy and greece 3/4 days in each one, thats how much just to dock or mooring? average thanks
Dopey Tripod
Dopey Tripod 2 muaj më parë
Bradley Mason
Bradley Mason 2 muaj më parë
Sapiens: A brief history of Humankind
Gavla Tennis
Gavla Tennis 2 muaj më parë
This was a really drab episode.
reginasimms46 2 muaj më parë
I just listened to ur song “the things in my room”. I grew up in that room. I’m so sry. I think ur story must be why I connect w your videos. Plus u look like my oldest daughter Margo. Thank you for that song !!
reginasimms46 2 muaj më parë
When you pay for it where does the song go to on my phone??? I don’t have any music on my phone but want her music to listen to when I walk??
reginasimms46 2 muaj më parë
gemsta86 the link was on one of their videos. I’ll look up the episode
gemsta86 2 muaj më parë
Where did you listen to it?
Joe Dial
Joe Dial 2 muaj më parë
Have you tried ginger, if your not a fan of straight raw ginger, buy the sugared ginger, used it for years for those times when it was rough sailing, racing to the Farallons out of the San Francisco Bay to decrease, or chg. sail. Nothing else ever worked for me, and I had gotten to be a fan of Ginger do to it being a major part of a candy business i managed chocolate coated ginger is a big item all over the U.S. Hope you try it and get some relief young lady. joe
Beazle Teats
Beazle Teats 2 muaj më parë
PS: Ask Bri what happened to Nico...we want the goss girl.
minxymoo232 2 muaj më parë
Are you supposed to just throw food into the ocean? I'm confused
Tanasha McCray
Tanasha McCray 2 muaj më parë
I always worry about thier son every time I watch.
Captain Mark Gray
Captain Mark Gray 2 muaj më parë
At 10:22 Lenny is proof as to why you need to watch kids every second. He almost went down the hatch but was saved by Bri, Yea! It only takes a second for kids to get into major trouble. We love ya all like family so stay safe :-) Perhaps that hatch has a cover that should be kept closed? If not then perhaps one should be made for it.
Mary Ross
Mary Ross 2 muaj më parë
I could never sail on a boat like that.nid be sick every day. Your friend is super good with lennie. Looking forward to the next vlog. Xx
The Lost Compass
The Lost Compass 3 muaj më parë
What a great episode! Love what your channel has going on!🏔🔥💚 We’d appreciate the follow back!
Don Ruggaber
Don Ruggaber 3 muaj më parë
Anyway possible to talk about the seasons where you are and the temperatures as knowing that and what it is like other places and the time of year is interesting. Simple thing like it's August here and its 20 degrees.
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones 3 muaj më parë
Life on the sea seems safer than life on land in 2020 ⛵️
Timo Kappesser
Timo Kappesser 3 muaj më parë
hey guys, i saw you are in lagos. if you want to have a break for some days from the boat, we would like to invite you to stay in our place that we are just building: casa-alcaria.com. We are in Odeceixe.
Neilhuny 3 muaj më parë
Riley's happy dance deserves a like from everyone! Boo to the down voters! (OK, ALnets algorithms like them as much as up votes)
recep anar
recep anar 3 muaj më parë
Leonie Margaret
Leonie Margaret 3 muaj më parë
I cannot get over Lenny he is truly gorgeous, happy I know he is busy ... LOL ... loved the video!!! :D
tvonzweck 3 muaj më parë
North to The Night by Alvah Simon - true sailing adenture, Beneath a Scarlet Sky - fiction. Love your style... taking off into 35kts, and look forward to the next video.
Rebel Soul
Rebel Soul 3 muaj më parë
I thought Bri was so cute on Below deck great to see her again sailing with you guys.
Bdon 3 muaj më parë
Aww I have met Bri. We met out in Joshua Tree NP in California. My wife, dad and I had made a camp fire and Bri and her friend came over and spent the evening sharing stories. Was a great night and so fun. Such a small world.
Mundo Oscuro
Mundo Oscuro 3 muaj më parë
The Count of Monte Cristo - unabridged. Loved it so much I had to buy it in hardcopy. Kiss goodbye to your boat shores. You won't want to put it down.
Marc Harrison
Marc Harrison 3 muaj më parë
Not sure if you guys knew about this...saw it on curiosity stream under the European entering awards 2019..www.finsulate.com/en/antifouling-products/seagrade/. I’m not affiliated with this at all...
Sarah 3 muaj më parë
Hey Bree from below deck!
CRAIG DE LA REY 3 muaj më parë
She looks like Captain Spok with the fringe.
AverageKing 3 muaj më parë
Bruh that girl does massage therapy on islands, that just screams Jeffery Epstein to me
Dougan Oscar
Dougan Oscar 3 muaj më parë
Why don’t u come and to Ireland r like north Francis
Michael Hjerpe
Michael Hjerpe 3 muaj më parë
Bri is from Rhode Island?! 401 representing lol.
Michael Hjerpe
Michael Hjerpe 3 muaj më parë
Should visit block island next time la vagabond is in the north East Atlantic
Johan Hallin
Johan Hallin 3 muaj më parë
What's the band playing at the end of the video? Very nice sound!
Brad Burns
Brad Burns 3 muaj më parë
Before We were Yours-by Lisa Wingate
DJ Dormer
DJ Dormer 3 muaj më parë
Lenny is too precious 🥺🥺🥺
Sabri Atalay
Sabri Atalay 3 muaj më parë
Bryan Cowan
Bryan Cowan 3 muaj më parë
Hi I like your show lots... Now something from Australia is just become the most valuable item in the world today.... OMG thanks lots
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