BOAT LIFE: 24 Hours at Sea
Robert Dayton
Robert Dayton 4 orë më parë
Happy Birthday Lenny....no buzz cut, you got ripped off...LOL
Poobahjohn 4 orë më parë
Singing and guitar playing is appreciated thank you Elaina. Great job.
Marji M
Marji M 5 orë më parë
Aww, Happy Birthday Lenny!
S Gudur
S Gudur 5 orë më parë
@15:09, the way Lenny looks at the bike, simply gave me feeling that he was saying "I will master the art of riding this bike".. Loved that LOOK...
Deq mn
Deq mn 5 orë më parë
Bro Swimming while it’s raining 🌧, just hits different 😔🔫
Tauna Tucker
Tauna Tucker 5 orë më parë
The love between Lenny and Andre is very apparent. Happy Birthday Lenny!
Belt King
Belt King 5 orë më parë
Happy birthday Lenny
John Baumgartner
John Baumgartner 5 orë më parë
OHT Original Himbeer Toni
OHT Original Himbeer Toni 5 orë më parë
Due to the accent, I can't always understand everything, but it sounds like a great adventure! I'm really a little jealous ... Greetings from Germany Bavaria Munich OHT Original Himbeer Toni!
António Pedro
António Pedro 5 orë më parë
Sharks in Bahamas are no joke, they have associated humans with food from all the feeding dives. This will only get worse with time. Around the Abacos and Jupiter are the worse spots though.
Leib33 5 orë më parë
Happy birthday Lenny! I choked up with relief when Elayna said Riley is taking along the other guys with him across the Atlantic. Good luck to you!
Rodger B
Rodger B 5 orë më parë
Lennys got wheels! ❤️
Vladyslav Solochynskyi
Vladyslav Solochynskyi 5 orë më parë
show more your wife
OHT Original Himbeer Toni
OHT Original Himbeer Toni 5 orë më parë
I think I fell a little in love with this woman.. 👍👌😎
Karen Mackie
Karen Mackie 5 orë më parë
🎉🎈🚲🛴‘Happy 2nd Birthday Lenny’🥳🎂🎈🚲
Brubeck Desmond
Brubeck Desmond 5 orë më parë
Lenny needs a haircut sorely, catch fish. A win-win.
Morgan K
Morgan K 5 orë më parë
happy birthday lenny!
EVA 5 orë më parë
Happy birthday Lenny. The cutest sailor in the world. Does he ever get seasick? So stoked that Andre is tagging along over the pond. Wishing you good winds and do not forget to offer the Gods of the Winds and the Sea a vodka before leaving. That is what I always do and they always kept me safe.
cbezina 6 orë më parë
I really admire your courage. Your family is beautiful. Keep it up
Djo1e -.-
Djo1e -.- 6 orë më parë
I cant believe its been 2 years ! Happy birthday little fella !
Sobian Devolder Sikorski
Sobian Devolder Sikorski 6 orë më parë
Happy birthday good health and happyness boy 💚 also here is a link for Eleyna's travel sickness and more alnets.info/work/ideBd9LKmWie3pw/video.html good luck.
linbooma1 6 orë më parë
Happy birthday!
Travel Club with Nicole & Kelly
Travel Club with Nicole & Kelly 6 orë më parë
Oh, that felt so awesome. Thank you for getting us out! Great fun. Happiest of B-days lil Lenny .... those two's are kicking right in LOL, Xs&Os, K & N
Zoway 6 orë më parë
the music is so good lately i am loving the videos even more! <3
Marius Dan Ciobanu
Marius Dan Ciobanu 6 orë më parë
Say hi to Deep Bay in Antigua for us! Happy birthday, Lenny!
Jack Patteeuw
Jack Patteeuw 6 orë më parë
You need a add a new feature. "Words of Wisdom from Lenny !"
Deborah Killeen
Deborah Killeen 6 orë më parë
Always great to catch up with you guys, love it. Happy Birthday Lenny, I can't quite believe your 2, how time flies when your having fun. Have a good trip Riley keep safe look forward to your next blog.
Bomba Deer
Bomba Deer 6 orë më parë
In through the nose out through the mouth. Breathing tip for sea sickness. Happy Birthday Lenny 🎂
Garry Turgiss
Garry Turgiss 6 orë më parë
I hope you bought a couple boxes of bread crumbs for the crossing
Elizabeth Parker
Elizabeth Parker 6 orë më parë
I think lenny needs a haircut
coyote 6 orë më parë
My goodness where has the time gone I have been following you guys since before Lenny was born gees I have been sitting on my butt for two years but not really as I have been on a wonderful journey with you.thank you.Glad the guys are going along as you say it is better to share with friends and safer.
Ken Lyneham
Ken Lyneham 6 orë më parë
I had tears in my eyes when he saw his bike unwrapped. The look on his face was like,,,,, "I've got a bike, I've got a bike"! Congratulations Lenny, you have the best mum and dad in the world. He has the most joyous look when he is so happy, he's a gem. I know Lenny has his bad moments, all kids get miserable at some stage, you've shown us a smidgen of that, but as bad as they might be, all the good ones far outweigh them. La Gomera. My wife Sylvia and I visited Las Islas Canarias quite some time ago as a part of a cruise. I would have loved to have been able to visit La Gomera and go out to where they use their special language. It's where they have 'el lenguaje del silbido', the language of whistling. The terrain where they live is mountainous with deep canyons everywhere and it's not possible to yell messages across the vast distances so they whistle what they want to say and it carries so well, it is understandable. They even teach children the language in school. Thanks again for your wonderful videos, you're doing a great job.
Robyn Jones
Robyn Jones 6 orë më parë
Andre is the best present a kid could have.....
Peter Pocock
Peter Pocock 6 orë më parë
You're using the wrong lure. I've always caught fish with "gold lures" Never failed yet! ($2.00 coins) and, the buggers come ready for the pan. Happy birthday Lenny.
Mike Evans
Mike Evans 6 orë më parë
You may have to isolate in a hotel at your own expense if you're planning on coming to the UK, £1700 I believe..be careful!!
Mr. Mending
Mr. Mending 6 orë më parë
Happy Birthday Lenny! We all wish you the best!
Robert Colvin
Robert Colvin 6 orë më parë
Hard to believe, 2 years since we all met Lenny. You guys lead the good life and thanks for sharing.
GEOFF TEASDALE 6 orë më parë
Happy Birthday LENNY.Looking forward to your Future Travels
Р Юнусов
Р Юнусов 6 orë më parë
4 weeks leave
4 weeks leave 6 orë më parë
Happy birthday Lenny! Looking forward to the crossing
Tiago Santos
Tiago Santos 7 orë më parë
I just here for the "Pastéis de Nata".. ;D
Mister Itchy
Mister Itchy 7 orë më parë
Happy Birthday, Lenny!!!
Ariel Zabihi
Ariel Zabihi 7 orë më parë
Dude... Lenny needs to go to school. This cant be healthy
Ariel Zabihi
Ariel Zabihi 6 orë më parë
@Teresa Hyneman school isnt just about learning its about being with other kids. He’s essentially alone on that boat. It might reflect on him in the future. Its none of my business, im just pointing it out
Teresa Hyneman
Teresa Hyneman 6 orë më parë
Dude....he's 2 years old. Learning more on that boat than any school could hope to teach!!!
T. L
T. L 7 orë më parë
Hi guys and happy birthday little man 🎉🎉 🎉🎉
David Vigneux
David Vigneux 7 orë më parë
Happy Birthday Lenny!!! Also, Elayna, don't insult the sea gods with a stingy offering!! XD
MT Vlogs
MT Vlogs 7 orë më parë
Happy birthday Lenny....
Jayden Pietersz
Jayden Pietersz 7 orë më parë
Happy birthday lenny and when you’re in the Caribbean why dont you go to aruba
Christian Valenzuela
Christian Valenzuela 7 orë më parë
Happy Birthday Buddy from WA
OutDoorzFam 7 orë më parë
Super Annie Oakley
Super Annie Oakley 7 orë më parë
Wow, can't believe this sweet boy is 2yrs old!! Happy Birthday, Lenny! He's such a lucky little boy to be having such an adventurous life. Best wishes for u all
Heledd Beech13
Heledd Beech13 7 orë më parë
15:43 a welsh flag!!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Edward Anderson
Edward Anderson 7 orë më parë
Sink them on sight, it'll stop.
Sally Austin
Sally Austin 7 orë më parë
Can’t believe Lenny is 2! Love the added animation ❤️
blk hemi392
blk hemi392 7 orë më parë
Love the Jackie Kennedy shades🤣
MultiCorker 7 orë më parë
Glad Jack and Andre will be going with you, much better! Happy Birthday Lenny, got a tear in my eye when you blew your candle out. Such a big boy now.
Ann Seiler
Ann Seiler 7 orë më parë
Happy Birthday Lenny. How awesome!!!
Fifi CH
Fifi CH 7 orë më parë
Lenny 2 already! Happy Birthday sailor lad!!😍 Whaaaa how time is sailing on🙏😂😂😂 Elyna looking very Mummy, but still courageous 💪😍 Riley with his mates, great crew!!!✌️👊💪🍻🍻🍻🍻
Haloking7000 7 orë më parë
all im hearing is you need to keep andre more in the loop about filming imagine how fun andre couldve been solo filming him hiding away building the bike
Mister Thew
Mister Thew 7 orë më parë
Lenny is crazy!!!! i already feel sorry for his soon to be sibling :P
Wayne Federico
Wayne Federico 7 orë më parë
What have you thought about a second child with Lenny ? I have three boys each went their own ways but still keep it close. I see lenny not liking less attention as being a single kid. I tried not to push my kids to do the same things to keep them liking each other. But one thing they did share, I bought a video camera just for them to create their own movies. My son called me the other day being ten years since their mom passed and TJ said thank you dad for taking all the vids when they were so small. He now works at producing movies most have watched.. TJ Federico thx guys..
Thibaut Van Oproy
Thibaut Van Oproy 7 orë më parë
belgium represent!!!!
Douglas Burch
Douglas Burch 7 orë më parë
Happy Birthday Lenny!! Last week I was watching some of your older videos (specifically when Riley injured his neck), as a trauma nurse, if I may offer a bit of advice and invest in a cervical collar to keep on board should the need ever arise, given his prior history of injury. Safe travels!
Barry Cashman
Barry Cashman 8 orë më parë
Surprised that there was no boat wash system installed on the boat, as they are not overly expensive.
Lizzie Durack
Lizzie Durack 8 orë më parë
When will you be in London!!!! :D